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Alder Benford’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of November 18, 2019

November 16, 2019 12:03 AM

Highlights:  Please join me Tuesday November 19 for Art+Lit Lab's groundbreaking at their new facility in the S Livingston parking garage 111 S Livingston from 4-5p. I worked for several years to get an arts use in this city owned facility and I am thrilled we are celebrating the lease signing and the beginning of build out of the space. For introduction at Tuesday's Council meeting is a proposal to expand the alcohol overlay district, it will be at ALRC and PSRC on Wednesday.  The next phase of the Mautz block is at Urban Design Commission Wednesday, there was a media story that may be of interest Local developer offers final pieces for mega project on near east side  Also Wednesday, the Transportation Commission dives into the process to review performance of Route 3. And finally, stop by the Historic Preservation Plan Open House to learn more about the plan and check out the newly rehabbed Garver Feed Mill on Wednesday from 6-7:30p.


Thanks for the continuing emails in support of the Jenifer St Market. Neighbors have been emailing the attorney for the receiver Michael Polsky in support of JSM and copying me. It can't hurt to continue that campaign.  I was unable to attend the SASY neighborhood association meeting last night but want everyone to know I have met with city staff about the future of Schoep's and JSM. City economic development staff have reached out to the receiver to offer assistance. There may be some options for city assistance to Jenifer St Market including the city capital revolving loan fund and possibly TID 37 assistance. If the parcel is sold to a developer, I will work with the purchasers to include a grocery use but hopefully, the owners of the Jenifer St Market can make an offer to convince the receiver to divide the parcel and allow them to purchase the 2038 Jenifer building and parking lot.


November 15 – Winter alternate parking rules go into effect for areas of the city not in the Snow Emergency Zone starting November 15. Most of District 6 is now included in the new year round Clean Streets/Clean Lakes program.  Instead of May – November four-hour weekly parking restrictions, the program is being expanded. There will be no parking during a four-hour period every week throughout the entire year. The current parking signs will be updated to reflect the new rules.  Streets with year-round Clean Streets/Clean Lakes street maintenance restrictions are now part of the Snow Emergency Zone.  You will follow overnight alternate side parking rules ONLY during declared snow emergencies.


Blocks with one-sided parking are exempt from alternate side parking requirements, including during a Declared Snow Emergency. If you live on a street that you think should be one-sided parking only, there is a review process through Traffic Engineering to consider requests.


If you live east of the Yahara River, there is no more moving your car every night from November 15 – March 15.  I understand that some neighbors in Atwood recently received $35 tickets for violations of Clean Streets/Clean Lakes restrictions. Unfortunately the signs with the Clean Streets/Clean Lakes dates got covered up before the November 15 end date and before my informational mailing went out this week to residents. It wasn't clear what was going on and I apologize for the confusion.


If you live in Marquette, there is no longer any winter respite from the weekly four hour parking restriction, they are now year round. But the lakes and streets will be cleaner because the expansion to a year round weekly four-hour parking restriction will allow garbage trucks, snow plows, tree trimmers, and street sweepers to have access the curb to pick up debris and refuse.


If you live on the 1800 block of E Main St, you will be included in the expansion of Clean Streets/Clean Lakes to a year-round program (and since it is one-sided parking, there will be no changes for Snow Emergencies). The remainder of E Main St east of the river won't get changed until next winter due to the capacity of Traffic Engineering to install signage.

If you live outside of the new Clean Streets/Clean Lakes boundaries in District 6, you will continue to follow alternate side parking rules.  Alternate Side Parking is in effect from November 15 - March 15, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions. Park on the EVEN house numbered side of the street on even numbered days from 1:00 am – 7:00 am. Park on the ODD house numbered side of the street on odd numbered days from 1:00 am – 7:00 am. The City of Madison will continue to expand the Snow Emergency Zone and the four-hour parking restrictions in future years. The rest of D6 may be included by next winter.

Sign up to receive email or text alerts about declared snow emergencies at  For a map of the Snow Emergency Zone, which is also the same area of the year-round Clean Streets/Clean Lakes program, go to and click on the "Snow Emergency Zone Location & Rules" link SEZ map If you have questions about the Snow Emergency Zone, please contact the Streets Division at (608) 246-4532 or If you have questions about parking tickets, please contact Parking Enforcement at (608) 266-4622.



November 13  - The 2020 budget has been adopted after two nights of deliberation. There were several operating budget amendments to add 10 firefighters and one to add 6 police officers that were unlikely to pass because of how close we were to the levy limit. In their slash and burn approach to find money, proponents alienated not one but at least seven sets of stakeholders by proposing to cut positions and programs. Those who opposed these amendments included city staff facing a proposed wage cut while police and fire unionized workers would get .25% more, community advocates for an independent police monitor position, supporters of a child mental health specialist position, the Director of the Library Foundation supporting Pinney Library enhanced staffing, Olbrich Botanical Society board members opposed to proposed staff cuts for the new educational wing addition, improved youth services at Warner Park Rec Center and cuts to nonprofits doing amazing community building work. These amendments lost decisively. The Council did use remaining levy limit funds to hire 3 additional police officers without proposing any draconian cuts.  The Council added the 9th ambulance (but no corresponding staff) and put the Reindahl Imagination Center/Library back in the Capital Improvement Plan. The Vision Zero Traffic Safety amendment to add funds to the capital budget passed unanimously. The proposed amendment is intended to fund an analysis of traffic conditions and crash history and implement recommendations that will reduce the severity of specific crashes. A list of potential recommendations prepared by Traffic Engineering can be found attached to Legistar file #58026 Vision Zero. One of the potential study sites is the E Wash corridor from downtown to 1st Street. Final recommended safety improvements will be approved by Transportation Commission prior to implementation.



Monday November 18, 2019

Committee on the Environment

4:30p room 108 CCB


3 54745 Follow Up Discussion on Salt Issues Update from Stacie Reece, City of Madison Sustainability Coordinator, on the City water softener tracking and processes moving forward.


Monday November 18


5p room 206 MMB


1. 57050 Example Tour Materials

2. 56918 Draft Historic Preservation Ordinance - Standards for Maintenance - Standards for Repairs - Standards for Alterations - Standards for Additions - Standards for New Structures


Tuesday November 19

Arts + Literature Laboratory Groundbreaking

4p-5p  111 S Livingston St


The lease has been signed... Join me in celebrating this important milestone!  Art+ Literature Laboratory, a non-profit arts center, is moving from 2021 Winnebago and eventually plans to relocate to their new home at 111 S Livingston St (the two story commercial space in the new S Livingston parking garage). The lease includes a grant to ALL in the amount of $500,000 from the Madison Capital Revolving Fund to help with tenant build-out costs to be repaid through monthly rent payments over 20 years. In 2017, the City conducted a Request for Information and selected the Art + Literature Laboratory to be the tenant at the new commercial space. It took a while to work out the details and find a win-win for the city and  ALL but thanks to perseverance (and a new mayor who understands the "market rate" for an arts use is significantly lower than the market rate for Class A office/retail) we did it!


You'll have the chance to learn more about ALL's plans for the space, as well as to share your ideas, wishes, and dreams for ALL's future. Plus there will be cake!


Tuesday November 19

Common Council Executive Committee

4:30p room 153 MMB


DISCUSSION WITH THE MAYOR 5. 58306 Discussion with Mayor Rhodes-Conway (11/19/19) - Update on Bloomberg Harvard - 2020 Budget Follow-Up


REFERRAL FROM THE COMMON COUNCIL 6. 57940 Extending the deadline for the report and recommendations from the President's Work Group to Review Applicable Administrative Procedure Memoranda (APM's) to March 31, 2020. Sponsors: Barbara Harrington-McKinney



7. 58326 Update: Task Force on Structure of City Government (11/19/19) - City Attorney Michael May - TFOGS will meet on November 20 to vote on its final report. The draft of that report will be available on Friday, November 15, and will be made available to the CCEC. Staff does not intend to provide any further update.


8. 58311 Update: President's Work Group to Develop City-Wide Surveillance Equipment & Data Management Policies (11/19/19) - Ald. Rebecca Kemble, Chair


9. 58316 Update: President's Work Group on Council Communication Tools & Processes (11/19/19) - Ald. Grant Foster, Chair


10. 58321 Update: President's Work Group to Review Applicable APM's (11/19/19) - Ald. Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Chair


Tuesday November 19

Common Council

6:30p room 201 CCB


1. 58176 Commending, honoring, and expressing appreciation to Chuck Kamp, Metro Transit General Manager, on his retirement from the City of Madison after 13 years of exemplary service.


2. 58275 Declaring the week of November 18, 2019 to be Transgender Awareness Week, and November 20, 2019 to be Transgender Day of Remembrance.


6. 56839 Repealing Section 28.022 - 00117 of the Madison General Ordinances adopting the Campus Master Plan for Edgewood College, Edgewood High School and Edgewood Campus School.


11/11/19 PLAN COMMISSION RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO RE-REFER - RECESSED PUBLIC HEARING to the PLAN COMMISSION On a motion by Ald. Lemmer, seconded by Rewey, the Plan Commission recommended re-referral of the repeal to December 9, 2019 (January 7, 2020 Common Council). The motion to recommend re-referral passed by voice vote/ other. An earlier motion by Rewey, seconded by Hagenow, to recommend re-referral of the repeal to November 25, 2019 (December 3, 2019 Common Council) failed on the following 3-1 vote: AYE: Ald. Lemmer, Hagenow, Rewey; NAY: Ald. Heck; ABSTAIN: Sundquist; NON-VOTING: Zellers; EXCUSED: Ald. Rummel, Cantrell, Spencer, Statz. A motion for reconsideration of the recommendation to re-refer to November 25 by Sundquist was ruled to not be in order. An earlier motion by Sundquist, seconded by Hagenow, to recommend denial of the repeal to the Common Council failed on the following 3-2 vote: AYE: Hagenow, Rewey, Sundquist; NAY: Ald. Heck, Ald. Lemmer; NON-VOTING: Zellers; EXCUSED: Ald. Rummel, Cantrell, Spencer, Statz. The motion to recommend denial of the repeal was prefaced by comments by members of the Plan Commission that the repeal request did not meet the standards for zoning map amendments, particularly that the map amendment did not promote the public health, safety, and welfare of the City.


14. 55206 SUBSTITUTE - Accepting the final report and recommendations from the Urban Forestry Task Force.


18. 57790 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an agreement with The Clean Lakes Alliance and others to provide up to $25,000.00 in funding in 2019 and 2020 and work with these groups to create the Yahara "Clean" Compact 3.0.


28. 57977 Declaring the City of Madison's intention to exercise its police powers establishing South Livingston Street Reconstruction Assessment District -2020. (6th AD)


43. 57997 SUBSTITUTE - Resolution approving up to $10,000 in cooperative in development funds for Iron Roots Co-op.


44. 57998 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a lease with Jonathan Darrel Braden allowing for the use of the City-owned transportation corridor parcel located at 176 South Fair Oaks Street for an existing private driveway, boundary fence, and yard area. (6th A.D.)


45. 58001 Resolution approving up to $30,000 each in Community Based Organization funds for the Worker Cooperative program to Northside Planning Council and MadWorc.


47. 56845 Accepting the white paper titled "Equitable Development in Madison: An assessment of factors contributing to displacement and gentrification"




64. 58223 Creating Section 12.177(5) of the Madison General Ordinances to conditionally repeal the Motor Vehicle Registration Fee if funding is provided by a Regional Transit Authority.


65. 58225 Amending Sections 28.127(1)(a) and (2), repealing Sections 28.127(3) and (4) of the Madison General Ordinances to expand the Alcohol Overlay District, remove the requirement that there be an annual review, and remove the previous sunset provision.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS:  This ordinance amends Section 28.127 of the Madison General Ordinances, the Alcohol Overlay District, to expand the boundaries of the district.  This ordinance also removes the requirement that there be an annual review by the Alcohol Policy Coordinator.  This ordinance removes the previous sunset provision, which required the Common Council to renew the Alcohol Overlay District after five (5) years.  Finally, this ordinance adds Incidental Alcohol Sales as defined in Section 28.211 of the Madison General Ordinances to the list of permitted uses in the Alcohol Overlay District.


Fiscal Note: In 2017 and 2018, the City of Madison saw numerous alcohol-related incidents on the 600 block of University Avenue. These incidents led then-Mayor Paul Soglin to propose a moratorium on alcohol licenses for a select downtown area. The Common Council did not adopt this moratorium, but did commission the Finance Department and Public Health Madison Dane County to examine the density of alcohol licenses throughout Madison, and to determine if there is any relationship between alcohol license density and public service utilization.


On October 18, 2019, the Finance Department and Public Health Madison Dane County published the results of this study, available under Legistar File 57375. The study measured density by Census block group, finding dense areas downtown and in the City's retail centers (such as East Towne, West Towne, and Hilldale). The study utilized data from Madison Police Department, Madison Fire Department, and Building Inspection to determine the relationship between density level of alcohol outlets and calls for service, controlling for differences between Census block groups including total population, percent employed, and percent poverty. The study found that higher levels of police calls for service and Building Inspection cases are associated with higher levels of alcohol outlet density, but Madison Fire Department calls are not. While the study did not make recommendations, it highlighted key areas of discussion including the need for data collection improvements to better understand alcohol license capacity in the City, as well as best practices from other municipalities in addressing alcohol outlet density.


69. 58108 Approve the 2020 Urban Forestry Special Charge


70. 58135 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an amendment to the existing Purchase of Services contract (Architect)(#7817) between the City of Madison and Meyer, Scherer, & Rockcastle, Ltd to provide professional architectural and engineering design services for the Olbrich Botanical Gardens Expansion - Project 1. (6th AD)


74. 58201 Resolution approving up to $10,000 each in cooperative in development funds for Community Pharmacy and designCraft Advertising.


80. 58250 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to Execute the Development Agreement with Stone House Development, or its assigns, for the Purchase of the Podium and Air-Rights above the City's Wilson Street Garage on Block 88 and Directing Follow-up Actions by the City as Described and Agreed to in the Development Agreement


81. 58251 Approving the selection of a Truman Olson Development Team with whom to commence negotiations and directing further actions. (13th A.D.)


84. 58272 BY TITLE ONLY - Approving the allocation of up to $193,500 of City funds, authorized in the City's Adopted 2020 Operating Budget, for use in supporting the expansion of School-Age Child and Youth Development program capacity on Madison's West Side, as part of a broader effort to assist families residing in Tree Lane Apartments.


Wednesday November 20

Urban Design Commission

4:30p room 153 MMB


6. 58116 902 E. Main Street - New 5-Story, 92,000 Square Foot Office Building with 5-Story Above Grade Parking Structure for The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Curt Brink, Archipelago Village, LLC Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc. Informational Presentation


Staff memo:  The applicant is providing an informational presentation on a new five story 92,000 s.f. office building with a five story above grade parking structure for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). The stand along parking structure will eventually be incorporated into the 929 E Washington project and a future mixed-use apartment building on East Main Street. The development team is planning to submit a land use application for this site later in the year. They will also provide updates on the overall block development phasing. The UDC is an approving body on the development request. The development site is within UDD 8 - block 13b, which requires that the Urban Design Commission review the proposed project using the design requirements and guidelines of Section 33.24(15). In applying the standards, the code states that the Urban Design Commission shall apply the UDD #8 district requirements and guidelines as may be appropriate in order to implement the Core Development Principles of the East Washington Avenue Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan. In order to approve, ordinance requires that the development is found to meet the requirements and conform as much as possible to the guidelines.


Wednesday November 20


5p room 302 MMB


3. 58255 Review of the Alcohol Overlay District Zoning Text Amendment - Alder Verveer

4. 57712 Accepting the report from the Madison Police Department Policy & Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee


Wednesday November 20

Transportation Committee

5p room 215 MMB

H.1. 58188 Metro Update on Route 3 Plan

Draft timeline for outreach


Wednesday November 20

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p room 354 CCB


5. 57099 Disciplinary Matter - Revocation Action T.C. Visions • dba Visions Nightclub 3554 E Washington Ave • Agent: David Brown Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 100% alcohol, 0% food 21+ Entertainment License Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 513


34. 58144 Change of Licensed Premise T.C. Visions, Inc • dba Visions Nightclub Current Capacity (in/out): 99/0 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 99/0 3554 E Washington Ave • Agent: David Brown Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 100% alcohol, 0% food Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 513 Request to remodel. Addition of partitions for private booths on first floor. Walls and doors for locker area for performers and for more secure beverage storage in the basement.


37. 58004 Amending Section 38.05(3)(a)12. of the Madison General Ordinances to extend the time for issuance of a new license from 90 days to 180 days, after which the license becomes void if the applicant has not obtained an extension of that time period.


38. 58225 Amending Sections 28.127(1)(a) and (2), repealing Sections 28.127(3) and (4) of the Madison General Ordinances to expand the Alcohol Overlay District, remove the requirement that there be an annual review, and remove the previous sunset provision.


48. 58134 Discussion as a Result of Alcohol Density Study • Handling of capacity numbers for alcohol licensees. • Discuss City staffing resources related to issuance, monitoring, and enforcement activities associated with Alcohol Licenses. • Policy for high density areas anywhere in the city (not just in the current overlay district). • Discussion and potential adoption of recommendations to the Common Council arising from the results of the Density Study and related aspects of Alcohol licensing and monitoring.


51. 56929 Entity Reorganization T.C. Visions Inc • dba Visions Nightclub 3554 E Washington Ave Class B Combination Liquor & Beer Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) Add three new officers


Wednesday November 20


5:30p Madison Water Utility 119 E Olin Ave



3. 58272 Approving the allocation of up to $193,500 of City funds, authorized in the City's Adopted 2020 Operating Budget, for use in supporting the expansion of School-Age Child and Youth Development program capacity on Madison's West Side, as part of a broader effort to assist families residing in Tree Lane Apartments.



4. 58335 2020 Community Development Division Budget Update

5. 58300 Outline of Plan for Community Building and Engagement Funding


Wednesday November 20

Historic Preservation Plan Open House

6p Garver Feed Mill, Suite 160, 3241 Garver Green


This will be an open house format meeting where participants can come at any time between 6:00 and 7:30 pm.


1. Welcome

2. Open House Stations • Plan Purpose and Process • Underrepresented Communities Survey Summary • Goals, Objectives, and Strategies • Priorities and Community Partners

3. Conclusion


Wednesday November 20

Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (MATPB) – An MPO Citizen Advisory Committee

6p room 013 (lower level) MMB


6. Update and Recommendation on Proposed Amendment to Regional Transportation Plan 2050 and 2020-2024 TIP to Add Beltline (Whitney Way to I-39/90) Dynamic Part-Time Hard Shoulder Use Project


Wednesday November 20


6p Goodman Maintenance Facility 1402 Wingra Creek Parkway


5 58298 Golf Enterprise Program Budget and Financial Reports

6 58297 Operational Models of Municipal Golf Courses and Market Comparison

7 58296 Community Engagement and Input

8 58295 Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative


Thursday November 21


6p room 206 MMB


1. 58280 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Sidewalk Repair Project Combined with a Public Information Meeting on the project


2. 58225 Amending Sections 28.127(1)(a) and (2), repealing Sections 28.127(3) and (4) of the Madison General Ordinances to expand the Alcohol Overlay District, remove the requirement that there be an annual review, and remove the previous sunset provision.

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