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2019 Capital Budget Amendments and More

September 23, 2019 3:23 PM

2019 Capital Budget Amendments
As you may note the budget process has begun and amendments to the capital Budget were due last week Thursday. I am a sponsor of the three amendments below. These will come before finance committee today for a vote. One way or the other if you have time tonight the finance committee meeting begin at 4:30 PM at 215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd Room 215 (Madison Municipal Building)

Commercial Ownership Assistance
This amendment will Eliminate the Capital Revolving Fund Loans (Project #63040) capital program and transfer the $500,000 of Reserves Applied funding to a new capital program titled "Commercial Ownership Assistance" in 2020. Include the following as the project description in the Economic

Development Division Capital Budget:
This program funds loans to small-business owners and non-profit organizations helping to facilitate the purchase of commercial buildings that they currently rent from the owner of those buildings; or, purchasing property where they are proposing to locate. The program will likely be structured as a

0% interest loan with no payment due to the City unless the property is sold or a certain period of time has passed. The goal of the program is to help small-business owners and non-profit organizations transition from renting space to owning commercial property for their business.

Reindahl Library: Horizon List Language:
This amendment will Update the project's name to be called: Reindahl Imagination Center as opposed to just a Library. The description will also change to include the below language.

The development of the Imagination Center at Reindahl Park was the primary recommendation of the Madison Public Library's Eastside Strategic Plan: Communities Inspiring Libraries: A Strategic Plan for Eastside Growth. The plan, adopted by the Common Council and Library Board in 2016, lays the conceptual foundation for a new library and community facility called the Imagination Center at Reindahl Park. The Imagination Center concept is intentionally broad, with the goal of providing a comprehensive access point for municipal services in northeast Madison in conjunction with a library and multi-use flexible community space within the context of a great public park.

Planning for the Imagination Center is community-driven and has been ongoing for three years. To date, 108 conversations with 412 stakeholders have taken place around the project. A detailed plan describing the space and programmed participation by agencies (e.g. Parks, Madison Police Department, Madison Metropolitan School District, and Public Health) is expected to be completed in the spring of 2020 to prioritize community needs and their associated services.

Reindahl Library: Restore in CIP
This amendment will attempt to put back the Imagination Center / Library back to the CIP bucket where it has been for the past two years. Add $16.6 million for Imagination center / Reindahl Library. The amendment will be funded by the following sources: GO Borrowing: $12,100,000 ($1,100,000 in 2020; $500,000 in 2021; $10,500,000 in 2022), Private Donations: $4,500,000 2022. Funding will be used for the construction of a new library on Madison's northeast side. As part of planning for the facility, the feasibility of co-locating multiple services (i.e. Public Health, Community Development, Parks, etc.) will be examined. The proposed funding is based on construction estimates for a traditional Library branch. This project may include additional space which may impact construction costs.

Fall Leaves/Yard Waste Collection to Begin Monday, September 30
The City of Madison Streets Division will begin curbside leaf and yard waste collection for the fall on Monday, September 30. 

What is "Leaves and Yard Waste"?
Yard waste includes:
Leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, and other leafy plant debris. 
Twigs less than 18" long.
Pumpkins, crab apples, pine cones, etc.

When to Place Leaves and Yard Waste to the Curb
Residents have two options to learn when they should place yard waste to the curb for pick up.
Option 1: 
Go to the Streets Division's yard waste website,, and click the " Pickup Schedule" button. The button links to an interactive map of Madison that shows crews are working, and which neighborhoods should place yard waste out for pickup. Once on the map page, enter your address into the top left corner. This will zoom the map into your immediate area. If your neighborhood is shaded green for "Pickup Pending," you should get yard waste out for collection because crews will be around soon to pick up what is out.
The online map is updated at the end of each workday.  Residents who use the map should check it regularly to learn when to place material out for collection.

Option 2:
Call the Hotline. A recorded hotline is available to hear collection time estimates to determine when to place yard waste to the curb. The recording also details leaf and yard waste collection rules. The number is 608-267-2088. The hotline is updated weekly.
Additional information regarding leaf and yard waste collection, the drop-off sites, and other solid waste services can be found on the Streets Division website,

Community Speak Out Against F-35s
Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition is organizing a Community Speak Out Against F-35s on Monday September 23 from 6:30-8p at Hawthorne Elementary School,  3344 Concord Ave. Retired US Air Force Col. Roseanne Greco will be the Guest of Honor.  She spent 30 years in active service having worked in the intelligence community and specializing in strategic intelligence, nuclear weapons and arms control.  She is the former Chair of the South Burlington VT City Council. Comments on the EIS draft can still be submitted to the National Guard Bureau until September 27th @

Coffee Event with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway
If you have not met our new mayor yet or have questions about anything that relates to the city, plan to attend Coffee with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway this Thursday.


National Voter Registration Day:
On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, the City of Madison will join hundreds of communities nationwide in celebrating National Voter Registration Day.

Voters who have moved and have updated their name and address with the Division of Motor Vehicles have a convenient option for celebrating National Voter Registration Day at home: they can completely register online at 

The City Clerk's Office will hold voter registration drives throughout the city during the week of Sept. 23-27.  For more details visit:


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