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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of April 8, 2019

April 7, 2019 10:57 PM

Highlights: On Tuesday April 9 th, please join me and neighborhood officer Kenneth Brown, staff from Traffic Engineering, MNA Board members, a representative from the Rape Crisis Center, and other interested neighbors to walk the bike path to look at locations to install cameras. We will meet at Alimentary at 6:15p on S Brearly. We walked the corridor several years ago to identify overgrown bushes and street lights that could be reoriented for better coverage of the path. Last fall I introduced and passed a budget amendment for $24,000 to install 4 cameras on the Capital bike path this year. 

924 E Main St at UDC on Wednesday. If you support retaining the historic commercial brick façade, please let me or UDC Secretary know, see info below

Madison Central Park Sessions, Inc. request to extend amplification at McPike Park to 11 pm on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Board of Park Commissioners on Wednesday.

Reconsideration of the Bus Stop Closure at Thornton Avenue and Rutledge Street at Transportation Commission on Wednesday.

Monday April 8, 2019

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


1.55151 1450 Monroe St - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark (University of Wisconsin Field House); 5th Ald. Dist


The applicant is requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness for site work improvements and rehabilitation of the exterior of the building. The Field House was designated as a City Landmark in 2009 with the consent of the University of Wisconsin. However, per current state statute, university properties are only subject to local zoning and a local historic designation does not fall under that category. The UW Field House is a Renaissance Revival gymnasium constructed in 1929, and its design aligned with the 1908 Laird and Cret master plan for the UW campus. Designed by State Architect, Arthur Peabody, it is one of the last buildings in Madison faced with Madison Sandstone.


The current proposal is to create textured and decorative hardscape with stepped seating area, while rehabilitating the historic stairs and wing walls. There is a historic concrete retaining wall on the southeast border of the property, which is failing. The proposal will retain, but further define and soften the parking area on the southwest corner of the property, and include a new signage area in addition to landscaping.


3. 47837 Landmarks Commission Historic Preservation Plan Status Report


Monday April 8

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


8. 54839 2801 Atwood Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District to allow free-standing vending in the parking lot of an auto service station. Zoning Text Amendment


Staff report: The applicant, Felisa Corona-Forte, who owns and operates the BP gas station located on this property, is applying for a conditional use for free-standing vending within 200 feet of a residential property. The applicant intends to operate a food cart within one of the existing parking spaces on the property. Hours of operation are proposed to be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the cart would be occupied by two employees. Electricity would be pulled from the existing building. No generators or additional lighting would be utilized. The applicant is pursuing the appropriate City vending licenses, and will be required to follow all applicable vending rules. The applicant has indicated to Planning and Zoning staff the actual layout of the site will be altered to reflect the approved site plan. Currently, the convenience store's dumpster is located in the corner of the parking lot where the bicycle parking and food cart are shown on the submitted site plan.


As this site already operates as a vehicle fueling station and convenience store, staff does not anticipate that the addition of a food cart will greatly increase traffic to and from the site. Further, because of the size of the vending operation, the existing screening between the gas station and properties to the south and east, and operation by the property owner, staff believes that the request for free standing vending on the property at 2801 Atwood Avenue can be found to meet the Conditional Use Approval Standards and recommends that it be approved by the Plan Commission. At the time of report writing, Staff is unaware of any comments from the public.


I held a neighborhood meeting last week with the applicants. Neighbors in attendance supported the request. The owners will operate the food cart. I support the conditional use.


9. 54886 Amending Section 28.071(2)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to update the Downtown Height Map.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This amendment adds a note to the downtown height map to clarify that the six (6) story height limit extends 132 feet back from the State Street right-of-way line on the south side of State Street.


Tuesday April 9

Madison Art Commission

5:30p room 206 MMB


2. 55290 Thurber Park Artist-in-Residence Review new site for public art project in Darbo Worthington Neighborhood


3. 27011 Art in Public Places Staff update on progress of projects


Tuesday April 9


6p room 153 MMB






7. DISCUSSION OF REPORTS OF THE COMMON COUNCIL SUBCOMMITTEE AND THE BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES SUBCOMMITTEE This item is for discussion purposes only. No votes will be taken at this meeting on potential recommendations to the Common Council.


Wednesday April 10

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


3. 55058 917 E. Mifflin Street - Installation of Temporary Suite Structures for Breese Stevens Field Located in UDD No. 8. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: City of Madison Parks Applicant: Vern Stenman, Big Top Events Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Project Description: The Madison Parks Division is seeking approval for the next phase of facility improvements to Breese Stevens Field, a City Landmark. Hospitality improvements include the installation of (2) temporary structures located within the field area to serve as covered suites during the soccer season. Project Schedule: • The Landmarks Commission granted a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) on March 11, 2019 and the City's Preservation Planner included an updated COA on March 27, 2019. Approval Standards: The UDC is an approving body on this request. The site is located in Urban Design District 8 ("UDD 8"), which requires that the Urban Design Commission approve the proposed project using the design standards and guidelines for that district. 33.24(15) The site is also qualifies as a Public Project which requires that the Urban Design Commission approve the proposed project using the Public Project design standards and guidelines under Section 33.24(4)(d).


5. 54198 929 E. Washington Avenue - New Development of a Commercial/Office Mixed-Use Building Located in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Curt Brink, Archipelago Village, LLC Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc. *Referred from Plan Commission*


Curt Brink and the Korb family have agreed to save the façade of 924 E Main St. They propose to disassemble the facade (technically a demolition) and reconstruct the façade after phase 1 improvements are complete. At their March 25 meeting, Plan Commission referred two recommended conditions back to UDC for further review: a glare study and review of proposed façade and [hopefully] a reconsideration of UDC's previous recommendation (Recommend that any existing façades not be salvaged, as it will impact and limit the design possibilities to develop the site.)


If you have comments, please email them to Janine Glaeser, UDC Secretary, at


Wednesday April 10

Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee

5p room 013 MMB


1.54447 Discussion of Consultant's Recommendations Review recommendations for: -Maintenance Standards -Repair Standards -Alterations Standards


Staff comments: LORC is scheduled to discuss the Alterations section of the new ordinance on April 10. In preparing for that discussion, staff concluded that the proposed framework for that section should be restructured to provide more clarity and instruction to the broad range of activities it included. Staff is proposing that the "Alterations" section be divided into three individual sections: Maintenance, Repairs, and Alterations. This also reinforces the increasing level of interventions that may be appropriate for an individual (see attached draft


2. 54448 Discussion of Next Steps and Schedule -Update of Work Plan


Wednesday April 10

Transportation Commission

5p room 215 MMB


F.1. 55268 Reconsideration of the Bus Stop Closure at Thornton Avenue and Rutledge Street


Over 40 Thornton, Morrison, Rogers and Rutledge St neighbors signed a petition to request reconsideration of the bus stop closure at Thornton and Rutledge St. If you want to provide comments to the Transportation Commission, email them to Check the link for a map


G.1. 55266 Transportation Improvement (TIP) Review


Wednesday April 10


5p room 302 MMB


55287 Report on Tree Lane nuisance abatement - Assistant City Attorney Zilavy


Wednesday April 10

Board of Parks Commissioners

6:30p Olbrich Botanical Gardens 3330 Atwood Ave


7 55281 Superintendent's April 2019 Report

With the recent elections, there is significant change on the Council and Mayor-elect Rhodes-Conway will take office on April 16th. Staff will be meeting with new Alders and the Mayor to share the POSP and current projects with these new policymakers. Staff will also gather input and insights on their priorities for the Parks system moving forward.


Urban Forestry Taskforce – The Urban Forestry Taskforce is likely to have a completed report with recommendations in the next few months. The task force was created by resolution and its recommendations will be reviewed by the BPC. 


IPM Taskforce – The IPM taskforce has begun meeting and will have recommendations for consideration in 2019.


Golf – The 2018 Golf season was a very difficult one with the wettest year on record since the City has operated golf courses. Staff is working to prepare a report to update the Commission, Golf Subcommittee, the Council, and the public on the status of the Enterprise and anticipate completing this report by April 2019. The courses opened on 4/1/19, which is an earlier than average opening date.


Dog Policy – The Long Range Planning Subcommittee has started work on reviewing the policy related to dogs in parks. Staff is hopeful that any policy changes will be brought to the Commission in the first half of the year.


Off-Leash Dog Parks – Staff is working to determine potential off-leash improvements in the priority areas of the West side, Atwood/East Isthmus, and Far East/Grandview. The Approved Master Plan for North Star Park will address the deficiency in Grandview. Staff are working on concepts for the other two priority areas and anticipate moving forward with engagement processes in 2019.


21 55255 A request from Madison Central Park Sessions, Inc. to extend amplification at McPike Park to 11 pm on Saturday, June 22, 2019. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION


Friday April 12


4:30p room 206 MMB


5. 55106 Discussion: Review of Draft Ordinance Language

3/29/19 DRAFT Ordinance_Surveillance.pdf


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance establishes several definitions including surveillance data and surveillance technology. The ordinance requires all Departments to obtain approval from the Mayor and Common Council before obtaining or using surveillance technology. It requires all Departments to provide public notice and to hold a public meeting whenever the Department plans to obtain or use new surveillance technology. The ordinance requires all Departments to provide an annual report on its use of surveillance technology to the Common Council and public. The ordinance creates several exceptions for the approval process outlined within the ordinance, including when there is an emergency situation or when the surveillance technology involves information that must remain confidential. The ordinance establishes an oversight board to review the exception of sensitive surveillance technology.


3/22/19 DRAFT Ordinance_Surveillance.pdf

11/2018 DRAFT APM Use of Surveillance Technology.pdf

10/2018 ACLU Act_Transparency Surveillance Technology.pdf


Upcoming meetings


Thursday April 25

Essen Haus properties/Block 115: First meeting

7p room 215 MMB


The McGrath Group will show proposed concept plan for the block bounded by E Wilson and Blair St (not including the Hotel Ruby Marie). Hold the date.

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