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District 2

Alder Patrick Heck

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Alder Patrick Heck

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123 N. Blount St #303

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
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Alder Heck’s Updates

Updates & Week of March 8 Meetings of Interest for District 2

March 7, 2021 9:29 AM

Special Note: Due to determination by the WI Elections Commission, alders running for reelection in the April 2021 election are advised not to use city resources to communicate with constituents using mass emails and posts. For that reason, I am sending this update from my personal email and via non-city social media. Until this interpretation of the rules change or I am re-elected, I'll be sending mass communications via these means. Please continue to use to contact me with input and questions on city issues.  
District 2 Updates and Meetings of Interest
City meetings remain online only with details listed in City Meetings of Interest below; all have virtual public participation options.

There are three sections to this week's update:
  1. COVID-19 Resources & Information
  2. Other District 2 Updates
  3. City Meetings of Interest to District 2

Madison Poet Laureate shares new occasional poem to commemorate COVID-19 losses

Dane CORE Rental Assistance Program 

From Alder Prestigiacomo: COVID-19 Campus Resources, including Housing & Eviction Protection and Financial Resources.

Read about the temporary halt in residential evictions from the Tenant Resource Center.

Free hotline to be connected with a "Financial Navigator".

COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard that tracks Madison's long-term community and economic recovery from COVID-19.

For information on Madison's responses visit the City's Coronavirus Website. There you will find links to City Service Updates, Resources for Businesses.

From MMSD: Neighborhood Food Sites and from Community Action Coalition: Dane County Food Pantry Network

From the City: Community Resources Section on the city's COVID website, including housing and eviction information

The Governor's Office compilation of all COVID-19 resources and information from state agencies, including the State Dept. Public Health

From the Downtown Madison Business Improvement District: Ways to Support Downtown Madison 

Info on UW-Madison's response to the pandemic at this site

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126 Langdon Proposal
Plan Commission Consideration of 126 Langdon Proposal on March 8
On March 8 Plan Commission will consider Core Spaces' new proposal for the Hub II development at 126 Langdon St. Since an earlier version of the redevelopment was rejected by Plan Commission, Core Spaces has altered the proposal in several ways, including a redesign of the Langdon Street section, two additional delivery parking stalls, and a reduction in bedrooms from 376 to 351. The below ground floors in the front have also recently been redesigned, including a reconfiguration of the parking area that changes the potential number of parking and moped stalls. Proposal details and other materials can be found here, including the Campus Area Neighborhood Association's steering committee report.
Plan Commission will be considering several aspects of the proposal:
  1. Final plans for a site previously approved for demolition of a residential building with no proposed use;
  2. A conditional use in the Downtown Residential 2 (DR2) District for a multi-family dwelling with more than eight (8) dwelling units;
  3. A conditional use to allow outdoor recreation; and
  4. A conditional use to construct two additional stories in Area F of the "Additional Heights Area Map" in MGO Section 28.071(2)(b).

If you would like to provide input to Plan Commission, you can email, but you are also welcome to email me. Meeting participation details are listed below in "City Meetings of Interest", as is a link to the meeting's agenda, also available here.



Recording of March 1 Community Q & A on Proposed Housing Changes to Zoning

On Monday, March 1, from 5:30pm-7:30pm, there was a Community Q & A Session regarding the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments related to allowing greater residential densities and adjusting conditional use thresholds. You can watch a recording of that session here.

Planning Division Director Heather Stouder and Zoning Administrator Matt Tucker answered many excellent questions from residents who attended. There was both support and opposition expressed with opposition focusing mostly on situations when opportunities for neighborhood input would be less than in the past. From what I understand, city staff is exploring options for assuring that alders and neighbors are notified of development proposals more regularly whether these proposed changes are enacted or not.

  • Read the proposed amendments here
  • Read the Staff Report/Memo here
  • Explore the city's zoning map here, including the ability to see the parcels where the changes are proposed.

Read my earlier post about how those could impact District 2 here. Note that the proposed changes are expect to considered by Plan Commission on March 22 and by Common Council on March 30. If you have questions about the proposed changes, feel free to contact me.

Metro Bus
Proposed Metro Service Changes Adjusted
Metro Transit and the Transportation Commission held a public hearing to review and discuss service adjustments proposed for later in 2021. After hearing public feedback, staff have changed some portions of the proposal, including removing the increased frequency of the Route 2, and instead reinstating a new Route 28 to better serve residents in the Eken Park neighborhood. Commission members will review these proposals at their next meeting on Wednesday, March 10. Please continue to provide feedback on the proposal. Complete information can be found here.
Gates of Heaven
From Engineering: Gates of Heaven 2021 Restoration Projects
Update on Floor Replacement Project
The contractor removed the pine flooring and discovered tapered shims that were concealing a 1 ½" sag at the center span of the existing joists. A structural engineer was consulted and has indicated that a structural repair to reinforce the existing joists is needed. This work requires that the altar platform be carefully removed and reinstalled. Because this is a local landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Landmarks Commission and the State Historic Preservation Office have been informed of the structural repair work. Building Inspection is currently reviewing the plans and work will resume sometime in the next two weeks.
Exterior Restoration Project
The proposed restoration work will repair the stone and restore the existing windows and doors. The work is technical and requires specific methods to complete, but when complete, Gates of Heaven should be weather tight and ready to serve for another 150 years. Approvals from the Landmarks Commission and the State Historic Preservation Office have been secured. The exterior restoration work will likely begin the week of March 15. Parks crews will be on site during the scaffolding set up to do some landscape trimming.  The scaffolding will be covered with a white material to provide a sun, wind, and rain screen in order to ensure that the mortar sets properly. The contractor will also set up a security fence around the building work site and the material storage area located in the parking lot. The restoration project is planned to be completed by June 8, 2021.
James Madison Park

Friends of James Madison Park Meeting March 10

The next Friends of James Madison Park monthly Zoom meeting will be on March 10 at 6:30pm. If you wish to join the Friends email list for more group conversations, please email David Waugh at

Meeting Details:
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 6:30 PM CST – 7:15 PM CST
Meeting ID: 761 9322 6652
Passcode: cheese

Absentee Ballot Info for April 6 General Election

Absentee ballots for the Tuesday, April 6 General Election will be mailed starting on March 16, so if you do not plan to vote in-person on April 6 or vote in-person at the Clerk's Office, please request your ballot soon! Absentee ballots can be requested at, and you can registration to vote there too.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is 5:00pm the Thursday before the election, but the City Clerk recommends making your request as early as possible so there is adequate time to mail the ballot back to the Clerk's Office. More info on Voting Absentee and Registration.

For Madison voters, this election will include all 20 Common Council seats, the State Superintendent of Schools election, and an advisory referendum on the structure of Common Council (see CNI Forum below for an opportunity to learn more about the advisory referendum).

CNI Logo

CNI Community Engagement Forum on Restructuring City Government

You are invited to the Capitol Neighborhoods Community Engagement Forum on Tuesday, March 16th at 7:00 p.m. City of Madison voters will be presented with questions on the spring election ballot regarding the restructuring of city government. Eileen Harrington, who chaired the Task Force on the Structure of City Government (TFOGS), will provide a presentation on the structure of city government.

The TFOGS, a City of Madison ad hoc committee, was created by the Common Council and former Mayor Paul Soglin. The committee met for two years to study the city's government structures and processes. Its report, which makes forty-four separate recommendations for modifications to the structure of Madison's city government, can be found here.

Meeting ID: 841 4927 3082
Passcode: 903863
Find your local number:
Save the Date: TLNA Workshop on Equity in Generational Wealth & Homeownership

A great workshop "Pay It Forward: Generational Wealth, Homeownership, and You" is coming your way, hosted by the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association, on March 27 (Saturday) from 10:30 am-noon. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about and join in a growing effort to make the Madison community more equitable for all. Attendees will learn from our guest presenter about how generational weight accumulates, and how laws and policies have systematically boosted wealth-building for white people, while blocking opportunities for wealth-building among people of color. 

The workshop is Virtual, and FREE. Stay tuned for a zoom link coming soon. Please register your attendance at this link.
Below are some pertinent agenda items from city committees that are meeting this week. If you click on meeting "Details" below, you will find participation and viewing options, and a link to the full meeting agenda. If you click on a item from within an agenda, you will see all documents that relate to that item.
I appreciate hearing from you on any items on which you have a particular interest or concern.
Finance Committee: Details
4:30 pm, Monday, March 8, 2021
Agenda Item 3
2020 Police Department Donation Report.
Note: See report here.
Agenda Item 4
SUBSTITUTE - City of Madison Sponsorship of Sustain Dane programming in 2021 and authorization to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Sustain Dane.
Fiscal Note
The proposed resolution authorizes a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sustain Dane for continued collaboration on shared sustainability interests. The MOU covers the years 2021-2023 with an option of a 3-year renewal for 2024-2026. The City will provide $40,000 annually to the program. Funding for the 2021 payment is included in the 2021 Adopted Capital Budget for Engineering - Facilities Management as GO Borrowing under the Sustainability Improvements program (MUNIS 10563). Payments beyond 2021 are subject to appropriations in future years. No additional appropriation is required at this time.
Agenda Item 5
Authorizing a new contract with Pellitteri Waste Systems for the sorting, processing, and marketing of recyclables collected by the City of Madison Streets Division and that the contract shall be for five years.
Note: Details here.
Agenda Item 6
Authorizing an inter-governmental agreement for COVID-19 Vaccine administration support with Dane County Emergency Management. 
Agenda Item 8
Waiving license and permit fees for Public Passenger Services under Sections 11.06 (4)(a) , 11.06(5)(a) and 11.06(6)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances for the 2021 calendar year due to COVID-19 and other economic hardships
Fiscal Note
The proposed resolution would waive license and permit fees for Public Passenger Services through December 31, 2021. Public Passenger Service fees include a license for the business ($1,750 for a 2-year renewal), vehicle fees ($65 per vehicle), and driver's permits ($25 per driver). The anticipated revenue loss from waiving the business and vehicle fees is $5,000 and $11,000 respectively.
Fees from driver's permits averaged $19,000 per year in 2018 and 2019. However, 2020 saw fewer driver's permit applicants with fee revenues around $11,000. Assuming driver's permit application numbers similar to 2020, the estimated revenue loss from waiving all Public Passenger Service fees in 2021 is $27,000. These fees represent a general fund revenue source.
Additionally, the Madison Police Department conducts background checks on applicants for driver's permits, which includes an in-state check and an out-of-state check for any state the applicant has lived. Police is charged $7 for each in-state and out-of-state check. These costs will continue to be incurred to administer the driver's permit applications.
Agenda Item 13
Authorizing the City of Madison, on behalf of the Dane County Continuum of Care (CoC), to accept an ESG-CV second allocation award of up to $1,627,500 from the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration; authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute agreements with specific Dane County CoC agencies to provide services using the ESG-CV funds; and amending the Community Development Division's 2021 Adopted Operating Budget to reflect receipt of these funds.
Agenda Item 14
Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) 36 (Capitol Gateway), City of Madison.
Fiscal Note
The proposed resolution authorizes a Third Project Plan Amendment for Tax Incremental District (TID) 36 (Capitol Gateway). This amendment highlights two projects, $7 million for the Public Market and $5 million for developer loans, which were included in the 2020 and 2019 Adopted Capital Budgets, respectively. No additional City appropriation is required with the adoption of this resolution.
Note: The below is from the Project Plan Amendments.
Public Market Amendment: In 2021, the City of Madison intends to begin construction of a Public Market at the corner of First Street and East Johnson Street. The City intends to provide a portion of the funding required to construct the Madison Public Market.
Total Public Market $7,000,000
Public / Private / Non-Profit Development Partnerships and Assistance 2021 Amendment: Where necessary and appropriate, the City may enter into partnerships with private or non-profit entities to provide assistance to development projects in compliance with the City's TIF policy, or the City may work with non-profit partners to provide assistance with land acquisition.
Total Public / Private / Non-Profit Development Partnerships and Assistance $5,000,000
Agenda Item 17
Amending portions of Madison General Ordinances Sections 28.063, 28.064, 28.065, 28.066, 28.067, 28.068, 28.074, 28.076, 28.084, 28.085, 28.087, 28.088, 28.089, and 28.097 to change the front yard setback, if it is less than 15 feet, from 0 feet to 5 feet to support a street tree canopy, and creating Madison General Ordinance 28.071(2)(e) to establish a Downtown Setback Exceptions Map.
DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  In zoning districts for which there is currently a 0' front of front yard setback required, this amendment increases the required setback to 5' in some cases. In instances where the distance between the curb and property line is greater than 15', the 0' required setback remains, but in instances where the distance between the curb and property line is less than 15 feet, buildings will need to be set back 5'. Thus, this amendment essentially eliminates 0' setbacks in places where there isn't sufficient space to support a street tree canopy, and will allow space for a wider variety of tree species, in many of the downtown and mixed-use districts where redevelopment is occurring.  These districts are:
  • LMX, NMX, TSS, MXC, CC-T, CC (all of the Commercial and Mixed-Use Districts)
  • DC, UMX (some Downtown Districts)
  • TE, SE, EC, IL, IG (most of the Employment Districts)
  • CI
Note: This amendment to the zoning ordinance creates a unique new trigger: In zoning districts with 0' setbacks, the ordinance will apply a new "if, then" setback requirement.  If distance between curb and property line is less than 15', then buildings shall be set back from the property line by 5'. Otherwise, 0' setback is still allowable. 0' is also allowable on downtown "flatiron" blocks. The ordinance change, of which I am a sponsor, is inspired by recommendations in the Urban Forestry Task Force Report. When the ordinance was introduced on Feb. 23, the Council received an email from the Executive Director of Smart Growth Greater Madison Inc. asking for additional committee referrals and sharing concerns about the potential to create an adverse impact on the values of property and discourage future redevelopment projects along commercial corridors. If you are interested in canopy trees and the impacts of changing front yard setbacks, please let me and the Plan Commission know at know your thoughts. This item is also Wednesday's Urban Design Commission agenda item #2 (see below).
Agenda Item 18
Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a Donation Agreement and a Developer's Agreement with the Madison Parks Foundation and Michael and Jocelyn Keiser for the Privately Funded Improvement of Glenway Golf Course. 
Plan Commission: Details
5:30 Monday, March 8, 2021
Conditional Use Requests & Demolition Permits
Agenda Item 11
126 Langdon Street; 2nd Ald. Dist: Consideration of final plans for a site previously approved for demolition of a residential building with no proposed use; consideration of a conditional use in the Downtown Residential 2 (DR2) District for a multi-family dwelling with more than eight (8) dwelling units; consideration of a conditional use to allow outdoor recreation; and consideration of a conditional use to construct two additional stories in Area F of the "Additional Heights Area Map" in MGO Section 28.071(2)(b), all to allow construction of a seven-story, 106-unit apartment building.
Note: See "Other District 2 Updates" for more information. For participation options see "Details" just above.
Zoning Text Amendments
Note: Item 12 should be referred to March 22, 2021 at the request of the ordinance sponsors 
Agenda Item 12
Amending various sections of Subchapters 28C and 28D of Madison General Ordinances in order to increase allowable densities and decrease conditional use thresholds in certain multi-family residential, mixed-use, and commercial districts.
Note: Item 13 should be referred to March 22, 2021 so that review of the ordinance by other boards, committees or commissions may be completed
Agenda Item 13
Amending portions of Madison General Ordinances Sections 28.063, 28.064, 28.065, 28.066, 28.067, 28.068, 28.074, 28.076, 28.084, 28.085, 28.087, 28.088, 28.089, and 28.097 to change the front yard setback, if it is less than 15 feet, from 0 feet to 5 feet to support a street tree canopy, and creating Madison General Ordinance 28.071(2)(e) to establish a Downtown Setback Exceptions Map.
Note: See Finance Committee Agenda Item 17 above for more info.
- Upcoming Matters
– April 12, 2021
- 720 E Dayton Street - Conditional Use - Approve non-accessory parking lot 
Note: This application will consider a Conditional Use for the parking lot currently operating at this address. I have advised the applicant that they should consider presenting at a monthly TLNA Council meeting, but do not yet know if/when that will occur.
Madison Arts Commission: Details
5:30 pm, Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Agenda Item 4
Percent for Art Report
From the report: Background - On October 3, 2017, the Common Council approved an ordinance (Legistar File # 47273) creating the City's Percent for Art program. This ordinance requires that 1% of the total budget for certain City public works projects exceeding $5 million be set aside for public art, beginning with the 2019 capital budget. The ordinance also directs staff to file an annual report to the Mayor and Common Council.
Agenda Item 5
Public Art Conservation
- Annie Stewart Fountain Update
- State Street Mural Conservation
Agenda Item 6
MAC Administrative Reports
- State Street Mural
- Winter Is Alive
Madison Food Policy Council: Details
6:00pm, Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Agenda Item 3
Food Access, Relief, and Economic Support Work Group - March 2021
Agenda Item 4
Food Systems Recovery and Resilience Work Group - March 2021

Agenda Item 5
Regional Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Work Group - March 2021
Agenda Item 6
Business Development Specialist, Food Systems - March 2021
Agenda Item 7
Madison & Dane County - March 2021
Agenda Item 8
Extension Dane County UW-Madison - March 2021
Agenda Item 9
Community Gardens - March 2021
Agenda Item 10
Madison Metropolitan School District - March 2021
Agenda Item 11
Public Market Development Committee - March 2021
Landmarks Commission & Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee: Details
6:30pm, Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Joint Meeting of the Landmarks Commission and Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee.
Agenda Item 2
Existing Structures Draft Ordinance

Police Civilian Oversight Board Executive Subcommittee: Details
10:00am, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 2
Debrief NACOLE Training – any follow-up questions, concerns, feedback
Agenda Item 3
COB Budget: Childcare Reimbursement 
Agenda Item 4
Equity Task Force Progress Update 
Agenda Item 5
Review/Confirm next steps in Independent Monitor recruitment process
Agenda Item 6
Review/Update list of required and recommended training topics, update COB 2021 workplan
Agenda Item 7
Review/Update list of future COB required and requested agenda topics
Urban Design Commission: Details
4:30pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 2
Amending portions of Madison General Ordinances Sections 28.063, 28.064, 28.065, 28.066, 28.067, 28.068, 28.074, 28.076, 28.084, 28.085, 28.087, 28.088, 28.089, and 28.097 to change the front yard setback, if it is less than 15 feet, from 0 feet to 5 feet to support a street tree canopy, and creating Madison General Ordinance 28.071(2)(e) to establish a Downtown Setback Exceptions Map.
Note: See Finance Committee Agenda Item 17 above for more info.
Agenda Item 5
Report of the Facade Grant Staff Team - 1254 E. Washington Avenue, UDD No. 8. 2nd Ald. Dist.
Applicant: Phil Parhamovich
Owner: Phil Parhamovich
Initial/Final Approval is Requested
From the Staff Report: Project Description: The applicant is requesting final approval for building exterior facade improvements to an existing masonry building that had been previously repaired from a vehicle impact. The proposed scope is limited to the first level façades on both E. Washington Ave. and Baldwin Street. 
Note: I was unaware of this application until reading this UDC agenda, so am seeking more information from city staff and the applicant. Alder notification is one of the required items on the application, so I may seek to have it referred to a future meeting so the neighborhood and I can learn more about the plans for this location, formerly Smart Studios. Also, see Community Development Authority Agenda Item #3 below for more on this item.


Agenda Item 7
1858-1890 E. Washington Avenue - Planned Multi-Use Site Located in UDD No. 8. 12th Ald. Dist.
Owner: Steve Doran, Galway Companies, Inc.
Applicant: Adam Fredendall, JLA Architects
Informational Presentation
Note: The presentation and staff report for this proposed redevelopment of the shopping center at 1st St. and E. Washington can be found here. At the neighborhood meeting on March 4, those who attended asked questions about parking ratios for residential (.9 stalls per apartment) and commercial (1 stall per 5000 sq ft), whether parking was 'free' for residential tenants (no), massing, design, rent prices, wishes for larger 3-bedroom apartments, green roof elements, family and dog friendly outdoor space, and the feasibility of 15,000 square feet of retail – particularly restaurants. Concerns about increased traffic and pedestrian/bike safety and connectivity were also expressed.
Public Safety Review Committee: Details
5:00pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 2
Accepting the Final Report and Model Policy from the Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee.
Agenda Item 3
Madison Police Department's Response to OIR/Ad Hoc Committee Reports (7/13/20) - Interim MPD Chief, Vic Wahl
Agenda Item 4
Transferring Parking Enforcement Duties from Madison Police Department to Parking Division
Agenda Item 5
Report: 2020 Chronic Nuisance Premises Ordinance Summary - Madison Police Department
Agenda Item 6
SUBSTITUTE. Endorsing all aspects of the restorative justice programs and encouraging MPD to take necessary steps to expand these programs.
Agenda Item 7
Amending the Police Department's 2021 Operating Budget to allocate pass-through grant funds to the University of Wisconsin Police Department ($10,000) and Shorewood Hills Police Department ($4,000) from an existing public safety grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Task Force.
Agenda Item 9
Creating a listening session of the Madison Fire Departments Crisis Response
Agenda Item 10
Presentation from the Black Officer Coalition
Agenda Item 12
Report on Recent Gun Violence
Agenda Item 16
Policy Subcommittee Report
Agenda Item 17
Budget Subcommittee Report
Agenda Item 18
OIR Subcommittee Report 
Transportation Commission: Details
5:00pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 2
Repealing Subsection 5.01(4) and Creating Subdivision 3.14(3)(a)3 of the Madison General Ordinances to Formally Move the Crossing Guard Program from the Police Department to the Traffic Engineering Division.
5 mins 
Agenda Item 3
Approving the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of 415 N. Lake St., the State Street Campus Garage, (the "Property") and establishing a process for the review of responses to the RFP and selection of a development team for the Property
5 mins
Agenda Item 5
Approval of Metro Transit 2021 Service Changes
30 mins
Agenda Item 6
Approval of 2021 bus stop zone and feature changes
30 mins
Agenda Item 9
Transferring Parking Enforcement Duties from Madison Police Department to Parking Division
45 mins
Education Committee: Details
5:30pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 2
Continue discussion on Committee's role in digital inclusion and coordination with City's Digital Technology Committee
Board of Park Commissioners: Details
6:30pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Agenda Item 7
March 2021 Superintendent's Report
Note: Report available here.
Agenda Item 9: NEW BUSINESS
Agenda Item 16
Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a Donation Agreement and a Developer's Agreement with the Madison Parks Foundation and Michael and Jocelyn Keiser for the Privately Funded Improvement of Glenway Golf Course.
Agenda Item 17
Breese Stevens Field informational reports regarding the 2021 Fan Access Plan and Neighborhood Impact Plan.
Note: This item is currently expected to be approved on the consent agenda. Materials can be found here and are almost identical to 2020's plans, but events will be subject to Public Health Madison & Dane County orders. I anticipate that these plans will also be discussed at the March 11 TLNA Council meeting.
Community Development Authority: Details
4:30pm, Thursday, March 11, 2021
Agenda Item 3
CDA Resolution #4431 - Authorizing a waiver of the Façade Improvement Grant Program Target Area for property located at 1254 E Washington Ave, and directing staff to process the application under the normal operating standards and procedures of the program
Note: See Urban Design Commission Agenda Item 5 above. Also, this waiver is required for grants issued outside of the downtown Program Target Area. Generally, these waivers have been granted in the past for businesses located on the isthmus and other near-in neighborhoods.
Agenda Item 5
Approval of City of Madison's Land Banking Policy
Board of Health for Madison and Dane County: Details
5:00pm, Thursday, March 11, 2021


Agenda Item 3
COVID-19 Response Update for March 11, 2021
Board of Health Resolutions
Agenda Item 4
Board of Health for Madison and Dane County Resolution #2021 - 05 Authorization to Accept Continued Grant Funds from WI Department of Health Services for COVID-19 Response Efforts
Agenda Item 5
Violence Prevention Unit Update for March 11, 2021

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