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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of March 26, 2018

March 24, 2018 9:25 PM

Highlights: Ped Bike Motor Vehicle Commission is taking up two Winnebago St items at their Tuesday meeting. The first is a discussion of Option 1 vs. Option 2 for the reconstruction of Winnebago. Traffic Engineering conducted a parking study and determined the Winnebago St area is parking impacted. On Thursday March 29, the Parks Division is holding a Public Information Meeting regarding the North Plat and Olbrich Operations. At ALRC last week, Mitchell Turino, the applicant for the I/O Arcade Bar asked to be referred to next months's meeting (4/18) so that he could participate in the MNA review process (Preservation and Development and then the MNA Board for a final recommendation.)

Monday March 26, 2018


Blue Agave is applying to change their license to allow more DJ nights. They are hosting an open house listening session at the bar, as required by ALRC.  117 S Butler,  at 4p. I will not be able to attend.


Monday March 26

Finance Committee

4:30p room 354 CCB


8. 50922 Resolution authorizing a non-competitive purchase of services contract with Mead and Hunt for professional architectural and engineering services for the design of (2019 - Phase 1) Metro Bus Barn Facility Upgrades. (6th AD) 


9. 50919 Creating Section 3.54(25)(b) and renumbering current Section 3.54(25)(b) to (c) of the Madison General Ordinances to provide a stipend to offset the cost of qualifying domestic partner health insurance.


12. 50724 Recreate the classification of Equal Opportunities Manager in CG18, R15, and reallocate the incumbent to the new range. 


The incumbent Byron Bishop's appeal clarification letter attached in legistar raised serious questions about the reclassification process at the last Finance Committee meeting. Alders could not recall seeing anything like it The item was referred so the City Attorney's Office, HR, and Dept Civil Rights could write a memo, exlpaining the process and addressing the complaint, it is attached in the legistar file.


14. 50977 Discussion with City staff regarding negotiation strategy for a request by Exact Sciences Corp. for TIF assistance for Phase II of the development of their campus located at 1 Exact Lane. 


Noticed to go into closed session.


Tuesday March 27

Ped Bike Motor Vehicle Commission

5p room 201 CCB


F.3. 50532 Winnebago 


Winnebago from 2nd-Bashford 


The City Parking Utility has completed a parking study in the area surrounding Winnebago St. to have a better understanding of the parking utilization in the area.  The study was done at different times both during and after the alternate side parking (ASP) rules.  The data from that study has been posted to the project website The results of the parking study indicated high utilization of the parking along this portion of Winnebago St., and along the adjacent streets.


Additionally, a significant amount of input has been received in support of both of the options that have been presented, so, based on the parking study and the input received thus far, Engineering is currently recommending Option 1, which involves reconstruction of Winnebago St. at a width of 46 ft. and will maintain travel, bike and parking lanes in both directions.  A discussion will be had regarding both options at the PBMVC and also at the Board of Public Works on April 18.


Bike path and public parking on the 2500 block of Winnebago street?


Gorman and Company, as part of the Grandfamily proposal, requested changing the parking for the south side of Winnebago to angled parking to serve future commercial uses in the Carbon Apartments. Planning staff stated the Specific Implementation Plan for the Grandfamily phase could not address right of way configurations and recommended referring the request to PBMVC. If PBMVC supports, then I understand Gorman will need to amend the SIP for the Carbon Apartments, which approved the north side angled parking.


Wednesday March 28


5p room 354 CCB




6. 50908 PRESENTATION: SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY Surveillance Technology, Herb King, Information Technology 




Thursday March 29

Public Information Meeting RE Garver North plat and Olbrich Operations

6p Evjue Commons room, Olbrich Botanical Gardens 3330 Atwood Ave


The City of Madison Parks Division will hold a public input meeting to discuss improvements at Olbrich Park. At this meeting, City staff will review current site conditions and seek input on proposed improvements from area residents and project stakeholders. If you have questions or comments but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact Mike Sturm at (608) 267?4921 or at


Monday April 2

Clean Shoreline neighborhood meeting

7p Fellowship Hall, Bethany Evangelical Free Church 301 Riverside Dr


Dane County is working on a project to improve/clean lake shorelines, and they propose to test it at Yahara Place Park. The project, which would be funded by Dane County, consists of placing a boom wall in the lake which would trap material and then allow Dane County staff to remove algae and accumulated material on the shoreline. Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where John Reimer, Interim Deputy Director of Dane County Land & Water Resources Department, will give a presentation on the project. 


Tuesday April 3


Wednesday April 4

Beacon Community meeting

5:30p 2nd fl Community room 615 E Washington

?The Beacon is inviting neighbors to a community update to share how they are responding to neighborhood concerns about trespassing and other activities. Beacon staff and MPD have come up with a list of guidelines. Hope to see you there.

You may have seen Central District's Captain Jason Freedman's recent communication (3/22/18). I am copying a long quote: 

"In late February, Lt. Brian Chaney-Austin and Neighborhood Resource Officer Ken Brown had an urgent meeting with the Beacon; from that meeting, a clear and transparent code of conduct policy was adopted by the Beacon, akin to what the Madison Public Library uses.  The policy was effected on February 27.  As of March 20, there have been 12 CFS (calls for service), several of which represented follow-up by MPD, a significant reduction (thus far) over the previous two months.  Some of these calls involved the Beacon requesting MPD to handle a small problem before it became larger.  Importantly for me, my officers who respond to the Beacon agree that things are much improved.  Further, as the 'culture of conduct' becomes the norm at the Beacon, I expect further overall reductions in calls.

I am now confident that given all of the new and improved systems and processes that the Beacon has implemented, that the volume and intensity of the problematic activity will curtail significantly.  I am also confident that by reducing negative behaviors, not only will staff, clientele, and officers be safer, but it will also be easier to provide services to those most in need.  However, should current processes not prove sufficient, MPD will continue to work collaboratively with the Beacon and others, as needed, to mitigate the problems.

However, given the inherent challenges of the clientele, we should be under no illusions that there will not continue to be calls in and around the Beacon.  In fact, MPD expects that while inside the Beacon will remain a calmer, more productive space, we will see more issues and calls for service in areas around the Beacon including but not limited to nearby parks, public spaces, and even into private spaces.

Because of these expectations, CPD identified the area around the Beacon as a district priority for 2018.  In order to mitigate concerning behaviors, CPD is using a number of different strategies.  We have requested a problem solving initiative for the area (essentially a pool of overtime funds to allow us to provide extra patrol and enforcement in identified hotspots).  We are examining alcohol sales and retailers in the area to see if we can identify practices that will reduce alcohol related issues.  We provide extra routine patrol, and we continue to have our NRO be our lead for all Beacon related matters.  We have worked with surrounding properties to post no-trespassing signs, consider lighting improvements, and examine other environmental changes that would foster safety and security."


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