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Alder Benford’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of October 28, 2019

October 26, 2019 1:18 AM

Highlights:  Thanks for all the emails urging me to help the Jenifer St Market purchase their building, loading dock and parking lot during the Schoep's liquidation.  I share everyone's hope that JSM will able to keep its building.  However, this is not a decision that either I or the City of Madison have any power over.  The matter is in the courts, and we do not control that outcome. If you want to share comments with the attorney for the Receiver his name is Michael Polsky (and copy me), his email is If someone prepared a petition to present to the Receiver, expressing neighbor's desire that JSM retain its location, it may influence the outcome.  I would be happy to sign it, also.  Another big question is what happens to the factory portion of the site and what do we as a neighborhood want to see there in addition to retaining the Market? Are we okay with a manufacturing use continuing in the existing building going forward? Or do we prefer demolition and construction of a mixed use building (usually retail and residential but it could be office and residential)? Or should it be only residential given it's not on a commercial street? I have already been contacted by a commercial real estate broker and I assume there will be more interested buyers. We need to prepare and figure out what is our vision for the entire site. The Receiver's job is to get the best value for the asset. Our job is to help achieve the best value for the city and the neighborhood. SASY and MNA neighborhood associations can help and I will continue to work with city staff.

The Council is holding a special meeting on Tuesday to vote on establishing the annual Vehicle Registration Fee. As I mentioned in last week's update, the projected $7.9M revenue from the proposed Vehicle Registration Fee is being used to balance the Mayor's 2020 Executive Operating budget. If you want to share your thoughts, contact me at or If you email all alders, please provide your address. 

There will be another community speak out on F-35s Wednesday at East Madison Community Center. Alder Rebecca Kemble will report back on her fact-finding mission this week in Burlington VT. Don't forget November 1 is the final day to submit comments. Please get 10 friends to comment. Online comments can be submitted here. Comments can also be directed to Ramon Ortiz by email, by mail at NGB/A4AM, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD  20762-5157 or by phone at 240-612-7042.

The annual Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable is Saturday November 2 at the Central Library. The event is FREE but city staff ask that you REGISTER since there is limited space.  Register for Childcare onsite and Language Interpreters by Monday, October 28.  The annual conference is a great opportunity to meet neighborhood activists and community development leaders from around the city and get to know city staff.

I am organizing a Marquette Neighborhood safety meeting Wednesday November 6 at 7:15p Luke House 310 S Ingersoll I have invited Central District Police command staff to share trends and answer your questions.  I hope Central District Captain Kelly Donahue will attend and introduce herself.  Let me know in advance if you have questions.

The city needs your help to keep leaves out of the street, especially before rain storms. We love our trees and they provide so many benefits but we need to keep leaves and 'leaf tea' out of our lakes. If you keep leaves out of the streets, phosphorus, which dissolves off of leaves when it rains, may be reduced by 50 percent from urban sources. By raking more proactively, less phosphorus would flow into our stormwater system, and eventually, less phosphorus would flow into our area waterways. Too much phosphorus can lead to toxic algae blooms, low oxygen levels and green murky waters. Changes to the city's street sweeping schedule this year have resulted in the collection of over 500 tons of additional material which won't go into to local waterways. Leaf collection began on Sept. 30 and will continue until Streets Division crews need to transition to snow and ice duties. Residents should have multiple collection opportunities this fall.

Residents should use the leaf and yard waste pickup schedule map  to learn when to place yard waste to the curb to ensure collection.

After nearly four years of study, evaluation, and deliberation, Madison's MPD Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee has issued its final report. The report contains 177 specific recommendations which the committee has advised are designed to chart a path for the future that will help bring together Madison's diverse communities and its police department, build mechanisms for collaboration and trust through enhanced civilian input and oversight of the policing function, and ensure that the Madison Police Department continues its long-standing ideals of community policing and problem-oriented policing.

The centerpiece of the report and its recommendations is that Madison should create structures for civilian oversight of police through a new Office of an Independent Monitor that responds to a Civilian Review Board, composed of civilians who reflect all of Madison's diverse communities and the lived experiences of those members of the community who frequently come into contact with the police. That recommendation was submitted to the Common Council separately on August 6, 2019, and was accepted by the Council. The Mayor's budget includes $200,000 to implement that recommendation. MPD Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc committee final report

Monday October 28, 2019


4:30p room 207 MMB


5. 56836 SUBSTITUTE Creating Section 23.62 and amending Section 1.08(3)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to regulate the distribution of plastic straws and plastic stir sticks in the City of Madison and establish a bail deposit for violation thereof.


Monday October 28

Landmarks Commission

5p room 153 MMB


3. 57815 1244 Rutledge St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist. - Replacement of windows; 6th Ald. Dist.


Monday October 28

Plan Commission

5p room 201 CCB


3. 56839 Repealing Section 28.022 - 00117 of the Madison General Ordinances adopting the Campus Master Plan for Edgewood College, Edgewood High School and Edgewood Campus School. Reminder: The Plan Commission closed the public hearing and referred ID 56839 at its August 26, 2019 meeting.


Note: Item 3 should be referred to November 11, 2019 at the request of the applicant.


4. 56461 Creating Section 28.022 - 00393 of the Madison General Ordinances to amend a Planned Development District at property located at 6810-6834 Milwaukee Street, 3rd Aldermanic District, to approve an Amended General Development Plan, and creating Section 28.022 - 00394 to amend a Planned Development District to approve a Specific Implementation Plan


Note: Items 4-6 are related and should be considered together as one public hearing


7. 53612 4602 Cottage Grove Road; 3rd Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a grocery store; consideration of a conditional use to construct a mixed-use building with greater than 24 dwelling units in the Commercial Corridor-Transitional (CC-T) District; consideration of a conditional use for a multi-tenant building in the CC-T District exceeding 40,000 square feet floor area; consideration of a conditional use for a single-family attached dwelling in the CC-T District; consideration of a conditional use in the CC-T District for a mixed-use building with less than 75% non-residential ground floor area; consideration in the CC-T District of a building with a street-facing width greater than 40 feet, that at least 75% of the ground-floor frontage facing the primary street, including all frontage at a street corner, shall be non-residential unless approved as conditional use; consideration of a conditional use in the CC-T district to approve a maximum front yard setback up to 100 feet; consideration of a planned multi-use site containing more than 40,000 square feet of floor area and where 25,000 square feet of floor area is designed or intended for retail use, all to construct a four-story mixed-use building with 10,000 square feet of commercial space and 65 apartments and a detached five-unit townhouse building.


8. 56547 931 E Main Street; 6th Ald. Dist. Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Employment (TE) District for an expanded tasting room for a distillery; consideration of a conditional use in the TE District for a reception hall; consideration of a conditional use in the TE District for a nightclub to allow beer sales at a distillery with an entertainment license; and approval of an alteration to an existing conditional use to alter the hours of operation and capacity of the distillery


9. 57108 630-648 E Washington Avenue and 12 N Blount Street; 2nd Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish an existing mission house building and auto sales facility; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Employment (TE) District for a mission house; consideration of a conditional use in the TE District for community/counseling services; consideration of a parking reduction; and consideration of a conditional use in the TE district for multi-family dwellings, all to allow construction of a five-story building with a mission house, counseling services, health services and a place of worship along E Washington Avenue, and a separate three-story, 40-unit apartment building along E MIfflin Street.


Note: Item 9 should be referred to November 11, 2019 at the request of the applicant.


Upcoming Matters

November 11, 2019 - (Tentative) Accepting the white paper titled "Equitable Development in Madison: An assessment of factors contributing to displacement and gentrification"


Tuesday October 29

Complete Count Committee

4p room 206 MMB


2 DISCUSSION - Future CCC tasks (~15 minutes) - Coordination with non-City parties on the 2020 Census (~15 minutes) - Reaching populations not covered by current Community Partners (~15 minutes) - Census jobs publicity (~5 minutes)


3 57166 STAFF UPDATE ON CITY 2020 CENSUS ACTIVITIES - Community Partners (~5 minutes) - 2020 Census video (~10 minutes) - Workplan and staff publicity efforts (~10 minutes)


Tuesday October 29

Common Council

4:30p room 201 CCB


Special Meeting - Vehicle Registration Fee Ordinance (Legislative File No. 57669)


  1. 57669 SUBSTITUTE Creating Sec. 12.177 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a City of Madison motor vehicle registration fee. Sponsors: Satya V. Rhodes-Conway Vehicle Registration Fee Memorandum.10.3.19 2018 vehicle registration fee RESJI analysis.pdf Version 1 Fact sheet Special meeting notice to Alders Attach



Fiscal Note: This ordinance authorizes a local vehicle registration fee as allowed under state law. A $40 fee is anticipated to raise $7.9 million annually based on estimates of eligible vehicles registered in the city. Proceeds from a local vehicle registration fee must be used for transportation purposes. Use of the revenues from a local vehicle registration fee requires appropriation by the Common Council through a resolution (i.e., the budget) and is included as a revenue source for Metro Transit in the 2020 executive operating budget. The state vehicle registration fee is $85 annually. Dane County has a local vehicle registration fee of $28. The County fee applies to all eligible vehicles in the county, including eligible vehicles in the City of Madison. A $40 fee levied by the City of Madison would result in a total vehicle registration fee in the City of $153.


If you want to share your opinion contact me at or If you email all alders, please provide your address. Our protocol is that alders will respond to their constituents.


Tuesday October 29

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30 room 354 CCB


  1. 57099 Disciplinary Matter - Revocation Action T.C. Visions • dba Visions Nightclub 3554 E Washington Ave • Agent: David Brown Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 100% alcohol, 0% food 21+ Entertainment License Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 513


               Possible Closed Session


Tuesday October 29


6p room 215 MMB




7. DECISION ON WHETHER THE MAYOR OR COMMON COUNCIL SHOULD MAKE ALDER APPOINTMENTS TO BCCs A. A Motion on this issue was made and tabled on October 2, 2019 and that motion has not been taken off the table.



Wednesday October 30


10a room 108 CCB



Saturday, December 21, 2019 / 12pm-10:30pm Street

Closure: Lakeland Ct. Annual Neighborhood Solstice Event Friends of Starkweather Creek / Betty Chewning


Wednesday October 30

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


3. 57747 115 W. Doty Street - Public Building, New Addition and Renovation of the Existing Public Safety Building. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: Dane County Applicant: Chris Harp, Mead & Hunt Informational Presentation


4. 57757 126 Langdon Street - New Development of The Hub II. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: Rodney King, Core Campus Manager, LLC Applicant: Brian Munson, Vandewalle & Associates Informational Presentation


5. 57762 216 S. Pinckney Street - Judge Doyle, New Development 9-Stories Containing 161 Apartment Units above the Podium with Ground Floor Retail. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: Rich Arnesen, Stone House Development Applicant: Duane Johnson, Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC Informational Presentation


Wednesday October 30

Board of Public Works

4:30p room 108 CCB


5. 57767 BPW comments on the Air National Guard Environmental Impact Statement for placement of F35 Aircraft at Truax Field 115th Fighter Wing.


Wednesday October 30

Transportation Commission

5p room 215 MMB


G.3. 57886 To Approve Spaight Street Speed Humps after review of the following reports as previously required by the Transportation Commission:

A: Metro will provide the TC with strategies to improve on-time performance of Route 3 with the goal to reduce after pulse by 50%; and Metro will report on how speed humps would impact performance

B: Traffic Engineering will evaluate other appropriate traffic calming measures, including but not limited to, a 4-way stop and street narrowing


Wednesday October 30

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p room 354 CCB


  1. 57099 Disciplinary Matter - Revocation Action T.C. Visions • dba Visions Nightclub 3554 E Washington Ave • Agent: David Brown Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 100% alcohol, 0% food 21+ Entertainment License Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 513


      Possible closed session


Wednesday October 30


6p room 206 MMB


1.57480 Discussion of Window Maintenance and Replacement


If you live in a historic district you have an obligation to maintain your property. I served on the Landmarks Committee for 8 years and the hardest thing was listening to neighbors who wanted to throw out old growth wood windows that were 100+ years old and replace them with replacement windows that may last only 30 years. Sometimes the rep from the window replacement company would come to the meeting instead of the property owner!  Yes if the wood is totally rotted you may need to replace them but often the argument is that the R value of new glass is better than old glass is not a compelling argument to discard original windows. Most heat loss results from your roof and uninsulated walls. There is information in the link about taking care of your windows but start here: 10 reasons to take care of your old windows


2. 56918 Draft Historic Preservation Ordinance - Standards for Maintenance - Standards for Repairs - Standards for Alterations - Standards for Additions - Standards for New Structures


Wednesday October 30

Community Speak Out on F-35s and Report Back on Fact-finding mission to Burlington VT

6-8p East Madison Community Center  8 Straubel Ct

The Northside Planning Council and Safe Skies Clean Water (No F-35) present a Community Speak Out, update from Burlington, and a simple dinner. Dinner served promptly at 6. Alders Rebecca Kemble and Samba Baldeh (District 17) will both attend for questions and concerns. Alder Kemble (District 18) will report back about her trip to the City of Burlington and what they did to try to stop the F-35s from coming to their community.


Friday November 1

Comments on draft Environmental Impact Statement review of siting F-35A Joint Strike fighter jets at Truax Field due today


Please be sure to send in your comments by November 1 to the National Guard Bureau. Get 10 friends to comment. Online comments can be submitted here. Comments can also be directed to Ramon Ortiz by email, by mail at NGB/A4AM, 3501 Fetchet Avenue, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762-5157 or by phone at 240-612-7042.


Please contact your federal elected officials and tell them members of our community should not have to sacrifice their health and quality of life. 


US Senator Tammy Baldwin 608-264-5338 (currently a supporter of the F-35)

US Senator Ron Johnson 608-240-9629 (currently a supporter of the F-35)

US Representative Mark Pocan 608-258-9800 (says he has no power, gathering information)


Get more information from Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin


Saturday November 2

2019 Mayors Neighborhood Roundtable

8a-noon, Central Library 201 W Mifflin Street


The event is FREE but city staff ask that you REGISTER since there is limited space.  Register for Childcare onsite and Language Interpreters by Monday, October 28. 


NEW THIS YEAR –You are also welcome to virtually join us through Facebook Live by accessing the City of Madison Planning Facebook page.


8 - 9am | Registration, Networking (Coffee, Tea, and light breakfast snacks)

9 - 9:25am | Mayor's Welcome and Opening Remarks & STAJOH Award

9:30 - 10:45am| Workshop: Madison Housing Challenges, Trends and Strategies & Table Conversations

10:45 - 11:00am| Break

11:00 - 12:00| Call to Action Workshop & Community Building and Engagement Workshop & Table Conversations


There will be ten table conversations – a wide range of topics such as Navigating the City, Bus Rapid Transit, Traffic Calming, Know Your Housing Rights, Food Matters, Census 2020, Parks, Working for the City of Madison, and open tables for you to create your own conversations.


Questions? Contact Madison Planning Division at 608-267-8727 or email  

Upcoming Meetings


Monday November 4

Public Improvement Meeting Blair St reconstruction

6:30-8:30p room 153 MMB


You are invited to attend a Public Involvement Meeting for the following two upcoming projects along US 151 that are scheduled to be constructed concurrently in 2022.  The next phase of the John Nolen/Williamson/Wilson/Blair intersection work is scheduled for 2022, and WisDOT now plans to resurface Blair St. from this intersection up to E. Washington Ave. and also resurface E. Washington Ave. between Blair and Blount.  


There will be a presentation at 6:45p. If you have knowledge about the roadway, historic buildings and structures, or archaeological sites you are encouraged to attend or provide comments.  Contact Michael Bie, WisDOT Southwest Region at 2101 Wright St, Madison WI 53704. Email or call him at 608-246-7928.



Wednesday November 6

Marquette Neighborhood safety meeting

7:15p Luke House 310 S Ingersoll


I have invited Central District Police command staff to share trends and answer your questions.  I hope Central District Captain Kelly Donahue will attend and introduce herself.  Let me know if you have questions in advance and I can make sure I try to get answers.

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