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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017 12:43 AM

Highlights: Monday is the CCOC Subcommittee on Police and Community Relations with a presentation about IA software, a discussion of the subcommittee's  draft report and final recommendations, and a discussion about policies/procedures about internal investigations after officer involved shootings. Planning staff will provide a special presentation Tuesday before the Council meeting about Imagine Madison- the 10 year Comprehensive plan update. Among other items at the Council Tuesday is the consideration of a Cap Fund Revolving loan to Tribe 9 a new entity that is purchasing RP's Pasta and Yumbutter. The new owners have decided to stay in Madison and have found a new location for RP's to expand. Under new business I am introducing a charter ordinance to permit sidewalk signboards.

Join me Wednesday for a neighborhood meeting to see the first plans for co-housing on Winnebago. The developer proposes to provide a home for the Madison Circus Space, build artists studios and construct market rate and affordable co-housing condominiums called CoHoMadison 

nPlans for the public and private developments that make up Judge Doyle Square are beginning to circulate through Landmarks, Urban Design and Plan Commission.

Absentee voting is underway for City of Madison residents. In addition to the City Clerk's Office, absentee voting is available at all Madison Public Library locations and at Streets East. Absentee voting locations will expand to include Union South, the UW-Madison Student Activity Center and Edgewood's Predolin Commons the final week before the April 4 Spring Election


Monday March 20, 2017

Madison Sustainability Committee

4:30p room 103A CCB

1. 41986 Requiring the City Forestry Division to evaluate the treatment of ash trees under powerlines on the same basis as other terrace trees and provide treatment accordingly with the goal of maintaining a street tree canopy in Madison's older neighborhoods.

4. 46167 Collaboration with the Committee on the Environment

5. 44959 Street Tree Po?licies


Monday March 20

Landmarks Commission

4:30p room GR-27 CCB (entrance off Carroll St)

4. 46063 200 S Pinckney St (Block 88 & 105) - Judge Doyle Square - New (Underground) City Parking Facility & New Mixed-Use Development adjacent to a Landmark > Advisory opinion

5. 46486 Window Memorandum

I requested a memo from Asst City Attorney John Strange to advise the Commission about dealing with proposals to replace historic windows. 


Monday March 20

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


Upcoming matters

April 3   - 1511 Williamson Street - Conditional Use - Establish restaurant-tavern in NMX zoning with outdoor eating area

April 24 - 210 S. Pinckney Street – Judge Doyle [Block 88] - Conditional Use and DC to PD(GDP-SIP) - Construct mixed-use building with 8,000 square feet of retail, a 4,000 square-foot bike center, 148 apartments and 560-stall Parking Utility garage, with projections into Capitol View Limit 

April 24 - 215 S. Pinckney Street – Judge Doyle [Block 105] - Demolition Permit, Conditional Use and DC to PD(GDP-SIP) Demolish Government East parking garage to construct mixed-use development with 250-room hotel (west tower), 204 apartments (east tower), and 1,150 square feet of retail, with projections into Capitol View Limit

April 24 - 1401 Northern Court - Conditional Use - Convert existing building into light manufacturing facility, distillery and tavern in TE zoningMonday March 20


CCOC Subcommittee on Police and Community Relations

7p room 321 CCB

5. Presentation: Madison Police Department's IAPro (police integrity software) – Lt. Amy Chamberlin, Madison Police Department (Link to IAPro Website) Suspension of Roberts Rules of Order may occur on Agenda Item No. 5 to allow the subcommittee to act informally, thereby allowing for the public to participate in subcommittee discussions and provide testimony. The chair shall maintain order and decorum, any motions must remain in accord with Robert's Rules; the suspension of the Rules applies only to this item.

6. Discussion: MPD policies/processes for internal investigations and public communications after officer involved shootings. Suspension of Roberts Rules of Order may occur on Agenda Item No. 6 to allow the subcommittee to act informally, thereby allowing for the public to participate in subcommittee discussions and provide testimony. The chair shall maintain order and decorum, any motions must remain in accord with Robert's Rules; the suspension of the Rules applies only to this item. 

7. Discussion and Drafting Report and Recommendations of the CCOC Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations. • Link to Draft Report • Link to By Title Only Resolution – Accepting the Report & Recommendations of the CCOC Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations


Tuesday March 21


4:30p room 201

4. 46407 BY TITLE ONLY - Accepting the Report and Recommendations from the CCOC Subcommittee on Police & Community Relations. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Re-Referral to Common Council Organizational Committee, Equal Opportunities Commission, Public Safety Review Committee (CCOC Report from floor 3/21/17 Council Meeting) 

5. 46324 Establishing procedures for application of the RESJI Equity Impact Analysis Tool. 


Tuesday March 21

CC Special Council Presentation: Imagine Madison

5:45p room 201 CCB

Planning staff will be providing an update to the members of the Common Council on Imagine Madison - the Comprehensive Plan initiative. (


Following the presentation, representatives from the Hip Hop Architecture Camp will share a short video of their experience. (The Capital Times Article 2/5/17:


Tuesday March 21

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


1. 46534 Proclaiming March 21, 2017 as "Cities' Immigration Day of Action".

15. 45569 Updating the Energy and Carbon Goals in the Sustainable Madison Plan in response to changing science ?and technology around climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

24. 46211 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a Voluntary Collection Agreement with Airbnb, Inc. for the purpose of collecting room tax payments from Airbnb hosts in the City of Madison.

33.  46296 Amending the 2017 Capital Budget of Stormwater Utility and Authorizing the City of Madison, through the City Engineer, to accept Dane County Urban Water Quality grant awards in the amounts of $475,000 for the Starkweather Creek Stormwater Treatment Project.

51. 46425 Amending the 2017 Capital Budget to Increase by $6 million the Funding Authorization for the Judge Doyle Public Parking Garage Project on Block 88

52. 46437 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute loan agreements to fund a total of $650,000 of Madison Capital Revolving Fund loans to Tribe 9 Foods, LLC to assist with the purchase of food manufacturing equipment at a facility to be located at 2901 Progress Road; and, amending the 2017 Madison Capital Revolving Fund budget to add an additional $650,000 of loan expenditure authority. 

54. 45755 To commemorate the 47th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, proclaim April 22nd as Earth Day Challenge Day, and endorse and encourage citizen participation in the clean-up events at City of Madison Parks. (All ADs)

59. 46360 Authorizing the City to execute a use agreement with Rutabaga Paddlesports LLC to conduct rental, instructional, non-alcoholic concession and other recreational activities at the Olbrich Park Beach House for the years 2017-2023. 

82. 46356 Approving plans and specifications for public improvements necessary for the project known as 819 E. Washington Avenue - The Spark and authorizing construction to be undertaken by the Developer, Private Contract No. 7874. (6th AD)

87. 46434 Approving Addendum No. 1 to 722 Williamson Street, Contract No. 7804. (6th AD)

100. 46210 New License - Theater License Application High Noon Saloon LLC • dba High Noon Saloon 701 E Washington Ave • Agent: Fred Frank • Estimated Capacity: 400 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408

105. 45350 SUBSTITUTE - Stating the City of Madison's locally preferred alternative of preference for converting Stoughton Road (Highway 51) to an urban boulevard within the Madison city limits and asking the State to study this option.



115. 46508 CHARTER Creating Section 31.046(2)(c) of the Madison General Ordinances to create a new permit system to allow portable, sandwich-board style signs in the public right-of-way.

116. 46509 Amending Section 31.046(2) of the Madison General Ordinances to allow portable signs on public sidewalks and modify the allowable size of portable signs.

137. 46538 Amendment to RES-16-00238 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $565,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to assist in the development of an affordable housing redevelopment project located at the former Madison Dairy property in the proposed Project Plan and Boundary Amendment area of TID #36 (Capitol Gateway).

140. 46563 Approving the 2017 Neighborhood Grant Program recommendations made by the Staff Review Team and authorizing the Planning Division Director, Comptroller and City Attorney to execute grant agreements on behalf of the City

SASY and Worthington Park neighborhood projects were awarded funding.

141. 46571 Authorizing the City to reimburse legal fees to Chief Michael C. Koval, as allowed under Sec 62.09(7)(e), Wis. Stats., and, amending the 2017 Adopted Operating Budget to appropriate $21,953 from the Contingent Reserve to Direct Appropriations.


Wednesday March 22

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 351 CCB

9. 46482 118-122 State Street - New Development of a Hotel in the Downtown Core. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: Eric Nordeen, 122 State Street Group, LLC Applicant: Jeff Vercauteren, Husch Blackwell, LLP Informational Presentation


Wednesday March 22

Neighborhood meeting 2048 Winnebago CoHoMadison

7p Trinity Lutheran Church 1904 Winnebago- Parish Hall (basement). 

Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about Adam Chern and John Young's proposal for CohoMadison Cohousing Community, 2048 Winnebago Street, currently home to Winnebago Studios. Mr. Chern and Mr. Young propose to demolish the existing building and construct a 63,000-66,000 square foot building comprised of 44-46 one-, two-, and threebedroom residential condominium units; 10 commercial condominium units to be used exclusively as artist studios; and common areas including kitchen, laundry, multi-purpose room, library/sitting area and children's playroom. There would be underground parking with a goal of 1.25 spaces per unit plus bike parking, and 50% of the residential units would have affordability protections. 


Thursday March 23

Zoning Board of Appeals

5p room 103A CCB

3. 46450 Daniel Gorman, 5451 Whalen Rd, Oregon WI, requests an appeal to the Zoning Administrator's determination of Sec 28.211 as it pertains to a residential construction project at 138 S Franklin St, which would result in a residential structure with two dwelling units.


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