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Alder Keith Furman

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Council President

Alder Keith Furman,
Council President

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
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Madison, WI 53703
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Flooding Update (8-26-2018 at 1pm) & Metro Transit Information (Storm Related and Some Planned Changes Now in Effect)

August 26, 2018 1:20 PM

We've luckily had a nice weekend so far, but rain is predicted to start again this afternoon. Here's the latest update from the City:

Current Status: August 26 at 1:00 PM

As of this morning, Lake Mendota has dropped about an inch. The Yahara River at East Main Street fell one and a half inches due to reduction in flow. Remaining lakes saw a .75-inch rise. 

According to the National Weather Service, scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected this afternoon. The best chance for storms is 4-10 PM. Some of these storms may be severe with damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rain. Expected rainfall totals are around half an inch in most areas. A few locations with heavier downpours could get .75 or 1 inch.

From Monday night to Tuesday night, additional rainfall is expected, though Central Wisconsin will see more rain than our area.

Dry weather is predicted Wednesday and Thursday.

City Efforts

160,000 sandbags have been distributed to 13 sites providing sand and sandbags for the public to fill. The City is producing 2,000 filled sandbags per hour for public use. City staff, volunteers, and the National Guard continue to help fill and distribute sandbags.

Continue To Prepare For Lake Flooding and Flash Flooding

Sunday morning's sunny skies do not mean we are in the clear. More rain is on the way, and flood preparations must continue.

  • Check frequently for the latest updates and resources.
  • Sandbag your property if you're in a low-lying area, in areas identified on the City map for isthmus flash flooding, or in areas known to flood in the past.
  • Sandbag the lowest opening of your building (i.e. doors and windows)
  • Acquire a plug for your floor drains, basement sink, and basement toilet. Placing sandbags over the floor drain will provide some level of protection.
  • Move valuables from your basement to other floors.
  • Get a submersible pump, and test your pump if you have one.

Parking Recommendations

  • Do not park on streets in low-lying areas or the lower level of parking garages located in low-lying areas. Move your vehicles now!
  • Do not drive in rain when flash flooding is predicted.
  • Free parking is still available in public parking garages from 9 PM-7AM.

Reduce Traffic Congestion--Use Madison Metro!

Free bus fares will continue through Monday. Customers should monitor for detours and any other changes in service as conditions change.

Those who are able to work from home or telecommute are still encouraged to do so. If you must drive to work, try to do so outside of peak traffic hours, which are typically 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM.


Here's some additional details from Metro Transit related to flooding and previously scheduled changes that have now taken effect.


Buses will operate usual WEEKDAY service.


Detour will continue from Johnson St. between First and Baldwin streets due to flooding. Detour will be ongoing until water has receded on a permanent basis. Delays can be expected during rush hours.
Detour Map |  Complete Metro Transit Flooding Info


SERVICE UPDATES: Effective Sunday, August 26 

Route and schedule changes go into effect Sunday, August 26.

Updated Google Map data, Ride Guide and System Maps are now available! More Details available at

Route and Schedule Changes

Route 8: Service shifted to Campus Dr. from University Ave., and new schedule.
Route 10: Reverse direction of service at University Row.
Route 52: Directional change and realignment of service from Kapec Rd. to Anton/Fitchrona Rd.
Route 58: Service shifted to Watts and Rayovac Rd., and new schedule.
Route 59: Directional change and realignment of service from Kapec Rd. to Anton/Fitchrona Rd.

Additional Minor Adjustments--

Route 3: New eastbound weekday a.m. trip.
Route 5: Eastbound trips arrive 2 minutes earlier.
Route 13: Transfers affected. No schedule adjustments.
Route 40: Transfers affected. No schedule adjustments.
Route 18: 1 minute adjustments.
Route 21: 1 minute adjustment.
Route 30: 1 to 3 minute adjustments throughout schedule.
Route 31: 1 to 2 minute adjustments.
Route 50: New weekday a.m. trip.
Route 57: Minor schedule adjustments.
Route 80: Trips arrive to Marsh at Lot 76 one minute earlier


The following bus stops will be closed effective Sunday, August 26.

Stop #1390 Southbound stop on Oak at Hoard.
Stop #1236 / 1143 Stops on Rutledge at S. Thornton/ Riverside.
Stop #0866 Westbound stop on Regent at Madison.
Stop #2178 Westbound stop on Science near Whitney Way.
Stop #2462 / 2715 Stops on University at Schmitt Place due to safety concerns.


If there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out:

-Keith F

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