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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of July 29, 2019

July 27, 2019 12:30 PM

Highlights: The Winnebago Arts Café conditional use application will be referred until August 12 at Monday's Plan Commission meeting. Read a summary of last week's meeting below. On Tuesday, LORC (the Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee) will be meeting. At Wednesday's Urban Design Commission meeting, Red Caboose/Movin' Out will make an informational presentation and Eric Welch owner of 828 E Main has proposed renovation of the trachte building for use as a wedding/event venue in Urban Design District #8. Also Wednesday, the Sid Boyum sculptures and interim design standards for 5G small cells will be at Board of Public Works.

I'm on vacation starting Thursday, heading up to Grand Marais MN and the Boundary Waters. I will miss the August 6 Common Council meeting. If I have internet ability next weekend, I will try to send an update. You can always check out the Legislative Information Center for the weekly calendar of upcoming meetings

The Task Force on Government Structure has created a survey to ask residents if changes to city government structure could help make the City work more effectively for all of its residents, and, particularly, for residents of color and low income residents. Here is a link to the survey

The last in the series of Dogs in Parks Public Input Meetings will be held on Tuesday from 6:30-7:30p at Sennett Middle School 502 Pflaum Rd. The Parks Division also has a survey, it will be available  through mid-August.

The annual August Moving Days ritual in downtown Madison will begin soon. The Streets Division has a lot of good information

The American Transmission Company will be conducting fire cleanup at the MGE Blount St substation. The city will close the 700 block of East Main Street (South Blount Street to South Livingston Street) for up to two months to provide staging for the equipment and tanks needed to handle the removal of hazardous waste. South Livingston Street and South Blount Street will remain open at all times. Direct any questions to Mark Sanzenbacher, American Transmission Company 608-877-3637


Monday July 29, 2019

Landmarks Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


1.56725 210 S Pinckney St (Judge Doyle Square) - Alteration to Planned Development Zoning Adjacent to a Designated Madison Landmark; 4th Ald. Dist.


2. 55514 134-140 S Blair St and 506-518 E Wilson St - Mixed-Use Development in the First Settlement Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


Note: Item 2 (the Essen Haus project)  will be placed on file without prejudice.


4. 56615 2450 Atwood Ave - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark (St. Bernard's Catholic Church) - Replacement of roof and gutters; 6th Ald. Dist.


5. 56616 3241 Garver Green - Exterior Alteration to a Designated Madison Landmark (Garver Feed Mill) - Installation of signage; 6th Ald. Dist.


6. 56712 1314 Jenifer St - Addition in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist. - Enclosed Rear Entry and Addition of Sunroom; 6th Ald. Dist.


8. 47837 Landmarks Commission Historic Preservation Plan Status Report


Monday July 29

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


12. 56127 2262 Winnebago Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Neighborhood Mixed-Use (NMX) District for a restaurant-nightclub; consideration of a conditional use in the NMX District for an outdoor eating area for a restaurant-nightclub.

Note: Item 12 should be referred to the August 12, 2019 Plan Commission meeting at the request of the applicant.


Last Wednesday I held a neighborhood meeting about the Winnebago Art Café's request to increase capacity from 99 to 225, for a parking reduction, and use of the patio as an outdoor service area.  Comments from residents were mixed. Several nearby neighbors spoke in support of the proposal and the DeHaven's vision for the Winnebago Arts Cafe. They appreciated the rehab of the building and liked the concept.  Neighbors who lived behind the café, were concerned about noise from the patio, they said conditions improved after the installation of acoustic glass doors, but overall the noise was disruptive at night. Other neighbors were concerned about the lack of parking in the neighborhood to accommodate the proposed doubling of the venue's capacity.


At the meeting the DeHaven's presented an initiative to promote alternate modes of transportation offering discounts to patrons who are members of the Bicycle Benefits program, partnering with Green Cab to provide coupons on show nights, and becoming an outlet to sell Metro Bus passes. They talked about their goal of providing a venue that could serve local artists and the need for venues that serve between 100-200 patrons. They stated they expected to hold events of this size between 6-12 times per year. The SASY neighborhood association has written a letter in support.


Since the neighborhood meeting postcard went out, Jake and John DeHaven learned from Zoning staff that instead of being reviewed as a restaurant-nightclub, per additional staff review, their conditional use request should be for a theater/assembly hall with an accessory/incidental restaurant-nightclub use. Given the different definition the project, the public hearing needed to be re-noticed and the DeHaven's agreed to refer until the next Plan Commission meeting. If you have comments, you can send them to city planner for the project Sydney Prusak,


Upcoming Matters - August 12, 2019

- Report of the Urban Forestry Task Force

- Zoning Text Amendment regarding exemptions of solar energy systems from Conditional Use and Planned Development Requirements

- 828 E. Main Street - Conditional Use - Convert warehouse into reception hall in Urban Design Dist. 1 (should be UDD #8)

- 2817 E. Washington Avenue - Conditional Use - Allow limited production and processing

From the Letter of Intent: I am looking to expand our shared kitchen (food prep and production) into the space next door to our current location at 2817 East Washington Avenue. We are submitting an application for a limited production permit. At 2817 East Washington I currently have about 9 tenants in the space. All of these tenants are small, local food businesses. We prep, cook, bake and fry throughout the kitchen. We also have storage space for food production and catering supplies. On top of that we have a small boutique grocery store where we sell products that are made on-site (primarily baked goods). The store is only open Friday-Sunday, in the middle of the day. Some of the tenants have outgrown their current production space and would like more room to grow, while still working in a shared facility. The expansion to next door would hold approximately three individual small businesses (doing the same type of prep work as we currently do), and also a small area in the front to host cooking classes. At any given time there are anywhere from 7-15 people working in the kitchen, with the expansion we will probably see about 15-20 employees of the different businesses working at any given time. The deliveries to the building will be the same as what we have now, and no more activity will be happening. The exterior of the building wont change and  No change in HVAC in the building. We will provide a site plan and floor plan.

Tuesday July 30


12p room 153 MMB


5. 55106 Discussion: Review of Draft Ordinance Language & Suggested Changes to APM


Drafter's analysis: "The ordinance requires all Departments to obtain approval from the Mayor and Common Council before obtaining or using surveillance technology. It requires all Departments to provide public notice and to hold a public meeting whenever the Department plans to obtain or use new surveillance technology. The ordinance requires all Departments to provide an annual report on its use of surveillance technology to the Common Council and public. The ordinance creates several exceptions for the approval process outlined within the ordinance, including when there is an emergency situation or when the surveillance technology involves information that must remain confidential. The ordinance establishes an oversight board to review the exception of sensitive surveillance technology."


For those of you following the 2019 budget appropriation I proposed to add several cameras along the Capital City bike path in the Marquette neighborhood, I have been waiting for this ordinance to be adopted by the Common Council. Once it is finalized, I will follow the recommended process to review the use of new surveillance technology. My interpretation of new means a new location for the cameras. Earlier I checked in with Traffic Engineering staff when facial recognition cameras were in the news. The city will not be using this type of camera. Also I want to clarify the intent of adding cameras is to capture incidents for review by law enforcement. The videos would be subject to open records law, but the lifespan of the videos will be about 14 days, and they will not be archived.


I know there are concerns about privacy and whether cameras would act as a deterrent. I still lean toward installation. This ordinance will establish a public review and council approval process.  I will follow the adopted procedure. According to the draft: "The Department's request [in this case MPD] for surveillance technology will be approved by the Common Council only upon the determination that the benefits to the citizens and residents of the City outweigh the costs; that the proposal will safeguard civil liberties and civil rights; and that, in the judgment of the Common Council, no alternative with a lesser economic cost or impact upon civil rights or civil liberties would be as effective".


Tuesday July 30


5:30 room 206 MMB


1. 54447 Discussion of Consultant's Recommendations - Standards for Maintenance - Standards for Repairs - Standards for Alterations - Standards for Additions - Standards for New Structures

2. 54448 Discussion of Next Steps and Schedule


Tuesday July 30

Dogs in Parks public input meeting

6:30-7:30p Sennett Middle School 502 Pflaum Rd


This is the last meeting of the series.


The City of Madison Parks Division and the Parks Long Range Planning Committee are hosting a series of community engagement meetings and a public survey. At the community meetings, staff will provide background information on the current policy (Madison General Ordinance 8.19     ) and provide a forum for both dog owners and non-dog owners to voice their opinions.

Information gathered at the community engagement meetings and through the public survey will be the first step in a process of potentially updating or changing the current ordinance. Parks Long Range Planning Committee began considering this project earlier in 2018. With guidance from the public, the LRP will send recommendations for review to the Board of Park Commissioners and Madison Common Council.

The Public Input Meetings are scheduled from 6:30-7:30pm at five locations during July. The survey will open on July 15 and continue through mid-August.


Wednesday July 31

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


3. 56352 828 E. Main Street - Renovation of the Existing Trachte Buildings for Use as a Wedding/Event Venue in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Eric Welch Applicant: Matthew Tills, Motis Initial/Final Approval is Requested


From the Letter of Intent: Proposed renovation of the existing Trachte buildings at 828 E. Main Street for use as a new, private event venue focused on weddings and similar events. Once home to KleenAire HVAC wholesalers and vacant for the last 8 years, the plan is to transform the iconic building into a one-of-a-kind downtown private event venue filled with authentic industrial character. The buildings will undergo a complete interior renovation but will keep as much of the existing metal façade as possible. A four season solarium will be added to the lot, in addition to an exterior courtyard area. The outdoor space will be enclosed by a variety of partial height brick and metal screen walls, plantings, and trees. The outdoor space will serve as the entry point of the venue with gates that can be secured after-hours. No parking will be provided on site. Automobile parking reduction is being requested due to the proximity of the new S. Livingston Parking Garage located less than 300 ft from the site. Owner will also seek a bike parking reduction (net reduction of 13 stalls) with City Planning due to the nature of the typical events (dress clothing for weddings). Owner seeks to eliminate an existing curb cut adjacent to the nearest building, as access directly into the building from the street is no longer required. Additionally, the existing primary curb cut will be reduced in width. The additional curb area where the existing curb cuts are reduced/removed is requested to be designated as "loading only" to allow for loading/unloading access to the property.


From the staff report: UDD #8 Height and Setback Considerations. Main Street: The standards encourage taller developments along Main Street (Block 12b) where there is a street façade minimum three stories; however, the district also encourages preservation and restoration of older commercial structures that have historic value and interest. The district encourages well-designed landscaped outdoor spaces and fencing that complements the character of the building. In addition, landscape islands and open spaces, where practical, could be used for stormwater infiltration.


5. 56485 3241 Garver Green - Comprehensive Design Review for Garver Feed Mill. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Garver Feed Mill Master Tenant, LLC Applicant: Bryant Moroder, Baum Revision/Mary Beth Growney Selene, Ryan Signs, Inc. Final Approval is Requested


11. 55206 Accepting the final report and recommendations from the Urban Forestry Task Force.


13. 56728 2340 S. Winnebago Street - New Development of a 4-Story Mixed-Use Building Containing 38 Residential Units and 21,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space for Red Caboose Day Care. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Lisa Fiala, Red Caboose Child Care, LLC Applicant: Melissa Huggins, Urban Assets/Kevin Burow, Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC Informational Presentation


Last Thursday, I held a second neighborhood meeting about the proposal. The development team provided more detailed architectural renderings. The response of residents was generally positive about the design. Neighbors had questions about the ease of access for drivers exiting the property onto E Washington and concerns about speeding through the 6th St roundabout. The project will apply for WHEDA Section 42 housing tax credits and Movin' Out will create a separate waiting list for affordable units targeting teachers and daycare workers. The development team will officially submit their land use application August 14 and it will go to Urban Design, Plan Commission and if the proposal stays on schedule it will be at the Common Council on November 19.


14. 56760 216 S. Pinckney Street - New 9-Story Mixed-Use Development above the 5-Story Parking Structure Podium at Block 88-Judge Doyle Square. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: Lee Christensen, Gebhardt Development Applicant: Isaac Wallace, Iconica Informational Presentation


Wednesday July 31

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 206 MMB


4. 56471 Authorizing the City of Madison to accept ownership of (3) three art sculptures from the Friends of Sid Boyum, to be located in a portion of the public right-of-way of E. Wilson Street, as well as a portion of a City Engineering parcel located at 320 Division Street, in exchange for maintenance by the Marquette Neighborhood Association. (6th A.D.)


7. 56557 Interim Design Standards for Small Cell. (Citywide ADs)


Thursday August 1


Eastside Evangelical Lutheran Church and School 2310 Independence Lane


The Dream Bus Mobile Library will be parked from 4:30 – 5:00 at Eastside Evangelical Lutheran Church and School prior to the Madison Public Library Board meeting at 5:00 p.m. at the same location. Library Board members may stop prior to the meeting to tour the bus. The Dream Bus offers library collections, exterior programming space and free Wi-Fi to five underresourced neighborhoods weekly: Allied Drive, Leopold, Kennedy Heights, Reindahl Park, Park Edge/Park Ridge.



5p Eastside Evangelical Lutheran Church and School 2310 Independence Lane


9. IMAGINE REINDAHL PLANNING UPDATE Library Planner Kevin Englebert will be in attendance to discuss planning for the Imagination Center at Reindahl Park. 56791 Imagine Reindahl powerpoint July 24, 2019


Thursday August 1

Property Assessment In Madison: Understanding the Taxation Puzzle and Finding Your Voice

6:00 p.m. Covenant Presbyterian Church 326 S. Segoe Road


Members of the Common Council have been invited to an information meeting on property assessments in Ald. Arvina Martin's district. For more information on this informational meeting, please contact Michelle Drea, City Assessor, at or (608) 266-4531.

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