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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of January 8, 2018

January 6, 2018 8:55 PM

Highlights: A Union Triangle resident asked me to find out when the next public meeting for the F-35 aircraft base at Truax will be held, the Thursday January 11 meeting was cancelled. I reached out to Zach Brandon of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, they are advocates for the base. He says: "The meeting on Jan. 11 is postponed. We are not sure why. It was an Air Force decision. They will still have the meeting, we just don't have a date yet. Hopefully later this winter or early spring. We should get a notice through the base and our consultants. We are more than happy to let you know as soon as we know so you can get the word out to your district. I know might be too pro-basing for some of your constituents but it is the best place to get up-to-date info. They don't have to sign up, they can just monitor it for updates. The[re is] Facebook and Twitter page as well. The meeting, when rescheduled, will be an open house on the process. To manage expectations, they will not take testimony nor will decision-makers be present. It is a process meeting for the public to understand the path forward. They will detail the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) process and the overall timeline specifically. As I understand the process based on other cities, the public hearing(s) will happen after the EIS is completed."


At Finance Monday is a resolution to authorize reallocating most of the $750K in the 2018 budget for the matching COPS grant and amending the budget so we can spend it on 8 new police officers and new vehicles since the City did not receive the federal matching COPs grant. We had budgeted for 15 officers with the expectation of the grant paying for half the cost. An amendment is required to reallocate the spending. There is an active lobbying campaign by supporters for adding more officers but I have received very few comments either in support or opposition from District 6 residents. 


On Wednesday January 10, there is a Public Information Meeting organized by Engineering to get your input on the reconstruction of Winnebago scheduled for this year. Several options will be presented, see below for time and place (the options are described in last weeks D6 Items of Interest.)


On Thursday January 11, there is a joint discussion of the Council and the MPD Policy and Procedures Review Ad Hoc Committee with the OIR Group about their recently submitted study of MPD. The report has 146 recommendations. They don't recommend whether we need new officers but they do observe that we lack the data from performance evaluations of the effectiveness of the patrol versus specialized officers (community policing team, mental health officers, etc) which invites the question of whether we are using our resources effectively. 


Last week, I organized a neighborhood meeting on the Pursuit of Happiness event proposed for June 2-3 at Baldwin and Williamson Sts. Approximately 70 people attended. At the meeting, there was general appreciation expressed for the music available at free neighborhood festivals and the work of Bob Queen, Wil-Mar, MNA, Common Wealth and all the volunteers who help put on great events. There was support expressed for the event at the meeting but there were more statements sharing concerns. The comments were about the impact on street parking for patrons of the annual MNA yard sale, impact on Fruit Fest, two days of bus detours, requests to use Central Park instead and comments indicating we have enough festivals. Justice Castenada spoke on behalf of the Central Park Sessions board. He explained their strategy to leverage the festival as a fundraising resource for other neighborhoods with less capacity and means.  He said they would evaluate the data about how the new event may affect all the other festivals and would not continue if there was a negative impact. I invited staff from Metro and the Fire Dept to attend and they explained the bus detour (1st to E Wash to Blair bypassing Willy/Jenifer corridor) and 20' fire lane requirements for the street closing. The location was selected to honor the contributions of David Day and the Crystal Corner Bar to our community and the east end of the Willy St business district.  I have received emails and talked to several several business owners in and around Baldwin Corners and frankly their comments range from ambivalence to opposition.  After weighing all I have heard, I have outstanding concerns about the date and location of this event. The event will be reviewed by the City's Street Use Staff team at a public meeting on January 17 at 10a, send your comments to Kelli Lamberty and she will share with the staff team. The applicant will also need a temporary beer license from the ALRC and the Common Council. As far as I know, they have not yet applied for the license.

Monday January 8, 2018

Finance Committee

4:30p room 354 CCB


9. 49683 Authorizing the execution of a lease with the Town of Blooming Grove of space within the building located at 3325 Thurber Avenue for use as an artist studio. The PLAN COMMISSION is scheduled to consider this item on 1/8/2018. The MADISON ARTS COMMISSION is scheduled to consider this item on 1/9/2018


Fiscal Note: The proposed resolution authorizes leasing building space with the Town of Blooming Grove to provide studio space for a commissioned artist to create a piece of permanent public art for the City of Madison. The "Initial Term" of the lease shall be three (3) years and the City will pay annual rent of $2,400 along with estimated monthly utility costs of $200. These expenses will be covered by the Municipal Art Fund, which has approximately $364,000 in available funds.


12. 49715 Authorizing the allocation of up to $90,000 among 3 non-profit agencies to help finance the provision of an array of homeless services beginning in 2018, as the result of a competitive RFP process conducted by Community Development Division; and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into agreements with those agencies to implement the designated programs and services. 


Fiscal Note: The proposed resolution authorizes allocating $90,000 to the three non-profit agencies to provide homeless services in 2018. Council approved RES-17-00909 (Legistar file 49339) allocated $769,869 to nine non-profit agencies to provide homeless services in 2018. As part of the 2018 budget process the Common Council added $90,000 to support additional contracts for homeless services. The CDBG Committee reviewed CDD's recommended allocation of the $90,000 based upon the original RFP approved by RES17-00737 (Legistar file 48265). Total funding for these contracts in the 2018 Adopted Operating Budget is $934,436: $781,623 from the General Fund and $152,813 from grant sources. 


Tellurian Inc- up to $13,000 to support PATH-Supplemental/Match, to provide outreach services and security deposits to homeless singles and/or families. The Salvation Army of Dane County - up to $40,297 to support Single Women/Warming House Case Manager, to provide case management to homeless families and single women, and, up to $8,703 to support Coordinated Entry Intake Coordinator, to provide support to homeless families. If funding for this position is secured by other resources, the funding will be transferred to Salvation Army of Dane County's Diversion Case Manger program to fill in the funding gap for family case management services. Porchlight, Inc- up to $28,000 to support a Shelter Case Manager, who will provide case management to homeless single men.?


14. 49719 Authorizing the execution of a First Amendment to Lease pertaining to a lease with Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Community Center, Inc. for a portion of the City's East Rail Corridor located adjacent to 214 Waubesa Street. 


The proposed resolution authorizes execution of a lease with Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Community Center, Inc. for a portion of City property adjacent to 214 Waubesa Street, the Madison Brass Works building. The lease will accommodate building encroachments and for use ancillary to community center operations. 


15. 49964 Amending RES-17-00539 authorizing the amendment of a Purchase and Sale Agreement between the City of Madison and RDC Development, LLC for the acquisition of a gray box condominium unit for the relocation of the Pinney Library, and authorizing funding to pay for said unit. 


Fiscal Note: RES-17-00539, adopted on June 20, 2017, authorized the execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) between the City of Madison and RDC Development, LLC for the acquisition of a gray box condominium unit for the Pinney Library for $3,087,807. The budget includes a contingency of $112,193 for a total of $3,200,000. The total project cost is approximately $10,000,000. The proposed resolution amends the PSA by allowing the parties to extend the Due Diligence period in certain circumstances, allowing the installation of equipment related to the HVAC under Grand Oak Trail and the Book Drive with an estimated cost of $80,000 to the Pinney Library project, and reflecting change orders totaling $48,955 for a total purchase price of $3,136,762. Funding is available in the project (Munis project #10002) for the amended PSA.


16. 49965 Amendment to RES-17-00540 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $820,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to Royster Corners, LLC or its assigns to assist in the development of the Project in Phase I of the Royster Corners development in TID #44 (Royster Clark) and amend the 2017 Capital Budget to authorize the expenditure.?


This amendment extends the deadline to start construction. If you want to find out more about the preliminary plans for Pinney, please join OPN Architects, library managers and staff, and city engineering staff as preliminary plans for the new Pinney Library are unveiled in a formal presentation on Wednesday, January 31, 6:30-8:00pm at the Pinney Library on 204 Cottage Grove Road.


32. 49855 Amending the 2018 Adopted Operating Budget of the Police Department to authorize the addition of eight (8) patrol officer positions and the purchase of three (3) marked squad cars.


Fiscal Note: The 2018 Madison Police Department (MPD) adopted operating budget includes $750,000 for the match for 15 patrol officers and 5 vehicles in the event MPD received a COPS hiring grant. MPD was notified in November 2017 that it did not receive the grant award. The proposed resolution authorizes amending the MPD budget to add eight (8) police officer positions and to allocate funding in the amount of $416,385 for the salaries, benefits, supplies, and services needed for these positions to start in the May 2018 Academy and to authorize $163,530 for the purchase and equipping of three (3) marked squad cars. The remaining $170,085 of the budgeted match will stay in the Police Department budget to be reallocated should the Mayor and Council determine there is a need. These funds are not available for any purpose without Council approval. The ongoing annual cost of the eight positions is approximately $600,000. The ongoing annual cost of three sqaud cars is $21,300.


My comments: There are currently two distinct letter writing campaigns to the Common Council on the question of new officers. One states MPD is understaffed and stressed by overtime and the city is not able to give officers time for proactive community policing efforts. The other asks the Common Council and the MPD Policy and Procedures Review Ad Hoc Committee to thoroughly review the OIR Group's commissioned study of MPD with its list of 146 recommendations and postpone hiring until the recommendations are fully vetted. I am interested in your thoughts. See Thursday for more info about upcoming briefing by the OIR Group. 

Monday January 8

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


1. 49683 Authorizing the execution of a lease with the Town of Blooming Grove of space within the building located at 3325 Thurber Avenue for use as an artist studio. 


Note: Items 3 and 4 should be referred to a future meeting at the request of the applicant and pending a recommendation by the Urban Design Commission 


3. 49166 Creating Section 28.022 - 00304 and Section 28.022 - 00305 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties generally located at 118 and 122 State Street, 4th Aldermanic District, from DC (Downtown Core) District to PD(GDP-SIP) (Planned Development (General Development Plan, Specific Implementation Plan)) District. 


4. 48786 Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a six-story commercial building located at 122 State Street as part of Planned Development to construct nine-story, 120-room hotel with restaurant-taverns at 118 and 122 State Street; 4th Ald. Dist.


Note: Item 13 should be referred to January 22, 2018 pending a recommendation by the Urban Design Commission 


13. 49535 Consideration of a demolition permit and conditional use to demolish four residential buildings and construct a five-story, 45-room hotel with a 1,000 square-foot first floor commercial space at 502-506 E. Washington Avenue and 7-11 N. Franklin Street; Urban Design Dist. 4; 2nd Ald. Dist. 


18. 49687 Consideration of a conditional use to construct additions to an existing single-family residence on a lakefront parcel at 2213 Lakeland Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.


Upcoming Matters - January 22, 2018 - Zoning Text Amendment - Amend the table in Section 28.206 to increase the building plan review fee and create an Early Start Permit review fee. 


Upcoming Matters - February 5, 2018 - 1222 Williamson Street - Conditional Use - Establish nightclub tenant in multi-tenant commercial building - 2802 Willard Avenue - Conditional Use - Construct second accessory building that exceeds 10% of lot area. - 1032 E. Washington Avenue - Demolition Permit - Demolish auto repair facility with no proposed use (Car X lot)


Monday January 8

City County Homeless Issues Committee

6:30p room 357 CCB


50033 Discussion and Possible Action on 2018 Committee Workplan 

49700 Update on The Beacon 

50034 Messner Property Update 

On January 4, County Executive Joe Parisi announced the selection of Gorman and Company for the developer at the Messner's site 1326 E Washington.  "Valor on Washington" will include a mix of 64 units of affordable and market rate rents with 2 and 3 bedrooms targeting families. There will be a separate waiting list for veterans and they will get preference for the units. The project is unique in its partnership with Dryhootch, a Madison based non-profit that works to help veterans reconnect to their community. Dryhootch would move from its University Ave offices to E Washington. Gorman would demolish the county-owned Messner's building and construct a 5-story apartment building with amenities including childcare, workout facilities, and programming and support services to assist tenants and area veterans. The new space would include a coffee shop. Gorman would apply for City of Madison Affordable Housing funds, WHEDA Section 42 tax credits and other sources. Affordable units would range between $800-900/month depending on the renter's income. Assuming Gorman is awarded tax credits and city affordable housing funds, construction would begin in 2019 and open in 2020. The county originally purchased the property in 2015 with plans to site the homeless day resource center. Kudos to County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner for her leadership in making sure the property was dedicated to affordable housing uses once the homeless day resource center location changed. Heidi and Alder Ledell Zellers will work with the developer and neighbors to make sure there is meaningful public input in the city's development review process.?

50035 Update on the Panhandling Ordinance 

50036 Update on Built for Zero 

50037 Update on Portable Toilets 


Wednesday January 10

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 351 CCB


1. 49800 1827 East Washington Avenue - Comprehensive Design Review for "The Marling" in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: 1801 East Washington Madison Apartments, LLC Applicant: Jordan Schulz, Keel Partners, Inc. Final Approval is Requested


The final garage door design and material details will be reviewed.

Wednesday January 10

Transit and Parking Commission

5p room 201 CCB


F.1. 50017 Parking: Update on Judge Doyle Garage Project 


G.1. 47924 Parking: Request to hold public hearing at the February meeting to hear comment on proposed rate changes


G.4. 49934 Authorizing the issuance of an Interagency Staff Team-led Request for Proposals (RFP) for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Development and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Small Starts Application for a Phase 1 East-West Corridor. 


G.5. 50019 TPC Resolution No. 19-21 for the approval to Eliminate Paratransit Leave Attended Service and Paratransit Convenience Tickets as of 6/3/18. Other proposed changes have been deferred to a later date.


Wednesday January 10

Public Safety Review Committee

5p room GR 27 CCB (enter at 211 S Carroll St)


2. 50022 Update from Assistant District Attorney Marci Paulsen on the guidelines for the operation of security cameras at convenience stores and amending Section 1.08 to establish a bail deposit schedule for violation of this ordinance. 


3. 50006 Discussion on a combined Opiod Town Hall Meeting with Safe Communities. 


COMMITTEE DISCUSSION ON FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS OF INTEREST Dane County District Attorney to discuss his role - Dane County Sheriff Mahoney to speak about the jail - MIH (Mobile Integrated Health) - Madison Police Department Traffic Enforcement Safety Team - Human Trafficking - Public Information Duties from the City of Madison Police and Fire Departments


Wednesday January 10

Public Information Meeting

6p room Bolz A, Goodman Community Center, 149 Waubesa St


City Engineering will be hosting a public informational meeting on the proposed reconstruction of Winnebago St. and Linden Ave.  


The City of Madison is proposing to reconstruct a portion of Winnebago St. and Linden Ave in 2018. Work on Winnebago St. between Second St. and Bashford Ave. will include replacement of utilities and replacement of the curb and pavement; work on Linden Ave. between Winnebago St. and Rusk St. will include replacement of the utilities and pavement, but most of the curb is planned to remain. The project will also include some utility work down Atwood Ave. between First St. and Second St., but the pavement in this area will only be patched in the areas that the utility is completed.  There will be three options presented to get your feedback on.


Wednesday January 10

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Olbrich Botanical Gardens 3300 Atwood Ave


7 50008 Superintendent's January 2018 Report.


Garver Feed Mill – East Status: Pending Construction The developer obtained their final zoning approvals and closed on the Lot 1 property in early December. S&L Underground was awarded the contract for removal of stockpiled leaf and stump grinding materials, with a low bid of $214,355. Removal operations have begun and are anticipated to be completed by the late January, 2018. 


Breese Stevens Facility Plan – Isthmus/Central Status: Planning Staff and Isthumus Architecture are finalizing plans for a new concessions and restroom addition to the historic stadium. The project received approval from the Wisconsin State Historical Society in October and City of Madison Landmarks Commission in early December. The project will be reviewed by the Urban Design Commission on January 31, 2018. The project is anticipated to be released for bids in March 2018, with the majority of the construction occurring during the 2018-2019 off-season.


James Madison Park Master Plan and Shelter Design- Near East Status: Planning Ken Saiki Design, Inc. has been awarded design contract for the James Madison Park Master Plan and Shelter Design for the amount of $203,340. The public engagement plan is being developed and the first public input meeting is scheduled for January 17th, 2018.


Gates of Heaven Improvements – Central Status: Planning Gates of Heaven flooring replacement is scheduled for 2018 in conjunction with exterior improvements being completed by Engineering staff. Staff will work with the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) to determine if a more durable variety of flooring will be allowed since Gates of Heaven is on the National Register. 


Olbrich Park – Walter Street Restroom Building and Site Work Improvements – East Status: Planning A public input meeting was held in October to discuss the replacement of the restroom building and planned sitework improvements to the park. Engineering Facilities will lead the project and it is anticipated that the contract to construct the building will be issued in early 2018, with construction anticipated to begin in June 2018. Sitework improvements (including the parking lot) will occur in 2019. 


Elmside Circle Park Playground Replacement – Near East Status: Planning Staff held a playground workshop on November 7th to discuss the Elmside Park playground replacement. A second public input meeting was held on December 11th. This project will be combined into a contract with other playgrounds and bid out for construction in 2018.


Reger Park Playground Replacement – Near East Status: Planning Staff held a public input meeting on November 20th, 2017 to discuss the Reger Park playground replacement. A second public input meeting is scheduled for January 23rd, 2018. This project will be combined into a contract with other playgrounds and bid out for construction in 2018. Parks staff will also be coordinating the installation of lighting improvements, funded by CDBG, with the playground installation project.


Other projects: Staff is working with the City Attorney's office on updating the Madison General Ordinances to allow for Temporary Land Use permits and Art Installation permits for private access and work in parks. Staff is working with Oblrich Botanical Society and Engineering for the proposed Olbrich Garden expansion. Staff is working with Engineering on the proposed Atwood Avenue improvements, which include improvements in Olbrich Park. Staff are working with City Planning to identify projects at the respective parks that can be constructed with funding provided by Planning through Community Block Development Grants (CDBG). Staff is reviewing potential options for new dog parks in accordance with the recently adopted dog park policy.


13 49984 Edgehill Golf Market Report Discussion DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION 


If you are following the future of Monona Golf Course, take a look at this report,


14 50030 Staff Report on the Golf Enterprise - Financial and Operational Analysis of Course Closure and Hole Reduction DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION


Thursday January 11

Common Council and the MPD Policy & Procedures Ad Hoc Review Committee
OIR Group briefing on MPD Policy & Procedures Report
6p room 201 CCB

Upcoming Meetings

January 22 - Reger Park playground equipment second Parks public information meeting with update on park lighting- 6:30p Hawthorne Library 2707 E Washington Ave. 

Project website


January 30 - Joint meeting of Landmarks Commission, Board of Parks Commissioners and Equal Opportunities Commission to discuss actions on Confederate Monuments at Forest Hill Cemetery 

48643 Establishing a Plan for the Confederate Monuments in Forest Hill Cemetery.  The Board of Parks Commissioners, the Landmarks Commission and the Equal Opportunities Commission will consider the following three options with regard to the two Lost Cause monuments in Forest Hill Cemetery: 1. Whether to take down and permanently remove the two Lost Cause monuments; 2. Whether to leave the monuments in place but alter the messages contained therein; or 3. Whether to leave one or both of the Lost Cause monuments in the Cemetery but erect a new monument providing detail of the false narrative of the Lost Cause and the role these monuments play in that effort.


January 31 - Pinney Library Preliminary Plans @Royster Corners - 6:30p Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Rd











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