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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of September 9, 2019

September 7, 2019 10:04 PM

Highlights: Several streets in and around downtown will be closed for the Ironman Triathlon on Sunday, September 8.   The race consists of swimming in Lake Monona, bicycling in Dane County, and running in the downtown/campus area.  The race starts at 6:40 a.m. and lasts until approximately midnight.  Police will maintain local access across the route only when possible during gaps in the runners/bicyclists.  Thru traffic driving across the route will not be permitted.


The Executive Capital budget is at Finance Committee over two nights. City agencies will present their capital budget and take questions from alders. It's a really good way to learn about city agencies and see what they do, you can at watch on city channel!


Alders Syed Abbas and Grant Foster and I are sponsoring a listening session on Wednesday at 5:30p in the Sherman Middle School Cafeteria for those impacted by noise exceeding 65 decibels as a result of the proposal to locate F-35A aircraft at Truax Field. As I previously reported the draft Environmental Impact Statement released by the National Guard Bureau acknowledges there will be disproportionate impacts to nearby low income neighborhoods and communities of color.  We sent out a postcard to those disproportionately impacted residents within the projected 65+ decibel range. If you live/work just outside of the decibel contour maps and are impacted by F-16s now, please join us,  but if you see this and don't live/work nearby, please attend the NGB meeting the next day on Sept 12 to express your views. More info below.


The final opportunity for curbside sandbag collection will begin on Monday, September 9, 2019. In order for residents to have their sandbags collected efficiently, residents must first visit the City of Madison Flooding website to find out if they live in the "Flood Zone" or "Request Pickup" areas.


All Madison Public Library locations will be closed on Thursday, September 12, for a staff in-service.  Normal operating hours will resume on Friday, September 13.


My apologies if you received multiple copies of last week's update. When it posted, I was informed the end was cut off.  Thinking it was a cut and paste error on my part, I tried to fix it (several times). Apparently I exceeded space limitations. Once city IT staff realized what the issue was, they allocated more storage space but I will try to be more mindful of the length of my updates.


Monday September 9, 2019

Tuesday September 10

Finance Committee

4:30p room 215 MMB


Executive Capital budget highlights:


New this year, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has initiated what she calls the "Horizon List".  According to the description in the budget, they are "projects that meet a clear community purpose but are not yet fully planned to the level to be considered and funded within the fiscal capacity of the 2020 CIP (Capital Improvement Plan)".  Annual capital budgets includes projections for projects/costs out 5 years. The Horizon List projects are not ready to be added to the CIP.  Reindahl Library and the Starkweather Coagulant Treatment plant are now out of the budget and on the horizon list. This approach will be a change for long time alders who are used to amending the Executive capital budget by moving projects to different years in the CIP.


The Mayor has switched funding sources for City's portion of Public Market ($ 7 million) from GO Borrowing and "cash" to TID #36 funds and is requiring the Public Market Foundation to contribute an additional $500,000 to the project. Total project budget remains $13 million: $7 million from TID #36, $3 million from Federal New Markets Tax Credits, and $3 million from the Public Market Foundation.


Addition of a Land Banking Program funded at $1 million per year for six years ($6 million total). (Both Union Corners and the Don Miller properties were purchased under a previous initiative during Mayor Dave Cieslewicz's administration.) This program is for the strategic acquisition of land or buildings in targeted areas to be redeveloped or for future City use. The goal of the program is to support the creation of affordable housing, neighborhood amenities, and employment opportunities in areas that lack affordable housing or are at risk of displacement of low-income households. Specific targets for acquisition will be guided by a Land Banking Policy to be created by the Housing Strategy Committee and approved by the Common Council. It is anticipated that specific sites will be identified by the Economic Development Division in consultation with the Community Development Division and Planning Division in early 2020. The proposed funding level will support one to three purchases annually. Acquired properties will be sold or leased to developers identified through a request for proposal (RFP) process. Funding in 2020 is from a transfer from the General Fund that had previously been allocated to the Public Market.


The long discussed construction of an inter-city intermodal bus terminal in conjunction with Lake Street Ramp reconstruction is scheduled for 2024, but there may be opportunities to move implementation up to 2022. The project's scope does not include the Frances Street side, which was built in the early 1980s. Replacement of the Frances Streets component is planned for 2044. The strategy will be to support intercity bus terminal that is well-integrated with Madison Metro and future BRT.


Bus Rapid Transit: This program is for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. The goal of a BRT system is to increase the capacity of the existing Metro system while decreasing ride times. BRT was most recently studied by the Madison Planning Organization in a 2013 report, where findings indicated ride times for the Capitol Square could be reduced by up to 35% with a BRT system. The proposed budget anticipates planning in 2020, design in 2021-2022, and construction in 2022-2023 partially supported by federal funding. This funding will construct the East-West corridor. In addition to funding presented here, the Metro Satellite Bus Facility project is assumed as a component of the locally funded match for the federal funding in the BRT project budget.


Construction of a satellite bus facility in 2021. The project budget assumes land will be purchased in 2020 and construction will occur 2021. The goal of this project is to provide an additional facility that alleviates space constraints at Metro's existing East Washington Avenue location in preparation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).


Madison's Pedestrian Plan hasn't been updated since 1999, the budget allocates $160K to help standardize policy for pedestrian crossings, bicycle/pedestrian interaction, and identify areas of greatest need.


Well 15: Per-fluorinated compounds (PFOS) have been detected in Well 15 producing concerns about the need for treatment at this well. This project will start the process of investigating options for Well 15.  The initial study to investigate mitigation alternatives is planned for 2021. (Currently the Well is not operating.)


Well 8: Iron and manganese levels at Well 8 require filtration upgrades. Well 8 also provides the opportunity to be a three zone well making it a valuable facility operationally. Treatment will allow Well 8 to become a year around well. The initial planning phase is planned for 2025.


Garver Path: This project is for a new path connecting to the Capital City Trail on Madison's east side. The project's scope includes one new bridge, one replacement bridge over the Starkweather Creek, and one new bridge over the wetlands in Sherry OB Park. The goals of this project are to increase bike and pedestrian mobility and to provide a connection to surrounding neighborhoods. The project will add 0.5 miles of new path. Funding in 2021 is for path construction. Federal funds for the project are secured.


Atwood Ave (Fair Oaks to Cottage Grove Rd): This project is for replacing pavement on Atwood Avenue between Fair Oaks Avenue and Cottage Grove Road. The goal of this project is to improve the pavement quality index of this 1.1 mile stretch to ensure safety and ride quality of the road is brought up to City standards. The current pavement quality index of the roadway is 4 of 10. Design is planned for 2020, construction is planned for 2025.


S Blair St: This project is for reconstructing South Blair Street from East Washington Avenue to Williamson Street and East Washington Avenue from Blair St to Blount St. The goal of this project is to improve the pavement quality of the 0.3 mile segment to ensure transportation safety. The project scope includes a new traffic signal for the East Main Street and South Blair Street intersection. The current pavement rating of this road is 3 of 10. Design is planned for 2020 with construction in 2022.


Blair/John Nolen intersection: This project is for replacing pavement, curb, gutter, and sidewalk at the intersection of Blair Street and John Nolen Drive. The goal of the project is to improve the pavement quality rating of the intersection. The current pavement quality rating is 3 of 10. Construction is planned for 2022. Federal funding for this project is secured.


Quiet Zone (ALERT): This program is for repairing railroad crossings and installing infrastructure for railroad quiet zones. The goal of this program is to provide safe railroad crossings and improve the quality of the neighborhoods adjacent to railroads. The proposed funding does not anticipate construction of quiet zones from 2020-2025.


Reconstruction of local streets: This program is for replacing deteriorated streets to maintain neighborhood roadways. This is a continuing program with projects prioritized on an annual basis for efforts to reach Madison's goal of having less than 30% of local streets with a deficient pavement rating of less than 5 of 10. Planned for 2020 = Dunning, Jackson, LaFollette.


Wilson St (MLK to King): This project is for replacing the concrete on Wilson Street from Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard to King Street. The goal of this project is to improve the pavement rating which is currently 4 of 10. Construction is planned for 2024.


Right of way landscape changes: In cooperation with City Parks, for 2020 we propose to go back to medians that have limited planting beds cut into turf areas. Involves removing both the planting beds and the turf and restoring area with a clover/wildflower/low grass mix. Proposed plantings are more drought & salt tolerant. Provides pollinator habitat. Decreases mowing to 1 x per season. Reduces carbon footprint of City operations.


Right of way landscaping and trees: This program is for landscaping on boulevards and right of ways throughout the City. The goal of the program is to increase drought resistance, add plant species diversity, increase pollinator habitat, and add native plant species. 2020 Planned Activities: East Washington Ave Native Species Replanting.


Dog Parks! This program funds improvements to existing dog park facilities and potential new off-leash dog parks in City parks. The goal of the program is to provide safe facilities to meet the needs of the City's growing dog owner population. (Stay tuned for an invitation from Parks Division to a public info meeting on two proposed sites for an off-leash dog park on the east side}.


Law Park improvements: This project funds improvements at Law Park. The goal of the project is to form a master plan including an evaluation of site constraints and the feasibility of multiple options to expand the park footprint to accommodate the potential addition of the Frank Lloyd Wright boathouse. Progress will be measured by the percent completion of the master plan. Funding for Law Park planning was first included in the 2014 CIP as a project in the Planning budget. Funding in 2024 and 2025 is for the coordination of utility changes in the park as part of the future John Nolen-Blair-Williamson-Wilson Street improvements.


McPike Park improvements: This project funds continued improvements to McPike Park. The goal of the project is to expand McPike Park in accordance with the master plan and provide park amenities and other transportation improvements as identified in the plan. Progress will be measured by the percent of the master plan implemented. Funding in 2020 will be used for removing remaining buildings, soil remediation, tree planting and fencing.


Urban Trees initiatives: This program funds implementation strategies identified by the Urban Forest Task Force as best practices aimed at the maintenance and improvement of the City's forest starting in 2021. Projects will be selected based on the recommendations in the report that move forward.


Citywide Flood Mitigation: This program is for stormwater network improvements where flooding occurs during large rain events. The goal of the program is to eliminate flooding and protect property from damage. Projects planned in 2020 include: the Hawks Landing subdivision, design of pond improvements, flood mitigation on South Street, and land acquisition. $3M in 2020, $4.5M in 2021...


Wednesday September 11

Transportation Commission

5p room 215 MMB


F.4. 57356 BY TITLE ONLY - Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Art + Literature Laboratory (ALL) for the use of commercial space in the South Livingston Street Garage, located at 111 South Livingston Street, for the operation of a non-profit arts center, together with the approval of a grant to ALL in the amount of $500,000 from the Madison Capital Revolving Fund. (6th A.D.)


Wednesday September 11

Public Safety Review Committee

5p room 206 MMB


1. 57377 Budget Presentations from Police and the Fire Department Attachments: psrc budget language 2019.pdf

3. 57379 MPD Standard Operating Procecedure (SOP) Public Notice and Comment Period

5. 57037 Discussion on the Common Council Executive Committee Recommendation to the PSRC on Action Item 13


Wednesday September 11

Madison Arts Commission

5:30p room 013 MMB


1. 57356 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Art + Literature Laboratory (ALL) for the use of commercial space in the South Livingston Street Garage, located at 111 South Livingston Street, for the operation of a non-profit arts center, together with the approval of a grant to ALL in the amount of $500,000 from the Madison Capital Revolving Fund.


2. 57366 Approving the Madison Arts Commission's selection of Artist Eric Adjetay-Anang as the first Thurber Park Artist in Residence.


4. 55290 Thurber Park Artist-in-Residence Approve Selection process, Artist Contract, Occupancy


Wednesday September 11 

F-35A Community Meeting

5:30 p.m. Sherman Middle School Cafeteria - 1610 Ruskin Street


Dear Neighbor,


You live in an area that would be impacted if Truax Field is selected for the beddown of F35A aircraft.  Alders Grant Foster, Syed Abbas, and Marsha Rummel and City staff invite you to come together with other neighbors for a listening session to ask questions and get information about the draft Environmental Impact Statement.  The National Guard Bureau is also sponsoring a public meeting on this topic on Thursday, September 12, at Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center, 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way.  They will have an open house from 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. and a formal presentation from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.


If you can't make either of the above meetings, please share your comments with us, and we will forward them to the appropriate bodies. 


Alder Syed Abbas,  

Alder Grant Foster,

Alder Marsha Rummel,


Thursday September 12

Community Development Authority

4:30p room 153 MMB


3. 57356 BY TITLE ONLY - Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Art + Literature Laboratory (ALL) for the use of commercial space in the South Livingston Street Garage, located at 111 South Livingston Street, for the operation of a non-profit arts center, together with the approval of a grant to ALL in the amount of $500,000 from the Madison Capital Revolving Fund. (6th A.D.) –


4. 56845 Accepting the white paper titled "Equitable Development in Madison: An assessment of factors contributing to displacement and gentrification"



Thursday September 12

Air National Guard EIS public hearing

Alliant Energy Center

open house from 5:00-6:30pm and a formal presentation from 6:30-8:00pm.


Submit electronic or mail comments

The deadline for submitting written feedback is September 27th.


EIS Chapter 4: specific installations and points of interest (with maps for Truax and other installations)


Executive Summary (with comparisons of impacts for all installations)


Noise study


Noise map existing


Noise map proposed


US Air Force F-35A Operational Beddown Air National Guard Environmental impact Statement (entire draft EIS)


Upcoming Events


Thursday September 19

Neighborhood meeting RE 210 S Dickinson St

7:00 p.m. Marquette Elementary School Cafeteria 1501 Jenifer Street


Please join me for a neighborhood meeting where we will hear about Dr. Mike Kohn's redevelopment proposal for 210 S. Dickinson Street.  Dr. Kohn proposes to replace the existing metal building with a new four-story, mixed-use building that would have commercial space on the first floor, along with enclosed parking, and 20-25 apartment units above.  The proposal would require a Conditional Use Permit in order to have more than eight apartment units.


This project has changed since plans were shared based on feedback from immediate neighbors.




Friday September 20


Railroad Street by MGE

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Neighborhood Meeting
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