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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 1, 2018

September 30, 2018 12:04 AM

Highlights: Flooding, lake level and storm water management will be discussed at a 5:30p informational presentation to the Council on Tuesday. It's short Council agenda this week since we had a meeting last week. The Council will consider an appeal of the Landmarks Commission's decision not to grant a Certificate of Appropriateness to remove the Confederate Rest monument in Forest Hill Cemetery. I believe the majority of the Council will support the appeal. Traditionally the Executive Operating budget is introduced at the first meeting in October but the Mayor is delaying introduction until Wednesday because he will be traveling back to Madison on Tuesday afternoon. It will be available in legistar on Wednesday. The City County Homeless Issues Committee is holding their monthly meeting at The Beacon 615 E Washington on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday is a community forum on lake level management at the Madison Senior Center at 6:30p. On Thursday, learn more about potential ordinance revisions to the Third Lake Ridge Historic District, 7p at Bethany Evangelical Church, 301 Riverside Dr.


Monday October 1, 2018

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


2. 52928 Adopting the 2018-2023 Park and Open Space Plan as a Supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan.


11. 52905 Consideration of a conditional use to convert an existing tavern into a nightclub at 524 E. Wilson Street; 6th Ald. Dist.


Staff report: The applicant, Prosit To You Inc., proposes to convert an existing tavern (The Up North) into a nightclub. According to MGO §28.211, a nightclub is defined as, "an establishment in which fermented malt beverages intoxicating liquors are sold for consumption upon the premises and which holds an entertainment license under Sec. 38.06(11) but does not include kitchen facilities." The existing tavern was issued an entertainment license in March, 2018 and therefore was reclassified as a nightclub. According to the applicant, live music performances have occurred on site since 1998, and conditional use approval will bring them into compliance with the City's Zoning Code. As proposed, the operations and security management of the nightclub will coincide with the City's Alcohol License Review Committee (ALRC) conditions of approval. In the letter of intent, the applicant indicated that because of the hotel guests on the second and third floor of the building (which are under the same ownership), the nightclub is conscious of noise level and music types offered at the establishment. While the nightclub is open from 2:30 pm to 2:00 am seven days a week, the performance schedule varies. According to the applicant, there are typically one to three musicians either playing from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm or 9:00 pm to 12:00 am. The applicant also stated that there are video surveillance systems in place and the staff is trained and licensed to check IDs and contact police and fire emergency services if needed. The approved capacity for the existing tavern is 147 persons. While this proposal is in a landmarked building, no exterior changes are proposed and therefore does not require Landmarks Commission review. Lastly, in terms of parking, the nightclub shares a surface parking lot with the Essen House (514 E Wilson Street) in the rear of the site. Given that no exterior or capacity changes are proposed with this application, a site plan was not required for the project submittal.

The applicant is belatedly coming into conformance with the new zoning code requirements.


Upcoming Matters - October 15, 2018

Oscar Meyer Strategic Assessment Committee update

Zoning Text Amendment - Amend Secs. 28.211, 28.151, 28.061, 28.072, 28.082 and 28.091 to add Tasting Room as a use, to amend the supplemental regulations of Restaurant-Nightclub, and make Restaurant-Nightclub a conditional use in all districts where it is allowed

1817 E. Washington Avenue - Conditional Use - Allow tavern in mixed-use building with outdoor eating area


Tuesday October 2

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 108 CCB


5. 50110 SUBSTITUTE - Establishing a moratorium on issuance of new alcohol licenses in a high density, high police call area in downtown Madison and establishing a Task Force on Downtown violence. Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin Map Alcohol License Moratorium Area_Density Map With Establishments.pdf Version 1 Map for Revised Area - Substitute 09/26/2018 CA Memo Options for ALRC Moratorium.pdf Attachments:


6. 52680 Acknowledging the City of Madison inter-disciplinary staff team tasked with analyzing alcohol outlet density, to identify issues related to excessive alcohol consumption that result in disproportionate calls for service, and propose steps to address such problems. Sponsors: Ledell Zellers, Michael E. Verveer and Zach Wood


7. 52692 Extending the deadline for the report and recommendations of the Task Force on the Structure of City Government.


Tuesday October 2

Common Council informational presentation: August 20, 2018 Storm & High Lake Level Crisis that Followed

5:30p room 201 CCB

City staff will present information to members of the Common Council on the August 20 storm and the high lake level crisis that followed the storm. City staff will discuss what happened, why it happened, and the steps the City will take to reduce flooding in the future. No public testimony will be taken. See Wednesday for info about the community forum on lake level management.


Tuesday October 2

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


3. 52415 Appeal of Landmarks Commission Decision on 8/27/18: 1 Speedway Rd - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark Site (Forest Hill Cemetery); 13th Ald. Dist


4. 52870 2019 Executive Capital Budget


7. 53298 Authorizing additional funds for the Stroud, Willink & Howard law firm for legal assistance related to the Judge Doyle Square Project. Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin and Michael E. Verveer


11. 53163 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an Amendment to the contract between Madison and Strand Associates, Inc. for additional design engineering services for the Blair/John Nolen Intersection final design. (4th & 6th ADs)


13. 53190 Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8106, Winnebago Street, Atwood Avenue and Linden Avenue Assessment District - 2018. (6th AD)

S&L Undergrounding was awarded the contract.




29. 53256 Amending Section 20.16(5) of the Madison General Ordinances to clarify the procedure used to determine park-infrastructure impact fee credits.


33. 53284 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) #46 (Research Park), City of Madison.


39. 53172 2019 Executive Operating Budget *NOTE: The 2019 Executive Operating Budget document will not be released by the Mayor until Wednesday, October 3, 2018.


I am disappointed that Mayor Soglin has, for the first time since I have been in office, delayed introduction of the 2019 Executive Operating budget to the day AFTER the first Tuesday in October. Instead on holding the traditional press conference the day of the first Council meeting in October, the Mayor will be traveling back from a conference and is unwilling to release his budget until he returns. I'm not sure why the entire budget, both the capital and the operating budget, isn't introduced at the same time, on the first Tuesday in September. I hope the next Mayor changes this two step process. We could do the agency reviews for both budgets at Finance in September and possibly adopt the budget earlier.   


Wednesday October 3

Street Use Staff Commission

10a room 108 CCB


53282 DREAM VILLAGE WITH EUNIQUE JONES GIBSON Sat., Oct. 6, 201811am-6pm Parking Request: 800 block of E. Washington Ave. Discuss location, schedule, setup American Family Insurance



Wed., OCT 3, 6a-11p, AmFam Insurance Spark Building Grand Opening, parking only: block around Spark Building


Wednesday October 3

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


9. 53296 Change Order No. 1 to Contract No. 7450, Darbo Drive to Webb Avenue New Street Connection Assessment District - 2018, for a time extension of 238-days. (6th AD)


15. 53195 Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8273, McPike Park - Skatepark Seating Area. (6th AD)  RECOMMEND AWARD TO RAYMOND P. CATTELL, INC.


16. 53233 Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8275, Olbrich Park Maintenance Shed. (6th AD) RECOMMEND AWARD TO JOE DANIELS CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.


Wednesday October 3

City County Homeless Issues Committee

5:30p The Beacon, 2nd floor conference room, 615 E Washington


4. 53326 Homeless Services Consortium of Dane County (HSC)'s Committee to End Youth Homelessness Updates: Dane County Youth Summit and Youth Homeless Demonstration Project (YHDP) - Robin Sereno (HSC) and Sarah Lim (City of Madison)


5. 53327 Youth Homelessness from Youth Perspective-presenter to be confirmed 


6. 53328 Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness Update


7. 53329 Update on City/County Affordable Housing Funds


8. 53330 City/County 2019 Budget Updates


9. 53331 The Beacon Update


10. 53332 Messner Property Update


Wednesday October 3

Community Forum on Lake Level management

6:30p  Madison Senior Center, 330 W Mifflin


The  Marquette Neighborhood Association, Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association, and SASY Neighborhood Association invite you to hear from water resource experts on the history, conditions, and factors that have led to our current 100-year flood event. Recently, Marquette Neighborhood Association hosted a Flood Prevention gathering, which 50 people attended from across the Isthmus and Bay Creek Neighborhoods. Attendees agreed that more education directly from the experts is needed in order for all of us to better understand how we can prevent events like this in the future. Neighbors from across the City are encouraged to attend and learn how lakes management and storm water management both on the Isthmus and throughout the County affect thousands of homes and businesses.


Thursday October 4

Urban Forestry Task Force

12:30p room 103A CCB


53306 Finance Committee Amendment: Urban Tree Initiatives


53168 Formulating Recommendations, Action Plan, and Long-term Departmental



Thursday October 4

Community Development Block Grant

5p room 351 CCB


2. 53311 Request for Proposal (RFP 8754-2018) Presentations. Responses to the Federal Funds (HOME, CDBG, EECBG) for 2018-2019 Housing Development & Capital Improvement Projects · Common Wealth Development, Inc. · Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development · Irwin A and Robert D Goodman Community Center · African Center for Community Development, Inc. · Madison Development Corporation · Sunny Side Development


Goodman Community Center is seeking $400K to repurpose the Ironworks building now that administrative staff and the teen programs have moved to the new Brassworks building. Their application states: "Phase 2 renovation of the Ironworks building of the Goodman Center will create a much larger, better equipped food pantry, with 2 new spaces for meals and cooking classes; 2 additional senior spaces to relieve overcrowding, including a day-use Adult Lounge; and three multi-purpose spaces. Goodman meets all five criteria for RFP (listed below under Question 3.). There are minimal risks involved as the majority of funding is already secure, and Goodman has strong experience in building projects"


3. 53312 Request for Proposal (RFP 8743-2018) Presentations. Responses to Affordable Housing Fund: Developers seeking 2019 WHEDA Tax Credits for Rental Housing Development · Bayview Foundation, Inc. and Horizon Development Group, Inc. - Bayview Foundation · Stone House Development Inc. - Schroeder Road Apartments · Gorman and Company. LLC - Valor on Washington · Movin' Out, Inc. / Mirus Partners, Inc. - The Ace Apartments


For the first time in several years, none of the proposed WHEDA tax credit projects are in D6.


Thursday October 4

Public Market Development Committee

5p room GR 27 CCB (enter 211 S Carroll St)


1. 27499 Public Market Discussion

- Public Market Mission Follow Up

- MarketReady Update

- Funding Updates

- Public Market Foundation Update

- Design/Development Process Update


Thursday October 4

Third Lake Ridge Local Historic District Ordinance Revisions

7:00 pm Bethany Evangelical Church 301 Riverside Drive


1. Introductions

2. Overview of Potential Ordinance Revisions

3. Question and Answer Session

4. Adjournment


Upcoming Meetings


Wednesday October 10 - Historic Preservation Plan - 5p room 351 CCB

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