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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 2, 2017

October 1, 2017 10:27 PM

Highlights: The Mayor introduces his 2018 Executive Operating budget on Tuesday. It is on the Council agenda for introduction, #115, but it will not be in legistar until noon on Tuesday. This week starts with Landmarks Commission on Monday. Of note is review of proposed demolition of a building at 11 N Franklin for a proposed hotel. The house was designed by Claude and Starck, local architects from the early 20th C. They also designed the Lamb Building at 114 State St. An adjacent development at 122 State St for a hotel requires an advisory opinion from the Landmarks Commission. Claude and Starck designed many notable buildings in the city including several in District 6 - 1249 Williamson, 812 Jenifer, 1150 Spaight, and 620 S Ingersoll. The proposed redevelopment of 131 S Fair Oaks is at Plan Commission Monday and at Urban Design Commission Wednesday for an advisory recommendation. The big topics at Tuesday's Council meeting are the Edgewater Hotel outdoor entertainment license and an authorization of $2.5M TIF loan for Exact Sciences. Garver Feed Mill is at Board of Public Works Wednesday to authorize bids to haul out leaf mulch and stump grinding materials. Also Wednesday the first Public Information Meeting to get feedback on Atwood reconstruction from Fair Oaks to Cottage Grove Rd. Three items at CDBG on Thursday - allocating $120K in funds for a capital improvement project as part of the Darbo-Worthington-Startkweather planning process, allocating up to $4.5M in Affordable Housing Funds to assist a developer apply for WHEDA tax credits next year- one of the two proposed projects is 134 S Fair Oaks (Stonehouse) and first look at applicants for homeless services RFP. The recipients of the MarketReady program as part of the Public Market planning process will be introduced at Thursday Public Market Development Committee. And finally on Thursday, the MPD Policy and Procedures Review Committee will hold their monthly meeting and the OIR Group will be in town this week. Saturday is the Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable at Monona Terrace (you should attend!)  Wow- a busy first week of the month!

 Monday October 2, 2017

Landmarks Commission

4:45p room GR 27 CCB (enter at 211 S Carroll St)


1. 48802 1224 Spaight - Second Floor Additon; Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.

2. 48804 719 Jenifer - Exterior Alteration - Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.

4. 48965 717 E Main (MGE Blount Generating Station Enclosure/Madison Gas & ElectricCo. Powerhouse) - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald.

5. 49062 118-122 State - Advisory Recommendation for development adjacent to Landmark, 4th Ald. Dist.
122 State Street Group LLC is proposing to demolish the existing building at 122 State Street and to demolish a portion of the building at 118 State Street (retaining the façade and the front portion of the building) as part of the development of a 9-story hotel with approximately 110 guest rooms and suites, ground floor food and beverage, open air terrace and adjacent meeting space and a rooftop bar and terrace.  The Applicant is proposing to develop the property adjacent to the Lamb Building, 114 State Street, a designated landmark facing State Street and North Carroll Street.

28.144 DEVELOPMENT ADJACENT TO A LANDMARK OR LANDMARK SITE. Any development on a zoning lot adjoining a landmark or landmark site for which Plan Commission or Urban Design Commission review is required shall be reviewed by the Landmark Commission to determine whether the proposed development is so large or visually intrusive as to adversely affect the historic character and integrity of the adjoining landmark or landmark site. Landmark Commission review shall be advisory to the Plan Commission and the Urban Design Commission.

The building at 118 was constructed in 1897 as the original location of the Mautz Brothers Paint Company. Mautz would later become one of Madison's largest industries. The Mautz Building was constructed before the adjacent landmark, Lamb Building. The Lamb Building is architecturally significant because it was designed by master architect, Louis Claude of the local architecture firm of Claude and Starck. The Lamb Building was constructed in 1905 in the Queen Anne style. The Lamb Building is also historically significant because the master architect also had an office in the commercial building. 

The three buildings (114, 118, 122 State Street) have held the top of State Street since 1905. The Lamb Building has been flanked by period buildings that provide it an appropriate immediate context and the proposed development will change that context. 


8. 45700 Buildings Proposed for Demolition - 2017 - 

*11 N Franklin -  designed by Claude and Starck - 7 N Franklin - 506 E Washington - 502 E Washington.  Demolition request to construct a 5 story hotel.

*118 State Street - 122 State Stree?t

Staff Findings: The building at 118 was constructed in 1897 as the original location of the Mautz Brothers Paint Company. Mautz would later become one of Madison's largest industries. The majority of the building is being retained as part of the proposed redevelopment project, but the rear of the building is being demolished. The building at 122 was constructed in 1917 and served as the YWCA. While likely significant to women's history, the exterior alterations that were undertaken in the 1970s have severely damaged the exterior of the building.


Monday October 2

Madison Arts Commission

5p room 108 CCB


6. 45377 Artists Spaces Review proposal to create Artist-In-Residence space in the Darbo Worthington Neighborhood


Monday October 2

The Beacon

5p 615 E Washington Ave


Members of the Common Council have been invited to tour The Beacon, a day resource center facility, on October 2, 2017 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Dane County staff and Catholic Charities CEO, Jackson Fonder, will be on-site for the tour of the building and to answer any questions. This is a public tour.


Monday October 2

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


14. 48497 Consideration of a demolition permit and conditional use to demolish a warehouse/ retail building and construct a mixed-use building with 11,000 square feet of commercial  space and 161 apartment units at 131 S. Fair Oaks Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.


Upcoming Matters-October 16- 600 Williamson Street - Conditional Use - Establish restaurant-tavern tenant in multi-tenant commercial building in TE zoning

Upcoming Matters- November 6- 118-122 State Street - Demolition Permit and DC to PD(GDP-SIP) - Demolish six-story commercial building to construct nine-story, 120-room hotel with first floor 


Monday October 2

City-County Homeless Issues Committee

6:30p room 357 CCB


1. 48646 Discussion and Possible Action on Recommendations for Availability and Accessibility of Public Restrooms 

2. 48647 Discussion and Possible Action on Recommendations for the City/County 2018 Budget Presentations 


Tuesday October 3

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 108 CCB


6. 49072 Update: Public Health Madison-Dane County's role in violence prevention - Janel Heinrich, Director


8. 48625 Discuss follow-up items from President's Work Group on Police & Community Relations and possible action: Policy governing the purchase & use of all surveillance equipment employed by all City agencies including MPD. President's Work Group Final Report on Police_Community Relations.pdf 48625 v 1.pdf


10. 49074 Discussion: Council Chief of Staff Final Interview Process - Council President Marsha Rummel & Council Vice-President Samba Baldeh Noticed to go into closed session.


11. 48707 Update on Chief of Staff Hiring Process (10/3/17) - Council President Marsha Rummel


Tuesday October 3

Common Council 

6:30p room 201 CCB


1. 48602 Proclaiming the second Monday in October as " Indigenous Peoples' Day" in Madison, Wisconsin.


6. 48139 Public Hearing - New License Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative • dba Willy Street Co-op 1221 Williamson Street • Agent: Kristin Esselstrom Class A Beer, Class A Liquor, Class A Cider Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408




7. 48176 18+ Center for Visual & Performing Arts License Edgewater Management Company LLC • dba The Edgewater Hotel 

 >RECOMMEND TO GRANT WITH CONDITIONS -  1. Maintain decibel level of 70 decibels or under at the street level, the measurement of which shall be taken at the mid-point of the intersection of Langdon Street and Wisconsin Avenue. 2. The band shell shall be utilized during all amplified live music events, unless a large tent is in place for said event. 3. This license will be separated for 2018 renewal. 4. Limit the number of outdoor public events that would fall under the entertainment license to 35 per license year. 5. Must adhere to all aspects of the Public Access Management Agreement .


26. 48495 2018 Executive Capital Budget


27. 48227 Creating Section 28.022 - 00295 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 2114 Winnebago Street, 6th Aldermanic District, from TSS (Traditional Shopping Street) District to TE (Traditional Employment) District to rezone portion of property as part of a three-lot planned multi-use site proposed to occur all in TE zoning.


29. 49032 Report of the Mayor submitting committee appointments to the Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee.


47. 48538 18+ Center for Visual & Performing Arts License Arts & Literature Laboratory, Inc. • dba Arts + Literature Laboratory 2021 Winnebago Street • Agent: Jolynne Roorda Estimated Capacity: 200 Class B Beer • 5% alcohol, 0% food, 95% other 


58. 48330 Approving a Certified Survey Map of property owned by Archipelago Village, LLC generally located at 901-939 E. Washington Avenue and 910-924 E. Main Street; 6th Ald. Dist


67. 48934 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $2,500,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to assist in the renovation and development of office, laboratory, and warehouse space for Exact Sciences Corporation in the Project Plan and Boundary Amendment area of TID #46 (Research Park). Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin, Mark Clear and Matthew J. Phair Exact Science TIF Report to Finance (Closed Session) 9-11-17 FINAL.pdf Exact Sciences Memo - Legistar 48934 - 9-25-17.pdf


68. 47273 SUBSTITUTE Creating Section 4.30 of the Madison General Ordinances to create a program for funding public art projects for certain public works projects.


71. 48145 Approving a Certified Survey Map of property owned by Accipiter Real Estate, LLC located at 2048, 2100 and 2114 Winnebago Street; 6th Ald. Dist., and releasing a land use restriction recorded against a portion of the subject properties.


81. 48832 Amending the Water Utility's adopted 2017 Capital Budget to transfer $50,000 of revenue bond funding from the Unit Well #8 Reconstruction project to the Well 12 Conversion project for the redesign of the Upgrade of Unit Well 12, and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with SEH, Inc. for pre-design planning, public participation support, the preparation of final construction drawings and specifications, permitting, bidding, and construction administration for the redesign of the Upgrade of Unit Well 12.?


Principal Water Utility Engineer Al Larson responded to my request for an update on Well 8: "We do continue to use Well 8 for summer service only. Also the upgrade of Well 8 is in the current long range capital budget. It is currently projected for construction in 2027. You may recall that we are in the process of updating our Water Master Plan. We expect the update to be finished by early 2018. That plan update will take into account long term water demand projections, the loss of Oscar Mayer, and any other currently known issues. The schedule for the upgrade of Well 8 will be refined in the updated Water Master Plan."


82. 48312 SUBSTITUTE - Strengthening and Expanding Community Empowerment through Placemaking in Key Neighborhoods and Authorizing a Contract with Project for Public Spaces for Placemaking Training and Assistance in the Implementation of Short-Term Improvements in Neighborhood Community Places.




84. 49020 Creating Section 32.18 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish the Landlord and Tenant Best Practices Certification Program.


98. 49024 Executing a Purchase of Services contract with Preserve, LLC to conduct a Boundary Review of the Mansion Hill Local and National Register Historic Districts, and to conduct a Neighborhood Character Study for the Langdon Neighborhood, including developing implementation actions if authorized.


100. 49034 Authorizing the allocation of up to $4.35 Million from the Affordable Housing Fund to support two development projects, selected as part of a City Request for Proposals (RFP) process, that would involve the construction of approximately 175 units of affordable rental housing in Madison, Wisconsin, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute loan agreements with the developers of those projects. 


104. 49064 Amending the terms of a $300,000 CDBG loan to be made to the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Inc.

A technical amendment.


105. 49065 Authorizing the use of up to $120,000 of CDBG funds to implement neighborhood improvement projects which address objectives identified in the Darbo-Worthington-Starkweather Creek Neighborhood Plan; and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with agencies to implement the projects.


115. 48915 2018 Executive Operating Budget Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin Legislative History 9/18/17 Clerk's Office Referred for Introduction Finance Committee (Public Hearings 10/9/2017, 10/10/2017) (10/23/2017); Common Council (Public Hearing 10/17/2017, 11/13/2017, 11/14/2017)


Wednesday Otober 4

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


12. 48991 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for Garver Feed Mill Material Hauling. (6th AD) Attachments: Contract 8063 Garver Feed Mill map.pdf This work includes loading and transporting leaf and stump grinding material from the Garver Feed Mill property to a designated landfill site. Estimated cost of this work is $180,000. REPORT BY PARKS 


13. 49002 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for Madison Metro Bus Garage - Roof Replacement. This project is for the replacement of the existing 35-year old EPDM roofing system. Estimated cost of this work is $1,500,000.


Wednesday October 4

Urban Design Commission 

4:30p room 351 CCB


6. 48451 502, 506 East Washington Avenue & 7, 11 North Franklin Street - Demolition/Relocation of Four Existing Homes and Construction of a New 5-Story Hotel Building in UDD No. 4. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: Michael Metzger, McGrath Property Group Applicant: Marc Ott, JLA Architects + Planners Informational Presentation 


7. 49009 131 South Fair Oaks Avenue - New Development of a 5-Story Mixed-Use Building. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Michael Thorson, Inventure 

Capital, LLC Applicant: Adam Fredendall, JLA Architects + Planners Advisory Recommendation to Plan Commission


Wednesday October 4

Public Information Meeting #1 Atwood reconstruction from Fair Oaks to Cottage Grove

6:30-8p  Atrium, Olbrich Botanical Gardens


The meeting will be conducted in an informal, open house format to allow for dialogue and individual questions and comments. A brief presentation will be given at 7:00 P.M. The City of Madison and design consultant representatives will be available to discuss the proposed project and address questions or concerns.

The proposed project will include reconstruction of the existing roadway from Fair Oaks Avenue to Cottage Grove Road. The proposed project includes pavement reconstruction, curb and gutter, existing sidewalk spot replacements and repairs, new multi-use path/sidewalk, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant curb ramps, storm sewer replacement, new street lighting, replacement of sanitary sewer and water main, new pavement marking, and new signs. The new multi-use path will primarily run parallel with Atwood Avenue with a portion that will continue along the existing path along Lake Monona and connect into Lakeland Avenue. The path will include a new pedestrian bridge crossing over the Starkweather Creek parallel to the roadway bridge. New parking areas and street lighting are also included.

Thursday October 5

Community Development Block Grant Committee

5p room 357 CCB


3. 49065 Authorizing the use of up to $120,000 of CDBG funds to implement neighborhood improvement projects which address objectives identified in the Darbo-Worthington-Starkweather Creek Neighborhood Plan; and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with agencies to implement the projects.


5. 49034 Authorizing the allocation of up to $4.35 Million from the Affordable Housing Fund to support two development projects, selected as part of a City Request for Proposals (RFP) process, that would involve the construction of approximately 175 units of affordable rental housing in Madison, Wisconsin, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute loan agreements with the developers of those projects. 


The proposed resolution demonstrates the City's commitment to create approximately 175 units of affordable rental housing using resources authorized under the Affordable Housing Fund (AHF). The 2018 Capital Budget is expected to make available $4.5 million of new funding to continue the AHF. This commitment allows project developers to whom City funds are awarded to include City financial participation in their applications to WHEDA for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, which are due in December. Specific commitments outlined in this resolution support two affordable housing development projects: Fair Oaks Apartments and The Grove Apartments.


8. 49068 Receive staff report on response to Homeless Services RFP and receive brief presentations from applicant organizations. 


Thursday October 5

Public Market Development Committee

5p room 108 CCB


1. 49058 Reviewing and affirming the recommendations of the MarketReady Advisory Group on the 30 selected participants in the MarketReady Program 

2. 27499 Public Market Discussion - Budget Update - Public Market Foundation Update and Next Steps - Fundraising Update - New Markets Tax Credits Update - Design Update and Next Steps


Thursday October 5

MPD Policy and Procedures Review Ad Hoc Committee

5:30p Urban League of Greater Madison 2222 S Park St

Agenda not available Sunday night, check back Monday. The consultants, OIR Group, are scheduled to be in town.


Saturday October 7

Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable

8a-noon Monona Terrace


Everyone is welcome to this free event. If you know of someone who wants to be more active in their neighborhood, meet community leaders, city officials and staff, and community organizations, or simply would like to get to know how the City of Madison or other organizations could better serve your community, please come and bring others to this event! There will be various workshops, networking opportunities and more.




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