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Owen Park drainage channel rehab -- public meetings

City Engineering is holding a public meeting to discuss a proposed project to stabilize the stormwater drainage channel in Owen Park. The project would consist of reshaping and armoring the primary drainage channel (near the Inner Drive park entrance) as well as a secondary channel that … [read more]

Neighborhood Meeting - Greenway Rehabilitation Project

NEIGHBORHOOD INFORMATIONAL MEETING Mendota-Spring Harbor Greenway Repair - Mineral Point Section Tuesday, May 8th, 6:30 p.m. Jefferson Middle School (Lecture Hall) 101 S. Gammon Road PLEASE NOTE LOCATION -- POSTCARDS WERE CONFUSING City Engineering will be hosting a public meeting to … [read more]

Flooding Updating (8-23-2018 - Yahara River, Lake Flooding, Documentation)

I will continue to send out major relevant updates on the flooding, but I recommend watching for the most up to date information. News Release from the Mayor's Office: Yahara River and Lake Flooding Additional information on flooding … [read more]

Flood Safety Update & Trash Collection Update (8-24-2018)

The City's site at continues to be the best place for the most up to date information. The City IT Team is updating the site regularly with new features. Here's some important updates from today. The Mayor held a press conference at 1pm. Here's the … [read more]

Flooding Update (8-26-2018 at 1pm) & Metro Transit Information (Storm Related and Some Planned Changes Now in Effect)

We've luckily had a nice weekend so far, but rain is predicted to start again this afternoon. Here's the latest update from the City: Current Status: August 26 at 1:00 PM As of this morning, Lake Mendota has dropped about an inch. The Yahara River at East Main Street fell one and a half … [read more]

Large Item Pickup, Electronics Recycling, Sandbagging Tips and Volunteers (8-26-2018)

Some additional information was shared at a press conference held at 1pm: Large item pick-up and electronics recycling If setting items out on the curb for refuse pickup, separate your electronics from other items. The City would like to recycle electronics, if possible. All sticker fees … [read more]

Flooding Update (8-27-2018)

Yesterday's rain didn't hit Madison as bad as expected and today so far has been nice. Things are looking better, but there is still a threat of rising water levels. The City of Madison held a press conference at 1pm this afternoon. Here's an update: Current Status, August 27 at 1:00 … [read more]

Flooding Alert (8-28-2018 - 6pm)

Based on the latest forecast from the National Weather Service, the City just issued the following alert: City of Madison Flooding Update: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Issued: 6:00 p.m. ALERT: Flash Flooding Risks –City-wide. Conditions are favorable for urban flash flooding with 2-3" of … [read more]

Mold, City Seeking Info from Flood-Impacted Businesses and Flooding Update (8-29-2018)

I'm crossing my fingers that this is the last flooding update for a while. We're not out of the woods completely yet, but things are getting better for our area. Here's an update from the Mayor's Press Conference today: City of Madison Flooding Update - Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – 2:00 … [read more]

Flooding Update (9-2-2018 at 1pm)

I haven't sent out a flooding update in a few days, but the weather emergency we've been experiencing since August 20th isn't over. City officials are requesting that residents continue to stay tuned to the City's Flooding website and keep sandbags in place. I'll continue to send out major … [read more]

September Office Hours, Water Utility Update, and Flooding Update

September is a busy month with the introduction of the Mayor's Capital Budget and the Jewish Holidays, but I will be holding open office hours twice during the month: Date Location Wednesday, September 12th (7:30am – 9:30am) Moka - 5227 … [read more]

Flooding Update (9-19-2018)

News release from the City of Madison issued on 9/19/2018 at 4:00 p.m.: The National Weather Service reports that the area surrounding the City of Madison could receive up to 3.5 inches of rain in the next 24 to 36 hours. It could also be much less, but residents are being advised of potential … [read more]

County Board Eyes Lake Level Policy - Thurs, Sept 20 meeting to address flooding impact and causes

I wanted to share news of a Dane County meeting this evening at 6pm about lake levels and some recent stories in the news regarding the subject that I found interesting: Richard Lathrop (Honorary Fellow at the UW-Madison Center for Limnology) : Help lakes drain to prevent future … [read more]

Mayor Soglin Statement on Recent Rain and Flooding (9-24-2018)

I wanted to share a memo sent to the Madison Common Council yesterday from the Mayor. It's a bit colorful, but does a good job explaining the current situation. -Keith F September 24, 2018 From: Paul R. Soglin To: Madison Common Council Re: Aftermath of August 20, 2018 … [read more]

October Office Hours, County Flooding Plans, Council Flooding Briefing and Yard Waste Collection

This is a big update that covers a few different topics including my October office hours, recently announced plans by the County to address flooding, an upcoming briefing to the Madison Common Council by the City staff about the recent flooding and information about fall leaves/yard waste … [read more]

Community Bonds Information & Council Briefing on August 20th Storm

This update includes information about last night's presentation to the Common Council from the Engineering Division and details on Community Bonds now available. Common Council Briefing on August 20, 2018 Storm & High Lake Level Crisis Last night's presentation focused on the August … [read more]

Flash Flood Warning (10-5-2018) and Canceling Tomorrow's Office Hours

Due to the predicted forecast and a recently acquired cold, I will unfortunately be canceling tomorrow's office hours. I was hoping we were done with flash flood warnings, but here's the latest alert from the City of Madison: City of Madison Flooding Update-Friday October 5 Issued: 11:00 … [read more]

Sandbag Collection

Here's a notice from the Streets Division about sandbags collection for those wishing to dispose of their sandbags. To be clear, if you have sandbags, you are not required to get rid of them at this time. People in flood prone areas are welcome to store them future use. Lake levels are still high … [read more]

FEMA Disaster Designation and Information on FEMA Recovery Office

On October 18th, Dane County was officially designated a FEMA Disaster Area as a result of the flooding we experienced on August 20th. This designation has made the area eligible for federal assistance for both individual and public agencies. Here's a release from the Mayor's Office about next … [read more]

Monday Office Hours, Thanksgiving Trash Collection, Alternate Side Parking, Budget & New Midtown Police Blog

I wanted to send out a few updates as we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday week. This update includes information about my open office hours this week, refuse and recycling collection schedule for the Thanksgiving Holiday, alternate side parking reminder, the budget and the launch of a new … [read more]

Watershed and Flood Studies Meetings

Watershed and Flood Studies - Public Informational Meeting The Engineering Division is providing the following update on the upcoming watershed and flood studies: The City now has consultants hired to complete 3 watershed studies and the City is working concurrently on a 4th study. … [read more]

Reminder: Office Hours and Watershed and Flood Studies Meetings

A quick reminder about Office Hours tomorrow and Public Information Meetings for the City of Madison's Watershed and Flood Studies this week: Open Office Hours Reminder: Tomorrow evening (4/23/2019), I will have open office hours from 4:30-7pm at Alicia Ashman Library - Study Room - 733 N … [read more]

Strickers / Mendota Watershed Public Information Meeting Presentation

If you didn't have an opportunity to attend last night's Strickers/Mendota Watershed public information meeting the presentation is available online. You can learn more about the Watershed Public Information Meetings from a previous post. There are additional upcoming meetings. These … [read more]

Spring Harbor Watershed Presentation and Reminder of Neighborhood Meetings This Week

I'm sharing the presentation from last Thursday's Spring Harbor Watershed Public Information Meeting and providing a reminder about neighborhood meetings this week for Oakwood Village University Woods Campus Redevelopment and more Watershed Public Information Meetings. Spring Harbor Watershed … [read more]

Nautilus Point Park Update

I've received a few e-mails about the working going on at Nautilus Point Park (north of Mineral Point Road, between Nautilus and Island Drive). Sally Swenson, the City of Madison Project Engineer, has provided me with some information on the project to share, including the public presentation … [read more]

Office Hours Reminder, Save the Date (5237 University Ave - 10/23), 8/20 Anniversary and Podcasts

A few topics in today's update including a reminder about tomorrow's office hours, a save the date notification for a public meeting about 5237 University Ave (formerly Perkins), 8/20 Flooding Anniversary and info on some City of Madison Podcasts. Open Office Hours Reminder: Tomorrow … [read more]

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