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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of July 9, 2018

July 8, 2018 8:23 PM

Highlights: Landmarks has several topics of interest for D6 and downtown residents Monday including a certificate of appropriateness for St Bernards lighting, the proposed podium at Judge Doyle Square and the latest iteration for the hotel at the top of State St. At the Common Council Tuesday is Option 1B for Winnebago St reconstruction. I am supporting this version, see item below for comments about corridor planning. On Wednesday, I will be holding a neighborhood meeting about Red Caboose's proposal to partner with Movin' Out to build a 5 story mixed use building in Union Corners.  On Thursday July 19, I will be holding a neighborhood meeting about Grampa's Pizzeria proposal for outdoor seating, see end of blog for details.


Monday July 9

Landmarks Commission

5p room 103A CCB


1. 52263 3241 Garver Green - An adjustment to the boundary for a landmark site to correspond to a previously approved land division for the Garver site; 6 th Ald. Dist.


2. 51828 2450 Atwood Avenue - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark; 6th Ald. Dist.


4. 52227 1353 Williamson St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


Issuing a certificate of appropriateness to fix damage to Ha Long Bay.


5. 51562 118-126 State St - Development Adjacent to a Designated Madison Landmark; 4th Ald. Dist. 


The Applicant is proposing to develop four contiguous properties on State Street that also have frontages on West Dayton Street and North Carroll Street. One of those properties is adjacent to the Lamb Building, a designated landmark. The Lamb Building is a narrow building on an angled through lot with elevations on both State Street and North Carroll Street. Each elevation of the landmark building is viewed against the proposed development differently and will be described separately in this analysis. A different version of this project was reviewed by the Landmarks Commission on October 2, 2017 (Legistar 49062). Since that review, the buildings at 124 and 126 State were acquired and those sites have been incorporated into the project thus resulting in a larger overall development and a significantly changed appearance. The larger project was reviewed on May 14, 2018 (Legistar 51562) and the item was referred to a future meeting for action. The existing building at 118 State is adjacent to the Lamb Building along the Lamb Building's western property line that runs from State Street to North Carroll Street. The proposed development will maintain a portion of the buildings at 118 and 126 State while the entirety of the existing 6 story building at 122 State and the 2 story building at 124 State will be demolished. 


The building at 118 was constructed in 1897 as the original location of the Mautz Brothers Paint Company. Mautz would later become one of Madison's largest industries. The Mautz Building was constructed before the adjacent landmark, Lamb Building. The Lamb Building is architecturally significant because it was designed by master architect, Louis Claude of the local architecture firm of Claude and Starck. The Lamb Building was constructed in 1905 in the Queen Anne style. The Lamb Building is also historically significant because the master architect had an office in the commercial building. The Lamb Building was designed with the Mautz Building (118 State) and the Wisconsin Building (102 State) as its neighbors. The three buildings have held the top of State Street since 1905. The Lamb Building has been flanked by period buildings that provide it an appropriate immediate context and the proposed development will change that context. 


The recommendations relates to the two different street frontages. Regarding the State Street frontage, staff recommends that the Landmarks Commission find that the new development is large, but not so large or visually intrusive as to adversely affect the historic character and integrity of the primary façade of the adjoining landmark. Regarding the North Carroll frontage, staff recommends that the Landmarks Commission find that the new development is large, but is not so large or visually intrusive as to adversely affect the historic character and integrity of the secondary façade of the adjoining landmark.


6. 52224 Review of Klueter Grocery (901 E Washington Ave) National Register Nomination 


National register nomination is the way for the developer to get historic preservation tax credits from the feds and state.


7. 52225 210 S Pinckney St (Judge Doyle Square) - Alteration to Planned Development Zoning Adjacent to a Designated Madison Landmark; 4th Ald. Dist.


The Applicant is proposing to construct a development adjacent to a designated landmark. The new development consists of a parking garage "podium" owned by the City with the potential to have a developer construct a mixed use development above the parking garage or to cap the parking garage. Because the use of the space above the parking garage podium is unknown, the Commission should review the drawings (Option A and Option B dated June 15, 2018) showing the parking garage podium only and provide a recommendation to the Plan Commission and Urban Design Commission. The Landmarks Commission understands that any future development above the parking garage podium and/or reskinning of the proposed parking garage podium will require Commission review. The proposed Option A and Option B are approximately 3 stories tall and are lower than the adjacent landmark building. While the proposed materials are not noted, it is assumed that the materials include limestone, horizontal metal grille panels, glass and metal storefront system, and clear glass and spandrel glass upper wall system. As a standalone building, these materials and their treatment seem appropriate for the podium. In the future, when a mixed use development is constructed above the podium, these materials and their treatment may not be appropriate with the proposed design. The limestone is complementary to the material of the landmark building and the horizontal limestone seems more appropriate as a treatment at the base of a building than the vertical limestone. The horizontal treatment also relates directly to the landmark building. The wrapping of the horizontal limestone at the corners of Option A relates the podium to the landmark building. 


10. 49999 Buildings Proposed for Demolition 


924 E Main St - Applicant: Curt Brink, Archipelago Village LLC Applicant's Comments: Owner seeks permission to demolish the vacant 1-story warehouse at 924 E. Main St. and a one-story brick warehouse in order to complete environmental remediation of the former Mautz Paint site. Staff Findings: The preservation file indicates the building was constructed in 1928 as the National Biscuit Company Warehouse and was designed by Edward Tough and built by George Cnare and Sons.


118 State St - 122 State St - 124 State St - 126 State St


Photos and history for each property



Monday July 9

Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee

5:30p room 1 Warner Park Community Center 1625 Northport Dr


8. Draft Report Framework and Special Area Plan Key Elements -Overarching Vision/Key Elements -Objectives -Opportunities



Tuesday July 10

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 108 CCB


7. 52116 Update: Department of Civil Rights and City-Wide Implementation of Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) & Human Resource (HR) Report Recommendations - Norm Davis, Director, Department of Civil Rights



Tuesday July 10

Madison Arts Commission

5:30p room 103A CCB


8. 37957 Public Market Approving release of Request of Qualifications for $140,000 public art piece for the new Public Market 


The city is working to select an architecture and engineering firm to provide a final design and site plan.


9. 45377 Artists Spaces - Discussion of artist spaces - Discuss Thurber Park residencies and Call for Artists



Tuesday July 10

Common Council 

6:30p room 201 CCB


3. 51574 SUBSTITUTE Amending Sections 28.211, 28.032, 28.061, 28.072, 28.082, 28.091, and 28.151 of the Madison General Ordinances to allow free-standing vending on private property.


The substitute addresses the concerns I raised previously.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This substitute ordinance was necessary to substitute a new definition for freestanding vending, add technical requirements, and to change the use status in various zoning districts. Under this substitute ordinance, free-standing vending continues to be prohibited in all districts if located on a zoning lot containing residential uses. In non-residential districts, free-standing vending is a permitted use if it located more than 200 feet from the property line of a lot with a residential use and is a conditional use if located 200 feet or less from the property line of a lot with a residential use. The supplemental regulations also 1) set hours of operations, 2) set licensing and operations requirements, 3) require a City-approved site plan, 4) provide a 25-foot distance separation requirement between any free-standing vending operation and a brick and mortar restaurant or restaurant-tavern (unless specifically allowed by that business owner), and provide other regulations to be enforced by the Zoning Administrator. Finally, in adopting many of the same operational requirements contained in the street vending ordinance (Sec. 9.13, MGO) this ordinance ensures that the City is not creating a new class of vending carts in terms of cart size, noise requirements, and other aspects of on-street food vending cart. This ordinance will have the effect of allowing food carts on private property in many areas where they are currently prohibited and thus responds to a long-history of requests from employers and other business owners who wish to have more convenient access to food for their employees or customers



10. 52086 Approving Plans, Specifications and Schedule of Assessments for Winnebago Street, Atwood Avenue and Linden Avenue Assessment District - 2018. (6th AD)


This is Option 1B. The stretch between Schenk's Corners and 4th St has been tweaked to improve bike safety in this commercial block. Bumpouts have extended to add more opportunities to plant street trees which does reduce some parking but overall parking remains on both sides of Winnebago. Regarding the issue of corridor planning, staff assures me that this plan accounts for the work that the neighborhood design group worked on for Schenk's Corners and promises that we will plan the section from Thornton to Schenks Corridor to make sure bike safety and paths are enhanced. 


Plans and other documents here


13. 50983 Temporary Class B Retailer License Concurrent with Street Use Permit Verona Wildcats Youth Hockey Association Event Location: 931 E Main Street Event Date: October 13, 2018 Aldermanic District 6 (Ald. Rummel) 




23. 51991 Change of Licensed Premise Irwin A & Robert D Goodman Community Center Inc

dba Goodman Community Center Current Capacity (in/out): 500/0 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 1500/500 700/0 149 Waubesa St • Agent: Rebecca Steinhoff Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 25% alcohol, 75% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 602 Add "Loft" area and current fitness room at 149 Waubesa St.  6/20/18 ALCOHOL LICENSE REVIEW COMMITTEE RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO GRANT - REPORT OF OFFICER The approved areas are the "Loft" area and current fitness room at 149 Waubesa St


29. 52028 Change of Licensed Premise 2089 Inc • dba Monty's Blue Plate Diner Current Capacity (in/out): 99/0 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 99/300 2089 Atwood Ave • Agent: Noelle Luce Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 5% alcohol, 95% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Add parking lot to licensed premises for the last weekend in July, 2018.


59. 51866 Authorizing City Engineering to issue a request for proposals for design engineering services for Garver Path. (6th & 15th ADs) 


71. 52045 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for McPike Park Skatepark Seating Area. (6th AD)


72. 52047 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for Olbrich Park Maintenance Shed. (6th & 15th ADs)


75. 52060 Approving plans and specifications for public improvements necessary for the project known as 2507 Winnebago Street - Grand Family Housing and authorizing construction to be undertaken by the Developer, Private Contract No. 8218. (6th AD)


82. 52109 Approving plans and specifications for public improvements necessary for the project known as Winnebago Arts and Cohousing and authorizing construction to be undertaken by the Developer, and Rescinding Resolution RES-18-00373, File Number 51380, Private Contract No. 8189. (6th AD)


86. 52279 New Theater License Application Arts & Literature Laboratory Inc • dba Arts + Literature Laboratory 2021 Winnebago St • Agent: Jolynne Roorda Estimated Capacity: 50 Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410


91. 52068 Authorizing a Request for Proposals for professional architectural and engineering consultant design services for the Madison Public Market. (12th AD)


95. 51892 Authorizing the development of a special area plan for the greater West Mifflin/West Washington area.


104. 52143 Rejecting the Trump Administration's Policy of separating children from their families at the border, calling on congress to immediately halt this inhumane policy, and enact fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform.?


RECONSIDERATION Reconsideration of Legislative File No. 50758 requested by Ald. King 105. 50758 Creating Section 28.022 -- 00324 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 717-753 E. Johnson Street, 2nd Aldermanic District, from TR-V2 (Traditional Residential - Varied 2) District to NMX (Neighborhood Mixed-Use) District. 




107. 52317 Amending Section 2.05(5) of the Madison General Ordinances to allow the reintroduction of a matter in less than 60 days by suspension of the rules.


109. 51409 Establishing the City of Madison Performance Excellence Framework and Implementation and On-Going Sustainability Efforts.


117. 52269 Approving an extension to the due date for submitting the Fiber-to-the-Premise implementation plan to the Common Council.


123. 52300 Amend the membership of the Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee from fifteen (15) to thirteen (13). Sponsors: Samba Baldeh Attachments: 51585.pdf Legislative History 7/2/18 Council Office Referred for Introduction Introduce under suspension of Rule 2.05(5), MGO, 2/3 vote is required to suspend the rules to allow for reintroduction of similar resolution within the 60 day time frame.


126. 52313 Resolution accepting the Center for Community Stewardship, Inc. as the new coordinating organization for the Madison Cooperative Development Coalition (MCDC) for the Cooperative Enterprise Development Program.


129. 52321 Authorizing the City to retain special outside counsel on a non-competitive basis to assist the Office of the City Attorney in representing the City's interests in financing the public market.


131. 52325 Supporting the application by the City of Madison to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for an Our Town grant to be used to help fund "Science to Street Art" and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract with NEA to receive and use these funds should they be awarded


134. 52299 Public Hearing - New License Irwin A & Robert D Goodman Community Center Inc dba Goodman Community Center 214 Waubesa St • Agent: Rebecca Steinhoff • Estimated Capacity: 700 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 8% alcohol, 49% food, 43% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) 


135. 52301 Public Hearing - New License Burritos & Tacos Madison Mexican Grill LLC • dba Taqueria 3 Amigos 1133 Williamson St • Agent: Juan Cazares • Estimated Capacity: 60 Class B Beer • 10% alcohol, 85% food, 5% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) 


137. 52303 Public Hearing - New License City Mos Eisley LLC • dba Star Liquor 1209 Williamson St • Agent: John Conowall Class A Beer, Class A Liquor Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408 LICLIA-2018-00493 App.pdf


139. 52305 Public Hearing - New License Vintage II Inc • dba Tangent 803 E Washington Ave • Agent: Trent Kraemer Estimated Capacity: 387 inside / 75 outside Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 41% alcohol, 55% food, 4% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 407


140. 52306 Public Hearing - New License Musonics LLC • dba Cafe Coda 1224 Williamson St • Agent: Hanah Jon Taylor • Estimated Capacity: 99 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 60% alcohol, 0% food, 40% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408


142. 52278 Equitable Workforce (Affirmative Action) Plan Second Year (2017) Progress Report?



Wednesday July 11

Street Use Staff Commission

10a room 108 CCB


Calendar of upcoming events



Wednesday July 11

Board of Public Works 

4:30p room 108 CCB


5. 52035 Approving roadway geometry for the Atwood Avenue Reconstruction (Fair Oaks Avenue to Cottage Grove Road). (6th & 15th ADs) 


Lead agency is Board of Public Works with additional referral of the Pedestrian Bicycle Motor Vehicle Committee. Ped Bike had the following recommendation: A motion was made by Foster, seconded by Alder Skidmore, to recommend adoption of the proposed geometry with a buffer added from Walter to Cottage Grove Road, and no on-street parking on the south side of the street through the park. Alder Kemble made a friendly amendment to add Chair Rewey's comments requesting an eight-foot terrace, in lieu of the parking, so that street trees can be added, on both sides if possible. The motion passed by the following vote: 5 - ayes; 1 - no; 1 - non-voting; 1 - excused. 



Wednesday July 11

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 354 CCB



3. 52249 306 S. Baldwin Street - PD, Construction of New Single-Family Residence. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Nicholas Rhode Applicant: Nicholas Rhode Informational Presentation 


4. 52248 3527 Atwood Avenue - Construction of a New Maintenance Shed and Relocation of Four Hoop Houses for Olbrich Botanical Gardens. 15th Ald. Dist. Owner: City of Madison Parks Division Applicant: Mike Sturm, City of Madison Parks Division Initial/Final Approval is Requested?


The address listed is in D15 but the proposed location for the shed and hoop housed is actually in D6, not D15...



Wednesday July 11

Public Safety Review Committee

5p room Parkison, Fire Dept Admin Building 314 W Dayton


1. 51819 Creating Sections 25.18 and 25.17(10) and amending Section 1.08(3)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to regulate the use of drones and establish a bond schedule for violations thereof. Attachments: Body NEW BUSINESS/ACTION ITEM 


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This proposal adopts certain provisions of state law relating to the regulation of drones, and creates civil forfeitures for violations of the provisions. This proposal prohibits the operation of a weaponized drone except by military personnel acting in their official capacity, based on Wis. Stat. § 941.292. It prohibits the use of a drone to photograph, record or otherwise observe a person in a location where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, except by a law enforcement officer authorized under Wis. Stat. § 175.55(2), and is based on Wis. Stat. § 942.10. This proposal also adopts a provision of state law, Wis. Stat. § 114.04, which makes it unlawful to land a spacecraft or aircraft on the lands of another, without the person's consent, and makes it unlawful to fly a spacecraft or aircraft so low as to interfere with the existing use of the lands or water, or flying a spacecraft or aircraft so to be imminently dangerous or damaging to persons or property lawfully on the lands or water beneath.


2. 52042 Creating Sec. 12.177 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a City of Madison motor vehicle registration fee. Attachments: Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Fact Sheet


Fiscal Note: This ordinance authorizes a local vehicle registration fee as allowed under state law. A $17 fee is anticipated to raise $3.3 million on an annual basis (based on information from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that there are approximately 194,000 eligible vehicles registered in the City of Madison). Proceeds from a local vehicle registration fee must be used for transportation purposes. Use of the revenues from a local vehicle registration fee requires appropriation by the Common Council through a resolution (e.g., the budget). The state vehicle registration fee is $75 annually. Dane County recently enacted a local vehicle registration fee of $28, effective October 1, 2018. The County fee applies to all eligible vehicles in the county, including eligible vehicles in the City of Madison. A $17 fee levied by the City of Madison would result in a total vehicle registration fee in the City of $120.



Wednesday July 11

Neighborhood Meeting: Red Caboose mixed use development at Union Corners

6p Goodman Community Center 149 Waubesa St



Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about the proposal from Red Caboose Child Care Center, Inc. and Movin' Out, Inc. for a five-story, mixed-use building at 2340 Winnebago Street.   The site is currently zoned Planned Development (PD).  The development would house approximately 13,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space to be used by the non-profit childcare facility as well as 48 units of affordable housing (approximately 45,000 square feet).  There would also be green space, a rooftop terrace, a 6,000 square foot playground and 30 underground parking stalls.



Wednesday July 11

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Parkway


8 52367 Superintendent's July 2018 Report RECOMMEND ACCEPTANCE OF THE REPORT


18 52354 Atwood Avenue reconstruction from Fair Oaks Ave to Cottage Grove Rd. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION



Thursday July 12

Urban Forestry Task Force

12:30p room 103A CCB


51042 Status of Task Force


52031 Public Lands Policy Review 


52318 Research Proposal regarding Electric Utility Lines and Street Trees


Prepared in 2017 by Jeremy Kane (Urban Tree Alliance) and John Harrington (UW-Madison Dept. of Landscape Architecture) for a grant application to the Tree Fund and general fundraising. This is document is now presented for review and reference by the Urban Forestry Task Force. 


There is significant opportunity, and need, to consider how the urban canopy can be integrated into complex infrastructure systems projects into order to maximize canopy value. Aging urban infrastructures such as roads, storm and sewer lines, and electric transmission systems will be increasing in need of replacement, nationwide. Likewise, naturally aging urban trees and acute management crises like the Emerald Ash Boer mean that canopy resources need consistent renewal. By establishing a method of cost-benefit analysis that integrates the value of large, diversified urban canopies into project planning, outcomes will reflect the considerable eco-service benefits of urban trees. 



Thursday July 12

Equal Opportunities Commission

5p room 103A CCB


1. 50110 SUBSTITUTE. Establishing a moratorium on issuance of new alcohol licenses in a high density, high police call area in downtown Madison and establishing a Task Force on Downtown violence. Map Alcohol License Moratorium Area_Density Map With Establishments.pdf Version 1 Map for Revised Area - Substitute Attachments: 


I expect that the sponsors will be changing the resolution again. Stay tuned.


2. 52042 Creating Sec. 12.177 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a City of Madison motor vehicle registration fee.



Thursday July 12

MPD Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee

5:30p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Parkway


1. 13137 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendations found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review?



Upcoming Meetings


Thursday, July 19, 2018 

Neighborhood meeting: Grampa's proposal for outdoor seating

7:00 p.m. Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, Youth Room 953 Jenifer Street 


Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about Gilbert Altschul's proposal to add outdoor patio seating at Grampa's Pizzeria, 1374 Williamson Street. The capacity of the patio would be 30, it would be open until 10:00 p.m., and there would be no amplified music. This proposal requires Conditional Use approval from the Plan Commission and Change in Licensed Premise approval from the Alcohol License Review Committee. 

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Neighborhood Meeting
Road Construction


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