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Warner Park Community Recreation Center as Respite Center

April 1, 2020 8:07 PM

Last Thursday the Mayor announced that Warner Park Community Recreaction Center would be used as an overnight respite center for healthy single men experiencing homelessness. WPCRC was closed earlier this month under the Public Health order, and opened as a shelter this past Monday evening.

This action has been taken for the health not only of those who need shelter, but for everyone in the community. The two downtown shelters have been dangerously overcrowded exposing those who need to use them and everyone who comes into contact with them to the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. It is in all of our interests for everyone to be able to maintain safe distances from each other during the pandemic, and the currently idle WPCRC gym provides an ideal setting for this.

Porchlight and The Beacon are providing staff at WPCRC for intake, meal delivery and supervision. Private security guards are on duty and MPD has increased patrols in the area. The hours of operation are 5pm - 8am. 

All people seeking shelter at WPCRC are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before entering. Those exhibiting symptoms are transported to hotel rooms so they may self-quarantine. Those who use the Center are provided with a cot and a meal in the evening, as well as breakfast in the morning. Madison Metro is providing transportation to and from The Beacon, a day shelter and social services hub, where people are sheltering in place during daytime hours.

Thus far the WPCRC gym has provided sufficient space for the approximately 80 people who have utilized the Center. All other rooms at WPCRC are closed and locked. The community rooms are being held in reserve should demand for shelter increase. Meals are being prepared offsite and packaged individually. Dane County custodial staff is cleaning and sanitizing the building daily. 

District 18 residents from ward 34 who normally use WPCRC as a polling place will be redirected to the park shelter to vote in the April 7 election next week. If you do not want to go to your polling place to vote and you haven't yet requested an absentee ballot, you may still take advantage of curbside early in person voting at the City County building through the end of this week. 

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