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SASY Online Newsletter August 2014

August 12, 2014 12:34 PM

Community Healing

Alfonso Flores, chair of Worthington Park Neighborhood Association and Catherine Stephens of SASYNA have arranged for representatives from MPD, Journey Mental Health and NAMI Dane County to panel a community meeting on mental health issues following the stabbings and death of two family members by their neighbor who was then killed by police on the 2600 block of E Washington and Union St. on May 2.

The panel is Wednesday, August 13, 2014 6PM - 8PM at the Goodman Community Center. The invited panel consists of Chief of Police Michael Koval, Captain Kristen Roman, Captain Mary Schauf, Ava Martinez (NAMI Dane Co), Sarah Henrickson (Journey Mental Health Center) and Brad Schlough (Journey Mental Health Center). The goal is to learn more about mental health issues and challenges in neighborhoods, how to be an advocate and ways to create a safe and well community.

Residents who live in the "Union Corners" neighborhood are also discussing ways they can be more organized and engaged in neighborhood safety and community issues. Some neighbors plan to attend the SASY monthly meeting Thursday August 14, 6:30-8:45p at the Goodman Community Center. Please let me know if you want to be part of this effort.

Ride the Drive East August 24 10-3p

Ride the Drive, is a car-free event that transforms some of Madison's streets into a public promenade. During Ride the Drive East roads in the 2.2-mile route are open for participants to bike, skate or walk. The event is free and open to the public. Along the route, there will be activity areas for kids, informational booths, food vendors and other entertainment at Olbrich Park on Atwood by the beach parking lot and OB Sherry Park at the bike path by the intersection of Dawes St and Starkweather Creek. Olbrich Botanical Gardens will also be open to the public. Volunteers are still needed. Check the website for more details.

Union Corners

2504 Winnebago St, at 6th St and E Washington, is proposed to be the home of the new 60,000sf UW Clinic once the GDP-Specific Implementation Plan is approved by the Common Council. The project will be at the Urban Design Commission on August 20 for initial/final approval, at Plan Commission August 25 and at the Common Council on September 2. Construction could begin this fall or by early spring 2015.

Gorman and Company made significant changes to the overall site plan earlier this year, including moving the Clinic from the corner of Milwaukee St and E Washington to 6th St, after getting feedback from surrounding neighborhoods. Gorman and Company is negotiating with Fresh Thyme, a grocer out of California, to construct a store at the corner of E Washington and Milwaukee St.

At the July 23 meeting of the Community Development Block Grant Commission, the Design Coalition Institute applied for and received a $20,000 Futures Fund grant to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether co-housing opportunities at Union Corners would be successful.  Cohousing is an approach to housing where residents work together to create a community in small independently owned units and relatively extensively shared common facilities. The grant will offset predevelopment costs and help insure low and moderate income individuals can participate in the planning process. The Common Council will vote on the grant at their September 2 meeting.

2158 Atwood

At the August 11 meeting of the Plan Commission, the PC unanimously voted to approve the conditional use application of Joe Krupp to demolish an office building and construct a four-story mixed-use building with 3014sf of commercial space, 32 dwelling units and 36 parking stalls at 2158 Atwood Ave. The parcel is zoned Traditional Shopping District (TSS). The proposal required four conditional use approvals: for construction of a four-story building; for construction of a mixed-use building exceeding 25,000sf; approval of over 24 dwelling units; and to modify the upper story setback required next to a residential zoning district (to address concerns of neighbors on Division St, the setback on the north side of the building was increased and the required rear yard height transition requirement adjacent to a church in a residential district was modified).

I organized two neighborhood meetings June 5 and July 31 and attended two smaller meeting with the developer, the SASY preservation and development committee and immediate neighbors. There were general concerns about adding more traffic and parking pressures to a neighborhood already impacted by the Barrymore and concerns about the height. Residents preferred 3 stories. The developer improved the building massing during the neighborhood process but did not change the height.

The staff report supported 4 stories given the surrounding open spaces, building step-back at the 4th floor, and general conformance with adopted neighborhood plans including the Schenk Atwood Business District Master Plan (2000) but requested additional conditions of approval to simplify building materials and add an additional step-back along Division St. There was also a requirement that no residential parking permits shall be issued for residents of 2158 Atwood.

I will work on implementing a residential parking permit program for the neighborhood and I have asked Traffic Engineering to study a 3-way stop sign at Linden and Dunning.

1924 Atwood

You may have noticed that construction is commencing on Atwood between Winnebago and First St. Originally the Nelson Brothers proposed to build two phases of mixed use residential and commercial development on the site of the former Dean Clinic. The General Development Plan (GDP) approved on February 24, 2004 involved the demolition of a medical clinic and approval for 90 apartment units and 7,200 square feet of commercial space in two buildings. The first phase Specific Implementation Plan (SIP) for a 39?unit mixed?use building was approved on October 19, 2004. The economic recession of 2008 forced the Nelson's to delay construction of phase 2 and sell many of their properties, including the parcel at First and Atwood.

Scott Lewis of CMI Management purchased the site in 2012. Last spring, Scott Lewis got approval to amend the Planned Development to construct phase two of the GDP, a 50?unit apartment building with underground automobile and bicycle parking stalls and a small surface parking area. As part of the project, the developer also proposed to remove existing asphalt northeast of the proposed building for replacement with community gardens.  Unlike phase one, it is not a 50+ senior housing project.

Jackson St Plaza

In May I held a neighborhood meeting to get feedback on closing Jackson St for 90 days to create opportunities for placemaking where the Cap City bike path, St Paul Ave community gardens and the new Chocolate Shoppe converge. When the Chocolate Shoppe announced their interest in leasing the space, I asked the community whether they were interested in a trial street closure to experiment with the use of Jackson St. At a neighborhood meeting May 29, 2014, after much discussion, the majority of residents agreed to give it a try.

Placemaking is an opportunity for communities to get together to create new and interesting gathering and activity spaces for their neighborhoods. SASYNA sponsored a series of neighborhood discussions last fall and winter to discuss creating "lighter, quicker, cheaper" places for public activities in the Winnebago-Atwood corridor and as a way to engage the community in preparing for street reconstruction.

The "lighter quicker cheaper" approach to placemaking allows communities a chance to test out ideas and activities without a lot of expense or bureaucratic red tape. The Madison Traffic Garden has agreed to curate the space. They have created a Jackson Street Plaza Facebook Page that you can visit if you want to offer activities or share ideas. The goal is to work with residents to come up with projects. So far, food carts are planned for Thursday nights, the Atwood Tool Lending Library's has held a repair café where volunteers do small repairs on bikes and small appliances, and Full Circle Holistic Veterinary and Underdog Pet Rescue have teamed up to offer grooming services and pet games.

City Traffic Engineering has done data collection on the street in the past and will be monitoring the surrounding streets under the current configuration. They will also be receiving and cataloguing comments from people about how circulation has improved or worsened. The Madison Fire Department, Parks Division, Planning, Mayor's Office and other city staff are all aware of this experiment. City staff will monitor events and activities during the experiment, and make adjustments as necessary.  There was little or no funding other than some staff time to develop this experiment. All City barricades and trash barrels were already owned by the city.

If you notice any questionable behaviors or something that poses an immediate threat, don't hesitate to call the police department.  If you have traffic concerns or comments please call Mark Winter in Traffic Engineering at 266-6543 (  If you have questions about Placemaking, please call Rebecca Cnare in City Planning at 266-4957 ( If you want to contact me, email me at

At the end of the trial, I will convene another neighborhood meeting to evaluate the experiment. Your comments will determine whether we return the street to its previous condition, repeat or modify the experiment next summer, or close the street permanently.

Garver Feed Mill

The Garver Feed Mill Criteria and Selection Committee has begun drafting a Request for Proposal to seek a developer who will redevelop and reuse this city Landmark and the 5 acre site it sits on. Per city ordinance regarding the disposal of surplus lands which governs the Garver process; the committee consists of seven members, three of whom are alders (myself, David Ahrens and Joe Clausius). In addition, the Mayor appointed David Wallner, chair of the Board of Parks Commissioners, Alnisa Allgood neighborhood resident, Maurice Shepard Plan Commission member, and Sue Thering SASYNA appointee. The Committee has met three times since June. At the August 4 meeting, the Committee reviewed the criteria in the draft Request for Proposals document; the criteria will be finalized at the September 4 meeting. The meeting is at 5:30p in CCB room 108.

Here is a link to the current draft RFP

Once the criteria are approved, the clock begins. In September and October 2014, the Common Council will review and approve issuance of the RFP. The response period will be from November 2014 to January 2015. From January to March 2015, the Committee will review submissions and recommend a development team. Between April and May 2015, the Common Council will take action on the Committee's recommendation.

Madison General Ordinance 8.35 requires voter approval "for any change in the legal status" of "public parks bordering on lakes or navigable waterways". The Garver Feed Mill is located in Olbrich Park (bordering on Lake Monona and Starkweather Creek). The City Attorney's Office has opined that the sale of the building and or long-term lease of the parkland underneath constitute a "change in legal status". As such, any proposal to sell the Building and enter into a ground lease with an outside party would require voter approval, unless an exception is added into the ordinance to accommodate the sale or lease of the Building or land. There are currently exceptions for Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Vilas Zoo, and three houses in James Madison Park (640, 646, and 704 East Gorham St)

Earlier this year, I used various outreach methods to seek community input on whether to hold a shoreline referendum in conformance with city ordinance or seek an exemption to the ordinance. The earliest that the question could be on the ballot is April 2015. I haven't heard any public comments in support of the referendum so I will seek an exemption. Last year, SASY's Garver Committee and the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation engaged in a postcard campaign urging the Mayor to support rehabilitation of the historic Garver structure. The City's Preservation Planner received over 280 postcards. I believe there is wide interest in the preservation of this building.

In 2008, the Olbrich Master Plan was amended and the OBS deed restriction lifted from the Garver site, but the DNR and the city still have deed restrictions that will need to be addressed. The city will offer a 99 year lease of the building but retain ownership of the land. The long term lease will allow a developer to apply for federal historic tax credits.  Once a developer is selected , the proposal will be reviewed by the Landmarks Commission, Board of Park Commissioners, Plan Commission and Board of Estimates.

There is a project website you can use to keep track of meetings, relevant planning documents and RFPs as they are submitted.


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