Hello neighbors,

As I'm sure you're aware, Tuesday, April 4 is the Spring Election. If you have an absentee ballot you have not yet returned, please take it to your polling place on Election Day. For the Spring Primary, I worked as a courier, and was surprised by how inefficient it was to have to take single ballots that had been dropped off at the Clerk's office during the day to polling places around the City. Please, make the couriers' jobs easier by taking your ballot directly to your polling place. Or, you can vote in person instead. Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

You'll notice there is one statewide election, for Supreme Court Justice, and statewide referenda. There is a county referendum, and elections for Madison Mayor, and two of the Madison Metropolitan School Board seats. You may wonder why only two of the seven School Board seats are up for election – that is because the School Board elections are staggered across years, so there is never turnover of the whole School Board at once. That is the very subject of the Madison referendum: to stagger Alder terms. I realize there has been some confusion about the staggering proposal, given that in order to achieve staggered terms, the first term for Alders in even districts would be a single year. But after that, beginning in 2026, all Alders would serve the same two-year terms they always have, just with the even districts being elected in even years, and the odd districts being elected in odd years. Again, this is a binding referendum, so the results will determine whether this change to Alder terms occurs.

Also, this week we will see the return to construction season for University Avenue. I encourage you to subscribe to the City's updates, so you can stay current on lane closures, and the progress on the pedestrian/bike bridge over University Bay Drive. Construction on the BRT stations has also begun, so there are various road closures across the City to accommodate those infrastructure updates. You can subscribe to updates about the BRT construction as well. A public meeting on East Side BRT-related construction will be held April 6 at 6pm.



  • Donations to the Madison Library Foundation on Tuesday, April 4 will be matched during Library Giving Day.
  • Water main flushing will be occurring this week from Ridge St. to Spooner St. between University Ave. and Regent St.
  • Streets Division drop-off sites at 402 South Point Road and 4602 Sycamore Avenue hours have expanded to summer hours. Please check the website for details.  

See you at the polls!

-Regina Vidaver