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Alder Myadze’s Updates

New Information Regarding Large Item Collection System

October 14, 2021 1:13 PM

Residents inquired Information Regarding the new Large Items Collection System. Thank you to Streets Division for providing information to share with residents about Large Item Collection System.

In June 2021, we began a new large item collection system.

Rather than large trucks roving every street in Madison every other week, residents need to submit a work order before setting items out to the curb so crews know which homes to visit, when to go there, and what to collect when they arrive.

Also in 2021, collection was reduced to once a month in response to budget limitations and related staffing shortage brought on by the ongoing pandemic.


How do I get large items collected?

Go to and fill out the form.

If you have trouble with the form, our staff is happy to help with scheduling the work order.

The phone number for the east side Streets Division is 608-246-4532.

You can also email us at


When do I set out large items to be picked up?

When you submit the work order, you will choose a date when you should set out large items for crews to collect.

Set the items out on the day you select.

Do not set them out too early because they clutter the neighborhood.

Do not set them out too late because you can miss your collection chance.


The set-out dates are all Sundays. Does that mean they will pick up my item on Sunday?

You should set the item out on the Sunday you select. 

Our crews will be by during the regular work week to collect your order.

It is important to set the item out on the date you select because crews could be in your neighborhood early Monday morning and you do not want to miss your opportunity.


What about people who don't submit work orders?

Building Inspection is the agency that addresses exterior property maintenance concerns. It includes a great many things, including not shoveling the sidewalk in the winter, or not storing your trash & recycling carts correctly, or failing to mow your lawn.

They also enforce the ordinances around when people should set out large items. They can help educate, and possibly even fine, residents and property owners who are not following the rules.

Building Inspection can be contacted at 608-266-4551.


I never heard about this change. Why am I just now finding out about it now?

This is likely a product our digital age and how split our attention has become. It is a challenge to stay informed with what is happening locally when being bombarded with so much information from so many places.

We did publish multiple press releases regarding this change before it occurred, and after it started. Neighborhood associations were asked to share the information many times. Elected officials were asked to help share this information (we even participated in a mayor's press conference regarding the change.) Madison libraries handed out bookmarks about the large item change. There were radio commercials. The 2021 Recyclopedia noted a coming change for large item pickup, too.  

The outreach is working.  Since June, we've received over 10,000 large item work orders, and that number keeps growing. 

That is a big number of work orders, but we know that not everyone has learned about the system yet, so the outreach will continue.

One surefire way to stay informed about all city operations is to set up an account with the City of Madison to receive alerts regarding the services you want to know more about. And also keep following the alder's blogs as they are a good resource for local information.



Why did the Streets Division change to this work order system? I like the old way. It was so easy!

The change was made for a number of reasons.

First, it was done to improve the carbon footprint. By just stopping at the homes of people who submit work orders, we are saving 850 to 900 gallons of diesel fuel each week.

The work order system provides better data about what items are being collected from the curb so when local recycling options expand, we will have good information about what is actually picked up. They will also have a system to be intentional and efficient about collecting these newly recyclable items.

The new system improves overall efficiency. In the old way, our trucks patrolled up and down every public street in Madison 26 times a year looking for work.  Moving to a work order system means we can go to the exact the places that need this service. This will also help other services because once large items orders are collected for the week, we can shift staff to help with other duties like street sweeping or mowing.


Will it always be this way? I don't like waiting a month between my large item pickups.

We get it. We've heard many of the concerns from residents since we rolled out the new program, and we're working our partners in the City's IT Department to make improvements to the system.

Throughout 2021, we have been able to fill in the most of the staffing shortage we experienced that caused us to move to a once-a-month large item collection.  Since our staffing is improved, we can offer more set-out opportunities.

Residents will see more large item set out opportunities in 2022.

Instead of once a month, there will be many more chances to book a large item collection at the curb.

Residents will still need to submit work orders before setting the items to the curb.  This is an important change to our operations that will stick around.

We will keep working to make other improvements to how the system runs behind the scenes for our operations and how the public interacts with the work order website, too.

We will continue to listen, learn, and adapt to make the best large item work order system we can.


Final Thoughts

Yes, the work order system is different and it will take time for all of us to learn about it. But this truly is an improvement and modernization to the services we provide. It saves a significant amount of fuel and makes our use of your tax dollars smarter and more efficient.

The website for the large item work orders is

If you are looking for information about large items in general, and to see an FAQ about the work order system, go to

If you have any questions, or if you are struggling with the online form, or if you have a unique situation that the work order form or FAQ website just doesn't answer, feel free to reach out to us for help.

The east side Streets Division can be called at 608-246-4532.

Our email address is


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