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District 17 Update on Community Forum, FliX Brewhouse at East Towne & the Budget

October 5, 2016 8:41 PM

District 17 Community Forum

I think we all agree that the community forum was well attended and it went well and I think we had a good cross section of people at the meeting, expressing different views in a civil and engaged way. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time and for those who could not make it, I hope you find this blog post useful.

Below are the Strengths and Challenges that were identified.


Safe, clean, quiet neighborhoods

Close relationships-caring people

People involved in neighborhood

Longevity of neighborhoods

Pride in the neighborhood and their homes

Quick response by city staff, police and officials

People feel safe

Good relationship with police

Good green spaces and parks

Splash park at Reindahl

A good balance between people and nature

Good bus service

Engaged alder

Good teachers at schools

Support for schools and higher education

Locally owned businesses

Northside farmers market

Very multi-cultural neighborhood


We celebrate different heritages

Lots of kids

Good interstate access

Good walking and jogging areas

Convenient access to shopping

Food carts

Ample parking


Pan handling

Homeless people, No-income people

Transient populations in some hotels

Fragmentation and segregation within neighborhoods

No library

No neighborhood center

No public space

Feel disrespected by neighbors

A feeling of not belonging


Involving people in neighborhood safety

Drug and gang concerns

No police station in the area

Break-ins to homes and cars

Isolation caused by East Washington Avenue cutting through neighborhoods

Heavy traffic


Speed controls on Crestline, Portage Rd

Parking on both sides of Independence Lane

Lock of traffic lights and controls on speeding

Littering and trash in parks and streets looks bad

Traffic safety in residential neighborhoods

Need to improve public transit

Bad internet connectivity

Maintaining retail in the area

No local, non-chain restaurants

Menards moving to Sun Prairie

Lack of youth programming or activities

High property taxes

Expensive housing-High housing prices

I would like to thank Karl Van Lith who helped facilitate the forum and our fantastic panelist, who spoke on issues important to the community and addressed questions from the audience.

Eric Upchurch - YGB and Opportunity, Inc.
Joe Balles - Madison Community Policing Foundation
Joey Rosas - Wright Middle School | Social Worker
Margarita Northrup - Sandburg PTO president
Sheri Carter - Alder, District 14, Madison Common Council

Also Alders, Ahrens and McKinney, along with Deputy Mayor Gloria Reyes, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, MPD Captain Mary Schauf and Judge Lisa Townsend who were present and participated with the table teams.

Next steps: Review the strength and challenges and let me know if anything. The insights gained on issues will be used to enhance discussions on budget and City policies and procedures. I have a meeting schedule with the Mayor's office and other city agencies. I will update you through my blog and your neighborhood association ListServs of what comes out of these discussions. There seemed to be a lot of interest in meeting around homeless, pan-handling and dealing with bias around these issues.

NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING: Conditional Use - FliX Brewhouse at East Towne Mall Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You will note that there were a few questions that the landlord and the architect promised to get answers for us prior to their going to UDC. See below the Q & As.

· Add bike lane access to the mall at large and to this project- CBL understands this concern, however, we feel this is something that should be addressed at the city planning level as it is outside the scope of this project. We are providing bike racks near the entrance to provide convenience to biking customers.

· Address traffic concerns around the mall including traffic signals instead of the 4 way stops- Again CBL believes this is an issue that is best addressed at the city planning level since its scope is significantly wider than the implications of this smaller project. CBL believes the existing access in and around the mall is more than sufficient to support this project.

· Parking lot lighting levels needs to be increased- The current parking lot lighting provides code compliant levels of lighting and this project does not plan to increase or modify the existing light levels. We understand that this concern is related to the overall security issue which we believe will be mitigated by the security camera installation (see next response).

· Install security cameras-The mall is in the process of installing a whole-mall security camera system. The mall is currently in the planning stages but they anticipate the installation of the full system will be completed by the holidays this year.

· Bike racks should be provided in a convenient location-We have re-evaluated the location of the bike rack and have moved it next to the patio so it is closer to the mall entry and more convenient to biking customers. Its location is shown on the attached plan.

· Will the parking lot include more parking lot islands?- Yes. The portion of the parking lot as noted in our presentation will be brought up to current codes which include significantly more parking lot islands. We have attached the landscape plan so you can see the anticipated design.

· Will the building be environmentally friendly?-The new building will far exceed the energy efficiency of the building it is replacing and the landscaping will meet current codes.

· How late will Flix be open?- (Answer provided by Flix Brewhouse Management)- As a first-run cinema that operates seven days a week, there will naturally be some variability in opening and closing times.  Generally speaking, however, City of Madison ordinance dictates when we need to close and we'll be adhering to these prescribed hours carefully. Regardless, no film that we show finishes later than 1:00 am and we do not hold the bar or kitchen open after that film concludes.  As a result, "last call" is always for in-theater service only and the bar and kitchen will close no later than midnight for guests' on-premises who are not viewing a movie.

· Will Flix allow local artists to display artwork within the space?-(Answer provided by Flix Brewhouse Management)- We are very excited to participate with the local art community and have a long history of embracing and promoting local artists.  One of our great successes thus far involves a local Austin, Texas artist who we now work with to create much of our in-lobby promotional art for upcoming events and feature films.  We do not typically display local art on-premises though as it is not a suitable "gallery" environment to properly promote local artists and their works.  We are open to working with local artists in a number of different ways, however, and are very excited to get to know the art community there in Madison.   

· How much do movie tickets cost? -(Answer provided by Flix Brewhouse Management)- Flix Brewhouse prides itself in offering a premium experience at a "popular" price.  In other words, there is no "mark-up" per se on a movie ticket to enjoy the Flix experience.  Our pricing will be comparable to local movie theaters in the Madison market generally. 

· How do you handle/assure safety around alcohol service? - (Answer provided by Flix Brewhouse Management)-  We have a comprehensive training program that all service team members must participate in, which includes specifically a responsible service of alcohol class.  We take training programs very seriously and routinely spot check our protocols to ensure complete adherence to and awareness of our training programs and company policies.  Additionally, we have a three beverage maximum for our guests and do not serve pitchers or bottles to single guests.  We request proper identification from everyone below 40 and as a rule; we do not permit anyone into a movie under the age of 21 after 7:00 pm without a parent or guardian. 

Also note Flix Brewhouse will employ between 150-200 depending on the time of year.  A regular cinema of comparable size would employ about 10-15 people.  It is a major job generator and on a per sf basis, is one of the more productive employers.

Every year we go through a budget process, categorized as: Capital Budget which is mainly for infrastructure & equipment and Operating Budget which is primarily salaries for for city employees. Below is the schedule from Board of Estimates and Council budget meetings. Let me know if you have any budget ideas.

October Dates:
Tuesday, October 4  -  Common Council Meeting  / Introduction of Executive 2017 OPERATING Budget | Public Hearing on Capital Budget / 7:00 pm / Room 201, CCB

Monday, October 10 – BOE regular meeting & Operating Budget – 4:30 pm / Room 260, MMB Tuesday, October 11 – BOE meeting |Operating Budget  / 4:30 pm – ending @ 6:21 pm / Room 260, MMB (note time)

Wednesday, October 12 – BOE meeting | Operating Budget / 6:30 pm / Room 260, MMB (note time)

Wednesday, October 19 - Board of Estimates 2017 OPERATING BUDGET Amendments due to Finance Director at 4:30 pm (released Friday, October 21 at 12 noon)

Tuesday, October 18 – Common Council Meeting / Public Hearing on 2017 Operating Budget | 6:30 pm / Room 201, CCB

Monday, October 24 – BOE regular meeting & Operating Budget decisions / 4:30 pm / Room 260, MMB

November Dates
Tuesday, November 1 – Common Council Meeting |Public Hearing on 2017 Operating Budget / 6:30 pm / Room 201, CCB

Common Council 2017 CAPITAL & OPERATING BUDGET Amendments due to Finance Director by Wednesday, November 9 at 4:30 pm

Common Council Amendments Submitted Distributed to Common Council: Friday, November 11 at 12 noon

Common Council 2017 Budget Deliberation Meetings
Monday, November 14, 2016 - Common Council Meeting (Budget Only) / 5:30 pm / Monona Terrace
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – Common Council Meeting (Budget – If Needed) / 5:30 pm / Monona Terrace

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