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Alder Anita Weier

Alder Anita Weier

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Phone: 608-320-5820

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The economy of the Northside is improving. Our district is gaining a UW Credit Union branch on Northport Drive, where Pizza Hut used to be located. Pizza Hut moved a few doors down, next to Jim's Meat Market. A new Ale Asylum has opened on International Lane in our neighboring district. Plans for a FEED kitchen incubator at Northgate Shopping Center are advancing.

Unfortunately, all is not well crime-wise on the Northside. There has been increased violence here and throughout the city of Madison. I have been working with Police Capt. Cam McLay and two neighborhood police officers to try to resolve problems.

Street lighting has been improved on Troy Drive where a murder occurred in 2011. The Vera Court/Troy Drive community came together after that murder, and I have been working with other officials to try to improve opportunities and activities for young people as an alternative to less wholesome pastimes. A Youth Council is being formed on the Northside, with assistance from the Northside Planning Council.

The 12th District Alder and I called landlord meetings to give them information on what they could and should be doing to keep their properties safe.

I have worked with the Friends of Cherokee Marsh to protect sensitive areas from development. The Wheeler Triangle (greenspace at Wheeler Road and Comanche Way) is being acquired by the city so that development will not occur next to a wetland. A large museum storage facility proposed for greenspace next to Troy Gardens is being located elsewhere, according to state officials.

Many have been concerned or puzzled by construction of two stormwater detention ponds in the south unit of Cherokee Marsh on Wheeler Road. Many invasive trees were cut down, though oaks were retained. The ponds -- like many others that have been built in Madison -- are being constructed to capture sediment and pollutants before they go into the marsh and our lakes. Trees, large shrubs and flowers have been planted on the site, and the edges of the ponds will contain aquatic plants.

* I welcome contacts at and (608) 320-5820.