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Alder Benford’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 22, 2018

October 20, 2018 11:41 PM

Highlights: Early voting has begun at local libraries around the city, the UW and Edgewood College and the City Clerk's office. The Clerk was able to fill the 3000 volunteers spots needed. Thank you everyone who responded to the call!  Amendments to the operating budget are at Finance on Monday. Mayor Soglin's Executive Operating budget is approximately $457,307 under the levy limit. There are 33 proposed operating budget amendments. The amendments exceed the levy limit by $500K even with a proposed amendment for a $1.1M  pay cut for general municipal and sworn employees. I don't support a pay cut and I don't believe the Finance Committee will support a pay cut. Given the 'wiggle room' in the levy limit, I don't see how Finance can vote to add 10 proposed new positions -up to 5 new positions for MPD, staffing for a 9th ambulance, an accountant, real estate agent, asset manager, IT enterprise architect and two positions paid by an increase in fees.  My priorities are to support amendments that provide programming and services to the community – increase funding for homeless services at the Beacon, eviction prevention, community building and engagement funds for Centro Hispano and Lussier Community Education Center (from the Community Services Commission B list), and PFAS testing in Starkweather Creek. I support expanding Metro service for Routes 6 and 7. 


On Wednesday the Board of Park Commissioners will vote on the 2018-2023 Park and Open Space Plan. The Park Superintendent's report notes that dog parks and golf will be future topics for the Parks Commission. Lottery day for 2019 shelter reservations is November 13.


Saturday November 17 is the Mayor's Neighborhood Conference at Monona Terrace 9a-4p. I always enjoy this event. This community-wide conference is a place to meet other residents committed to tackling our challenges and celebrating our efforts to make the city a better place for all. It strengthens our local democracy. Pre-registration is encouraged. There is a $10 fee that includes lunch and snacks (fee waivers are available).


Monday October 22, 2018

Sustainable Madison Committee

4:30p room 357 CCB


50657 Report Regarding 100% Renewable Energy/Zero Net Carbon Goal Madison

53251 DRAFT Advancing the Sustainability Plan Resolution 

53550 Possible LaFollette Capstone project.  Recent storm events and subsequent flooding in the Madison/Dane County region have brought into sharp focus the urgent need to prepare for the effects of climate change. The City is working diligently to identify and implement a range of strategies to limit its carbon footprint and slow the rate of climate change. However, Madison has not conducted a locally–focused disaster vulnerability assessment and plan. Such a plan would identify the range of extreme climate- 2 related events likely to affect our region in the next 20 years. It would also identify the populations at risk from these events and develop strategies to assure that vulnerable populations are protected from the short and long-range effects of climate unpredictability. The LaFollette Capstone project will be a first step toward creating such a plan. The research will set the stage for the City to begin to develop its own detailed vulnerability assessment and plan.


Monday October 22

Finance Committee

4:30p room 201 CCB


7. 53404 Authorizing the Mayor and Chief of Police to accept the FY2018 USDOJ STOP School Violence Prevention and Mental Health Training Program award for $250,000 and to utilize these funds to prevent school violence, through the training of school personnel and the education of students; and amend budgets accordingly


8. 53405 Amending the Metro Transit 2018 Operating Budget to authorize the City of Madison to accept funds in the amount of $10,000 from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in support of the Job Ride Plus-Dane County project seeking to develop a proposal to connect public transit with transportation to jobs outside of Metro's service area.


15. 53530 Authorizing an Amendment to the Executed Development Agreement between the City of Madison and Beitler Real Estate Services LLC and Directing Further Actions as a Component of the Judge Doyle Development Project. This item is noticed to convene in closed session


16. 53172 2019 Executive Operating Budget

Finance will vote on the amendments Monday. You can watch the discussion live streamed on City Channel.  Final Council budget deliberations are in November.


Tuesday October 23

Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee

5:30p Warner Park Community Center 1625 Northport Dr


8. Review Draft (80%) Report




Wednesday October 24

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 354 CCB


6. 52084 1314, 1318, 1326 East Washington Avenue - New Development of a Mixed-Use Building Containing Ground Floor Veterans Service Provider with 59 Apartments Above Located in UDD No. 8. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: Dane County Applicant: Mark Smith, Gorman & Company, LLC Initial Approval is Requested

Gorman and Company won the County's RFP for the Messner's site.


7. 45612 Public Project and Major Alteration to PD Located at 200 South Pinckney Street (Block 88) - Judge Doyle. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: City of Madison Parking Utility Applicant: Natalie Erdman, City of Madison Final Approval is Requested


Wednesday October 24

Transportation Commission

5p room 351 CCB


E.2. 53531 Metro: Request to hold public hearing at the November 28 meeting to hear comment on proposed service updates to Routes 37 and 38.


F.1. 53534 Parking: Updates on Livingston Street and Judge Doyle parking garages, and Judge Doyle Bicycle Center


F.2. 53564 Transportation: Update on Wilson and Bassett Streets Transportation Studies


F.4. 53533 Metro: Presentation on Phase 1 of 1101 E Washington Avenue refurbish project


Wednesday October 24

Community Services Commission

5:30p  Madison Water Utility 119 E Olin Ave


1. 53588 Peer Support Update: Presentations by Madison-area Urban Ministry and Nehemiah Community Development/Focused Interruption Coalition


2. 53589 Planning for 2019 Funding Processes Attachments: 2019 FP Goals.pdf


3. 53590 2019 City Budget Update


Wednesday October 24

Board of Parks Commission

6:30p Warner Park Community Center 1625 Northport Dr


8 53403 Superintendent's October 2018 Report

Permanent Staffing Changes

· Kristin Mathews was promoted to East Parks Supervisor in late September.

Congrats Kristin !

Future Commission Items

· James Madison Park Master Plan will be on the agenda for the BPC over the next few months. This project has been focused on creating a vision for the park for the next 50 years. The project has featured extensive public engagement and has went through a number of iterations based upon feedback.

· Urban Forestry Taskforce – The Urban Forestry Taskforce is likely to have a completed report with recommendations in early 2019.

· IPM Taskforce – The IPM taskforce has begun meeting and will have recommendations for consideration in 2019.

· Golf – The future of golf is still a critically important issue that must be addressed in order to address and create a sustainable future for golf.

· Dog Policy – Parks staff feels that updates need to occur prior to the spring of 2019 in relationship to policies regarding dogs in parks.

Section Updates Operations/Forestry

· Five members of Parks' supervisory team attended the National Recreation and Parks Conference in Indianapolis. We look forward to using what they learned to further improve the system.

· Parks staff from all sections spent approximately 4,000 hours on flood response since August 20. Efforts included delivering sandbags, clean-up of debris as well as preparing documentation for FEMA purposes.

Lottery Day, the first day to begin reserving shelters in 2019, will be on Tuesday, November 13.


22 52928 Adopting the 2018-2023 Park and Open Space Plan as a Supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan. RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO ADOPT - REPORT OF OFFICER


23 53204 Creating Section 8.10 of the Madison General Ordinances entitled "Temporary Land Use Permit", amend Section 8.15(1) to account for this change, and amend Section 1.08(3)(a) to establish a bond schedule for this new section.

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This ordinance fills in a gap in the City's current ordinances by creating a temporary land use permit for the City that will establish a formal process to allow third parties to temporarily use the City's non-right-of-way property (e.g. parkland, stormwater lands, greenways, and other municipal lands) for purposes not otherwise provided for by ordinance.  Currently, persons may use other permits and ordinance procedures to use some City owned properties on a temporary basis (i.e., a parks event permit, a street use permit, a street occupancy permit, a facility rental agreement, etc.).  However, in light of the general prohibition on the private use of City owned greenways and parklands in Sec. 8.15, there is not currently a formal process for allowing private parties to temporarily use these City-owned lands.  Nor is there a provision in place to address the temporary use of other City-owned lands, such as well sites, municipal buildings, or land-banked lands.  This has proven problematic when, for example, residential property owners wish to cross City-owned parkland or stormwater lands to cut down or remove a dangerous tree, or fix a fence marking the boundary between the properties.  Absent any sort of process, City lands are often accessed and used without the City's knowledge or permission, and oftentimes damage to City property occurs.  By creating this permit, private parties will not have to unlawfully use the City's property, and the City's interests will be protected by requiring City staff to review the proposal ahead of time and by requiring restoration of the City's land after the use occurs.  This ordinance also gives the City the ability to require damage deposits or accept surety bonds to ensure that the City's property is fully restored following the use thereof


24 53256 Amending Section 20.16(5) of the Madison General Ordinances to clarify the procedure used to determine park-infrastructure impact fee credits. RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO ADOPT - REPORT OF OFFICER

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance amends the Park-Infrastructure Impact Fee credit procedure by specifying that park improvements able to be made and credited toward the impact fee must be part of an approved park master plan, and also to allow the City and the Developer to determine the amount of the credit based upon the improvements to be made. Under the existing language, the impact fee needs assessment set the value of certain park improvements. However, in looking closer at the needs assessment values, certain costs, such as design costs, grading, drainage, utilities, paths, and other basic infrastructure costs are not able to be easily determined. This modified procedure established under this ordinance would allow the City and the developer to determine the appropriate credit to be given for building out a City park before the City would be able to do so. Moreover, this updated procedure is consistent with how this provision has historically been administered. Finally, it warrants noting that the developer's agreement allowing for the park improvement, which would include the credit amount, would have to be approved by the Common Council.


25 53551 2019 Proposed Parks Division Fees


Friday October 26

Task Force on Structure of City Government

6p Urban League of Greater Madison 2222 S Park St



a. Whether the Task Force on the Structure of City Government should recommend that the City retain the mayoral form of executive or switch to the city manager or commission form.

b. What, if any, recommendations should the Task Force on the Structure of City Government make regarding whether the mayor or president of the common council chairs meetings of the Common Council?

c. What, if any, recommendations should the Task Force on the Structure of City Government make regarding whether the mayor's veto power should be expanded (e.g., line item veto), restricted, or remain the same?

d. What, if any, recommendations should the Task Force on the Structure of City Government make regarding whether the Madison should become a first-class city?

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