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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 3, 2016

October 2, 2016 9:22 PM

Highlights this week: the Mayor will introduce his 2017 Executive Operating Budget on Tuesday. The Council meeting starts late because of Rosh Hashanah. Several licenses are up for final approval - Fuegos and Barleytap. The final contract for EROs, or police educational resource officers for the Madison School district, are up for approval. Red Caboose is getting city assistance in the form of a lower purchase price, they are moving to Union Corners. The new park impact fees are at Board of Park Commissioners Wednesday. Advocates for ADUs- accessory dwelling units are still concerned at the high fees for these small additions. On Wednesday there will be a meeting to discuss the homeless Day Resource Center at Immanuel Lutheran on Spaight St. The center will be located at 615 E Washington. Meet the new operator and architect who are interested in community feedback. Saturday is the Mayor's Neighborhood conference- it's an excellent opportunity to meet neighborhood activists from around the city and learn the issues they face and work they are doing. 


Tuesday October 4, 2016

Common Council

7p room 201 CCB


8. 44111 Public Hearing - New License Fuegos Steak & Tapas, LLC • dba Fuegos Steak & Tapas 904 Williamson Street • Agent: Sandra Wegner • Estimated Capacity: 120 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 30% alcohol, 70% food.  Fuegos Letter.pdf fuegos_lease_page1_parking.pdf 9/21/16 ALCOHOL LICENSE REVIEW COMMITTEE RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO GRANT WITH CONDITIONS - PUBLIC HEARING 


The conditions are as follows: 1. Meet the definition of a restaurant per MGO 38.02 at all times. 2. No alcohol sales after 10:00 pm Sunday - Thursday and 11:00 pm Friday - Saturday. 3. Outdoor patio closing time is 9:00 pm Sunday - Thursday and 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday. 4. Outdoor patio capacity of 12. 5. No outdoor music. 6. No amplified music. 7. No 24-hour production of food or use of exhaust hoods.


10. 44113 Public Hearing - New License Growl LLC • dba Barleypop Tap and Shop 2045 Atwood Avenue, Suite 107 • Agent: Jason Hajdik • Estimated Capacity: 80 Class B Beer, Class C Wine • 100% alcohol

Since the ALRC meeting, the applicant agreed to reduce Sun-Wed hours to 11a-10p, I will be adding the condition at the Council meeting.


13. 44090 2017 Executive Capital Budget  


18. 44600 Amending Substitute Resolution Enactment No. RES-16-00716, File No. 44263: Reaffirmation of Resolution Enactment No. RES-15-00334, File I.D. #37723 - Garver Selection Resolution, in order to add additional language at the request of the Developer. 


21. 44120 Change of Licensed Premise Stalzy's Deli, LLC • dba Stalzy's Deli Capacity: 60 indoors, 300 outdoors 2201 Atwood Avenue • Agent: Corbin Reynolds Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 15% alcohol, 85% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 601 Request to sell and serve alcohol in parking lot from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. the first Saturday of every October


31. 44444 Authorizing the Mayor, Police Chief and the City Clerk to sign a contract with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) to provide Educational Resource Officers for the four MMSD high schools for a three-year term, through the 2018-2019 school year. Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin Attachments: 9/22/16 ERO Contract 2016-2019

Several residents have contacted me opposing police officers in the schools. The city/MPD and the School District have negotiated a new 3 year contract that allows either side to terminate the contract in 2 years. This will allow the School Board to have a robust discussion with plenty of notice to the community about the role of police educational resource officers in high schools. I will support the contract.


35. 44498 Authorizing a $150,000 loan in the form of a reduced sale price to Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc (Borrower) to partially fund the purchase of land and improvements at 2340 Winnebago Street (Property).


56. 44415 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute Amendment #3 to the Professional Services Agreement with Mead and Hunt Inc. for public participation support, the preparation of final construction drawings and specifications, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for the final design and construction of Water Utility Operations Center located at 110 S. Paterson Street.


introduction of New Business for Referral Without Debate


61. 44584 Creating Section 22.06(4) of the Madison General Ordinances to require that all gas pumps be secured with a lock unique to their business.


66. 44104 Accepting the report and recommendations of Madison Public Library's "Communities Inspiring Libraries: A Strategic Plan for Eastside Growth."


71. 44551 Authorizing the Execution of a Cooperation and Coordination Agreement with the Olbrich Botanical Society, Inc


79. 44612 Resolution to change the name of the Madison Local Food Committee (Local Food Committee) to the Public Market Development Committee, add seats to the Committee, and specify the Committee's mission as focused on implementation of the Madison Public Market. 


81. 44620 Authorizing the Mayor, City Clerk and Chief of Police to accept a $700,000 Smart Policing Initiative grant award for the Madison Police Department's Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative; and amend budgets accordingly


82. 44622 Authorizing Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership/BIG STEP to place individuals from a target population of women, people of color and low-income city residents into registered construction trade apprenticeships and construction jobs in the Madison area; and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an agreement with this organization to provide these placement services


85. 44509 Public Hearing - New License La Kitchenette LLC • dba La Kitchenette 805 Williamson St • Agent: Virginie Ok • Estimated Capacity: 20 Class B Beer, Class C Wine • 10% alcohol, 70% food, 20% other


92. 44647 2017 Executive Operating Budget Legislative History 9/29/16 Clerk's Office Referred for Introduction Board of Estimates (10/10/16, 10/11/16, 10/12/16, 10/24/16) Common Council Public Hearing (10/18/16, 11/1/16, 11/14/16)


Wednesday October 5

Madison Food Policy Committee

5:30p Central Library rooms 301-302


43445 2nd SUBSTITUTE Amending Section 23.29 of the Madison General Ordinances, the City's noxious weeds ordinance.


Work group reports from the Pollinator Protection Taskforce, Edible Landscape and Terrace Planting and Healthy Retail


Wednesday October 5

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Warner Park Community Recreation Center

1625 Northport Dr


11 43500 Amending Sections 16.23(5)(h)1., 16.23(8)(f), 20.04, 20.09(3), and 20.16(5), repealing Sections 20.08(2) and (6), and recreating Section 20.08(2) of the Madison General Ordinances to recreate a combined park impact fee and update the park and open space land dedication requirements for the City of Madison.


13 43942 Public Hearing (6:45 pm)-Ordering the removal and destruction of certain trees declared to be public nuisances under MGO Sec. 23.40(4)(b) and directing the City Forester to proceed with nuisance abatement activities. RECOMMEND APPROVAL 


14 44301 Directing City Staff to remove the City-owned flagpole from the Confederate Rest Area at Forest Hill Cemetery. RECOMMEND APPROVAL

A 6th District resident has diligently pushed on this issue, props to Leonard C!


16 44551 Authorizing the Execution of a Cooperation and Coordination Agreement with the Olbrich Botanical Society, Inc. RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO ADOPT - REPORT OF OFFICER


19 44619 Proposed 2017 Parks Division Fees RECOMMEND APPROVAL


Wednesday October 5

Day Resource Center neighborhood meeting

7p Immanuel Lutheran 1021 Spaight St, 

lower level entrance from parking lot


To all who are interested in the Homeless Day Resource Center, I invite you to attend this meeting. This is one in a series of recent meetings to gather community and user input sponsored by the County with Catholic Charities who has been selected to be the operator, Dawn O'Kroley from Dorschner Associates who is the County's architect for the project and Dane County UW Extension County staff who are assisting with public engagement.?


Thursday October 6

Madison Local Food Committee

4:30p room 300 MMB


4 44612 Resolution to change the name of the Madison Local Food Committee (Local Food Committee) to the Public Market Development Committee, add seats to the Committee, and specify the Committee's mission as focused on implementation of the Madison Public Market. 


Thursday October 6

MPD Policy and Procedures Review Ad Hoc Committee

5:30p  Madison Urban League 2222 S Park St


07961 RFP Finalists - Vendor Interviews/Presentations to Committee - Exiger, LLC - Michael J. Gennaco DBA as OIR Group - Hillard Heintze, LLC Each vendor will be given one hour for the presentation and 30 minutes to answer questions from the committee.


Saturday, October 8, 2016
8:00 am to 5:00p

Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, One John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI

REGISTER for the 2016 Mayor's Neighborhood Conference.  Cost is $15 (includes light breakfast, lunch, tours and workshops). Fee waivers and childcare assistance is available.

Early Bird Tours For those early risers, join me in one of the four early bird tours.  Meet in the front of the Monona Terrace, MLK JR Blvd entrance, at 7:45am.  Coffee will be served.  Your registration check-in will be fast tracked and a table will be reserved for you during opening remarks.


What are the best practices for neighborhood involvement in the development process? How does a project's components and approval process get communicated to adjacent property owners and the greater community? What are the resources available?  Heather Stouder, Planning Director and Jessica Vaughn, Planner, will join Alderpersons Marsha Rummel and Ledell Zellers to lead a dynamic tour and discuss what neighborhood leaders can do and how they can best interact with city officials and staff on project proposals.









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