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  • Meetings and Updates Week of August 28th

    This week's update includes information about the August 28th Finance Committee and Plan Commission meetings, details about the next Eastside Alders engagement event on September 23rd (Let's Bus to the Farmer's Market!), an upcoming speed limit…

  • Heat Advisory In Effect for Madison, tips to stay safe

    The National Weather Service issued a series of warnings and advisories for Madison this week, with the heat index at one point possibly hitting 110 degrees. To protect yourself and your family during hot summer weather, follow these safety tips:

  • Meetings and Updates Week of August 21st

    Next week's updates include a meeting of the City's Transportation Commission and Board of Public Works, a development proposal in District 3 to build a car wash on two empty lots along East Washington Ave, information about and a call for more rain…

  • Tomorrow: Northeast Area Planning Event and Door Creek Watershed Meeting

    This week's update includes reminder about two events relevant to District 3 residents taking place tomorrow evening as well as some events and announcements.

  • Meetings and Updates Week of August 7th

    Good morning! This week's update includes information about City meetings of the Plan Commission, City-County Homelessness Issues Committee, Public Safety Review Committee, and Transportation Commission. I'm also highlighting two public input and…

  • Meetings and Updates Week of July 31st

    Meetings and Updates Week of July 31st City Meetings: Finance Committee 7/31 and Common Council 8/1 Full Closure of Atwood Avenue Begins 7/31 Police Body-Worn Cameras Pilot on the 8/1 Common Council Agenda North Stoughton Road Corridor Study…

  • New Housing Market Snapshot Report & Data (draft)

    The draft 2023 Housing Snapshot Report from the City includes lots of point-in-time and trend data about housing (rental and owner-occupied) supply and demand and housing affordability for Madison households. This information helps us to understand…

  • Meetings and Updates Week of July 24th

    City Meetings the Plan Commission meets 7/24; Common Council meets 7/25; the Transportation Commission meets 7/26. 402 Rustic Drive Rezoning Proposal Update: Background, Zoning, and My Position Coffee with a Cop 7/27 at Hawthorne Library CARES…

  • Meetings and Updates Week of July 17th

    Contents of this week's update include: An update from me about gun violence and the ongoing MPD investigation Recap of notable items from last week’s City meetings Meetings next week: Finance Committee 7/17 and Board of Public Works 7/19 Care Net…

  • Meetings and Updates Week of July 10th

    Good morning! There are lots of noteworthy items on Committee and Council agendas this week. Check out the list of items I highlighted in this update. Important City meetings this week: Plan Commission 7/10, Common Council 7/11, Transportation…

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