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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of May 6, 2019

May 3, 2019 10:58 PM

Highlights: The McGrath Group proposal for the East End (the Essen Haus properties) will be at Landmarks on Monday and Urban Design on Wednesday for informational presentations. Also Monday at Plan Commission is 929 E Washington. The glare study (a first apparently in a city land use application) has been completed and reviewed by UDC, there is a link below to the executive summary. UDC also voted to support the demolition and rebuilding of the front façade of 924 E Main St in a future phase of the project. Tuesday is the primary for the special election to replace District 17 County Supervisor (Sup Jeff Pertl joined the Evers administration). Get a Sneak Peak of the Fleet Building, the new home of the Madison Public Market, at an open house Wednesday from 5-7p. Also Wednesday I am holding a neighborhood meeting for neighbors to learn more about Tapster, a proposed alcohol use at 2000 Atwood Ave. The Golf Committee meets on Thursday. Also Thursday, the city is sponsoring a screening of the documentary film 13th at the Central Library with a discussion lead by a panel of community leaders following the showing.


Monday May 6, 2019

Finance Committee

4:30p room 215 MMB


1. 55521 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation for East Washington Avenue (Blair Street to East Springs Drive) Adaptive Traffic Signal system. (2nd, 6th, 12th, 15th, 17th ADs)


4. 55531 SUBSTITUTE - Amending the 2019 Adopted Operating budget for the Planning Division - Neighborhood Planning and Preservation, to expend up to $14,130 in funds remaining from a 2018 Madison Community Foundation grant to support renovations to an art studio space in Thurber Park in the Town of Blooming Grove and to support the Phoenix from the Ashes Project to transfer $14,130 from the City's Contingent Reserve to the Planning Division's purchased services to support renovations to an art studio space in Thurber Park in the Town of Blooming Grove and to support the Phoenix from the Ashes art project.


7. 55522 Approving the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the sale of 1402 South Park Street, the former Truman Olson United States Army Reserve Center, (the "Property") and establishing a process for the review of responses to the RFP and selection of a buyer for the Property. (13th A.D.)


10. 55642 Amending the 2019 Engineering Major Streets Capital Budget, Buckeye Road Improvements, Project #10228.


11. 55587 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a long-term parking lease agreement with Beitler Real Estate Services LLC or assignees, for 40 overnight parking spaces at the replacement Government East parking garage being constructed on Block 88. (4th AD)


13. 55712 Judge Doyle Project Overview and Update on Block 88 RFP Process


Monday May 6

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


  1. 55514 134-140 S Blair St and 506-518 E Wilson St - Mixed-Use Development in the First Settlement Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist. An informational presentation. A link to the most recent iteration.


Neighbors and interested parties can register to speak or send emails to share comments. Send emails to Heather Bailey, city preservation planner at


2. 53000 121 Langdon St - Demolition by Neglect of a Designated Madison Landmark in the Mansion Hill Hist. Dist. (Suhr House); 2nd Ald. Dist. PUBLIC HEARING - REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS


3. 55456 1104 Jenifer St - Addition and construction of a new garage structure in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist. REQUEST FOR CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS


4. 55466 1015 Williamson St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


Monday May 6

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


8. 54482 REVISED - 929 E. Washington Avenue; Urban Design Dist. 8; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish commercial buildings at 945 E. Washington Avenue and 924 E. Main Street; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Employment (TE) District to allow construction of a building exceeding five stories and 68 feet in height, both to allow construction of an eleven-story, 252,577 square-foot office building and 626-stall parking garage along E. Washington Avenue.


Staff Report: On March 25, 2019, the Plan Commission referred a request to demolish commercial buildings at 924 E. Main Street and 945 E. Washington Avenue, and a conditional use to allow construction of an eleven-story, 257,200 square-foot office building to the Urban Design Commission (UDC) for an advisory recommendation. At the same meeting, the Plan Commission approved an alteration to the conditional use for the "Hotel Indigo" at 901 E. Washington to allow an amended parking plan consisting of 75 tandem valet surface stalls, and recommended that a lease for 50 additional stalls in the City' South Livingston Street Garage one block to the west be placed on file without prejudice. (The hotel has since opened.) When referring the project known as "929 East Washington Avenue" to the UDC, the Plan Commission asked the UDC to provide guidance on the potential retention of the 924 E. Main building and also to review a reflectivity or "glare" study for the proposed 929 building, which will primarily be clad in glass curtain wall on most of the exterior of the seven-story tower proposed to rise above a three-story metal, stone and glass podium. [The UDC previously granted final approval of the 929 development at its March 13, 2019 meeting.] Since the March 25 referral, the applicant has had a reflectivity study prepared by a consulting firm that specializes in such studies. A summary of that study is included in the Plan Commission materials for this meeting, and the full reflectivity study is attached to the legislative file for the conditional use and demolition permit (ID 54482). The project was presented to the UDC at its April 10, 2019 meeting, at which time the UDC approved the applicant's proposal to deconstruct the 924 E. Main Street building and store the materials for use in a future phase of the block-wide redevelopment. However, the UDC did not have enough information on the reflectivity study to make its recommendation to the Plan Commission. ...


The applicant has submitted the glare/reflectivity study for the proposed glass-clad building requested by the Commission on March 25, which was prepared by a subject area expert. The expert's study does not expect any thermal effects on people or property to be caused by the proposed building, and that the predicted visual impacts "are typical of those seen in any urban environment." The reflectivity study is unprecedented as a prerequisite for approval of a new development insofar as staff is aware, and staff does not believe that any of the study's recommendations would suggest that the proposed eleven-story building could not meet the standards for conditional use approval. The UDC recommended approval of the reflectivity study to the Plan Commission at its April 24, 2019 meeting on a 4-2 vote; the reports from the UDC's consideration of the reflectivity study are attached.


Executive Summary of Solar Reflection Study Findings 929 E Washington Ave


9. 55022 301 North Street; 12th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMX) District for a restaurant-tavern; consideration of a conditional use for outdoor recreation in the NMX District; and consideration of a conditional use in the NMX District for an outdoor eating area, all to allow construction of an addition to an existing restaurant-tavern with outdoor recreation and eating.


Upcoming Matters - May 20, 2019

- 309 Clyde Gallagher Avenue - Conditional Use - Convert dwelling unit into management office for residential building complex. Apparently Meridian, the property manager, has been using one of the apartments as their office for years, approving this conditional use will make it comply with the zoning code.


Monday May 6

City County Homeless Issues Committee

6:30p room 357 CCB



1. 55727 Update From the Homeless Services Consortium Shelter Providers Committee-Carly Sobye, HSC Shelter Providers Committee Chair

2. 55728 Update on The Beacon Day Resource Center-Kelly Mendenwaldt and Michael Moody, Catholic Charities

3. 55729 Update on the Coordinated Entry System-Institute for Community Alliances


Tuesday May 7

Special Primary for County Supervisor District 17


There are no city meetings because there is an election. Residents of city aldermanic D15 will get to choose the next Supervisor for the County Board.  Jail expansion, lake level and water quality issues, and regional transportation investment are key issues facing the County. Here is League of Women Voters link to candidates answers. The two candidates with the most votes move on the general election June 4.


Wednesday May 8

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


Neighbors and interested parties can register to speak or send emails to share comments. Send emails to Janine Glaeser, UDC Secretary at


6. 55518 134-140 S. Blair Street & 506-518 E. Wilson Street - New Development Consisting of Residential Units, Commercial Space and Internal Structured Parking. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Lance McGrath, McGrath Property Group, LLC Applicant: Marc Schellpfeffer, CaS4 Architecture, LLC Informational Presentation


Wednesday May 8

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


9. 55447 Adopting the Interim Recommendations for South Broom Street and the 300 block of West Wilson Street, contingent on a successful pilot in the spring of 2019. Attachments: 2019-04-05 Wilson Interim Recommendation.pdf Lead agency is the Transportation Commission with additional referral of the Board of Public Works. (4th AD)


10. 55521 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation for East Washington Avenue (Blair Street to East Springs Drive) Adaptive Traffic Signal system. (2nd, 6th, 12th, 15th, 17th ADs)

23. 55398 Change Order No. 1 to Contract No. 8296, Williamson Street and East Wilson Street Assessment District - 2019, to RG Huston Company, Inc., in the amount of $21,443.00. (4th & 6th ADs)


Wednesday May 8

Transportation Commission

5p room 215 MMB


F.2. 55587 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a long-term parking lease agreement with Beitler Real Estate Services LLC or assignees, for 40 parking spaces at the replacement Government East parking garage being constructed on Block 88. (4th AD)


F.3. 55705 Approval of Route 23 to Sun Prairie Route 23.pdf Route 23 Feedback.pdf Attachments:


G.1. 55706 Discussion of Feedback/Impact of Proposed Metro Service Changes (Except Route 23, dealt with in F.3.) a. Discussion of Community Impact of Potential Route 31 Changes with Tariq Saqqaf, Neighborhood Resource Coordinator b. General Discussion about Proposed Route Changes Metro proposed service changes.pdf #11 Comments for April 24 2019 hearing.pdf Attachments:


G.2. 55710 Bassett Street Project Update from Engineering Team on the Criteria to Evaluate the Success of the Pilot


Wednesday May 8 

Public Market sneak peek open house 

5-7 p.m., May 8, 200 N. First Street


The City of Madison invites the public to attend an open house to see the building that will become the future Madison Public Market, give input on the future designs and get a taste of the future market experience. During the open house, the public will have opportunities to share feedback on updated designs for the Madison Public Market, sample food, meet potential vendors and see the building. This is the first time the public will be able to step foot in the building, confirmed as the future home of the market. Stop by information stations about design principles and priorities, site plan, floor plan, vendor layout, market kitchen, event space and sustainability features and meet and talk with city staff, the architect team, Public Marked Development Committee members and Madison Public Foundation board members.


Wednesday May 8

Board of Park Commissioners

6:30p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway


7 55605 Superintendent's May 2019 Report

Another sign of spring that is new this year is that of professional soccer on the pitch at Breese Stevens Field. Madison Forward FC played their first home game in snowy conditions in late April (the frozen tundra of Breese?), with attendance at around 4,500 people. This marks a significant achievement in the adaptive repurposing of an historic asset in our parks system. Early indications are that about 170,000 people will visit Breese this year, which is at least 8 times the number who visited in 2012. Another landmark in the system is the Garver Feed Mill and work being done to preserve it by Baum has continued with a few vendors now operating out of the Mill itself. These two stories along with our work at Forest Hill Cemetery and Gates of Heaven really highlight the importance and priority Madison Parks has placed on preserving our historic landmarks.


•Golf – The 2019 Golf season is underway and early pass sales and revenue are positive. There are still major systematic issues related to golf, both financially as well as land use considerations.


• Dog Policy – The Long Range Planning Subcommittee has started work on reviewing the policy related to dogs in parks. Staff is hopeful that any policy changes will be brought to the Commission in the first half of the year.


• Off-Leash Dog Parks – Staff is working to determine potential off-leash improvements in the priority areas of the West side, Atwood/East Isthmus, and Far East/Grandview. The Approved Master Plan for North Star Park will address the deficiency in Grandview. Staff are working on concepts for the other two priority areas and anticipate moving forward with engagement processes in 2019.


13 55620 Request from UW-Madison to survey freshwater ponds in parks.

UW-Madison is requesting access to City of Madison parks (see attached park list) to survey freshwater ponds. The surveys will not harm any freshwater vertebrates, all of which will be immediately released at the location where they were caught. The overall goal of the project is to understand how land use affects aquatic communities of zooplankton, invertebrates, and pond-breeding amphibians. The research will involve field surveys of ponds across land use gradients including urbanization, agricultural lands, and conservation areas. Results of this work will advance knowledge about the factors structuring ecological communities and will be directly relevant towards managing urban and agricultural ponds for multiple uses, including the provisioning of ecosystem services and habitat for wildlife. Many of the ponds in the project serve important roles in the management of urban stormwater, including flood mitigation, sediment removal, and improvement of water quality.

 Staff recommends approval; UW-Madison should post signage at each of the survey locations that provides information on the project.


16 55702 Street Use Ordinance Update


Wednesday May 8


6:30p room 103A CCB


1. 22783 Discussion with Carrie Rothbud regarding the MPD Ad Hoc Committee's final report to the Common Council. Attachments: Outline Sample to Ad Hoc Committee for Review.docx


2. 22582 Discussion regarding reducing the size of the committee from 15 members to 12


3. 54180 Review and discussion of resident submitted recommendations and MPD responses. MPD Ad Hoc Resident Recommendations v3.pdf MPD Memo to Ad Hoc Committee.pdf Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department policy.pdf Consensus Policy and Discussion 2017.pdf MPD DeadlyForceUseof NEW.pdf Supplemental Recommendations Chart.docx Attachments:


4. 29075 Review and discussion of recommendations submitted by Rep. Chris Taylor Attachments: Taylor Recommendations.pdf


5. 28315 Review and discussion of CRT recommendation #8 "MPD, Madison and advocates for healthy policing should, in concert, look to Minnesota's First Responder's Bill and lobby for the continuation or creation of a state statute that recognizes PTSD as a workers-compensation injury."


6. 22806 Review and discussion of recommendations submitted by the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association Attachments: TLNA Recommendations.pdf


7. 23421 Review and discussion of OIR's recommendation number 146 found in OIR's Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Review "Madison should enhance its civilian oversight by establishing an independent police auditor's office reporting to a civilian police review body."



Wednesday May 8

Neighborhood Meeting Tapster alcohol license

7p Trinity Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 1904 Winnebago St


Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about a proposal to open Tapster, a self-pour tasting room, at 2000 Atwood Avenue, former location of Vault Interiors & Design.  Tapster's offerings would include beer, cider, wine, cocktails, kombucha, soda, juice, and cold brew coffee on tap, and they would have skee ball, a pool table and shuffleboard.  They would not have a kitchen but would partner with neighboring restaurants to offer their food to Tapster's customers.  Proposed hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 5pm-12am; Friday, 4pm-2am; Saturday, 11am-2am; and Sunday, 11am-11pm.  They are considering opening Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, as a co-working space.  They would need a Class B Combination Liquor & Beer license, but they have not yet applied.


Thursday May 9

Golf Committee

4p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway


5 55741 2019 Golf Update

6 55434 Preliminary 2018 Financials

7 49608 Future of Golf Enterprise Operations


Thursday May 9

Board of Review

4:30p room 201 CCB


The deadline to object to your real estate property tax assessment is 4:30p Tuesday May 7. More info here  Your objection will be reviewed at this meeting.


Madison General Ordinance Sec. 33.08 - Conducts public hearings and adjudicates contested city assessments; has the authority to subpoena witnesses and records; hear oral testimony from the Assessor and the taxpayer; and raise, lower or sustain assessments.


Thursday May 9

13th: Documentary Film Screening and Discussion

6:00p Doors open

6:30p Screening begins

8:10p Discussion

Madison Public Library  201 W. Mifflin Street, 3rd Floor


13th is a 2016 American documentary by director Ava DuVernay. The film explores the "intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the United States;" it is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, adopted in 1865, which abolished slavery throughout the United States and ended involuntary servitude except as a punishment for conviction of a crime.

DuVernay contends that slavery has been perpetuated since the end of the American Civil War through criminalizing behavior and enabling police to arrest poor freedmen and force them to work for the state under convict leasing; suppression of African Americans by disenfranchisementlynchings and Jim Crow; politicians declaring a war on drugs that weigh more heavily on minority communities and, by the late 20th century, mass incarceration of people of color in the United States. She examines the prison-industrial complex and the emerging detention-industrial complex, discussing how much money is being made by corporations from such incarcerations.


Following the screening, a community discussion will be held, moderated by Dr. Karen Reece, President of Urban Community Arts Network and former Chair of the Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment. Panelists: Dr. Yorel Lashley, founder and president of Drum Power; Rob Dz, Media Projects Bubblerarian for the Madison Public Library; and Gloria Reyes, member of the Madison School Board, former police officer and former Deputy Mayor for the City of Madison.


The discussion will begin at 8:10pm. Hmong, Spanish and ASL interpreters will be provided. Film rated MA/R - Content Warnings for this film: slavery, mass incarceration, rape, racial brutality, lynching, graphic images, assault, all of which are racially related. For members of the community who cannot attend this screening & discussion of 13th, the film is available on Netflix.


Sponsored by the Madison Arts Commission, Madison Public Library, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights, and the Task Force for Equity in Music and Entertainment. (proud of my city)

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