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Ordinance passed requiring banks to register and maintain vacant property
Posted June 7, 2013 at 10:19 AM


Sometimes financial institutions decline to take responsibility for residential property during foreclosure proceedings, even after they know the property has been abandoned. Unkempt property can drag down property values and hurt neighborhood stability.

I have succeeded in enacting an ordinance that requires financial institutions to register and inspect residential property that has entered the foreclosure process, and to register and maintain vacant property in foreclosure. The ordinance includes fines for failing to secure and maintain vacant property.

This ordinance is intended to reduce and prevent neighborhood blight and protect public health and safety. It will also provide needed information to Building Inspection.

This is the ordinance:

There were 50 foreclosures in my district last year.

The Public Safety Committee unanimously approved the ordinance, as did the full City Council.


State says museum warehouse will not be located on Troy Drive
Posted January 13, 2012 at 10:36 AM

Northsidegreen space protected

The Northside Neighbors group and I have apparently succeeded in preventing construction of a mammoth museum storage facility on Troy Drive. The 96,000-square-foot, 56-foot-high structure would have been located at 402 Troy Dr., between Troy Community Gardens and a private home.

The committee headed by Kimberly Hazen circulated petitions requesting that the warehouse be located elsewhere. "We know that the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Veterans Museum need storage space for valuable artifacts," she said, "but we also believe that this is not the right place for it."

The state Department of Administration, which proposed the storage facility, appears to agree. State officials told Mayor Paul Soglin that they plan to locate the building elsewhere, likely on Thornton Avenue where a state fleet facility stands.

An environmental assessment required for the Troy Drive site has not been submitted.

I will keep track of the future of the proposed storage facility, in case state officials change their minds. I also will keep a close eye on any future development plans on the large state-owned site where the Mendota Mental Health Institute and Central Wisconsin Center are located.