Hello Neighbors

Don't miss out on getting your plants. Troy Farms' new greenhouse is jam-packed with certified organic vegetable, herb, and flower plants and looks great! All of the varieties are ones they grow at Troy Farm, so they are top-notch.


Saturday, May 6th - 10am to 2pm

Saturday, May 13th (Mother’s Day weekend) - 10am to 2pm

502 Troy Drive (in the little parking lot just north of the intersection of Troy and Lerdahl; please park on the street) Below is a list of all the plants. Please be aware that the best selection will be available early on May 6th and some varieties may become unavailable before the end of the day May 13th. Click the links below for a more detailed description of each type.
 Arugula - Astro

Basil - Prospera

Bok Choy - Bopak

Broccoli - Covina

Brussels Sprouts - Dagan

Cabbage - Farao

Cauliflower - Bishop

Celery - Marengo

Chard - Bright Lights

Cilantro - Caribe

Collards - North Carolina Yellow

Cucumber (pickling) - H-19 Little Leaf

Cucumber (slicing)- Python

Dill - Thalia

Eggplant (Asian) - Asian Delite

Eggplant (Italian purple striped) - Annina

Eggplant (Italian black bell) - Galine

Fennel - Orazio

Flowers (cosmos) - Sensation Mix

Flowers (cosmos) - Cupcakes Blush

Flowers (calendula) - Flashback Mix

Flowers (calendula) - Pacific Beauty

Flowers (celosia) - Flamingo Feathers

Flowers (celosia) - Ruby Parfait

Flowers (marigold) - Durango Outback Mix

Flowers (marigold) - Queen Sophia

Flowers (nasturtium) - Alaska Mix

Flowers (sunflower) - Ring of Fire

Flowers (sunflower) - Sonja

Flowers (pansy) - Sorbet Formula Mix

Flowers (zinnia) - Queen Lime Orange

Flowers (zinnia) - Senora

Green Onions/Scallions - Nabechan

Kale - Winterbor

Kohlrabi - Kossak

Kohlrabi - Terek

Lettuce (butterhead) - Skyphos

Lettuce (romaine) - Green Forest

Lettuce (summer crisp) - Magenta

Lettuce (green leaf) - Salanova Green Butter

Lettuce Mix - Allstar Gourmet

Melon (cantaloupe) - Divergent

Melon (cantaloupe) - Athena

Napa Cabbage - Bilko

Okra - Clemson Spineless

Onions (red sweet) - Red Carpet

Onions (yellow sweet) - Ailsa Craig

Onions (yellow storage) - Cortland

Parsley (flat leaf) - Peione

Pepper (yellow sweet bell)- Madonna

Pepper (red sweet bell) - Ace

Pepper (red sweet frying) - Carmen

Pepper (red sweet snacking) - Lunchbox Red

Pepper (hot serrano) - Altiplano

Pepper (hot poblano) - Bastan

Pepper (hot habanero) - Habanero Orange

Pepper (hot cayenne) - Ring O Fire

Pepper (hot jalapeno) - Jalafuego

Pepper (mild) - Shishito

Perennial Herbs - Chives

Perennial Herbs - Lavender

Perennial Herbs - Mint

Perennial Herbs - Oregano

Perennial Herbs - Rosemary

Perennial Herbs - Sage

Perennial Herbs - Thyme

Pumpkin (large) - Howden

Pumpkin (medium) - Cider Jack

Spinach - Space

Tomatillo - Toma Verde

Tomato - Indeterminate (black cherry) - Black Cherry

Tomato - Indeterminate (red cherry) - Sakura

Tomato Indeterminate (yellow cherry) - Sungold

Tomato Indeterminate (paste) - Granadero

Tomato Determinate (paste) - Plum Regal

Tomato Indeterminate (red slicer) - Big Beef

Tomato Indeterminate (black heirloom) - Black Krim

Tomato Determinate (red slicer) - Galahad

Tomato Indeterminate (red heirloom) - German Johnson

Tomato Indeterminate (yellow heirloom) - Valencia

Tomato Indeterminate (green heirloom) - Green Zebra

Watermelon (red)- Starlight

Watermelon (red) - Sugar Baby

Watermelon (yellow) - Sureness

Winter Squash (delicata) - Jester

Winter Squash (butternut) - Nutterbutter

Winter Squash (spaghetti) - Angel Hair

Winter Squash (acorn) - Autumn Delight

Summer Squash - Zephyr

Zucchini - Green Machine


Feel free to contact Paul Huber. His information is listed below

Paul Huber (he/him)

Farm Director


2702 International Lane, Suite 200

Madison, WI 53704

(608) 240 - 0409