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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of September 11, 2017

September 10, 2017 9:48 PM

Highlights: The Executive Capital Budget will be reviewed Monday and Tuesday by the Finance Committee. See Tuesday for budget items of interest. Also at Finance on Monday, WilMar is seeking a CDBG loan to assist in purchasing the parking lot across from the center. The City-County Homeless Issues Committee meets Monday to discuss city and county budgets for homeless services. Several major committees meet on Wednesday: ALRC, Parks, and TPC. On Thursday, the Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee meets to start reviewing the outreach plan to residents of Historic Districts and review the historic standards grid presented to and tweaked by the Landmarks Commission.


Monday September 11, 2017

Finance Committee

4:30p room 201 CCB


13. 48644 Authorizing an amendment to the contract with Graef-USA, Inc to include $100,000 for the commissioning, fabrication, and installation of public art at the Capitol East District parking garage, and $3,800 in additional design services, and authorizing the City to execute an agreement with Actual Size Artworks LLC for the City's ownership and rights of the commissioned public art. The TRANSIT AND PARKING COMMISSION is scheduled to consider this item on 9/13/2017


14. 47645 SUBSTITUTE Approval of Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Madison and Madison Gas and Electric.


26. 48603 SUBSTITUTE - Authorizing up to $300,000 of CDBG funds to support the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center's acquisition of a property they currently lease that serves to support the Center's programs, and amending the 2017 Adopted Operating Budget to appropriate $300,000 from the Community Development Grant Fund

Fiscal Note. The proposed resolution authorizes $300,000 as a long-term deferred loan to Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Inc. for acquisition of property located at 1001 Jenifer Street, which is currently leased by Wil-Mar to support the Center's programs. The $300,000 will be funded by CDBG program income. ?

WilMar is requesting CDBG funds to assist in the purchase of the parking lot. The lot is currently owned by Immanuel Lutheran Church. Fortunately, WilMar and Immanuel Lutheran were able to work out an agreement for the sale. WilMar has launched a $1.75 million capital campaign to support the land acquisition and the expansion of the center. WilMar has secured a lead gift of $500,000 leaving a balance of $1.25 million. You may not realize that 70% of the center participants are low-moderate income persons including almost 40% with incomes less than 30% of the area median income. Almost one-quarter of the participants are people of color. The request was unanimously approved by the Community Block Grant Committee last week.

Please be prepared to donate to this beloved neighborhood institution that has provided services to our community since 1968.


29. 48607 Amending RES-17-00664 Authorizing the Execution of a Development Agreement with Garver Feed Mill, LLC to change the terms of the City's Reversionary Interest. The BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS is scheduled to consider this item on 9/13/2017


33. 48747 Request by Exact Sciences for Exceptions to TIF Policy: 1) for a Jobs TIF Gap Analysis Waiver; and 2) to exceed the maximum 40% of TIF allowable for projects granted a Jobs TIF Gap Analysis Waiver

This is noticed to go into closed session


35. 48495 2018 Executive Capital Budget

Here is a link to the budget-


Monday September 11

City-County Homeless Issues Committee

6:30p room 357 CCB


2. 48647 Discussion and Possible Action on Recommendations for the City/County 2018 Budget

I'm sure the Committee will discuss and make recommendations regarding the budget gap for the Beacon, the day resource center.

5. 48650 Beacon (Day Resource Center) Update

6. 48651 Messner Property RFP Update 

7. 48652 NOFA (Federal) Funding Process


Tuesday September 12

Finance Committee

4:30 room 354 CCB


1. 48495 2018 Executive Capital Budget


This is the second day of agency presentations to the Finance Committee. In two weeks, Finance Committee members will propose and vote on amendments to the Executive Capital budget. The capital budget as amended will then be subject to more amendments and adopted by the full Council November 13 and 14th. The Mayor will introduce his Executive Operating budget on October 3.


Budget highlights:

Economic Development Division-  The Madison Public Market will be funded from a variety of sources. In 2018, design and land use approvals should be completed and construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 if New Market tax credits are secured and private fundraising is successful.


Engineering- The Atwood-Schenk's Corners street reconstruction has been removed from the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan/CIP. The Darbo-Webb connection is scheduled for 2018. Wilson-Williamson reconstruction is pushed out to 2021. Atwood Ave: Fair Oaks to Cottage Grove will have a public meeting Sept 27 at 6:30p at Olbrich, construction scheduled for 2021. Construction on Monroe St will begin in 2018. Quiet Zone for Corry-Waubesa is back in the CIP for 2019, when TID 37 (Union Corners) should have more funds. For those following the drama of the Jeffy Trail extension where the Council took it out of the Neighborhood Plan, the Mayor has included the project in the 2019 CIP.  The rehab of the Municipal building is underway. Construction of the new government east garage begins soon.


IT- Residential Internet Access Assistance is scheduled to be completed in 2018, Darbo-Worthington is one of four low income neighborhoods the city will provide digital literacy training and personal computers to address the Digital Divide. 


Library- Pinney will be constructed in 2018 and open in 2019 at Royster Corners. Reindahl Library, on the northeast side, is proposed for 2023 as a facility that will co-locate city services. This is a new model for the city.


Metro- With the new administration in the White House, federal transportation funds are uncertain. Bus Rapid Transit project planning is deferred until 2023 and the Satellite Bus Facility is deferred until 2020 due to lack of federal grants. Meanwhile bus barn improvements at E Wash and Ingersoll should be completed next year. 


Parking Utility- the Cap East Garage is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The remaining coin only single space meters in the city will be replaced by 2019.


Parks- Central Park: funds available in 2019 to demo the recently purchased Sands property buildings. Next year we work with existing tenants in these properties to help with relocation costs. Dog parks: far east side may get a new dog park. Breese Stevens improvements in 2018. Garver funding reauthorized in 2018 to provide city contribution to the rehab of the historic Garver Feed Mill. Olbrich Botanical Gardens building expansion and improvements will begin in 2018, The project is jointly funded with support from the Olbrich Botanical Society.


Planning- The Historic Preservation Plan is underway, it will be completed in 2018. The intercity intermodal bus terminal study is delayed until 2022. The Oscar Mayer sub area plan study is underway and will be completed in 2018.


Police- Midtown Police station is under construction and should be completed in 2018.


Stormwater Utility- Construction on the Starkweather Coagulant treatment project at the Voit Farm will begin in 2019.


Wednesday Sept 13

Street Use Staff Commission 

10a room 108 CCB


1. Recap recent street use events - Taste of Madison, Breese Stevens concerts, Rockin' Chocolate Marathon, Ironman Expo, Ironkids Fun Run, Ironman, Central Park Sessions, Safe Trails Late Night Food Cart, 

2. Preview upcoming events – see below and 2017 event calendar 

3. Updates on event issues - construction, proposals, procedures, changes in process, event information, etc


Wednesday September 13

Transit and Parking Commission

5p room 201 CCB


G.1. 48644 Authorizing an amendment to the contract with Graef-USA, Inc to include $100,000 for the commissioning, fabrication, and installation of public art at the Capitol East District parking garage, and $3,800 in additional design services, and authorizing the City to execute an agreement with Actual Size Artworks LLC for the City's ownership and rights of the commissioned public art. ?


G.3. 48687 Metro: Request for public hearing at October meeting regarding Metro's Paratransit service changes related to Family Care.


Wednesday September 13

Public Safety Review Committee

5p room GR 27 CCB- enter at 211 S Carroll St


1. 48706 Continued Discussion on Madison Police Department Body Cameras


Wednesday September 13

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p room 354 CCB


21. 48538 18+ Center for Visual & Performing Arts License Arts & Literature Laboratory, Inc. • dba Arts + Literature Laboratory 2021 Winnebago Street • Agent: Jolynne Roorda Estimated Capacity: 200 Class B Beer • 5% alcohol, 0% food, 95% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Public Hearing New License - Recessed Public Hearing 


22. 48139 Public Hearing - New License Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative • dba Willy Street Co-op 1221 Williamson Street • Agent: Kristin Esselstrom Class A Beer, Class A Liquor, Class A Cider Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408


Wednesday September 13

Madison Arts Commission

5:30p Dowtown Library - Bubbler room


2. 47273 ALTERNATE Creating Section 4.30 of the Madison General Ordinances to create a program for funding public art projects for certain public works projects. Update MAC on progress of legislation and discuss substitute that will be presented to Common Council on September 19. 


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This ordinance would create a program for funding public art projects whenever the City invests in a capital project meeting the criteria set forth in the ordinance. The ordinance would apply to certain enumerated public works projects whose anticipated construction costs exceed five million dollars.  The funding for the arts would be in addition to the project budget and would not come from nor reduce the original project budget itself. Project budgets would be increased under this ordinance. The ordinance requires that an additional one percent be added to an eligible project's budget (by GO funds) for expenditure on art development at the project. The ordinance would allow, with Common Council approval, the expenditure of such funds at a site other than the eligible project under certain limited criteria and it would allow for the deposit of some or all such funds into the Art Aggregated Fund (for new art projects) or the Art Maintenance and Conservation Fund (for conservation and maintenance of the City's Art).  These two segregated funds are established by this ordinance. The ordinance also allows the Common Council to reduce the amount of the arts funding under extraordinary circumstances but prohibits the complete elimination of this funding for the arts. The ordinance would also require that artists funded under this program waive any Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) applicability so that the City has complete ownership and discretion over the location, display and maintenance of artwork acquired under this ordinance. However, in exceptional circumstances artists may not be required to waive their VARA rights so long as the Arts Administrator obtains the consent of the City Attorney and the Madison Arts Commission and the merits of the artwork outweigh the risks of requiring a VARA waiver. The Arts Program Administrator shall file an annual report, with the Capital budget, that addresses the implementation of this ordinance.  The ordinance would become effective beginning with eligible projects that are first let two years after the passage of the ordinance.


3. 45377 Artists Spaces Review proposal to create Artist-In-Residence space in the Darbo Worthington Neighborhood


Wednesday September 13

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Warner Park Community Recreation Center


9. 48746 Superintendent's September Report

This monthly report is a good place to find updates.


21. 48740 Sports Complex Feasibility Study Update INFORMATIONAL 

You will be hearing more about this in the coming months.


23. 48607 Amending RES-17-00664 Authorizing the Execution of a Development Agreement with Garver Feed Mill, LLC to change the terms of the City's Reversionary Interest. RETURN TO LEAD WITH THE RECOMMENDATION FOR APPROVAL TO THE FINANCE COMMITTEE


27 48254 2016 Annual Golf Report and Discussion on Future Planning INFORMATIONAL


Thursday September 14

Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee

4:30p room 201 CCB


1. Discussion of historic district standards 

2. Discussion of historic district meetings 

3. 47745 Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee Materials



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