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Delay on Cottage Grove Rd

June 11, 2018 2:47 PM

This is to notify you of a proposed major amendment to the 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Madison Metropolitan Area & Dane County involving projects funded by the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (MATPB) – An MPO through the federal Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Urban program.  The amendment would make the following changes to MATPB's 2018-2022 STBG Urban Priority Project Listings as shown on the attached priority listings table and the project listings table for the amendment:


Remove Buckeye Road/CTH AB (Monona Dr. to Stoughton Rd.) reconstruction project that was scheduled for 2019 from the STBG Urban Priority Projects List and use that 2019 funding to increase funding for the ongoing S. Pleasant View Road/CTH M (Cross Country Rd. to Valley View Rd.) reconstruction and expansion project and the E. Johnson St. (Baldwin St. to First St.) reconstruction scheduled for 2019.  Both of these projects are short of federal funding per MATPB policy. 
Eliminate 2018 funding for the Madison Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Education program and use that for part of the increase in funding for the S. Pleasant View Road/CTH M project.
Remove Cottage Grove Road/CTH BB (North Star Dr. to Sprecher Rd.) reconstruction project that was scheduled for 2020 from the Priority Projects List and use that2020 funding for the Atwood Ave.Phase 1 (Fair Oaks Ave. to Walter St.) reconstruction project to be undertaken in 2020 and to increase funding for the McKee Road/CTH PD (Commerce Park Dr. to Seminole Hwy.) project, which is short of federal funding based on the new 30% design cost estimate.


The Buckeye Road/CTH AB and Cottage Grove Road/CTH BB projects are being removed from the priority projects listings at the request of the City of Madison because the City and Dane County could not come to agreement regarding local share funding and future jurisdiction of the roadways.  Because these two projects were scheduled to be constructed in the next two years, the MATPB has very limited flexibility in moving the federal funding to projects in other later years.  If the federal funding is not reallocated to other projects in the next two years, the funding would be lost.  The Atwood Avenue project had been selected for funding by the MATPB in the 2016-2020 program cycle, but was removed from the priority projects list in the 2018-2022 program cycle in order to fund Gammon Road last year.  The City has continued work on design for Atwood Avenue, which will allow the project to be constructed in 2020 rather than 2021 as originally planned.  


The 2018 funding for the Madison Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Education program is being eliminated because the City's Pedestrian/Bicycle Coordinator and Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Educator positions have been vacant all year due to retirements and are not anticipated to be filled until fall.  Per its STBG Urban Program Policies, MATPB is committed to funding the program in future years.


Because this amendment to the 2018-2022 TIP involves the deletion and addition to MPO funded projects under the STBG Urban Program, per MATPB policy it is a major amendment requiring a notice and comment period and a public hearing as is conducted for the annual update to the TIP.  The following is the date and location of the public hearing on the TIP amendment:


Public Hearing

Wednesday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Metro Transit Administration Building

1245 E. Washington Avenue, Administrative Conference Room


Written comments or concerns regarding the TIP amendment must be submitted in writing by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11 or submitted at the public hearing.  Please address written comments to the MATPB office or email them to MATPB staff  The MATPB anticipates taking action on the TIP amendment following the public hearing unless the board receives comments expressing concerns about the amendment prior to or at the hearing in which case action could be delayed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Bill Schaefer, Transportation Planning Manager

Madison Area Transportation Planning Board - An MPO

121 S. Pinckney St., #400

Madison, WI 53703

PH:   (608) 266-9115

FAX: (608) 261-9967


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