The City of Madison Clerk’s Office put together a top five list of things to know for tomorrow’s Spring Election.

  1. Confirm your polling place. To verify your polling location, visit

  2. The address on the ID you use for voting does not matter. When checking your photo ID, election officials are verifying your identity. They are not checking the address on your ID. Just make sure you have an acceptable ID  for voting in Wisconsin.

  3. You can register to vote at the polls. If you are registering to vote for the first time or you are updating your voter registration, you will need to show the election officials proof of residence. Your proof of residence document may be shown on paper or in an electronic format, e.g. your online utility bill, bank statement, City of Madison assessment, or My UW account.

  4. Your absentee ballot must be returned by Election Day in order to be counted. Election officials at your polling place will insert your absentee ballot into the tabulator to be counted. If you still have your absentee ballot, drop it with election officials at your polling place tomorrow. You can track the status of your absentee ballot by looking up your name at

  5. You can view a sample ballot for your address before heading to the polls. There are several state, judicial, municipal, and school board races on this ballot. Prepare yourself ahead of Election Day by checking out a sample ballot for your address at

We intend to give you the correct ballot. If we mistakenly hand you an incorrect ballot, please tell an election official before you insert your ballot into the tabulator to be counted. If you are unsure of your City of Madison Alder district or your school district, look up your address at  

Do not hesitate to contact the Clerk’s Office. If you have a question or encounter a problem at your polling place, please let us know right away by calling (608) 266-4601. 

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