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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of January 7, 2019

January 5, 2019 11:31 PM

Highlights: Monday is Inauguration Day for Governor Evers! I know many of us welcome the Governor's new appointments to head state agencies and different budget priorities. The spring election season for Mayor and Council has officially begun. I do not have an opponent and I look forward to serving District 6 residents and the city for another two years. There will be up to 10 new alders elected and possibly a new Mayor, there could be a lot of changes at City Hall.  Stay tuned for several Mayoral Forums in the coming weeks, I hope you can attend one. 


The amended development agreement for Judge Doyle Square will be the topic at a special Finance Committee on Monday and at Tuesday's Council meeting where it is up for reconsideration (again). The Mayor is introducing a 2nd substitute in order to pay Beitler Real Estate Services LLC $700K to transfer development rights to the city for all of Block 88 (the site of the new parking ramp under construction) not just the podium building (the top of the new parking ramp) along with a covenant to restrict development of a hotel on that block if Beitler builds one (as promised) on Block 105. Some alders may vote for it because they don't want Beitler to develop Block 88 at all. The Mayor is counting on this sentiment to get the necessary votes.  Previous versions of the amended agreement have been rejected twice by the Council. I'm struggling with the question of the 20 year restriction for a hotel on Block 88. Please let me know what you think.


Also at Tuesday's Council meeting, the owners of Blue Agave Restaurant & Lounge, 117 S Butler St, have withdrawn their application to change their licensed conditions. Lots of new business for introduction due to only one meeting in December including a new cost sharing agreement with Wis DOT for Blair/Nolen reconstruction (still out a few years) and a proposal to select an architecture team for the Madison Public Market.  For those following the James Madison Park Master Plan process, the Board of Parks Commissioners will review two new parking options at their Wednesday meeting. At CDBG on Thursday, staff is recommending funding Goodman Center's building improvements and program requests and Common Wealth Development's proposal for affordable housing. The MPD Policy and Procedures Ad Hoc Review Committee also meets Thursday to continue their review of the OIR report.


The last of the historic district meetings for the Local Historic District Ordinance Revisions happens Thursday for University Heights. Starting at the end of this month the special alder committee of which I am a member, the Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee AKA LORC, will start meeting again. Legacy Architecture, the historic preservation consultant, will provide a framework for historic district ordinance changes and the discussion will begin.


Monday January 7, 2019

Finance Committee

4:30p room 153 MMB



4. 53952 Discussion: Legislative File No. 53530 - 2nd Substitute Resolution - Authorizing an Amendment to the Executed Development Agreement between the City of Madison and Beitler Real Estate Services LLC and Directing Further Actions as a Component of the Judge Doyle Development Project.


This resolution authorizes an amendment to the development agreement with Beitler Real Estate Services LLC, for the development of the Judge Doyle Project on Blocks 88 and 105. The amendment would require the first private development to be a hotel, return the development right on Block 88 to the city, require a $700,000 payment by the city to Beitler for release of the development right on Block 88, place a 20 year restrictive covenant prohibiting development of a hotel on Block 88 if a hotel is built by Beitler on Block 105, and accelerate the pace of the development on Block 105. ...This resolution would authorize an additional payment to Beitler Real Estate Services LLC of $700,000 to be paid in one lump sum within 10 days of approval of the amendment. The $700,000 is compensation for the transfer of the Block 88 development right to the city.


The Mayor is hoping this new version will get 15 votes at Council on Tuesday.


Monday January 7

Transportation Policy and Planning Board

5p room 201 CCB



E.1. 53917 Adopting the Oscar Mayer Area Strategic Assessment Report, dissolving the Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Committee, and authorizing the development of the Oscar Mayer Area Special Area Plan.

E.2. 53956 Adopting the final report and recommendations from the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment.


Tuesday January 8

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 108 CCB


6. 54263 Update: MPD Policy & Procedures Ad Hoc Review Committee (1/8/19) - Co-Chairs Keith Findley and/or Tom Brown · The Current Status of All OIR Recommendations · Confirmation of plans for final Drafts and Deadlines · Update on Community input, comments and postings/recommendations


7. 54292 Update: Common Council Office - Lisa Veldran, Legislative Services/Office Manager


Our new Common Council Legislative Analyst Karen Kapusta-Pofahl will be starting on Monday, January 28, 2019.


8. 53973 Discussion: Community Councils - Increasing Public Participation at Council Meetings - Council President Baldeh Attachments: 10/27/18 Memo: Community Councils Memo (H. Allen).pdf


The memo is interesting:


9. 54098 Discussion: Amending Ordinance to Codify Council Leadership Terms as 2-Year Terms - Council President Samba Baldeh


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: This ordinance increases the terms of the Common Council President and Common Council Vice President from one (1) year to two (2) years. There is nothing in Wis. Stat. § 62.09(8)(e) that prohibits, or restricts, the number of years an elected Common Council President and/or Common Council Vice President can serve in that elected position.


The benefit of one year leadership terms is that two people have the opportunity to serve as president and vice president during an alder's two year term.



Tuesday January 8

Common Council presentation

5:45p room 201 CCB


Madison's Green Fleet City:  Fleet Superintendent Mahanth Joishy will present information to Common Council members on the way the city is transforming municipal vehicle acquisitions and operations using state of the art, environmentally sustainable technology. This transition began in 2018 and will continue for the years to come. It is anticipated that the city of Madison will be a regional and national model in this area. Green Fleet website:



Tuesday January 8

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


9. 53809 Amending Section 28.185(7)(a)2.b., creating Section 28.185(7)(a)5., renumbering Section 28.185(7)(a)5. to 6., and amending Section 28.185(7)(b) of the Madison General Ordinances to add a Demolition and Removal standard requiring the Plan Commission to consider the proposed impact of a building relocation on city terrace trees. Sponsors: Ledell Zellers


12. 54207 Amending the 2019 Adopted Capital Budget of Engineering-Major Streets and Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an amended agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the improvement of E. Johnson Street (N. Baldwin Street to First Street) (2nd & 12th ADs).


21. 54107 Change of Licensed Conditions Blue Agave Restaurant & Lounge LLC • dba Blue Agave Restaurant & Lounge • Capacity: 120 117 S Butler St • Agent: Sandra Alamilla Lopez Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 30% alcohol, 70% food Aldermanic District 4 (Alder Verveer) • Police Sector 406 Remove condition 2 of the entertainment license and change condition 1 of the alcohol license to allow service until 2:00 am on Thursdays. Attachments: LICPCH-2018-01148 App.pdf Legislative History 12/19/18 ALCOHOL LICENSE REVIEW COMMITTEE



The applicant withdrew their request to change the conditions.


27. 53848 Report to Common Council on the City's costs associated with self-performed Public Works Construction extending 60-ft of new water main at the intersection of Worthington Ave and Rosemary Ave.


32. 53937 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for the Metro Transit - Service Lane Addition at 1101 E. Washington Ave. (6th AD)


42. 54037 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an Amendment to the contract between Madison and MSA Professionals, Inc. for additional design engineering services for the Atwood Ave. Reconstruction Project. (6th & 15th)


43. 54052 Approving Plans & Specifications and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement and the Finance Director to issue purchase orders to MG&E, Charter Communications, TDS Metrocom and AT&T for the undergrounding of overhead utilities along Winnebago Street and Sutherland Court. (6th AD)


52. 53798 Celebrating the life of Mildred Elizabeth Fish Harnack, accepting ownership of the sculpture Mildred located in Marshall Park, and authorizing the City Attorney to sign a donation agreement with the Artist John Durbrow.


66. 53667 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into an agreement with Dane County for the purpose of providing Metro Transit with State 85.21 funding given to Dane County for the provision of accessible transportation for eligible person within Metro Transit's service area in the calendar year 2019.


68. 53530 SUBSTITUTE - Authorizing an Amendment to the Executed Development Agreement between the City of Madison and Beitler Real Estate Services LLC and Directing Further Actions as a Component of the Judge Doyle Development Project. Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin, Michael E. Verveer and Samba Baldeh

RECONSIDERATION Reconsideration requested by Ald. Verveer.





69. 54147 CHARTER Amending Section 3.055 of the Madison General Ordinances to transfer the functions of the City Treasurer to the Finance Director.


FISCAL NOTE: The 2019 Adopted Budget approved transferring the City's treasury function from a standalone agency to a service within the Finance Department. Under this newly approved structure, the duties previously performed by the City Treasurer will now be performed by the Finance Director through a newly created Treasury and Revenue Manager that will report to the Finance Director. There is no fiscal impact associated with this change.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This is a related ordinance to Legistar No. 54146, to transfer the functions of the City Treasurer to the Finance Director.  A separate ordinance is needed because this section was adopted as a Charter Ordinance.  By this ordinance, the remaining provisions of Sec. 3.055 will become a standard ordinance and will not require a Charter Ordinance for future amendment.

These changes are all to be effective July 1, 2019. If adopted, the Charter provisions of this ordinance shall take effect 60 days from the date of passage and publication, subject to the referendum procedures of Wis. Stat. § 66.0101(5).


71. 54155 Creating Section 23.61 of the Madison General Ordinances to impose air conditioning limitations on commercial use buildings or structures. Sponsors: Ledell Zellers, David Ahrens, Samba Baldeh, Keith Furman, Rebecca Kemble, Arvina Martin and Marsha A. Rummel


73. 54249 Creating Section 28.022 -- 00358 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 1936 and1938 Atwood Avenue, 6th Aldermanic District, from PD (Planned Development) District to TSS (Traditional Shopping Street) District. Sponsors: Planning Division Legislative History 1/2/19 Attorney's Office Referred for Introduction Plan Commission; Public Hearings: Plan Commission (1/28/19), Common Council (2/5/19)


77. 53967 Authorizing the Chief of Police to sign a Cost Reimbursement Agreement with the FBI annually for three years for a total amount of $22,500 for overtime expenses. Sponsors: Paul R. Soglin Legislative History 11/29/18 Police Department Referred for Introduction Finance Committee


78. 54089 Authorizing the execution of a Purchase and Sale Agreement between the City of Madison and 849 EWASH, LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company, for the disposal of the city-owned property located at 14 S. Paterson Street. (6th A.D.)


81. 54096 Authorizing the Madison Police Chief to sign a lease agreement in 2019 with the US Department of the Navy which includes indemnification/hold harmless language, to obtain night vision technology.


84. 54116 Create the classification of Treasury and Revenue Manager in CG18, R16 and create a new 1.0 FTE position of Treasury and Revenue Manager in the Finance Department budget. Effective with the retirement of the City Treasurer in June, 2019, delete the classification and position of City Treasurer.


88. 54141 Amending Resolution Enactment Nos. RES-18-00069 and RES-18-00399, which authorize a lease with the Town of Blooming Grove for space within the building located at 3325 Thurber Avenue for use as an artist studio. Sponsors: Sheri Carter and Marsha A. Rummel


102. 54200 Authorizing the Chief of Police to accept up to $30,000 annually for two years in overtime funds from the Wisconsin Department of Justice to allocate additional resources to the Dane County Narcotics Task Force for conducting heroin and opiate investigations; and amend budgets accordingly.


103. 54202 Authorizing a non-competitive service contract with Anesis Center Marriage and Family Therapy, LLC for mental health case management and community programming for Southeast Asian elders and individuals with mental health needs of up to $115,000 from the adopted 2019 City of Madison Operating Budget of the Community Development Division.


104. 54211 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract for Purchase of Services (Architect) with Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. to provide professional architectural and engineering design services and construction administration services for the design and construction of the Madison Public Market. (12th AD)


105. 54213 Approving State / Municipal Financial Agreement for Project I.D. 5400-00-02/72 for the S. Blair Street/John Nolen Drive Intersection and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute this agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation for construction cost sharing, plan development and State design review costs. (4th & 6th ADs) Sponsors: Marsha A. Rummel and Michael E. Verveer


106. 54218 Authorizing the provision of $50,000 to launch Kiva Madison by supporting the staffing and administrative costs to create the Kiva Madison Lead Position, which will be based at the Wisconsin Women's Businesses Initiative Corporation (WWBIC). Kiva Madison will provide zero interest loans that will help to make entrepreneurship more inclusive to women, people of color, immigrants, veterans, and lower income entrepreneurs and business owners.



Wednesday January 9

Street Use Staff Commission

10a room 206 MMB


1.54266 WOMEN'S WAVE 2019 Saturday, January 19, 2019 / 7am-3pm Street Closure: "Y" closure of Capitol Square (10 blocks of W. Mifflin and N. Carroll) Rally on Capitol Steps Women's March Wisconsin / Sarah Pearson


Wednesday January 9

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


4. 54170 Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For South Blount Street and Williamson Street Traffic Signal Assessment District. (6th AD) Attachments: S Blount St - Williamson St TS Assessment.pdf


5. 54172 Approving Plans, Specifications, And Schedule Of Assessments For Williamson Street and East Wilson Street Assessment District - 2019. (6th AD) Attachments: Williamson Street and East Wilson Street Assessment District 2019.pdf


The Board of Public Works is scheduled to hold a Public Hearing on these two items at 5:30 p.m.


9. 54211 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract for Purchase of Services (Architect) with Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. to provide professional architectural and engineering design services and construction administration services for the design and construction of the Madison Public Market. (12th AD)


10. 54213 Approving State / Municipal Financial Agreement for Project I.D. 5400-00-02/72 for the S. Blair Street/John Nolen Drive Intersection and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute this agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation for construction cost sharing, plan development and State design review costs. (4th & 6th ADs)


18. 54290 Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for S. Bryan Street, Daley Drive, James Street and Thorp Street Reconstruction District 2018. (6 AD)


This project will stabilize approximately 780 linear feet of streambank. Estimated cost is $310,000.


19. 54036 Change Order No. 2 to Contract No. 7450, Darbo Drive to Webb Avenue New Street Connection Assessment District - 2018, to Speedway Sand & Gravel, Inc. in the amount of $16,550.00 with a time extension of 2-days. (6th AD)



Wednesday January 9

Education Committee

5p room 302 MMB


1. 54261 Vote on Dissolution of the Education Committee


2.54262 Discussion, if Necessary, on Actions Needed to Continue Forward with the Education Committee. This could potentially include: -Amending or reconfirming the charge of the committee -Identifying and prioritizing action/interest areas for the committee -Developing a stakeholder survey to assess need for, and interest from, other entities in the Education Committee


Wednesday January 9

Public Safety Review Committee

5p room GR 27 CCB (enter 211 S Carroll St)


1.53956 Adopting the final report and recommendations from the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment. Members from Task Force on Equity and Music Entertainment (TFEME), Syed Mustajab Abbas (Co-Chair of PSRC) and Staff from the Affirmative Action Division Department of Civil Rights will attend to share information


2. 54278 Committee discussion on Housing First on Tree Lane Individuals from the Madison Police Department and Building Inspection Invited



Wednesday January 9

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Olbrich Botanical Gardens 3300 Atwood


7 54254 Superintendent's January 2019 Report


10 54280 Breese Stevens Capital Improvement Update INFORMATIONAL


The Parks Division is proposing the next phase of facility improvements at Breese Stevens Field. Changes to the historic venue include new bleacher seating under the existing canopy, spectator access above the new concession/restroom building, additional accessible spectator seating and a new accessible ramp connection to the field. Proposed field level changes include additional paving to facilitate event set-up, a new stormwater detention structure and bleacher seating at the east end of the field. The project's scope is consistent with the 2007 Breese Stevens Field Rehabilitation Design Report and the comprehensive 2017 Breese Stevens Field Facility Plan. The proposed changes received approval from the State Historic Preservation Office, City of Madison Landmarks Commission and Urban Design Commission.


11 54281 The Biergarten at Olbrich Park Annual Update INFORMATIONAL


Annual update from BKM, LLC to provide a summary of Biergarten operations for the prior year, plans for the upcoming year, concerns from residents of the adjacent neighborhoods and to answer questions from the Board, as required by the Use Agreement for the Olbrich Beach House for 2017 - 2023. BKM, LLC will also provide information that will relate to informing the City's decision to renew or not renew the Agreement for the first renewal period of January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021.




Two new parking options.


Thursday January 10

Community Development Block Grant

5p room 153 MMB


1. 54244 Awarding up to $1,185,000 in Federal HOME funds to Madison Development Corporation and Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development to help finance the development of affordable housing, and up to $400,000 in Federal CDBG funds to Irwin A Robert D Goodman Center to support capital improvements, as the recommended outcome of a competitive RFP process conducted by the Community Development Division; and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with those agencies to implement the specified development projects.


CDD released the RFP on August 8, 2018, and accepted applications through September 19, 2018. Six non-profit organizations submitted proposals; two proposals were subsequently withdrawn.  At its January 10, 2019 meeting, the CDBG Committee reviewed the proposals and recommended the following:  Allocate up to $400,000 of CDBG funds to Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Community Center, Inc. for capital improvements to expand programming space. Allocate up to $990,000 of HOME funds to Madison Development Corporation for new construction of up to 44 new units of multi-family rental housing. Allocate up to $195,000 of HOME funds to Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development, Inc. for acquisition and rehabilitation of single-family homes to support homeownership opportunities for low-/moderate-income (LMI) households.  Reserve up to $1,045,000 of HOME funds for Common Wealth Development, Inc. until July 1, 2019, for use in developing new affordable rental housing. CDD staff, the CDBG Committee and the Common Council will consider an updated application once Common Wealth Development secures control of a suitable site.  Any Committee funding recommendations for CWD's proposal after its review will be presented to the Council by way of a separate Resolution.


This Resolution is intended to authorize the commitment of Federal funds, to the designated developers and in the amounts specified, for project proposals selected in this year's RFP process. It is also intended to authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute loan agreements and other documents necessary to proceed with financial contributions to these projects.


3.54296 Update on Neighborhood Center Funding Process


Thursday January 10

MPD Policy and Procedures Review Ad Hoc Committee

5:30p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway


1. 22400 Discussion with Carrie Rothbud regarding timeline for the MPD Ad Hoc Committee's final report to the Common Council.


2.54180 Review and discussion of resident submitted recommendations and MPD responses.


3.23421 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation number 146 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Review "Madison should enhance its civilian oversight by establishing an independent police auditor's office reporting to a civilian police review body."


Thursday January 10

University Heights Local Historic District Ordinance Revisions

6p Best Western Plus InnTowner 2424 University Ave


1. Introductions

2. Overview of Potential Ordinance Revisions

3. Question and Answer Session

4. Next Steps

5. Adjournment

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