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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of July 1, 2019

June 28, 2019 11:20 PM

Highlights: If you are following recent neighborhood discussions on electric scooters, two city committees will be discussing the policy this week - Monday at Transportation Policy and Planning Board and Tuesday at the Common Council Executive Committee  Mayor Rhodes-Conway will provide an update. The Mayor is not reappointing three members of the Plan Commission and has introduced her new appointments at the Common Council for referral to the next meeting. One of the new appointments is former alder Ledell Zellers, an inspired choice in my opinion. Mayor Satya continues to make impressive appointments. The contract to provide School Resource Officers for the four MMSD high schools for a three-year term, beginning August 1, 2019. This issue has vocal people in support and in opposition. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. If you want to share your opinion with the Council, email and provide your street address so alders know if you are one of their constituents. The renewal of City Attorney Mike May's contract is also on the agenda Tuesday.


The East End project AKA the Essen Haus block was referred at Landmarks Commission last Monday. The staff report indicated the proposal does not meet ordinance standards for lot combination or for a new structure. The Commission grappled with whether the lot combination certificate of appropriateness superseded the certificate of appropriateness for New Principal Structures.  Staff had proposed a conditional approval of the lot combo assuming it could be resolved through an approvable new structure but Commissioners requested a memo from the city attorney. The McGrath team's proposal, staff report  and public comments can be found in link to Landmarks in last week's update.


The Winnebago Arts Café meeting scheduled for Monday July 1 has been canceled and the applicant has agreed to ask for referral to the July 29 Plan Commission. The tentative new date is Wed July 24 at 7p, place TBD. Last week I sent out this general description: John and Jake DeHaven have applied for a conditional use in the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMX) District for a nightclub and an outdoor eating area for a nightclub for the Winnebago Arts Café,  2262 Winnebago St.  They propose to increase capacity from 99 to 225 and modify (reduce) parking minimums. They will be adding fire suppression system to safely accommodate the new capacity per fire code requirements. Please contact the reviewing planner Sydney Prusak 608-243-0554 if you have comments to share.


The outdoor patio was previously approved to provide a space for smokers. It is not yet approved for food or alcohol service. They will still need to apply to the ALRC for a change of licensed premises to increase the capacity for inside and outside and get final approval from the Common Council.


Shake the Lake.  John Nolen Drive will be closed between South Broom Street and South Blair Street from 6:00 a.m. Saturday, June 29 to 6:00 a.m. Sunday, June 30.  South Broom Street will remain open to and from John Nolen Drive.  East Wilson Street and Williamson Street will also remain open.

Additionally, starting at 9:45 p.m., John Nolen Drive will be closed between Olin Avenue and South Broom Street.  This section of John Nolen Drive will be closed until approximately 11:15 p.m. Attendees of the event are encouraged to park in one of the many downtown parking garages .  Real-time parking availability in the city parking garages can be found here: information about viewing locations and parking can be found on the event website: 


Dogs in Parks.  Five public input meetings are scheduled during July from 6:30-7:30pm at locations throughout the city. The survey will open on July 15 and continue through mid-August and will be posted on the Parks Project page. Information gathered at the community engagement meetings and through the public survey will be the first step in a process of potentially updating or changing the current ordinance. Parks Long Range Planning Committee began considering this project earlier in 2018. With guidance from the public, the LRP will send recommendations for review to the Board of Park Commissioners and Madison Common Council.


• Tuesday, July 16, Warner Park Community Recreation Center
1625 Northport Dr Community Rooms 1 & 2

• Wednesday, July 17, Memorial High School
201 S Gammon Rd  Auditorium

• Tuesday, July 23, The Village on Park Street
2300 S Park St  The Atrium Community Room

• Thursday, July 25, Madison Public Library- Central Branch
201 W Mifflin St  Room 302

• Tuesday, July 30, Sennett Middle School
502 Pflaum Rd Dowden Auditorium


Happy revolutionary holiday! This is a short week for city meetings.


Monday July 1, 2019


5p room 201 CCB


F.3. 55447 Adopting the Interim Recommendations for South Broom Street and the 300 block of West Wilson Street, contingent on a successful pilot in the spring of 2019


G.1. 56450 Improving transit access to and from the Pinney Library Metro


G.2. 56451 Electric scooter pilot program and policy planning


G.3. 56452 Review work plan for DOT


Tuesday July 2

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 153 CCB


5. 56466 Discussion with Mayor Rhodes-Conway (7/2/19) - Committee Appointments - Update on E-Scooters


6. 54777 SUBSTITUTE - Creating a special task force on PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contamination to review, analyze and provide recommendations for a comprehensive response to PFAS contamination in Madison. Sponsors: Marsha A. Rummel, Samba Baldeh and Syed Abbas 54777 v1.pdf Written Comments to Water Utility Board 3-26-2019.pdf Attachments: Requested Action: Re-Refer Resolution to 7/16/19 CCEC Meeting.


I am drafting an Alternate resolution to create a task force that will be a joint city and county group. As the main sponsor, I am still doing outreach to stakeholders and working on the outcomes.


7. 56459 Presentation: 311/CRM Feasibility Study - ICMA Representative / City Information Technology


Tuesday July 2

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


6. 55926 Amending Section 28.127(4) of the Madison General Ordinances to extend the effective period of the Alcohol Overlay District.

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This amendment will extend the effective period of the Alcohol Overlay District, Sec. 28.127, MGO, to December 31, 2019.


9. 56482 Report of the Mayor submitting resident committee appointments (introduction 7-2-2019; action 7-16-2019).


Mayor Rhodes-Conway is appointing former Alder Ledell Zellers as Chair of the Plan Commission! I am so proud of my friend and former colleague Ledell, I look forward to working with her as a member of the Plan Commission.  Ken Opin did an excellent job as Chair and I appreciate his years of service to the Plan Commission.  I welcome the return of Eric Sundquist, his extensive knowledge of transportation policy will benefit all the transportation initiatives ahead. I will miss Ms. Berger, but she also should be proud of her years of service. With the turnover of three Plan Commission members, we will start to see Mayor Satya's vision at work.




LEDELL ZELLERS (2nd A.D.) - will serve in the position of Mayor or Designee. Ms. Zellers is a former district 2 alder having served on the Common Council from 4/2013 to 4/2019. In that capacity, she served on numerous city committees, including the Plan Commission, Common Council Executive Committee and Transportation Policy & Panning Board. She succeeds Ken Opin.

TERM EXPIRES: 4-18-2023


ERIC W. SUNDQUIST (13th A.D.) - appoint to a three-year term to the position of Adult City Resident. Mr. Sundquist holds a Ph. D. in City & Regional Planning and is a researcher with the University of Wisconsin. He previously served on the City's Plan Commission and Long Range Transportation Planning Committee. He also served for three years on the Decatur, GA Planning Commission. Mr. Sundquist succeeds James F. Oeth.

TERM EXPIRES: 4-30-2022


JASON HAGENOW (13th A.D.) - appoint to a three-year term to the position of Adult City Resident. Mr. Hagenow currently holds the Second Alternate position and has served since 1-17-2017. He succeeds Melissa M. Berger.

TERM EXPIRES: 4-30-2022


Madison Metropolitan School District recommendation:

ANDREW J. STATZ (6th A.D.) - reappoint to a one-year term to the non-voting position of Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendent or Designee. First appointed 10-3-2017.

TERM EXPIRES: 4-30-2020


10. 55826 Submitting the appointment of Michael P. May for confirmation of a five-year term as the City Attorney.


37. 56301 Authorizing the Mayor, Police Chief and the City Clerk to sign a contract with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) to provide School Resource Officers for the four MMSD high schools for a three-year term, beginning August 1, 2019 through June 15, 2022.




49. 56465 Creating Section 28.022 - 00399 of the Madison General Ordinances to approve a Planned Development District at property located at 506-518 E. Wilson St. & 134-148 S. Blair St., 6th Aldermanic District, to approve a General Development Plan, and creating Section 28.022 - 00400 to approve a Specific Implementation Plan. Sponsors: Planning Division Legislative History 6/25/19 Attorney's Office/Approval Group Referred for Introduction Plan Commission; Public Hearings: Plan Commission (7/29/19), Common Council (8/6/19)


50. 56478 Creating Sections 9.13(1)(c) and 9.13(13) and amending Section 9.13(4) of the Madison General Ordinances to create a process for full-sized Food Trucks to participate in street vending, adding a subsection for definitions, and amending existing provisions to allow for Food Trucks. Sponsors: Michael E. Verveer and Christian A. Albouras


54. 56436 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) #35 (Todd Dr), City of Madison. (14th A.D.) Sponsors: Sheri Carter Attachments: 11799 TID 35 2019 Project Plan Amendment.pdf Legislative History 6/24/19 Economic Development Division Referred for Introduction Finance Committee (7/22/19), Plan Commission (7/8/19)


55. 56437 Approving the Amendment to the Project Plan for Tax Incremental District (TID) #41 (University Whitney), City of Madison. (11th & 19th A.D.) Sponsors: Keith Furman and Arvina Martin


56. 56447 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an agreement with MSA Professional Services, Inc. for engineering services for the Greentree/McKenna Watershed Study. (1st, 19th and 20th ADs) Sponsors: Keith Furman and Zachary Henak 


57. 56453 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an agreement with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. for engineering services for the Dunn's Marsh Watershed Study. (10th and 20th ADs) Sponsors: Keith Furman and Zachary Henak


60. 56457 Approving the provision of up to $120,000 from the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Community Building Crime Response (CBCR): Our Neighborhood -A Safe and Beautiful Place grant to support the development and execution of a Safe Passages program on Madison's South West side and authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to enter into agreements with selected agencies to implement the designated projects Sponsors: Barbara Harrington-McKinney


62. 56471 Authorizing the City of Madison to accept ownership of (3) three art sculptures from the Friends of Sid Boyum, to be located in a portion of the public right-of-way of E. Wilson Street, as well as a portion of a City Engineering parcel located at 320 Division Street, in exchange for maintenance by the Marquette Neighborhood Association. (6th A.D.) Sponsors: Marsha A. Rummel


63. 56484 Amending the 2019 Adopted Operating Budget for the Community Development Division - Affordable Housing to accept, on behalf of the Dane County Continuum of Care (CoC), an aggregate EHH grant award of up to $639,750 from the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute agreements with specific Dane County CoC agencies to provide services using the EHH funds.


66. 56508 Amending the 2019 Capital Budget of the Economic Development Division to Establish Budget Authority for a $300,000 EPA Brownfields Site Assessment Grant, authorizing Mayor and City Clerk to execute a grant agreement with the EPA, and authorizing staff to prepare and issue an RFP to hire an environmental consultant to complete the work contemplated by the grant. Sponsors: Shiva Bidar and Samba Baldeh


67. 56490 Public Hearing - New License Old Sugar Distillery LLC • dba Old Sugar Distillery 931 E Main St Suite 8 • Agent: Nathan Greenawalt Estimated Capacity: 200 in/48 out Class B Beer • 45% alcohol, 5% food, 50% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 403


Wednesday July 3


4:30p room 108 CCB


Upcoming opportunities


July 22, 2019

What is Science to Street Art? Science to Street Art is a collaborative creative placemaking and public art initiative that will highlight and promote science through street art. This is a project of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, in partnership with the Madison Arts Commission (MAC), Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD), and additional community stakeholders to support the innovative creation of street art that changes the way science story is depicted.

Street and Graffiti artists, or artist groups, interested in participating in this unique opportunity should review the call for artists and apply before 11:59pm on July 22, 2019. Selected artists, or artist groups, will be paid up to $2,000 per mural.

The selection of artists will be based on: artistic excellence; creativity; originality; technical skill; interest in collaborating with scientists to highlight science concepts; and fit for this program which intends to showcase a broad range of street art and graffiti styles. Science to Street Art is funded in part by the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Madison Arts Commission, Evjue Foundation, MGE, and the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Ginger Ann, Executive Director, Illuminating Discovery Hub 608-316-4116

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