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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of June 24, 2019

June 22, 2019 11:54 PM

Highlights: The East End development proposal. The proposal for the East End (134-140 S Blair St and 506-518 E Wilson St)  AKA the Essen Haus block is at Landmarks Commission on Monday. The preservation planner does not believe that the proposal meets the standards for construction of a new principal structure in the First Settlement Historic District or meets the standards for lot combination as currently proposed. Read the report for description of issues regarding Structure Height, Scale, Proportion and Rhythm; Façade Design; and Windows and Doors. The staff report recommends referral.


Also on Monday, the contract with the school district for four MPD educational resource officers is at Finance. Thanks to those of you who have shared your thoughts about EROs in schools. I am still gathering resident's feedback. On Tuesday, come to the catfish mural dedication at the back wall of Mickey's Tavern and the bike path, details below. Parks Long Range Planning will discuss the launch of the dogs in parks public process on Wednesday.


Statement from Mayor Rhodes-Conway and Council leadership Regarding President Trump's Recent Statements on Immigration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):  It is unfortunate that President Trump continues to threaten immigrant communities. We, as a city, stand with the immigrant community and will work collaboratively with community leaders to respond to any increase in ICE enforcement. We fully understand that we all benefit because our immigrant friends and neighbors are here, and support their efforts to live, work and raise a family in Madison and the surrounding area. At this time we have not received any information of an increased enforcement in the Madison area but are keeping a close eye and will keep the public informed. (June 20)


PFAS. On Friday June 21, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services announced new statewide standards for drinking water. The City, Madison Water Utility and Public Health Madison Dane County issued a joint statement: "The City of Madison appreciates the guidance provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as we work to learn more about this widespread class of chemical compounds. The recommended groundwater standard announced today of 20 parts-per-trillion for PFOA and PFOS combined is nearly two times higher than levels detected at Well 15 on East Washington Avenue. Concentrations of PFOA and PFOS have hovered around 12 parts per trillion at the well since advanced testing began in 2017. While Well 15 water more than meets the recommended standard, Madison Water Utility will continue to operate the city's water system without Well 15 for the time being as we work with state and local health experts, the Department of Natural Resources and the public to determine next steps for the well.

PFAS are a concern to the City, and we support and welcome this initial action toward regulating PFAS compounds in water. It is estimated that only a portion of PFAS exposure to humans comes from water. PFAS are pervasive in our environment, and most of our exposure comes from other sources like food packaging and commercially treated products to make them stain- and water-repellent or nonstick. Here are actions you can take to reduce your exposure to PFAS chemicals: follow Dane County fish consumption advisories, reduce the use of consumer products, such as non-stick cookware, stain resistant carpeting, and water repellant clothing, and check product labels for ingredients that include the words "fluoro" or "perfluoro." Home charcoal filters have also been shown to reduce high levels of PFAS in water."

I am working with Alder Samba Baldeh (Well 15) and Alder Syed Abbas (Truax air base) on establishing a joint city and county taskforce on PFAS. An initial resolution was introduced and referred for further refinement. I expect it will be back to Common Council Executive Committee in July as an alternate.


Garver Green alcohol license. Last Wednesday June 19, the alcohol license proposal for Garver Events at the Garver Feed Mill was at Alcohol License Review Committee and was approved with conditions.  At the neighborhood meeting June 17, the applicant, Jonny Hunter of Underground Kitchen and Delicatessen, presented hours that were changed from their original application (and the postcard meeting invitation sent to  neighbors). They proposed Sun – Thurs 6a-11a, and Friday-Saturday 6a – 12a. They also presented a proposal for the two outdoor spaces closing at 11p and allowing ambient amplified music. At ALRC, with Alder Grant Foster's support, I recommended the new hours and requested the outdoor spaces close at 10p and to not allow amplified music. The ALRC also added a condition that the license must meet the definition of a restaurant at all times and serve food during all hours they are open. The conditions I recommended and added by ALRC passed unanimously and will go to the next Council meeting for final approval.


Annual Water Quality Report is out. Postcards are landing in the mailboxes of homes and businesses across Madison announcing the publication Madison Water Utility's Annual Water Quality Report. The report is an overview of the tens of thousands of water quality tests MWU conducted last year. The postcards let people know that Madison's drinking water continues to meet all Federal and State standards for health and safety and direct customers to the following link to review the report in detail:  People can also request a paper copy of the report by calling (608) 261-9299. The report is published in both English and Spanish.


Monday June 24, 2019

Task Force on the Structure of City Government Communications Subcommittee

2p room 151 MMB







Monday June 24


4:30p room 207 MMB


1. 53550 Possible LaFollette Capstone project.

4. 54139 Update: RESJI / Equity Lens for 100% Renewable Energy Plan


Monday June 24

Finance Committee

4:30p room 215 MMB


1.55826 Submitting the appointment of Michael P. May for confirmation of a five-year term as the City Attorney.

6. 55951 Amending the 2019 Metro Transit Utility Capital Budget to add $825,000 GO Borrowing for three (3) electric bus battery packs and a 6-year extended warranty for a total warranty time of 12 years and authorizing the noncompetitive purchase of more than $50,000 in goods from Proterra, Inc.

7. 56407 TID 35 1/2 Mile Rule Report

8. 56408 TID 41 1/2 Mile Rule Report

9. 56301 Authorizing the Mayor, Police Chief and the City Clerk to sign a contract with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) to provide School Resource Officers for the four MMSD high schools for a three-year term, beginning August 1, 2019 through June 15, 2022. Noticed to go into CLOSED SESSION



2. PURPOSE. The MMSD School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is foremost a preventative collaboration and strategy between the MMSD and the Madison Police Department (MPD) which seeks to ensure that the four primary high schools are safe, secure and welcoming for all. Through this collaboration, SROs will use and be adept in the principles of community oriented policing and committed to the establishment of trust based partnerships with their respective school communities. Through proactive problem solving, SROs and MMSD together with school administrators will work to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.


Monday June 24

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


2. 55514 134-140 S Blair St and 506-518 E Wilson St - Mixed-Use Development in the First Settlement Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


The proposal needs Certificates of Appropriateness for land combination and new structures before it can move forward in the review process. First Settlement neighbors, Capitol Neighborhood Inc, MNA and the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation have or will submit comments, click on the link to read more.


Staff report: 41.26 FIRST SETTLEMENT HISTORIC DISTRICT. (4) Standards for the Review of New Principal Structures. (a) Structure Height, Scale, Proportion and Rhythm. The structures directly adjacent to the subject property are of different heights. As such, the proposal takes into account all of the structures within 200 feet of the portion of the property located within the First Settlement Historic District. Of those structures within 200 feet, the proposal is supposed to be compatible with them. The proposal is for a building that is substantially taller than any of the adjacent structures, but of a similar height to three properties within 200 feet (Cardinal Hotel, the 1980s wing of the MG&E complex, and 115 S Franklin St. Condominiums). Of the structures located within 200 feet, this proposal fills most of the parcel, which is not typical of the structures within 200 feet (with the exception of 514-524 E Wilson St.). The Cardinal Hotel and the 115 S Franklin St. Condominiums have a substantially smaller footprints and therefore convey a smaller scale. The MG&E complex has a 1980s wing that is of similar scale, but it is substantially set back from S Blair, so it does not dominate the street frontage. The MG&E complex features two historic buildings that are approximately two stories in height and the 1980s wing is hyphenated off the back of those buildings, which allows for the large mass of that addition to not overwhelm the street frontage. This proposal is for a building that is as tall as three of the approximately 30 buildings within 200 feet. Most of the buildings are 2-3 stories in height. The proposed new structure would read as the largest building in the vicinity due to its height, scale, and proportions (which are pushed to dominate the frontage on S Blair). The rhythm of masses and spaces in the vicinity generally have a smaller percentage of building footprint on the parcel, with the proportions being more discreet. ...


(e) Façade Design. Staff has prepared a comparable of the pre-1930 structures that are located within the 200-foot buffer of the portions of the subject property within the First Settlement Historic District (see attached). The applicant's narrative discusses the project's relationship to several structures that are post-1930.The contemporary design of the façade is reflective of the architectural character of Madison's urban design corridors, but does not have the same architectural vocabulary as the first Settlement Historic District. While there are storefronts on the southern half of the S. Blair frontage, there does not appear to be a main entrance to the building (but the E Wilson frontage, which is outside the district, does have that design element). Porches are encouraged on main entrances, but the design does not feature porches. The storefronts on the south end of the S Blair façade provide a level of articulation that also does not seem to have precedent on the pre-1930 structures. The deeply recessed space on the northern half of the S Blair frontage that is devoted to automotive use does not have precedent. On the upper floors, the deeply recessed openings are also without precedent and do not reflect the rhythm and directional expression of pre-1930 structures in the vicinity.


(f) Windows and Doors. There does not seem to be a precedent for the rhythm of solids and voids for the S Blair front façade. There is little ornamentation on the sides of the structure, but the rhythm of windows on the upper stories is more in keeping with the pre-1930 commercial buildings. The entrance and exit to the underground parking is the width of a single car, so could potentially meet the standard's allowance for a single-car garage door on front facades when it is not possible to have a garage door on the side or rear. However, the large recessed parking area on the front of the northern half of the S Blair does not have precedent on any of the buildings within 200 feet, and especially not the pre-1930 buildings. The proposed windows do not have bead molds, but the standard suggests a 1-inch inset in those instances. Rather, the proposal is for deeply recessed window areas and balconies, which do not have precedent in the district.


Recommendation: Land Combination. Staff does not believe that the proposal meets the standards for a land combination in a historic district and recommends that the Landmarks Commission refer consideration of a Certificate of Appropriateness until a decision is made on granting a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new principal structure(s) on the site. Construction of a New Principal Structure. In its current iteration, staff does not believe that the proposal meets the standards for construction of a new principal structure in the First Settlement Historic District. Staff recommends that the Landmarks Commission provide detailed feedback to the applicant on potential changes to the project that could enable it to meet the standards and refer the matter to a future meeting.


3. 55998 517 S Baldwin St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist. - Installation of windows, roof, and stucco on silo; 6th Ald. Dist.


Staff report: The applicant is requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness to insulate the silo addition and cover with stucco, add four windows to the silo, add a gable roof that projects over the silo and intersects with the roof of the main house. The Landmarks Commission approved extensive rehabilitation of the structures on the property in 2010, which included incorporating a relocated silo to serve as an addition to the historic house. The commission approved the introduction of the silo due to it being nested in between the wings of the house, and thereby being minimally visible from the street (see attached minutes). The new proposal will alter the exterior of the silo by cladding it is stucco and piercing the walls for four new windows. However, the silo does not have a historic association with the property and was strictly repurposed to serve as a wing of the historic house. The introduction of stucco on the exterior will allow the agricultural element to better blend with the principal structure.


5. 56054 1207 Jenifer St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist. - Replacement of windows and doors; 6th Ald. Dist.


Monday June 24

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


12. 55908 2609 E. Washington Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Commercial Corridor-Transitional (CC-T) District to allow free-standing vending in the parking lot of a tavern.


The subject property is currently developed with a tavern, outdoor eating area, and parking lot. The applicant, The Malt House, owns and operates the existing business and is applying for a conditional use to allow freestanding vending within 200 feet of a residential use. According to MGO §28.211, free-standing vending is defined as, "the activity of selling or offering for sale any foodstuffs by placing a cart or equipment on private property; preparing food, beverage or articles for sale; or in any other manner participating in the vending operation or attempting to publicly sell or offer for sale any foodstuffs from private property." There are residential uses directly north and east of the parking lot, where the vending is proposed. According to the submitted materials, the applicant will typically have one vendor on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., but requests the ability to have vendors from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. seven days a week. According to the applicant, there will be times that more than one vendor is on the premise, including community fundraisers (one to three vendors, up to six times per year) and festival style events (two to five vendors, twice a year). It is important to note that customers will not be able to bring their alcoholic beverages with them in line when they are ordering and waiting for their food, as the carts will be outside the approved alcohol-permitted area for the tavern. As proposed, none of the potential vendors will have any affiliation with the tavern, in terms of food production and sales. Furthermore, no change in capacity for the tavern is requested at this time. Lastly, no amplified sound is proposed in the parking lot as it is outside the permitted outdoor eating area.


Upcoming Matters - July 8, 2019

-2262 Winnebago Street - Conditional Use - Expand capacity for existing nightclub and construct outdoor eating area. 

-2222 E. Washington Avenue - Conditional Use - Construct addition to East High School


Tuesday June 25

Water Utility Board

4:30p conference room A/B 119 E Olin Ave


2. 56379 Approving a Memorandum of Understanding between Madison Water Utility, WaterNow Alliance, and Polco regarding community engagement and the development of an updated Water Conservation and Sustainability Plan. Recommend to Council to Adopt- Report of Officer

In 2017, WaterNow Alliance ("WaterNow") launched its Project Accelerator Program and began accepting applications from cities and water utilities seeking outside assistance to jumpstart sustainable water projects. The Project Accelerator Program includes up to 250 hours of technical and program support over a 3 to 6-month period, free of charge, for two winning project applications. In Spring 2019, Madison Water Utility was one of two utilities selected by WaterNow to receive a Project Accelerator. In this round of Project Accelerator, WaterNow has partnered with Polco, a civic participation technology platform owned by Policy Confluence, Inc., to provide public engagement and polling technology free of charge to selected utilities.

6. 53585 Financial Update including Rate Case Attachments: MWU Rate Study Summary - TY19 - June '19 Mtg.pdf

11. 54829 Annual Review of the Madison Water Utility General Manager.

Noticed to go into Closed Session.

Tuesday June 25


5:30p room 153 MMB

2. 56305 Review Process to Date

3. 54447 Discussion of Consultant's Recommendations

• Sample Chapter – Revised Organization

• Discussion Items -Definition of Requirements and Guidelines -Should buildings outside the period of significance be treated differently? -Should accessory structures be reviewed with the same standards as principal structures? Revisit New Construction General Standards section


Tuesday June 25

Catfish mural dedication

5:30p The back wall of Mickey's Tavern and the Cap City bike path


Please join the artist Duane Bohlman, members of the Madison Arts Commission, Journey Mental Health's Yahara House, city arts and pedestrian bike staff to celebrate this bright new addition to Madison's near east side's murals at a dedication by the mural on Tuesday, June 25 at 5:30pm (rain date Thursday, June 27 at 5:30pm). Mickey's Tavern is providing non-alcoholic refreshments, Journey's Yahara House is sponsoring face painting and a screen-printing station (bring t-shirts, limited quantity for sale), music by Catfish Stevenson (of course) is sponsored by the Madison Arts Commission. Learn more about the project


Wednesday June 26

Street Use Staff Commission

10a room 108 CCB


1. 56409 STOP THE VIOLENCE! SAVE OUR CHILDREN! PARADE Saturday, July 06, 2019 / 11am-12pm Parade: 5701 Raymond Road (Good Shepherd Lutheran) to 1701 McKenna Blvd (Our Redeemer) Parade: Discuss location, schedule, set-up and activities. Sheray Wallace / Meadowood NA, Neighborhood Connectors, Meadowood Health Partnership, Good Shepard Church


3. 56411 SCHENK'S CORNERS BLOCK PARTY Fri., Aug 16, 4pm-10pm / Sat., Aug 17, 2pm-10pm / Sun., Aug 18, 10am-4pm Street Closure - 1900 Atwood Ave, Fri, Aug 16, 7am- Sun, Aug 18, 7pm Music/concert/block party. Discuss location, schedule, set-up and activities. Schenk's Corners Arts Society Inc. / Michael Randall & Dan Plourde


11. Recap recent street use events - Dane County Farmers' Market, Wednesday Farmers' Market, Capitol View Farmers' Market, Let's Eat Out, Madison Night Market, Live on King Street, Juneteenth, Paddle and Portage, Loop the Lake, World Naked Bike Ride, Eastside Farmers' Market, BCycle Electric Bike Launch, Make Music Madison, Summer Solstice Celebration, Rally for the People, Installation of Madison Bishop Hying, Breese Stevens Concert - Toby Keith, Sessions at McPike Park, Suffrage Walk


Upcoming events

June 26, W, 5-7:30pm, Let's Eat Out!, 200 Jackson St.

June 29, Sa, 6am-6am, Festival Foods Shake the Lake, John Nolen Dr. between Blair and Broom

June 30, Sa, 6am-6am, Festival Foods Shake the Lake, John Nolen Dr. between Blair and Broom (rain date)

July 3, W, 3pm-Midnight, Concerts on the Square, Capitol Square

July 3, W, 4-8pm, Let's Eat Out!, 200 Jackson St.

July 10, W, 3pm-Midnight, Concerts on the Square, Capitol Square

July 10, W, 4-8pm, Let's Eat Out!, 200 Jackson St.


Wednesday June 26


3p 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway Goodman Maintenance Facility


5 55254 Review of Policies Regarding Dogs in Parks

A public survey will be available on-line and as a hard copy at the public meetings. The survey will be open from July 15th to August 15th of 2019.

Public meetings will be between 6:30 and 7:30.  Locations and dates as follows:

· Warner Park Community Center – July 16th

· Memorial High School – July 17th

· Villager-Atrium Community – July 23rd

· Central Library – July 25th


6 56210 Political Rallies in Parks

Recently a presidential candidate asked to have a campaign rally in James Madison Park. It was discovered that Madison Parks did not have a formal process for First Amendment activities that are often spontaneous or short-noticed and don't meet the advance notice required through the normal park event permitting process.


Wednesday June 26

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


2. 56097 216 S. Pinckney Street - Comprehensive Design Review for Judge Doyle Square, Block 88, First Floor Commercial Spaces. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: George Austin, c/o City of Madison Applicant: Mary Beth Growney Selene, Ryan Signs, Inc. Final Approval is Requested


6. 52084 1314, 1318, 1326 East Washington Avenue - New Development of a Mixed-Use Building Containing Ground Floor Veterans Service Provider with 59 Apartments Above Located in UDD No. 8. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: County of Dane, Wisconsin Applicant: Mark Smith, Gorman & Company, LLC Final Approval is Requested


9. 56314 200 N. First Street - Public Building, Madison Public Market Located in UDD No. 4. 12th Ald. Dist. Owner: City of Madison Applicant: Stephen Bellairs, MSR Design Informational Presentation


Wednesday June 26

Transportation Commission

5p room 206 MMB


F.1. 55951 Amending the 2019 Metro Transit Utility Capital Budget to add $825,000 GO Borrowing for three (3) electric bus battery packs and a 6-year extended warranty for a total warranty time of 12 years and authorizing the noncompetitive purchase of more than $50,000 in goods from Proterra, Inc.


G.1. 56402 Parking: Judge Doyle Updates Customer Service Ambassador Positions City of Madison Page 1 Printed on 6/20/2019 TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION Agenda - Approved June 26, 2019 Memo on Government East Demolition Schedule/Block 88 Development


Wednesday June 26


6:30p room 215 MMB








Thursday June 27


4:30p room 302 MMB


6a 55938 Accepting the 2019 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI) study


Upcoming meetings


Monday July 1

Winnebago Arts Café neighborhood meeting 

7p Trinity Lutheran Church, Parish Hall (lower level, enter from Atwood Ave)


John and Jake DeHaven have applied for a conditional use in the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMX) District for a nightclub and an outdoor eating area for a nightclub for the Winnebago Arts Café,  2262 Winnebago St.  They propose to increase capacity from 99 to 225 and modify (reduce) parking minimums. They will be adding fire suppression system to safely accommodate the new capacity per fire code requirements. The application will be at the Plan Commission on July 8th.  Please contact the reviewing planner Sydney Prusak 608-243-0554 if you have comments to share.


Dogs in Parks policy public meetings



· Warner Park Community Center – July 16th

· Memorial High School – July 17th

· Villager-Atrium Community – July 23rd

· Central Library – July 25th

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