Well 14, located at 5130 University Avenue, is the primary source of drinking water for the northern areas of District 19 (see map below):

Map showing service area for Well 14
Over the last 20 years, levels of both sodium and chloride have increased significantly in the water from Well 14, surpassing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended range for sodium and approaching the Secondary MCL standard for chloride. The Madison Water Utility recently completed a groundwater quality and borehole Investigation at Well 14. The results suggest that the sodium and chloride levels can be lowered by changing the depth from which the water is extracted, specifically by accessing a second, deeper aquifer. The Madison Water Utility is proposing to install a device which attaches to the bottom of their current well pump and allows them to choose and control the flows from different aquifer levels to generate a mixture of water from the current depth and deeper depths. This will lead to reduced levels of sodium and chloride in our tap water. The water at the deeper depths is slightly higher in iron and manganese than what we currently have, but again, it will be mixed with water closer to the surface and should not be too noticeable.

I have reviewed the plans and believe this is the best solution for improving our drinking water at this time. However, we need additional ways to improve the quality of our drinking water, as well as the health of our local lakes, issues that I will continue pursuing and learning about from City staff and other local experts.

Here is the link to the City's newly released Water Quality Report (also included in most recent "Highlights" blog post for May 22nd). And here is additional information on Well 14.

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