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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of March 11, 2019

March 10, 2019 10:52 PM

Highlights: Two meetings Tuesday about new alcohol licenses at the former Plan B site on Willy St and former Chocolaterian space on Atwood.  There is a staff presentation Tuesday to alders about possible policy changes to winter parking rules.  Neighbors petitioned for reconsideration of the bus stop closure at Thornton and Rutledge, discussion will be at the Transportation Commission on Wednesday. Also Wednesday, the next phase of the Mautz block (929 E Washington) is at Urban Design Commission. Thursday is the next Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee. Saturday is a public meeting sponsored by the Madison Water Utility regarding PFAS and the safety of Well 15 at the East Madison Community Center. A mayoral forum Friday and next Monday. Details below.  Lots going on!

Monday March 11, 2019

Finance Committee

4:30p room 2015 MMB


16. 54606 Resolution authorizing an amendment to the non-competitive contract with Mead and Hunt, a past consultant, for professional architectural and engineering services for the design and construction administration of (2019 - Phase 2) Metro Bus Barn Facility Upgrades. (6th AD)


17. 54718 Authorizing a non-competitive service contract with RENEW Wisconsin, Inc. for the MadiSUN Residential Program and the MadiSUN Business Program in 2019. (City Wide AD)


19. 54587 A Resolution authorizing the Director of Public Health Madison and Dane County to sign a non-competitive service contract with The Safe Community Coalition of Madison and Dane County, Inc. for a drug poisoning and opioid harm reduction initiative. Note: Board of Health is lead.


23. 54968 Approving the provision of up to $210,850 from the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Community Building Crime Response: Our Neighborhood -A Safe and Beautiful Place grant to support youth mentoring opportunities on Madison's South West side and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with selected agencies to implement the designated projects.


25. 54742 Approving the City of Madison's application to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission's (PSC) Energy Innovation Grant Program to help purchase 20 plug-in electric vehicles for the City Fleet; indemnifying the State of Wisconsin; authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the associated grant agreement with the PSC; and, accepting the grant award and amending the 2019 adopted capital budget to add $129,300 of state funding and $10,000 of private contribution funds to the budget of the Fleet Services Division.


26. 53967 SUBSTITUTE-Amending the 2019 Adopted Operating Budget authorizing the Chief of Police to sign a Cost Reimbursement Agreement with the FBI annually for three years for a total amount of $22,500 for overtime expenses.


27. 54972 2018 Police Department Donation Report


28. 54898 Authorizing the City's Economic Development Division to submit, for a $250,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Community Development Investment Grant program and if awarded, accepting the granted funds, amending EDD's 2019 Operating budget and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract with WEDC to accept Community Development Investment Grant award for use of the funds


The proposed resolution authorizes submitting an application for a $250,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to fund a portion of the Owner's costs of building renovation, demolition, and new construction costs for tenant build-out on the Property located at 200 N First Street. If awarded, the Economic Development Division's 2019 Operating Budget will be amended in the amount of the grant award and the award will be deposited into the Grants fund. No additional City appropriation is required.


33. 54724 Directing city staff to pursue negotiations with the owners of the Oscar Mayer facility to facilitate its use as a Metro satellite bus site.


Monday March 11

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


1.54762 917 E Mifflin St - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark (Breese Stevens Field); 2nd Ald. Dist.


The applicant is requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness to construct two 15' x 15' removable aluminum frame structures. The narrative specifies two structures, but the conceptual renderings portray two rows of multiple structures and a total of 11 structures. The structures will be placed on concrete pads on the south side of the field. The tent walls will have glass on three sides and a white vinyl covering on the roof and rear wall. The cube-shaped structures have a shed-style roof.


Staff believes that standards for granting a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) for removable structures at Breese Stevens Field have not been met and recommends that the Landmarks Commission deny the application. While the structures are removable, they are out of character with the landmark property. The previous alterations approved by the Landmarks Commission were either not visible from the street or unobtrusive. The nomination highlights the open nature of the grandstands and the distinctive materials. The tent structures are substantial (both individually and if there will be a total of 11) and will be highly visible from E Washington.


3. 54857 1229 Jenifer St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


5. 47837 Landmarks Commission Historic Preservation Plan Status Report


6. 54301 Secretary's Report – 2019


Update on Milwaukee Rd depot, 640 W Washington


Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy letter:  the Herbert and Katherine Jacobs house, 441 Toepfer Ave, was added to the revised list of 8 FLW major sites in 6 states as part of proposed UNESCO World Heritage nomination to be considered in July.


WI Act 280 interpretation from the State Historic Preservation Office.


Monday March 11

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


11. 53811 Creating Section 28.022 -- 00353 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of property located at 1954 E. Washington Avenue, 12th Aldermanic District, from TR-V2 (Traditional Residential - Varied 2) District to TR-U1(Traditional Residential - Urban 1) District.


12. 53618 REVISED - 1954 E. Washington Avenue; 12th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish an eight-unit townhouse building located at 1948-1950 E. Washington Avenue; consideration of a conditional use for a multi-family dwelling with more than eight units in the (proposed) TR-U1 (Traditional Residential-Urban 1) District; and consideration of alterations to a residential building complex in TR-U1 zoning, all to allow construction of a four-story apartment building with 44 units along E. Washington Avenue.


- Upcoming Matters - March 25, 2019

929 E. Washington Avenue - Demolition Permit and Conditional Use - Demolish commercial buildings at 945 E. Washington Ave. and 924 E. Main St. to construct 11-story, 257,200 sq. ft. office bldg. and parking in Urban Design Dist. 8


Zoning Text Amendment - Amend Sections 28.211, 28.061, 28.072, 28.082 and 28.091 to create a new use, "Art Center"


Zoning Text Amendment - Amend Sec 28.173(6)(c) to clarify articulation requirements for podium buildings


Zoning Text Amendment - Amending Section 28.211 to create a definition of "Bay Window"


- Upcoming Matters - April 8, 2019

2801 Atwood Avenue - Conditional Use for free-standing vending (food truck/cart) in auto service station parking lot.

Felisa Forte, one of the new owners of the BP gas station,  is submitting a land use application for a conditional use to have a free standing vending truck located less than 200 feet from the property line of a lot with residential use. In an email exchange, Ms. Forte explained that the hours of operation would be 10am to 10pm. The food truck would get the electricity from the gas station, they are not planning on using a generator or adding any extra lights.  She also informed me she intends to apply for a Class B license in order to sell wine, in addition to beer, at a future date. More details to come.


Tuesday March 12

Snow Emergency Zones & Street Maintenance Meeting

4:30p room GR-27 (enter 211 S Carroll St)

After hearing from a D6 resident earlier this winter about the difficulty of finding street parking during alternate side parking season, I asked staff to review the winter parking policies. Over the years, people have questioned the environmental sustainability of making people who don't use their cars regularly, move their cars every 48 hours if there is no weather emergency. With increasing residential density and more competition for street parking, it is clearly time to revisit the regulations. Members of the Common Council have been invited to attend a meeting with staff to learn about their study and about possible changes to the city's snow emergency zones and street maintenance program. I am working on amending the meeting notice to allow for public input. I'll report back about next steps.

I understand one change that staff is considering is to extend the "Clean Streets Clean Lakes" regulations year round where, on the same day every week, no parking is allowed on either side of the street for a 4 hour period in order to do street sweeping. A year round program could then include a regular schedule for snow plowing. There are still issues to resolve (how to treat streets with one sided parking only like the Johnson-Gorham pair, or how does snow get cleared if it falls the day after your clean streets/clean lakes day but there is not 3" so no snow emergency is called).

As a reminder: Alternate Side Parking is in effect city-wide with the exception of the Snow Emergency Zone (unless there is a Declared Snow Emergency). Alternate Side Parking is in effect from November 15 - March 15, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions. A Declared Snow Emergency is when snow accumulates to 3" or more and all the streets in the downtown Snow Emergency Zone must be plowed. When this occurs, people who park in the Snow Emergency Zone must abide by the alternate side parking rules for a minimum of the next two nights.  During a Snow Emergency, if you violate the Alternate Side Parking rules, the fines are $60, plus a $65 towing fee.


Tuesday March 12

Madison Arts Commission

5:30 room 206 MMB


1. 45377 Artists Spaces - Matt Mikolajewski, Economic Development, will be available to discuss Art Space Strategy paper - Review and Act Upon Thurber Park Arts Residency Call for Artists - Thurber Park Construction Schedule Update


2. 42845 Poetry Selection for Poetry in Sidewalk Program


3. 43144 Poet Laureate Program & Initiatives - Oscar Mireles will report to MAC about Poet Laureate Initiatives and propose his 2019 Project


Tuesday March 12


6p room 153 MMB


5. REPORT OF THE SUBCOMMITEE ON BOARDS, COMMISSIONS AND COMMITTEES, INCLUDING: a. Concise Summary of the Subcommittee's Written Report b. List of Possible


7. REPORT OF THE SUBCOMITTEE ON THE COMMON COUNCIL INCLUDING: a. Concise Summary of the Subcommittee's Written Report b. List of Possible Recommendations


9. DISCUSSION OF PLAN FOR FORMULATING REPORT TO THE COMMON COUNCIL AND CONCLUDING THE WORK OF THE TASK FORCE BY JULY 1, 2019, INCLUDING: a. Timeline for making decisions on possible recommendations and addressing other issues listed in the authorizing Resolution b. Timeline for completing draft report to the Common Council c. Timeline for conducting resident engagement d. Timeline for finalizing Report of the Common Council


Tuesday March 12

Neighborhood meeting  new restaurant and license application Bar Corallini @ 2004 Atwood Ave

7:00 p Trinity Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall (lower level).

1904 Winnebago Street > Please enter on the Atwood side of the building.


Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about Atwood Restaurant LLC's proposal to open an Italian restaurant, Bar Corallini, at 2004 Atwood Avenue, formerly Chocolaterian.  The restaurant would have a capacity of 80-85.  Proposed hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday, 4pm-10pm; Friday, 4pm-1am; Saturday, 11am-1am; Sunday, 4pm-9pm; and closed on Monday.  The owners have applied for a Class B Liquor license.  The Alcohol License Review Committee will consider the application at its March 20 meeting.


Tuesday March 12

Information Session new alcohol license for Prism

7p at Prism 924 Williamson St


I sent the following  postcard to nearby neighbors informing them of the information session, unfortunately I am holding another meeting at the same time.


Dear Neighbor,


Rico Sabatini has assumed ownership of Plan B, 924 Williamson Street, which will be renamed Prism.  He has applied for Class B Beer, Class B Alcohol, 21+ Entertainment, and 18+ Visual & Performing Arts licenses.  These are the same licenses previously held by Plan B.  Prism would be open Wednesday through Saturday with occasional private events.  Current capacity is 250 Monday through Wednesday and 300 Thursday through Sunday.  Mr. Sabatini has applied for a flat capacity of 300.  All other license conditions would remain the same, including permission to expand the premise to include the parking lots for two events each year: Fruit Fest and the Willy Street Fair.


You're invited to join Mr. Sabatini when he holds the required information session on Tuesday, March 12, at 7:00 p.m. at Prism, 924 Williamson Street, to learn more about his proposed plans.  The Alcohol License Review Committee will consider the applications at its March 20 meeting.


Wednesday March 13


11a room 108 CCB



The Madison Professional and Supervisory Employees Association (MPSEA) represents all City of Madison employees in Compensation Groups 18 and 44.


Wednesday March 13



1p-2p 7160 Schneider Road


Wednesday March 13

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


1.54198 929 E. Washington Avenue - New Development of a Commercial/Office Mixed-Use Building Located in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Curt Brink, Archipelago Village, LLC Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc. Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Staff report:

Do you care about the warehouse building at 924 E Main? I do! I have been asking the developer to reuse this neat old commercial structure and not raze it and succeeded in convincing the Plan Commission last August to delay approval of demolition until an actual new building is proposed per city ordinance. MNA also supports preserving the façade. The Wisconsin Telephone Company at 946 E Main is not in jeopardy but 924 E Main St is

The city's preservation file indicates the building was constructed in 1928 as the National Biscuit Company Warehouse and was designed by Edward Tough and built by George Cnare and Sons.


The collection of commercial buildings in this corridor were called out in the Capital Gateway BUILD Plan as worthy of preservation. The BUILD plan says:


EAST MAIN STREET Blair to Ingersoll Streets - This is a working street dominated by utilities, industrial functions, and parking lots while being the entry and access to many small and established businesses. However, the Corridor should become more pedestrian friendly as a strong link to downtown and retain its cluster of historic industrial brick buildings. East Main Street facades should include pedestrian entries, but large, intensive parking and loading areas should be concealed with access directed to the north-south side streets, where possible. (p 39


Wednesday March 13

Transportation Commission

5p room 215 MMB


F.1. 54606 Resolution authorizing an amendment to the non-competitive contract with Mead and Hunt, a past consultant, for professional architectural and engineering services for the design and construction administration of (2019 - Phase 2) Metro Bus Barn Facility Upgrades. (6th AD)


F.2. 54816 Amending the 2019 Transit Utility Capital Budget to add $76,000 of GO Borrowing to the Transit System Upgrades program to purchase three (3) GFI Fast Fare Meters from Genfare for $34,000 and three (3) V8 Radio Systems from Trapeze Software Group, Inc. for $42,000 to equip buses servicing new routes between the City of Madison and the City of Sun Prairie.


G.3. 54996 Metro Transit Service Changes

a. First year of phase-out of MMSD middle school service

b. Addition of service to Sun Prairie

c. Reconsideration of bus stop closure at Thornton and Rutledge – Neighbors have presented a two page petition for reconsideration and


Wednesday March 13

Board of Parks Commissioners

6:30p Olbrich Botanical Gardens 3300 Atwood Ave


8 54976 Superintendent's March 2019 Report (worth reading, highlights below)

Staff are still maintaining the ice rinks and ski trails the first week of March, but we will need to start moving away from this work in preparation for the long awaited spring. Staff have discussed the concept of working through the Commission to determine if there is a need to set a clear transition date between seasons as we are witnessing a significant change in climate patterns and less predictable weather. The resource intensity of maintaining ice into mid-March is high and combined with the need to prepare for the spring (e.g. equipment conversion, work plans), we are facing a bit of a dilemma in how to manage this transition for the 2nd time in the last few years.

Future Commission items:

 • Urban Forestry Taskforce – The Urban Forestry Taskforce is likely to have a completed report with recommendations in early 2019. • IPM Taskforce – The IPM taskforce has begun meeting and will have recommendations for consideration in 2019.

• Golf – The 2018 Golf season was a very difficult one with the wettest year on record since the City has operated golf courses. Staff is working to prepare a report to update the Commission, Golf Subcommittee, the Council, and the public on the status of the Enterprise and anticipate completing this report by April, 2019.

• Dog Policy – The Long Range Planning Subcommittee has started work on reviewing the policy related to dogs in parks. Staff is hopeful that any policy changes will be brought to the Commission in the first half of the year.

• Off-Leash Dog Parks – Staff is working to determine potential off-leash improvements in the priority areas of the West side, Atwood/East Isthmus, and Far East/Grandview. The Approved Master Plan for North Star Park will address the deficiency in Grandview. Staff are working on concepts for the other two priority areas and anticipate moving forward with engagement processes in 2019.


11* 54572 Proclaiming the week of April 28 through May 4, 2019 as Arbor Week in the City of Madison.

12* 54423 To commemorate the 49th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2019, to proclaim April 27, 2019 as Earth Day Challenge Day, and to endorse and encourage citizen participation in the clean-up events at City of Madison Parks.

13* 54538 Proclaiming Sunday, April 28, 2019 as International Migratory Bird Day in the City of Madison.


16 54981 Request from Open Doors for Refugees for the use of Olin Park on June 23, 2019 for the setup, event, and take-down for the Open Doors for Refugees Community Picnic.


20 54754 Imagination Center at Reindahl Park - Temporary Trailer Installation RECOMMEND APPROVAL (this is a really cool concept!)

Planning is underway for the Imagination Center at Reindahl Park. Madison Public Library is planning to construct a dynamic library and public facility at Reindahl Park to serve northeast Madison and the surrounding region, building off the planning approach used for our eastside strategic plan, Communities Inspiring Libraries: A Strategic Plan for Eastside Growth. Our plan (which laid the groundwork for the Reindahl project) relied on community conversations that enabled library staff to assemble a detailed analysis of community goals. It also identified how the library should support those goals. Similarly, we are now hosting conversations with individuals, neighbors, service providers, businesses, and others with a stake in the Reindahl project. 

To help facilitate these conversations, we would like to temporarily locate an 8' x 20' mobile office in Reindahl Park. The library planner and other library staff will use the mobile office to conduct interviews with neighbors and park users as well as have a place to work on the plan and store items. We are working collaboratively with the Parks department to produce a plan that enhances both our library service and the park experience at Reindahl. For example, library staff is documenting suggestions for the park that arise in community conversations and monitoring park users. The Parks department is providing resources to support our planning efforts and helping us define the vision for the Imagination Center. It is our intention that this will be a transformational project for Madison and we are excited to continue the planning process. 

Staff recommends approval of the temporary trailer installation with the Park Superintendent's approval of the location. The Madison Public Library will be required to obtain any necessary permits and all costs associated with the trailer, including utilities, will be at the Library's expense.


Thursday March 14

Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee

5:30p room 013 MMB


1. 54447 Discussion of Consultant's Recommendations -Review recommendations for New Structures Standards -Initial discussion on recommendations for Alterations and New Additions Standards

2. 54448 Discussion of Next Steps and Schedule -Update of Work Plan


Thursday March 14


6:30p room 215 MMB


1.54180 Review and discussion of resident submitted recommendations and MPD responses.


2. 22783 Discussion with Carrie Rothburd regarding the MPD Ad Hoc Committee's final report to the Common Council.


3. 22806 Review and discussion of recommendations submitted by the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association


Friday March 15

Mayoral Forum

11:30p-1p Urban League of Greater Madison

2222 S Park St.


Moderated by
Ruben L. Anthony, Jr., PhD

Panelists representing:
100 Black Men of Madison
African American Council of Churches
Madison Black Women Rock
NAACP Dane County


Saturday March 16

Drinking Water Quality Meeting PFAS

9:00a - 10:30a at East Madison Community Center 8 Straubel Court


Join the Madison Water Utility, with representatives from Public Health Madison Dane County, and the Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services as they discuss the detection of perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) at municipal Well 15 on East Washington Ave. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the safety of our drinking water and the effects of PFAS on our environment. Spanish and Hmong interpreters will be at the meeting. Speakers: Joe Grande, Water Quality Manager, Madison Water Utility; Doug Voegeli, Director of Environmental Health, PHMDC; Jeff Lafferty, Environmental Epidemiologist, PHMDC; Rob Thiboldeaux, Toxicologist, WI DHS.

MWU will temporarily rely on other well facilities to serve the Well 15 area as it waits for a recommended PFAS standard from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The recommendation is expected this spring.

Enter your address here to see if Well 15 serves your home:
Or view the Well 15 service area map here:
For some background about this issue, please visit the Madison Water Utility's FAQ page here:


Monday March 18

Public Information Meeting: Oak St reconstruction

6-7:30p Goodman Community Center, Bolz A, 149 Waubesa St.

Affected neighbors got this notice from City Engineering:

The City of Madison is planning a 2019 project on Oak Street between Union Street and East Washington Avenue.  The proposed project will include street improvements and replacement of the sanitary sewer main, water main and  storm sewer.  This meeting is being held to provide information and to obtain  neighborhood input on the project and to answer any questions. Please contact  City Engineering with any questions or comments.  Andrew Zwieg, Project Engineer,  (608) 266?9219,


Monday March 18

Mayoral Forum

7-8:30p Madison Central Library, 201 W. Mifflin St., third floor


Isthmus, WORT FM, Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc., Downtown Madison, Inc., and The Progressive Magazine are sponsoring a mayoral candidate debate between Satya Rhodes-Conway and incumbent Mayor Paul Soglin. The event is free and open to the public. Live broadcast on WORT 89.9 FM. We will be live streaming the event on Facebook. You can also join the conversation on Twitter using #MadisonMayor.

The debate will be emceed by Dylan Brogan of Isthmus, with questions posed by Isthmus Editor Judy Davidoff, WORT FM News Director Molly Stentz and The Progressive Editor Bill Lueders.

Have a question for the candidates? Submit one at this link:

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