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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 14, 2019

October 13, 2019 12:25 AM

Highlights: On Thursday, October 17th, join State Rep. Chris Taylor Madison,  community activist Brandi Grayson, and me at the Goodman Community Center Brassworks building (214 Waubesa St) from 6:30 to 8 PM for an opportunity to voice your opinions about the proposal to base new F-35 fighter jets at the Truax Air National Guard base at the Dane County Regional Airport.  We will have fact sheets, as well as comment cards for people to send their comments to the Air Force. Online comments can be submitted here. Comments can also be directed to Ramon Ortiz by email, by mail at NGB/A4AM, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD  20762-5157 or by phone at 240-612-7042. This phone number was not working before, but it has since been fixed.


The proposed repeal of the Edgewood Master Plan will be referred at Monday's Plan Commission and the ordinance to create a motor vehicle registration fee was referred last week by the Finance Committee. Neither of these high interest topics will be voted on at Council this week. Both the CDA (Monday) and the Board of Public Works (Wednesday) will be discussing comments regarding F-35s. On Monday, the Police and Fire Commission will select an Acting Chief of Police. Currently Assistant Chief Vic Wahl is serving as Acting Chief. At Tuesday's Council meeting,  there is a resolution authorizing Movin' Out/Red Caboose at Union Corners and two other projects to receive city affordable housing funds. They will apply for WHEDA Section 42 tax credits early next year and find out if they are awarded funds in April 2020.  The Salvation Army proposal is at the Urban Design Commission on Wednesday for initial approval. The Beacon day resource center is hosting a community meeting Wednesday from 6-7p at 615 E Washington.


On October 7, the DNR released results from the first round of tests of surface waters at five sites in the state including Starkweather Creek Starkweather Creek had the highest concentration of PFOA and PFOS among the samples received. One known source of PFAS is the fire training grounds at Truax Field Air National Guard Base where PFAS-containing firefighting foam products [PDF exit DNR] were used. While samples for PFOA and PFOS in Starkweather Creek were high compared to other sites in the study, they were not as high as those found in other known contaminated sites in Wisconsin that are currently undergoing remediation (the Tyco plant in Marinette). The high concentrations could be due to the fact that Starkweather Creek is a small body of water unlike the Wisconsin River or Mississippi River where there is more water to dilute the PFAS compounds. Fish tissue samples from the Starkweather Creek outlet to Lake Monona are currently being tested for PFAS with results expected in the spring of 2020. Residents and visitors to Madison should continue to follow the fish consumption advisory from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in place for PCBs and mercury. The advisory recommends limiting fish consumption for children under 15 and women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or may become pregnant.


The Wis. Department of Health Services (DHS) sent a letter to DNR on October 4, 2019 [PDF], which assesses the health risks of PFAS in surface waters in the Starkweather Creek area. DHS has made the following recommendations in order to best protect people and pets from potential PFAS exposure in all surface waters, including Starkweather Creek: Avoid drinking or accidentally swallowing the water. Wash your hands after wading or playing in the water. Rinse pets after contact with water to avoid swallowing PFAS that may be on their fur.  Recent media stories



Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway issued a statement in response to the news about high PFAS concentrations in Starkweather Creek to remind residents that Madison's drinking water is from aquifers not from surface water. She also states "The City of Madison has repeatedly requested that the Air National Guard conduct a complete site investigation into the extent and magnitude of soil and groundwater PFAS contamination on the Truax base. The City will again repeat this request--that the site investigation be completed and that a remedial action plan be implemented as soon as possible."


The Madison Water Utility will receive results from PFAS testing of the city's seasonal wells soon, including Well 8, which is located near Starkweather Creek. The City is also increasing signage related to PFAS contamination and fish advisories around Starkweather Creek.


It is important to remember that thousands of PFAS chemicals are in production across the world and people are exposed to these chemicals in a number of ways. To reduce PFAS exposure:

Check product labels for ingredients that include the words "fluoro" or "perfluoro."

Be aware of packaging for foods that contain grease-repellent coatings. Examples include microwave popcorn bags and fast food wrappers and boxes.

Avoid stain-resistance treatments. Choose furniture and carpets that aren't marketed as "stain-resistant," and don't apply finishing treatments to these or other items. Choose alternatives to clothing that has been treated for water or stain resistance, such as outerwear and sportswear, luggage, and camping and sporting equipment.

Avoid or reduce use of non-stick cookware and stop using products if non-stick coatings show signs of deterioration.


The Madison Metropolitan School District Board wants your input to help select the next school superintendent. The School Board is organizing two community engagement sessions and will launch a survey soon. They will use this information to evaluate and make decisions about candidates.

October 29th at James Madison Memorial High School, 7-8:30pm

October 30th at La Follette High School, 7-8:30pm

Sign up for updates here. The School Board will send updates when input opportunities are finalized and when there is new information about the process. If you don't currently have a child enrolled in the school district but would like to receive email updates, sign up here.


Monday October 14


12p room 206 MMB


4. 57691 Consideration of language for statement from the CDA regarding F-35 placement at Truax Field - Discussion and possible action - F35 EIS Staff Analysis: available at M=F&ID=7764632&GUID=4440DE49-5D48-4FF7-8019-D29E8AA15D22


"There are multiple CDA properties, as well as many low-income housing units, within or very near to the 65 dB DNL contour presented in the Draft United States Air Force F-35A Operational Beddown Air National Guard Environmental Impact Statement, which was released in August of 2019. In particular, the Truax Park Apartments and the Webb-Rethke townhomes are located on the border of the 65 dB DNL contour.  ...  However, the draft EIS has not adequately analyzed the impact of the proposed F-35 beddown on these properties. The draft EIS states that 551 people will be impacted by the 65-70 dB DNL contour (2019, p. WI-24), however, the population at these two properties alone is 600 residents-- over the total number of affected residents accounted for in the draft EIS. The inclusion of the CDA properties in the final EIS is particularly important because, according to the draft EIS, "upon completion of the Final EIS, a mitigation plan will be prepared" (2019, p. WI-17). Given this stipulation, the 600 residents on the border of the 65 dB DNL contour are at risk of being unacknowledged and left without recourse to possible mitigation considerations.  Considering this information, the CDA is requesting that the US Air Force include these public housing complexes in the noise impact analysis in the final version of the environmental impact statement. Not only are these residents potentially impacted by the F-35 beddown, they are also limited in their ability to move away from the Truax area in the event of adverse impacts. The Community Development Authority requests that the Air National Guard revise their environmental impact statement to include consideration of CDA properties, particularly the Truax Park apartments and the Webb-Rethke townhomes".


Monday October 14

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


4. 57666 216 S Pinckney St (Judge Doyle Square) - Alteration to Planned Development Zoning Adjacent to a Designated Madison Landmark (Madison Municipal Building); 4th Ald. Dist.

5. 57678 Review of National Register Nomination for the King Street Arcade (107-113 King St and 115-117 S Pinckney St)

7. 47837 Landmarks Commission Historic Preservation Plan Status Report

9. 54302 Buildings Proposed for Demolition -


216 S Hamilton Street: Commercial building constructed in 1894, according to the City Assessor's Office records. Applicant: Christopher Gosch, Populance Applicant's Comments: Existing house converted to commercial use in UMX Zoning District. Staff Findings: The preservation file for this property indicates that the vernacular brick house was constructed in 1853 for Gabriel Bjornson. Bjornson served for many years as registrar in probate for the county courts and was a member of the state assembly. In 1902, he was called a "notable Madison Norwegian."


Monday October 14

Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

5p-6:30p Water Utility Conference Room B 119 E Olin Avenue



6.  FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS · Development of groundwater standards – Discussion led by WI DHS staff · Annexations – Town of Madison; Town of Blooming Grove


Monday October 14


5p room 103A CCB


1. 57787 Discussion of remaining draft report sections and recommendation rationales

2. 57788 Discussion and approval of final report to Council

3. 57789 Discussion on next steps for disseminating report to community


Monday October 14

Plan Commission

5:30p room 201 CCB


6. 56838 Adopting the Mifflandia Neighborhood Plan as a supplement to the Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown Plan and directing staff to implement the recommendations contained in the plan.


12. 57318 1815 E. Washington Avenue; Urban Design Dist. 8; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Employment (TE) District for incidental alcohol sales at a general retail establishment.


14. 57441 Creating Section 28.022 - 00404 and Section 28.022 - 00405 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 2340 Winnebago Street and 2305-11 East Washington Avenue, 6th Aldermanic District, from TR-V1 (Traditional Residential - Varied 1) and PD (Planned Development) Districts to Amended PD (GDP-SIP) (Planned Development (General Development Plan - Specific Implementation Plan) District


15. 57107 2340 S. Winnebago Street and 2305-2311 E. Washington Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a commercial building and two single-family residences as part of a Planned Development approval for a mixed-use building.


16. 56839 Repealing Section 28.022 - 00117 of the Madison General Ordinances adopting the Campus Master Plan for Edgewood College, Edgewood High School and Edgewood Campus School.

Note: Item 16 should be referred to October 28, 2019 at the request of the property owners


Upcoming Matters - October 28, 2019

- Accepting the white paper titled "Equitable Development in Madison: An assessment of factors contributing to displacement and gentrification"

- 630 E Washington Avenue - Demolition Permit and Conditional Use - Demolish mission house building and auto sales facility to construct five-story building with a mission house, rooming house,   counseling services, health services and place of worship, and a separate three-story, 40-unit apartment building,

- 931 E Main Street - Conditional Use to add nightclub and tasting room uses to existing distillery


Monday October 14


5:30p room GR-27 CCB (enter 211 S Carroll St)


4. 57772 Designation of Acting Chief under Board Rule 2(c); introduction of Assistant Chief Vic Wahl (currently serving as Acting Chief of Police under existing department procedures and duty assignments); and discussion of other Assistant Chiefs.


5. 57773 Overview by Human Resources Department regarding resources to assist the Board with recruitment and hiring for the position of Chief of Police


Tuesday October 15

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 153 MMB


5. 57748 Discussion with Mayor Rhodes-Conway (10/15/19) - Federal Opportunity Zones - City Start Grant


8. 54777 SECOND SUBSTITUTE - Creating a special joint City-County task force on PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contamination to review, analyze and provide recommendations for a comprehensive response to PFAS contamination in Madison.


Tuesday October 15

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


1. 57670 Recognizing and Honoring 400 years of African American's Heritage and Contributions in the United States of America.


2. 57714 Commending and thanking Alderperson Avra Reddy for her dedicated service to her constituents in District 8 and the City of Madison.


5. 56839 Repealing Section 28.022 - 00117 of the Madison General Ordinances adopting the Campus Master Plan for Edgewood College, Edgewood High School and Edgewood Campus School.


This will be referred based on request of applicant to refer at Plan Commission.


6. 57501 2020 Executive Operating Budget


9. 56748 Presentation: Health of Madison Neighborhoods - A summary of the newest data from the Neighborhood Indicators Project - Planning Division Staff


10. 57483 SUBSTITUTE - Supporting the Wisconsin Public Health Association's Campaign Against Racism and Recognizing Racism as a Public Health Crisis.


26. 57442 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to Execute an Agreement with Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) for 5 Megawatt Renewable Energy Rider (RER) Project.


28. 57508 Amending the 2019 Adopted Operating Budget to appropriate $39,000 of federal funding in the Streets Division and Approving the City's acceptance of the US Environmental Protection Agency's "Supporting Local Infrastructure for Anaerobic Digestion" grant to study feasibility of developing a regional anaerobic digester; authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute any documents accepting the grant award. (16th AD)


33. 57594 Awarding up to $3.225 million from the Affordable Housing Fund and $900,000 in Federal HOME funds to support three affordable housing development projects, selected through a City Request for Proposals (RFP) process, that will construct approximately 200 units of affordable rental housing in Madison, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute loan agreements with the developers of those projects


The proposed resolution authorizes awarding $4.125 million in loans for three proposed affordable housing developments. The $4.125 million is split between the Community Development Division's Affordable Housing-Development Projects capital program and HOME program. Collectively, these projects will contribute to the development of approximately 200 units of affordable rental housing. The resolution proposes the following allocation of funds:

•                     Up to $1,400,000 million of Affordable Housing funds to Age Better, Inc. and Gorman & Company, LLC or an affiliate LLC for Elderberry Place Apartments

•                     Up to $1,700,000 million of Affordable Housing funds to MSP Real Estate, Inc., or an affiliate LLC for 1212 Huxley Street Apartments

•                     Up to $1,025,000 ($125,000 of Affordable Housing funds and $900,000 of HOME funds) to Movin' Out, Inc., or an affiliate LLC for Red Caboose Apartments


The 2019 Adopted Operating Budget includes $2.1 million in federal HOME Investment Partnership funds and the Affordable Housing-Development Projects capital program available balance is approximately $6.2 million. The proposed developments will also seek federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits allocated by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). No additional City appropriation is required with the authorization of the proposed loans.


35. 57597 Accepting the recommendations of the Community Development Division (CDD) Conference Committee regarding the allocation of City funds, beginning in 2020, for neighborhood center "Center Support" payments and for payments to neighborhood centers that support School-Age Child and Youth Development programs.

This new framework has been a decade in the making!


38. 57669 Creating Sec. 12.177 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a City of Madison motor vehicle registration fee.


The Finance Committee on 10/10 re-referred this item back to their meeting of October 21. I assume the Council will refer to our November 5 Council meeting.


40. 57233 Amending Section 12.1335 of the Madison General Ordinances to expand the boundaries of the "Snow Emergency Zone."




41. 57668 Amending Section 10.28(1) of the Madison General Ordinances to discourage the use of salt for ice removal in very cold temperatures.

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: The current ordinance requires property owners to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks and requires that if ice has formed in a way that cannot be removed, the owner must keep the sidewalk "sprinkled with sand, salt, or other suitable prevent the ice from being dangerous..." until the ice can be removed. This amendment removes the word "salt" as a suggested substance. The amendment does not prohibit the use of salt on sidewalks. Instead, the amendment removes recommending salt since salt may not be effective for providing traction in weather.


43. 57728 Amending Section 15.02(42) of the Madison General Ordinances by changing the address for the polling location for Ward 42 at Will-Mar Neighborhood Center.

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This ordinance changes the address for the polling location for Ward 42 from 953 Jenifer Street to 504 South Brearly Street.


47. 57713 Amending the 2019 Capital Budget for Sewer Utility and Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute an Amendment to the contract between Madison and Strand Associates, Inc. for additional design engineering services for the Blair/John Nolen Intersection final design. (6th AD) Sponsors: Michael E. Verveer and Marsha A. Rummel


Wednesday October 16

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


2. 56474 630 E. Washington Avenue - Redevelopment of the Salvation Army Campus to Include Homeless Shelter with Support Services, Apartment Complex and Underground Parking in UDD No. 8. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: Major Andrew Shiel, Salvation Army Applicant: Marc Ott, JLA Architects Initial Approval is Requested


Staff report: The applicant is seeking Initial Approval to construct a five-story building with a mission house, rooming house, counseling services, health services and place of worship, and a separate three-story, 40- unit apartment building. Project Schedule: · The Urban Design Commission received an Informational Presentation on July 17, 2019. · The Plan Commission is scheduled to review this proposal on October 28, 2019. Approval Standards: The UDC is an approving body on this request. The site is within portions of Blocks 1a and 1b in UDD 8, which requires that the Urban Design Commission review the proposed project using the design standards and guidelines for that district in MGO Section 33.24(15).


Wednesday October 16

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


15. 57767 BPW comments on the Air National Guard Environmental Impact Statement for placement of F35 Aircraft at Truax Field 115th Fighter Wing.


Wednesday October 16


5:30p room 354 CCB


5. 57567 Request to extend license issuance beyond the 90 day limit under MGO 38.05 Old Sugar Distillery LLC • dba Old Sugar Distillery 931 E Main St Suite 8 • Agent: Nathan Greenawalt Estimated Capacity: 200 in/48 out Class B Beer • 45% alcohol, 5% food, 50% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 403


9. 57527 Presentation Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Role in Alcohol Enforcement Special Agent Jason Lee, Department of Revenue


Wednesday October 16


6:30p room 103A CCB




a. Whether to have full-time or part-time Common Council.

b. Whether to change the size of the Common Council.

c. Whether to retain system of representation by geographic aldermanic districts.

d. Whether Common Council members have 4-year or 2-year terms.

e. Whether Common Council members should be subject to term limits.

f. Whether to change council leadership positions from 1-year to 2-year terms.

g. When any related structural changes should implemented.

h. How much Common Council members should be paid.










Thursday October 17

Zoning Board of Appeals

5p room 013-A MMB (lower level conference room)


2. 57689 Rudy Moore, owner of property at 711 Orton Ct., requests an appeal to the Zoning Administrator's interpretation in regard to Zoning Code Ordinance 28.151, tourist rooming house. Alder District #6.


Thursday October 17

Community meeting on F-35 fighter jets

6:30p Goodman Community Center at Brassworks 214 Waubesa St


Join State Rep. Chris Taylor Madison,  Alder Marsha Rummel, and Community Advocate and Activist Brandi Grayson at the Goodman Community Center Brassworks Building (214 Waubesa St) from 6:30 to 8 PM to voice your concerns about the proposal to base new F-35 fighter jets at the Truax Air National Guard base at the Dane County Regional Airport.  We will have fact sheets and information about this proposal available, as well as comment cards for people to send their comments to the Air Force. Online comments can be submitted here. Comments can also be directed to Ramon Ortiz by email, by mail at NGB/A4AM, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD  20762-5157 or by phone at 240-612-7042. This phone number was not working before, but it has since been fixed.


Through community pressure, we were able to get the deadline to commit comments extended to November 1. Please urge your family, friends and co-workers to weigh in on this decision which will affect our nearby neighborhoods for decades to come.

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