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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest February 26, 2018 v2

February 25, 2018 7:35 PM

Highlights:  On Monday the Historic Preservation Plan Advisory Committee meets for the first time. At Tuesday's Council meeting, the hot topic is likely to be reconsideration of the Mayor's veto of an ordinance that allows "Click and Collect" online ordering and parking lot pick up of alcohol. On Wednesday, there will be a listening session hosted by east and north side alders regarding the siting of F-35A aircraft at Truax Field. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I am gathering input to inform my comments to the National Guard Bureau which is holding a scoping meeting on environmental impacts March 8.?

Resending to add the parts I deleted accidentally. Note the upcoming neighborhood meeting on March 14 for the I/O Bar Arcade proposal, place TBD.

Monday February 26, 2018

Sustainable Madison Committee

4:30p room 357 CCB


1. 50653 Leaf Management Study - By Phil Gaebler, City Engineering 

2. 50654 Advancing the Sustainability Plan - By Heather Allen, Legislative Analyst 

3. 50655 Renewable Energy Credits: The Story of Organic Valley - By Michael Vickerman, Program and Policy Director, Renew WI and Stanley Minnick III, Energy Services Manager, Organic Valley 

4. 50656 City of Monona's Sustainability Committee - By Teresa Radermacher, Member of the City of Monona's Sustainability Committee

5. 50657 Report Regarding 100% Renewable Energy/Zero Net Carbon Goal 

6. 50658 Report by Jeanne Hoffman regarding City/MGE - MOU Activities Since SMC met in January, the City and MGE have had several meetings regarding solar. We have meetings scheduled to discuss Smart Cities/Street lighting. More meetings regarding solar, targeting underperforming buildings, and electric fleet/buses are in the works. The steering committee meets in March.


Monday February 26

Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment

5:30p room 351 CCB


Rescheduled from 2/19/2018


Monday February 26

Historic Preservation Plan Advisory Committee

6p Goodman Community Center 149 Waubesa St


8. Overview of Historic Preservation Plan process 

9. 50575 Public Engagement Strategy 

10. Discovery of historic resources and values: meeting comments, survey results, etc. 

11. Proposed committee work plan and timeline

50574 Meeting Materials for Historic Preservation Plan Advisory Committee


Tuesday February 27

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 108 CCB


5. 50134 Discussion: Selection of Polling Places in the City - Ald. Rebecca Kemble, District 18 

6. 50606 Update: Task Force on City Government Structure - Council President Rummel, City Attorney Mike May 

8. 50633 Update: CCEC/PSRC Collaboration / Improving Effectiveness - Council President Marsha Rummel & Ald. Denise DeMarb 

9. 50611 Update: President's Work Group to Develop City-Wide Surveillance Equipment and Data Management Policies 


Tuesday February 27

Common Council presentation

5:30p room 201 CCB



Kara Kratowicz, Data Projects Coordinator, will be presenting to the Common Council on the city's Tactical Data Engagement Pilot. Through the What Works Cities initiative, the City of Madison engaged with the Sunlight Foundation as a pilot city to launch a new technique aimed at increasing the impact of open data within the community. This presentation will cover the Tactical Data Engagement efforts to date and next steps for implementation. 


Tuesday February 27

Common Council 

6:30p room 201 CCB


1. 48735 Reaffirming the City of Madison as an open and welcoming city and recognizing the contributions of immigrants to Madison, Wisconsin and the United States


6. 50306 Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For Darbo Drive to Webb Avenue New Street Connection Assessment District - 2018


14. 50377 Submitting the appointment of Charles J. Romines for confirmation of a five-year term as the Streets Superintendent.


15. 50385 Submitting the appointment of Harper Donahue IV for confirmation of a five-year term as the Human Resources Director


16. 49691 SUBSTITUTE Creating Section 38.07(4) and renumbering Sections 38.07(4) through (21) to Sections 38.07(5) through (22) of the Madison General Ordinances to allow patrons to order alcohol sales online and pick up merchandise in a designated parking area of the store.


17. 48536 Change of Licensed Premise Wal-Mart Stores East LP • dba Walmart #2335 4198 Nakoosa Trl. Agent: Trenton K. Bee Class A Liquor & Beer Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Ahrens) • Police Sector 607 Expanding premises to include six (6) canopy parking spaces for online grocery pickup.


18. 48537 Change of Licensed Premise Ultimate Mart LLC • dba Pick 'n Save #8179 261 Junction Road Class A Beer, Class A Liquor Aldermanic District 9 (Alder Skidmore) Expand premises to include parking spaces for online grocery pickup.




Several absences at the Feb 6 Council meeting resulted in the failure of the override of the mayoral veto by 2 votes. Alder Verveer was absent and has requested reconsideration for items 16-18.


On Friday, City Planning staff send out this article to neighborhood association contacts Mayor Soglin's memorandum on the veto stating his concerns with the "Click and Collect" model of alcohol delivery and pickup. Online ordering of alcohol is a new trend around the country and as the article acknowledges there are no empirical studies about its effects. I supported the override on February 6. 


While I acknowledge Wisconsin's drinking culture is problematic, I don't see the addition of designated parking spaces to the definition of the licensed premise will fundamentally change, for better or worse, our tendency to overconsume and misuse alcohol. To me, this is more about people's changing relationship to retail shopping and the impact on brick and mortar retail operations overall. I am more concerned about the trend where food and entertainment businesses seem to be the majority of new enterprises downtown and in District 6. The increase in alcohol outlet density in our city and our neighborhood is well beyond national averages.


19. 50579 Second Amendment to RES-17-00540 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a development agreement to fund a $820,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to Royster Corners, LLC.


The proposed resolution authorizes the project completion date of the Royster Corners development to change from March 30, 2019 to November 30, 2019. This resolution is an amendment to Council Adopted RES-17-00540, which authorized an $820,000 Tax Incremental Finance Loan to Royster Corners, LLC. No City appropriation is required for this amendment.?


22. 50363 Approving the initial concept design and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an agreement for design, fabrication and installation between the City of Madison and Raymond Chi to create a site specific public art feature for Pennsylvania Park.


35. 50376 Approving plans and specifications for public improvements necessary for the project known as 131 S Fair Oaks Avenue and authorizing construction to be undertaken by the Developer, Private Contract No. 8068. (6th AD)


This is the last approval needed for the developer to begin construction at the Kessenich's site.


43. 50615 Establishing absentee voting locations for the 2018 Spring Election


1.  City Clerk's Office, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr., Boule avard #103

2.  Streets East, 4602 Sycamore Avenue

3.  Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin Street

4.  Alicia Ashman Library, 733 N. High Point Road

5.  Goodman South Madison Library, 2222 S. Park Street

6.  Hawthorne Library, 2707 E. Washington Avenue

7.  Lakeview Library, 2845 N. Sherman Avenue

8.  Meadowridge Library, 5726 Raymond Road

9.  Monroe Street Library, 1705 Monroe Street

10. Pinney Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road

11. Sequoya Library, 4340 Tokay Boulevard

12. Edgewood College - Predolin Hall, 1000 Edgewood College Drive

13. UW-Madison Union South, 1308 W. Dayton Street

14. UW-Madison Memorial Union, 800 Langdon Street

15. UW-Madison Student Activity Center, 333 E. Campus Mall


45. 50638 Request to extend license issuance beyond the 90 day limit under MGO 38.05 Musonics LLC • dba Cafe CODA 1222 Williamson Street • Agent: Hanah Jon Taylor Estimated Capacity: 99 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer 


There is an attached letter from Mr. Taylor requesting the extension. He is looking at a new location for Cafe Coda at the Hail Mary Sports Bar location, 401 E Washington, which recently closed 


I am working on setting up a neighborhood meeting, stay tuned.


47. 49714 Approving the City of Madison comprehensive language access plan.


48. 50052 Amending Sections 2.21(2) and 3.03(2) of the Madison General Ordinances to clarify that Common Council consideration of overriding a Mayoral veto must be acted upon at the meeting it is initially presented and shall not be referred.


58. 50355 Accepting the Community Development Division's (CDD) proposed Children's Savings Account Consultant Request for Proposals, and authorizing the CDD to conduct the RFP process and recommend a consultant to the Mayor and Common Council.




73. 50629 Amending Section 9.13(6)(n) of the Madison General Ordinances to create new procedures and sites for Late Night Vending for the next five vending seasons and phasing out Late Night Vending as of April 14, 2023.


77. 50451 Authorizing the City to execute an agreement with Pontoon Porch LLC to use the surrounding Law Park area, and the nearby Monona Terrace property, for picking-up and dropping-off passengers as part of the operation of User's pontoon boat rental business for the years of 2018-2020. 


80. 50527 Appropriating $60,000 from the 2018 Planning Division Operating Budget and authorizing the City of Madison to enter into a contract with the Madison Central Business Improvement District (BID) for $60,000 to fund the continuation of the Downtown Activities Program focused on existing plazas around the Capitol Square and State Street (2nd, 4th and 8th AD).


82. 50625 Authorizing the City of Madison Planning Division to prepare the Milwaukee Street Special Area Plan.


The special area plan is roughly bounded by Fair Oaks, Milwaukee St, Hwy 30 and Hwy 51. The study will look at the Voit Farm, Swiss Colony,  Madison Metro East Transfer Point, US Postal Service Property, and Woodmans. Some of the project deliverables include: Recommended street layout, Land uses, building scale and neighborhood character descriptions and recommendations, Open Spaces (parks, stormwater), public access, paths and bike routes, Possible phasing, Conceptual neighborhood renderings illustrating potential character, and Conceptual designs of major streets. The first open house will be in March-April with a project completion date of December 2018. There will be a multi-agency staff team: Planning staff (Dan McAuliffe, Tim Parks, Rebecca Cnare, Angela Puerta), Parks (Kay Rutledge, Sarah Lerner), Stormwater (Lauren Strigel), Engineering (Chris Petykowyski),  Traffic Engineering (Yang Tao), and Metro (Tim Sobota, Mike Cechvala).  Stay tuned for more details on this multi-neighborhood initiaitive.


83. 50637 Funding a MadiSUN Commercial Solar Adoption Program in 2018?


86. 50662 BY TITLE ONLY - Approving the allocation of $50,000 in previously authorized funds from Miscellaneous Appropriations to fund proposals received during the 2018 Madison Food Policy Council "SEED" Grants funding process, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into agreements with the associated agencies, organizations, groups, and individuals to implement the designated projects or programs.


Wednesday February 28

Listening Session on F-35As at Truax Field

7p East Madison Community Center 8 Straubel Ct


In December 2017, Madison was selected by the National Guard, as one of two preferred sites, to be the home of a squadron of $100 million F-35 fighter jets. If selected, the first of the 18 planes would arrive at Truax Field on Madison's North Side early in 2023 after an environmental impact study, required by federal law, and a public comment period. The environmental impact study will review noise impacts, study potential flight paths, address pollution prevention and environmental justice for minority and low income populations.

Truax Field, home of the 115th Fighter Wing, may be one of two preferred alternative locations for the new fighter jets, pending results of the environmental impact study. The National Guard Bureau has invited community members to attend an open house to share comments as part of their scoping process. The agency will host two sessions on March 8: 2pm - 4pm and 5pm - 8pm at the Crowne Plaza Madison Hotel, 4402 E Washington Avenue.

In anticipation of the of the sessions on March 8, six North and East Side Alders will host a listening session on Wednesday, February 28 from 7pm - 8:30 pm at the East Madison Community Center, 8 Straubel Court By clicking this link, you will be leaving the City of Madison website..

This listening session will solicit community feedback and any other concerns regarding the environmental impact of housing the F-35s at Truax Field. Alders cordially invite residents to attend and express any opinions regarding the proposal. Questions and comments will be referred back to the National Guard for consideration. 

You can send written comments to Ms. Christel Johnson, NGB/A4AM, Sheppard Hall, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews MD 20762-5157 or via the project website at


Thursday March 1

Public Market Development Committee

5p TBD


The agenda is not in legistar but I expect it will show up on Monday. There will be the usual reports as well as a discussion and vote on

legistar item 50461 Reaffirming the intent of the City of Madison to conduct a national search for the Public Market Operator and requiring the drafting of a new Request for Qualifications (RFQ) that focuses on operations and management experience of a Public Market.?? See last weeks update for my comments.


Upcoming meetings


Monday March 5

Central District Community Forum with Chief Koval

5:30p 3rd floor Central Library


Wednesday March 7

Neighborhood Meeting for Grandfamily at Union Corners reportback

7p community room Carbon Apartments 2418 Winnebago (enter through the leasing office entrance)


Wednesday March 14

Neighborhood meeting for I/O Arcade Bar LLC 720 Williamson St

7p TBD


Thursday March 29

Parks Division Public Information Meeting RE Garver Lot 3 and Olbrich Maintenance Shed

6-8:30p Commons, Olbrich Gardens 3330 Atwod Ave


More details coming. In the Olbrich Master Plan, there is a place holder for a dog park, Parks staff will get your feedback on a potential 2 acre site in the north plat. The Gardens are in need of additional space. Parks staff will provide a potential location near the ice pond and get your input.


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Neighborhood Meeting
Road Construction


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