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Alder Erik Paulson

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Alder Erik Paulson

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
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Madison, WI 53703
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Alder Paulson’s Updates

Shootings in our area

July 21, 2020 10:50 AM

The spike in gun violence in Madison over the past several weeks is alarming and unacceptable. We must ensure Madison Police are supported in their efforts to get this situation under control. Where there are identifiable trouble spots, we must also make sure other units of Madison government such as the City Attorney's Office are utilizing all the City's legal remedies to hold landlords accountable and change their behavior.

I am in close communication with the East Police District and Captain Nelson is keeping me informed as to the actions they are taking to confront this intolerable rise in gun violence so that I can communicate that information with you. I have emphasized to the Madison Police Department the concerns, frustrations, fears, and anguish many of you have expressed to me.

Captain Nelson has told me that the gun violence is the East Police District's top priority and they are using all of the available resources that they can to stop it. They are following up on every tip and every piece of footage from surveillance cameras that they can find. MPD has involved a number of social service agencies to help suppress hostilities between the groups known to be engaging in gun violence and get them all relocated. Work is being done with the families involved.

The Madison Police Department has also shared that they believe some of the shootings are related and are connected to parties retaliating against each other. MPD has said "very few" are random. The Violent Crime Unit is investigating all of the incidents. The MPD has said these shootings are targeted. While that doesn't change how scary these shootings are, nor does it decrease the likelihood of bystanders being injured or killed, knowing that does assist MPD in developing effective strategies to end this violence.

Public safety is one of the primary functions of local governments. Maintaining a safe community where all Madison residents, businesses, and families feel secure in their neighborhoods and in this city is a priority for me. I believe that we can keep Madison's neighborhoods safe and, at the same time, work on bigger picture reforms such as setting statewide standards on the use of force. While it doesn't address the immediate issues of spiking gun violence, in the long run the Civilian Oversight Board which I support will make all of Madison safer by increasing transparency and accountability for the MPD.

As important as those bigger picture reforms to policing are, getting the current situation in our neighborhoods under control is job one. I share your frustrations and worries about the rise in gun violence. I will continue to communicate with leaders in MPD  to share concerns and get answers. I will support the necessary resources for MPD and their community partners as they seek to get control of this situation. I will support prevention initiatives that can help stop gun violence from happening in the first place. I will continue to demand we hold owners accountable for their properties and landlords/developers accountable for providing the services necessary in larger developments. I will continue to stand up for careful planning on the east side as the City makes decisions about where to build and develop the housing Madison needs.

One email I received said "Madison is better than this." I agree. We hold high standards for our city and it will take a combined effort to stem this violence, prevent it from recurring, and repair the damage that has been done. 

Thank you to those who have reached out.

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