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District 19

Alder Keith Furman

Image of Alder Keith Furman,
Council President

Alder Keith Furman,
Council President

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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District 19 Blog

June Virtual Office Hours, Assessments, and Stormwater Ordinance News

June 5, 2020 4:35 PM

I will be hosting office hours in June virtually on Wednesday, June 10th in the afternoon and Thursday, June 18th in the morning. I will be using Zoom (with video).

Note: I have set it up so I can only meet one person at a time. If I'm meeting with someone else, there will be a small waiting period in a meeting lobby. If you don't want to use Zoom, I will be answering calls (608-912-0000) during this time as long as I'm not speaking with someone else.

Virtual Office Hours: Wednesday, 6/10/2020 @ 04:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Zoom Meeting:

If you don't wish to use your PC for your audio or use Zoom at all, you can call me: 608-912-0000

Virtual Office Hours: Thursday, 6/18/2020 @ 07:30 AM - 9:30 AM 

Zoom Meeting:

If you don't wish to use your PC for your audio or use Zoom at all, you can call me: 608-912-0000

If you have a question, concern, or topic of interest that you would like to discuss, but the times above don't work for you, you can e-mail me.



City of Madison Assessor Michelle Drea announced today that assessment notices will be mailed June 19. As the City follows State law (Per Wis. Stat. § 70.45) a period for "examination of the assessment roll" -what we refer to as "open book" - is provided. This period of time is an opportunity to discuss property value and provide reason for changing value, if appropriate.  The open book period will begin June 22 and close July 3 at 4:30 p.m.

COVID Impact on Open Book

Aside from an initial two hour period at the beginning of this period, open book contact will be telephonic or virtual. In compliance with directives from Public Health, our office remains closed to the public for everyone's safety. Property owners must initiate contact with the appraiser for their property in one of two ways:

Support staff fielding the initial contact will direct you to the appropriate appraiser and provide helpful information about our process and resources available. The appraiser will then contact you based on the initial information provided. Resources and procedures will be listed on our website located at:

Stormwater Ordinance News

I wanted to provide good news on the stormwater ordinance changes the Engineering Division has been working on and I've posted about in the past. On Tuesday, the Common Council officially passed changes to the City's Stormwater Ordinance

The City has now formally updated the Madison General Ordinance Chapter 37 Stormwater Ordinance in reaction to extreme storm events in Madison during the last several years, research on climate change and rainfall patterns for southcentral Wisconsin. The amount of rainwater from extreme storms causes flash flooding and elevated lake levels, which puts pressure on the City's stormwater pipe system. When the stormwater system is overloaded with too much storm or rainwater, either in heavy rainstorms or multiple heavy rainstorms in a short amount of time, flooding occurs. Madison General Ordinance Chapter 37 includes requirements for water quality, water quantity, and erosion control design standards for anyone who wants to build in the City of Madison.

-Keith F

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