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  • Storm Update Late Afternoon (8/21/2018)

    Heading into the evening commute, I'm providing some additional news and information. I will add updates to the bottom of this post throughout the evening and only create a new post/e-mail if there is some major news to share.   From Mayor's…

  • Additional Storm Update (8-21-2018)

    I apologize if the amount of communication over the last 12 hours has been a lot. I just received the following update from the Mayor's Office and decided it was important enough to share. Madison city staff is continuing to triage traffic and…

  • Storm Follow-Up (8-21-2018)

    The city and our district is still recovering from yesterday's heavy rains. I'm hearing reports of roads still having flood waters and abandoned cars. Please be safe and cautious if you have to be on the roads. The city has published a good article…

  • City Officials Warn of Hazardous Roads (8-20-18 - Evening Alert)

    I wanted to share this news alert that the Mayor's Office just sent out. Please be safe!  

  • Ash Tree Removals

    City Forestry crews will start removing ash trees within our Aldermanic District starting next week by the boundary of the area that is highlighted in yellow on the attached maps below. 

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  • Construction Blasting Notification from University Research Park : 08/20/18 to 09/07/18

    Please see the notice below from University Research Park about the possibility of blasting for the next three weeks at a construction site in University Research Park. The contractor has obtained the appropriate state permits and is working with…


  • Introduction: Keith Furman

    On August 7th, the Madison Common Council appointed me to fill the remainder of Alder Mark Clear's term which expires on April 16, 2019. I'm honored to have the opportunity to represent the 19th District on the Common Council.

  • Keith Furman recommended to fill District 19 Vacancy

    The Common Council Executive Committee has recommended Keith Furman for appointment to fill the remainder of my term. Pending confirmation by the full council, Keith will be sworn in on August 7th, at which time I will leave office. Keith will serve…

  • District 19 interim alder applicants and interviews (UPDATED 7/22)

    (This post has been updated. A seventh applicant was inadvertently left off of the orignal information published on Friday.) Seven applicants* to fill out the remainder of my term will be interviewed by the Common Council Executive Committee on…

  • Process for appointing a new District 19 Alder

    The Council President is now accepting applications to fill the remainder of my term until the April election. Complete details are available at this link. The timeline is:

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