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Alder Baldeh’s Blog

Request Sandbag Help from Volunteers and More

August 25, 2018 4:37 PM

If you are in need of volunteers please fill out this form and city engineering will contact you and let you know how volunteers can be send your way:

The city of madison has a dedicated site on the flooding:

Street closures as of Friday:

Information on Collection and Rules

The Streets Division reminds residents to follow collection rules when setting out flood damaged material to the curb.

Following collection rules makes Streets Division services faster, which means we can service more homes that have experienced flood damage. 

Scattered and unruly piles of material take a long time to collect, which means it takes longer for crews to work, which means fewer homes can be collected in a workday.

This is a citywide event and dozens of homes have experienced damage throughout Madison. Following
collection rules allows the Streets Division to service each neighborhood efficiently, and help these homeowners begin recovering from the damage.

Collection Rules
 - Pile material neatly, especially wood items like lumber and paneling.
 - Place small refuse items, such as flood damaged clothes or bedding, into a bag or the refuse collection cart.

  •    Small items that cannot fit into the cart should be bagged to speed collection.  Bags should not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • Loose piles at the curb cause considerable delays if crews need to gather debris rather than just picking up a bag.

 - Avoid placing large items near obstructions like street signs, utility poles, and low wires – this is especially important items like carpet rolls and furniture.

Large items near obstructions have to be lifted by hand or repositioned at the curb before it can be picked by the truck-mounted crane vehicle. This slows down crews.

Please remember to roll carpeting before placing it out to the curb. Carpet rolls should be tied closed, and must not be longer than 8 feet in length.  Smaller pieces of carpet, like accent rugs or carpet squares, can be placed into the tan refuse cart, or placed into garbage bags.

Paper Products:
Water saturated paper products, like cardboard, are not recyclable. They should be treated like refuse.

Additional Information
Additional information about large item collection, including which items require a recycling fee, can be found on the Streets Division website,

More information regarding flood conditions, including road closures, can be found at


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