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Alder Rummel’s Updates

Gazette - spring 2016

April 1, 2016 11:31 PM

Jenifer St reconstruction


In late February, the Council approved the final plans for Jenifer St reconstruction. City Engineering will send letters to affected property owners with more details about start dates and contacts.


Metro staff is reviewing neighborhood requests to look at options to the proposed detour to E Washington. Willy St is being reviewed as a potential detour for several routes but some parking would need to be removed on the north side of the 1200 block which will impact businesses on the street including the Coop. Spaight St is also being reviewed for one of the routes.  Staff is also reviewing neighbor's requests to reconsider the "far side" bus stop relocation on the inbound side of Ingersoll.


Metro staff will make recommendations on the detour and the far side stop relocation at the April 13 Transit and Parking Commission meeting.


I convinced the Council and City Engineering to delay the removal of up to 10 street trees that appear to be healthy but are located under power lines. Neighbors are investigating the concept of partial undergrounding where only the high power lines are undergrounded, leaving the lower lines and poles intact. The higher voltage lines are the reason MGE cuts vees into terrace trees, this practice would cease with partial undergrounding allowing the healthy canopy trees currently under high voltage lines to remain. Partial undergrounding is a new approach and will take some research and advocacy to change city policy. Please let me know if you are interested in this project.


Currently the city uses tax incremental financing to pay for the cost of undergrounding but Jenifer is not in a TIF district. Nearby TID 36 will be amended this year.  The changes to the boundary, project plan and budget will go to the Common Council and the Joint Review Board (reps from all the local taxing jurisdictions) for approval. Jenifer St won't be added to TID 36 but partial undergrounding of Jenifer St could be paid for by using "the ½ mile rule". This is an exception in state TIF law that permits municipalities to pay for public infrastructure improvements within ½ mile of TIF boundaries if approved by the Common Council and the Joint Review Board.  


To implement partial undergrounding on Jenifer St, the city would have to amend the adopted undergrounding policy which regulates the type of streets where undergrounding can be approved. The 2011 policy gives preference to gateway streets – collector or arterial streets with commercial development may qualify if TIF funding is available. While Jenifer St acts like a collector street it isn't designated as one and of course it is entirely residential.   


MGE doesn't pay for undergrounding; they are required by the Public Service Commission to recover the costs of converting service. This particular project has minimal facility relocation work for MGE and they estimate the cost for the entire Jenifer St corridor to be approximately $198,000. According to MGE, the following parameters will apply: poles remain, overhead services remain, communication cables remain, overhead high voltage and associated pole-type transformers are removed and fourteen pad mounted transformers and three pad mounted cabinets are placed on private easements acquired from customers. They are willing to work with the city and interested property owners.


Finally, this effort will require possible tweaks to the city's emerald ash borer plan regarding trees under high voltage lines.


Capitol East District


The Cosmos project is the latest partnership with the city and Otto Gebhardt for the third and final phase of the city's 2010 acquisition of the three Don Miller parcels. Located on the 800 south block of E Washington, the Cosmos project will consist of two buildings. American Family building will be approximately 100,000sf owned by American Family and will house AmFam office space and StartingBlock, the entrepreneurial incubator that includes Gener8tor and Sector 67 the community makerspace among other tenants. The city has allocated $1.5M in TIF to StartingBlock in the 2016 budget but may use land acquisition proceeds from the sale of the 800 south block to Gebhardt instead. Gebhardt is expected to pay $1.575M for the block which covers the cost of the city purchase of the land. The second building will be approximately 100,000sf and will include a music venue, possibly a culinary training center and other office and retail uses.


The proposed Capitol East parking structure is included in the adopted 2016 and 2017 capital budgets. It would be located across E Main St from the Cosmos project. The city is negotiating with MGE to purchase the land for approximately $990,000 and construct a 450-500 stall structure that will be publicly owned and used by tenants of the Cosmos during the day and available to the public for evening and weekend use. Currently the city is seeking a qualified engineering and architectural firm to design the structure. The approximately $13M structure will be financed using $9M from TID 36. The project will be included in the proposed TID 36 project plan amendment. The remaining $4M will be paid for using General Obligation borrowing. The Parking Utility will phase in Payment In Lieu of Taxes/PILOT to the city based on the assessed value of the structure.


City land use approvals for both the Cosmos project and the Capitol East Parking structure will start this spring; both projects would be reviewed and approved by the Urban Design Commission, Plan Commission and the Common Council. Purchase and sale agreements between the city and MGE and the city and Gebhardt will need Common Council approval as well. Finally, Gebhardt and American Family will finalize lease terms with the Parking Utility.


Marling Lumber 1801 E Washington Ave


On March 29, 2016 the Common Council approved demolition of the existing building and rezoning the site from industrial limited to traditional employment and a conditional use for construction of a mixed use building with residential dwelling units and retail space in the TE district, adjacent to a park; and amended the E Washington Ave Capitol Gateway Corridor plan from Primarily Employment to Community Mixed Use. The Campbell Capital Group proposes to build 228 market rate residential dwelling units and 20,000sf of commercial. For more details about this project, please go to the Updates tab for my comments. The project plan can be found under the Development tab.   

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