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Sex Offender Placement at 722 Troy Dr.

October 7, 2016 4:42 PM

Last night the Department of Corrections and Madison Police conducted a community meeting to discuss the placement of a child sex offender in transitional housing at 722 Troy Dr. Thanks to those of you who came out to the meeting, asked questions and raised concerns. We had a well-informed discussion about issues related to placement procedures for sex offenders, which laws apply to certain offenders, and the issue of affordable housing that is available to them in the city.

The building at 722 Troy Dr. is a transitional housing facility where people stay for 60 days with a possible extension of 30 days. The DOC uses 4 other sites for transitional housing: Packers, Ave, Raymond Rd., Leland Dr., and Sunnymead Ln. We discussed how, of the 5 locations, 722 Troy is the most inappropriate to place a child sex offender due to the fact that kids from the Lerdhal Park neighborhood must literally walk past this address twice a day to get to Mendota School. They do not have an option for taking an alternative route to school due to the railroad bisecting the neighborhood.

Steven Arthur was supposed to have moved in today, but we just heard from the DoC that after further review of the location, it's been decided that Steven Arthur will NOT be placed at 722 Troy Dr., Apt. B.

Thanks again for the good dialog last night.

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