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Willy St. Coop at Northside Town Center

April 27, 2016 8:38 AM

Last night the Willy St. Coop board of directors voted to open a third store at the Pierces location. They plan to have the space prepared for opening mid- to late-summer with an official grand opening celebration in September.

In the meantime the Northside Planning Council is working with Willy St., community centers and the city to develop shuttle service to grocery stores before the store opens. Willy St. will also be selling staple grocery items at the Northside Farmers Market and through community centers in the interim.

Here is a message from Communications Director Brendon Smith:

We are happy to announce that the Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors has approved opening Willy Street Co-op--North at the current site of Pierce's Northside Market!

Co-op staff have had the pleasure to know some of you for a while and to meet others in while working on this project. If we haven't met you yet, I'm sure we will at some point this summer!

We've been gratified by the encouragement that we've gotten since we first announced we were considering that site. A number of people have asked us how they can help make Willy North a success. Here are a few ways:

Send us your grocery receipts: we're asking all prospective Willy North shoppers to send or drop off their grocery receipts from other stores - it'll show us what you might buy at our new store and how much you pay for it. You can drop them in the Customer Comments box at the Owner Resources Area at Willy East or West; email them to us at thirdstore@willystreet.coopwith the subject "Receipt"; or direct messaging us on Facebook. If you are part of an organization that would collect them for us, please let us know!

Email us with ideas or concerns: an email to will go to the whole project team.
Become a Co-op Owner: if you're not a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you can become one today for as little as $10 (or $4, if you qualify for certain financial assistance programs). Being an Owner gives you the same benefits at all stores, so if you sign up at Willy East or Willy West, you can walk into Willy North like you own the place - because you will! You can find out more information, including Owner benefits, here.

Consider buying an Owner Bond: on May 9th we plan to start selling $500 Owner Bonds to help finance the opening of Willy North. Our goal is $1.5 million, which is a lot, but we raised $1 million in 39 days to open Willy West in 2010.

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