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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of September 24, 2018

September 23, 2018 10:48 PM

Highlights: The Finance Committee offers amendment to the 2019 Executive Capital budget on Monday. I am seeking $250K to underground utilities as part of the Winnebago St reconstruction that is just getting bid. I propose reimburse TID 37 once the tax increment grows as more of the Union Corners projects are completed. At Tuesday's Council meeting, there is an appeal by the D13 Alder of the Landmarks Commission decision last month to not issue a certificate of appropriateness for the removal of the Confederate Rest monument in Forest Hill Cemetery. The appeal will be referred to the Common Council meeting of October 2. The Planned Development for a new hotel at the top of State St is up for approval, I expect a lot of public testimony both for and against. The Mayor vetoed a liquor license at 502 State St. At Board of Public Works on Wednesday, the Blair/Nolen intersection will seek funds for final design (the project is scheduled to be constructed in 2021) and the Economic Development Commission will discuss the downtown alders alternate to the Mayor's moratorium on alcohol licenses. The ALRC also meets Wednesday with several D6 applications. Also Wednesday, I am co-hosting with Alder Palm a D12 neighborhood meeting about proposed new construction at 1954 E Washington (The Avenue). Finally Thursday is the MPD Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee taking a look at some of the OIR recommendations for MPD. See the end of the blog for several upcoming meetings.

Streets Division will begin the final guaranteed round of brush collection on Monday, October 1. Residents who wish to utilize the curbside brush collection service this year should have their brush to the curb prior to October 1.


Monday September 24, 2018

Sustainable Madison Committee

4:30p room 357 CCB


1.53250 Discussion with Dane County Supervisor Yogesh Chawla regarding a Lake Level Resolution through the Dane County Board.


2. 53251 DRAFT Advancing the Sustainability Plan Resolution


3. 53252 Presentation and Discussion with Mahanth Joishy, Superintendent, City of Madison Fleet Services - Vehicle Sustainability Initiatives.


Monday September 24

Finance Committee

4:30p room 201 CCB


4. 52991 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Frameshift Arts Café LLC allowing for the use of the City-owned transportation corridor parcel located at 21 South Fourth Street for parking purposes. (6th A.D.)


6. 52985 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into an agreement with the consultant team of AECOM et al. for Phase 1 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Development and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Small Starts grant application services for the City of Madison.


7. 53063 Amending the 2018 Adopted Operating Budget to transfer $40,000 from the Contingent Reserve to the Community Development Division in order to fund and authorize a non-competitive service contract with Anesis Therapy for the purpose of continuing mental health and community programming services to Madison's Hmong community through the end of 2018.


The city is responding to the loss of a service provider to provide culturally specific mental health services to Hmong and Khmer residents.


9. 52870 2019 Executive Capital Budget


Finance Committee amendments I am proposing two amendments:


Amendment #3 Engineering-Major Streets Reconstruction Streets - Winnebago Street Alder Verveer/Alder Rummel: Add $250,000 of TIF Proceeds from TID 37 reimbursable borrowing to the 2019 Winnebago Street reconstruction project within the Reconstruction Streets program to underground overhead utility wires at Winnebago Street and Sutherland Court.


The proposed amendment adds TIF proceeds from TID 37 reimbursable borrowing for the undergrounding of overhead utility wires at Winnebago Street and Sutherland Court within the Engineering Major Streets Reconstruction Streets capital program. The Winnebago Street reconstruction project is currently planned for 2019 with $957,000 of reauthorized TIF Proceeds from TID 37 reimbursable borrowing for the reconstruction of Winnebago Street from 2nd Street to 6th Street. The proposed amendment adds $250,000 of TIF proceeds from TID 37 reimbursable borrowing to the project for a total project cost of $1,207,000. The project boundaries are within TID 37. TID 37 is currently projecting unrecovered costs of $2.4 million, inclusive of all prior expenditures and 2019 planned projects.

The proposed addition of $250,000 of TID 37 proceeds will be provided by borrowing against the TID, which will be paid by tax increment in future years. The projected annual tax increment for TID 37 in 2019 is $1.2 million.


Amendment #14 Traffic Engineering Traffic Safety Infrastructure-Mobile Speed Boards  Add the following language to the Traffic Safety Infrastructure program: "A portion of funds budgeted in 2019 will be used to purchase two mobile speed boards."  The 2019 Executive CIP includes $100,000 annually for the Traffic Safety Infrastructure program. The annual appropriation is assumed as a 50/50 split between GO Borrowing and Federal Sources. There is no anticipated source of funding for the federal funds. The current available balance in the program is $161,000. Specific projects have not been identified for all of the funds.


10. 53249 Judge Doyle Square Project Update – noticed to go into closed session


Tuesday September 25

Council presentation

5p room 201 CCB


Finance Department Briefing: 2019 Operating Budget Outlook


Tuesday September 25

Common Council

6:30 room 201 CCB


1. 53065 Honoring Connie Phair, Matt Phair and Alec Lewis for their Lifesaving Efforts on August 20, 2018.


2. 53234 Honoring the work and dedication of all those involved in the recent (and continuing) flooding event and expressing the support and sympathy of the Mayor and Common Council to those directly affected by the devastating flooding that occurred across the city on August 20, 2018.


Thanks city staff and to everyone who stepped up to help their neighbors, it was amazing.


3. 52415 Appeal of Landmarks Commission Decision on 8/27/18: 1 Speedway Rd - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark Site (Forest Hill Cemetery); 13th Ald. Dist. (Note: Per City ordinance, the Council must first set the Appeal for a Public Hearing)


The appeal will be heard October 3.


4. 52535 Creating Section 28.022 - 00338 and Section 28.022 - 00339 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties generally located at 118-126 State Street, 4th Aldermanic District, from DC (Downtown Core) District to PD(GDP-SIP) (Planned Development (General Development Plan, Specific Implementation Plan)) District.


The staff report recommended placing the application on file. The Planning Division did not believe that the applicant demonstrated that the project met the criteria for additional height in order to allow the three additional stories of height above the maximum of six allowed on the Downtown Height Map in the Zoning Code. But last week the Plan Commission voted to support the rezoning to Planned Development with conditions.   


There were three major issues: A hotel is a permitted use in the Downtown Core zoning district, but the proposed height exceeds recommendations in the 2012 Downtown Plan. The applicant does not provide any on-site parking,  relies on valet parking and using a public street ( N Carroll) to serve customers and receive deliveries. Finally the articulation of the upper stories, especially interior side walls visible from vantage points on the Capitol Square and from the Overture Center at the intersection of State/Fairchild/Dayton was inconsistent with the character of the flatiron block. But, the Downtown Plan recommends that the maximum building heights can be exceeded through the planned development process.


The Landmarks Commission saw the project twice. The second iteration dramatically improved the State St façade. The building was stepped back. Removing the mass gave the historic buildings more breathing room. The Landmarks Commission had an advisory role. We voted unanimously that the proposed new hotel was not so large or visually intrusive as to adversely affect the historic character and integrity of the adjacent landmarked buildings.


It is rare that the Plan Commission disregards a staff recommendation. We will see if the Council agrees with staff or the Plan Commission.


6. 52870 2019 Executive Capital Budget


7. 52664 Creating Sections 28.022 - 00342 and 28.022 - 00343 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 306 South Baldwin Street, 6th Aldermanic District, from TR-C4 (Traditional Residential-Consistent 4) District to PD(GDP) Planned Development (General Development Plan) District and PD(SIP) Planned Development (Specific Implementation Plan) District.



12. 52498 Public Hearing - New License Laura Garden LLC • dba Koi Sushi 502 State St • Agent: Xi Wang Filion • 8/15/18 ALCOHOL LICENSE REVIEW COMMITTEE RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO GRANT WITH CONDITIONS - PUBLIC HEARING Note: The recommendation to grant with conditions is conditional upon the applicant providing the Clerk's Office with proof of approval from Building Inspection that all repairs have been made. No provisional license is allowed. Conditions: 1. Alcohol sales must cease no later than 10 pm Sunday - Thursday and no later than 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. 2. Establishment must meet the definition of a restaurant under Section 38.02 of Madison General Ordinance at all times. 3. Food must be available at all times. 4. Outdoor seating capacity is 12 persons. Total capacity (inside and outside) is a total of 90 persons


37. 52991 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Frameshift Arts Café LLC allowing for the use of the City-owned transportation corridor parcel located at 21 South Fourth Street for parking purposes. (6th A.D.)


47. 53037 Authorizing the execution of a lease with Star Investments LLC for temporary space at 209 Cottage Grove Avenue for the relocation of the Pinney Library. (15th A.D.)


49. 53043 Authorizing the City of Madison to provide coverage for medically necessary procedures, services, and supplies associated with gender reassignment, from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.


50. 53063 Amending the 2018 Adopted Operating Budget to transfer $40,000 from the Contingent Reserve to the Community Development Division in order to fund and authorize a non-competitive service contract with Anesis Therapy for the purpose of continuing mental health and community programming services to Madison's Hmong community through the end of 2018.




70. 53221 Amending Sections 28.211, 28.151, 28.061, 28.072, 28.082 and 28.091 of the Madison General Ordinances to add Tasting Room as a use and to amend the supplemental regulations of Restaurant-Nightclub and make Restaurant-Nightclub a conditional use in all districts where it is allowed. Sponsors: Marsha A. Rummel


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance adds Tasting Room as a use in the food and beverage use category. Tasting rooms are a relatively new use that are becoming more frequently requested in Madison. Tasting Rooms are places that offer beer, wine, or liquor for consumption on the premises that was manufactured or rectified on the premises or at an off-site location associated with the Tasting Room. Under state law, as long as these establishments sell only the beer, wine, or liquor that they manufacture or rectify, they do not require a class A or B liquor license and, therefore, do not have regulatory oversight by the City like other similar alcohol and beverage uses. They are licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Accordingly, this ordinance adds Tasting Room as a use and makes it a conditional use in all employment districts and in NMX, MXC, TSS, CC and CC-T. As a conditional use, the city will be able to exercise regulatory oversight similar to that provided to traditional licensed establishments.

This ordinance also amends the supplemental regulations for Restaurant-Nightclub. Under the current ordinance, only restaurant-nightclubs that operate between the house of midnight and 5 a.m. require conditional use approval. This ordinance makes all restaurant-nightclubs a conditional use. It also removes the exception in the supplemental regulation making restaurant night clubs established before the effective date of the ordinance a permitted (as opposed to a nonconforming) use. 


72. 52928 Adopting the 2018-2023 Park and Open Space Plan as a Supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan.


Wednesday September 26

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


8. 53163 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an Amendment to the contract between Madison and Strand Associates, Inc. for additional design engineering services for the Blair/John Nolen Intersection final design. (4th & 6th ADs)


The proposed resolution approves the contract amendment for design engineering services for the Blair/John Nolen Intersection at an estimated cost of $375,000. Funding for this contract amendment is provided by GO Borrowing via the Blair/John Nolen Intersection project which authorized $500,000 in the adopted 2018 capital budget (MUNIS #11135).

The City is proposing to reconstruct John Nolen Drive & S Blair Street (State Hwy 151) at the intersection of E Wilson St and Williamson St in 2021.  The City entered into an agreement

with Strand Associates, Inc. for design services (Original: RES-16-00361).  A corridor study was performed and accepted by Common Council and geometry approved for the

intersection (RES-18-00489).  City Engineering & City Traffic Engineering were authorized to proceed with final design for reconstruction of the intersection.   


17. 53190 Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8106, Winnebago Street, Atwood Avenue and Linden Avenue Assessment District - 2018. (6th AD) BIDS ARE SCHEDULED TO BE OPENED ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH - RECOMMENDATION TO BE PROVIDED AT THE BPW MEETING.


Wednesday September 26

Economic Development Commission

5p room GR 27 CCB (enter at 211 S Carroll St)


1.52680 Acknowledging the City of Madison inter-disciplinary staff team tasked with analyzing alcohol outlet density, to identify issues related to excessive alcohol consumption that result in disproportionate calls for service, and propose steps to address such problems.


Wednesday September 26

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p room 354 CCB


17. 52374 Business Name Change 2116 AWA LLC • Current dba: The New Mr. Roberts 2116 Atwood Ave Class B Combination Liquor & Beer Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) New dba: The Atwood


The name change was referred when the owner did not appear at the August ALRC meeting. I support the name change.


22. 53164 Second request to extend license issuance beyond the 90 day limit under MGO 38.05 I/O Arcard Bar LLC • dba I/O Arcade Bar 720 Williamson St • Agent: Mitchell Turino • Estimated Capacity: 155 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 75% alcohol, 15% food, 10% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408


I took a tour of the new Olds Warehouse building last week, Mitchell was working on the interior build out of the I/O Arcade and I stopped in to say hello. He said he hopes to open by the end of October.


23. 53166 Second request to extend license issuance beyond the 90 day limit under MGO 38.05 Encore Adventure LLC • dba Tiny's Tap House 308 S Paterson Street • Agent: Holly Alexander • Estimated Capacity: 30 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 75% alcohol, 20% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408


29. 52941 21+ Entertainment License Frameshift Arts Cafe LLC • dba The Winnebago Arts Cafe • Capacity: 99 2262 Winnebago St • Agent: John DeHaven Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 40% alcohol, 57% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Recessed Public Hearing


30. 52497 Public Hearing - New License Frameshift Arts Cafe LLC • dba The Winnebago Arts Cafe 2262 Winnebago St. • Agent: John DeHaven • Estimated Capacity: 99 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 40% alcohol, 57% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410


I held a neighborhood meeting September 5 with the owners Jake DeHaven (events manager) and John DeHaven (general manager) and nearby neighbors. They plan to serve food starting at 7a weekdays and 8a weekends with sit down and grab and go meals available through out the day. Initially, they will start with one evening event a week and slowly add up to 3-6 performances/week. They agreed to close Sunday-Wednesday nights by 11p with last call at 10p, music ending by 10:30. From Thurs-Saturday, they would close by midnight, with music ending by 11p. The have installed sound insulation and will establish a 100 dbl limit.


I support this application.


Wednesday September 26

Neighborhood Meeting: 1954 E Washington Ave (D12)

6:30p East High School room 1043 LMC Purple (use door 2 or door 4, on 4th st)


Join Alder Larry Palm and me to learn more about Madison Development Corporation (MDC) proposed phased redevelopment of their property located at 1954 E. Washington Ave.  The initial phase includes the construction of a four-story, 27unit apartment building on E. Washington Ave. A future phase proposes the demolition of the existing office building on the corner of Second St. and E. Mifflin St. and the construction of two 4-unit townhouse buildings in its place.  The existing private Graaskamp Park on E. Mifflin St. will be improved as part of this project. MDC will be requesting approval from the City of Madison for the demolition of an existing building, the rezoning from TR-V2 to TR-U1, and conditional-use approval necessary for the redevelopment. The concept plans have been shared with Emerson East Neighborhood Association and at an informational presentation at Urban Design Commission.


Thursday September 27

Mansion Hill Historic District Ordinance Revisions

5:30p Madison Senior Center 330 W Mifflin St


Thursday September 27

MPD Ad Hoc Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee

6:30p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway


1.18790 Presentation and discussion with John Halloway, Executive Director of the Quattrone Center, and Michael Bell regarding the development of a root cause analysis process


2. 19074 Review and discussion of action items numbers 2, 5, and 11 located in the President's Work Group on Police and Community Relations report Attachments: President's Work Group Final Report.pdf


3. 19271 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation no. 10 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "MPD should consider implementing the 21st Century Policing Task Force's Action Item to make all department policies available for public review."


4. 19329 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation no. 11 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "As part of its ongoing and constructive support on an innovative program, MPD should dialogue with its criminal justice partners to consider whether restorative justice programs available for controversial high media profile incidents can be made available for similar incidents that do not rise to the same level of medial attention."


5. 16616 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation No. 18 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "MPD should revise policy discouraging the use of family, friends, or bystands to serve as translators, except when MPD or City resources are not available and the situation is exigent. In cases when civilians are used as translators, the non-availability of other MPD resources should be documented."


6. 52897 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation No. 19 in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "MPD should devise policy instruction its officers not to requrest social workers to provide translation services unless there is a pre-exisiting understanding with the social services agency that they agree to do so."


7. 18203 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation No. 20 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "MPD should devise ways to incentivize its bilingual officers to assist in providing translations assistance in the field, including the consideration of adopting a pay differential."


8. 19434 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation no. 75 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review "MPD should develop a robust review process after a critical incident such as an officer-involved shooting that examines the incident through the lenses of performance, training, supervision, equipment, and accountability. The review process should consider pre-incident decision making and tactics, the use of force, and post-incident response, including the provision of medical care and communication with family members. The review process should include development of a corrective remedial plan designed to identify and address any issues identified."


Here is a link to the OIR Report


Friday September 28

Task Force on Structure of City Government

6p Goodman Community Center 149 Waubesa St


Upcoming Meetings


Wednesday October 3

Community Flood Education Forum

6:30p Madison Senior Center 330 W Mifflin St


Marquette Neighborhood Association, Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association, and SASY Neighborhood Association invite you to hear from water resource experts on the history, conditions, and factors that have led to our current 100-year flood event. Recently, Marquette Neighborhood Association hosted a Flood Prevention gathering, which 50 people attended from across the Isthmus and Bay Creek Neighborhoods. Attendees agreed that more education directly from the experts is needed in order for all of us to better understand how we can prevent events like this in the future. Neighbors from across the City are encouraged to attend and learn how lakes management and storm water management both on the Isthmus and throughout the County affect thousands of homes and businesses.

Tentative Agenda
6:30 - Welcome
6:35 - Lake and urban development history (UW Limnology expert - Invited)
6:45 - Background on lake levels, why they are so high, and how we have managed them (Dane County lakes expert - Invited)
7:05 - Urbanization storm water run off effects on flooding - Ken Potter (retired professor and storm water expert) 
7:20 - Flood data and City protocols/response procedures (Jo Jo O'Brien, City of Madison Engineering) 
7:35 - Next steps happening at the County and City (Yogesh Chawla, Dane County Supervisor)
7:40 - Pre-selected questions to the panel

If you have a question for the panel, please send it to


Thursday October 4

Third Lake Ridge Historic District Ordinance Revisions

7p Bethany Evangelical Church 301 Riverside Dr


Wednesday October 10

Historic Preservation Plan

5p room 351 CCB



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