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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of May 25, 2020

May 26, 2020 12:17 AM

Highlights: Several east side projects will be reviewed by Urban Design Commission on Wednesday, including the Moxie the hotel proposed for 825 E Washington and the proposed office building for WHEDA at 902-908 E Main St on the Mautz block. The Alcohol License Review Commission is holding the annual separation of license meetings before the annual license renewal process in June. Two D6 licenses did not submit a complete application and apparently did not respond to emails; a third establishment no longer fits the definition of a restaurant. On-street parking restrictions and Clean Streets Clean Lake rules will be enforced beginning June 1, more details below.


On Friday May 22, Public Health Madison Dane County Issued Orders Moving Dane County to Reopening Phase 1 effective Tuesday May 26. Earlier this week, following the ruling by the State Supreme Court Public Health Madison & Dane County released Forward Dane, a phased reopening plan for Dane County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on active monitoring of the data-based metrics outlined in the plan, PHMDC issued Emergency Order #3 an order that moves Dane County into Phase 1 of the reopening plan, effective May 26, 2020 at 8:00am. PHMDC Issues Orders to Allow Phase 1 Reopening Effective Tuesday May 26, 2020

Phase 1 includes:

  • Reopening all businesses--such as restaurants, gyms, and retail establishments--to 25% capacity with certain public health requirements and physical distancing.
  • Salons, tattoo parlors, and spas can open by appointment only.
  • Indoor gatherings at commercial facilities of 50 people or fewer are allowed, with physical distancing.
  • Indoor gatherings at private residence of 10 people or fewer are allowed, with physical distancing.
  • Outdoor gatherings of 50 or fewer are allowed, with physical distancing.
  • Select businesses and activities with high risk for disease transmission are still closed.
  • Park courts and fields are open, individuals must maintain physical distancing.


It is not clear what changed during the week that justified changing policy recommendations. For the past week hospitalizations and positive cases have been increasing in Dane County. The rate of new cases has been climbing steadily with a 5-day average at or above 10 cases per day since May 17th, see the PHMDC's Dane County COVID-19 Dashboard. Forward Dane includes no specific requirement on the success of contract tracing – the metric that epidemiologists recognize as essential.  And Forward Dane does not have a dial down option, only a waiting period before the next phase is dialed up. It also assumes people will actively practice social distancing outdoors which we have seen anecdotally is not always happening.


Since there are no medications or vaccines to protect us, physical separation and personal hygiene is the best way to stop this virus from spreading further.


We all see the economic disaster and desperation around us. As of last Thursday, 3.8M people filed for unemployment. We want to support local businesses.  Many businesses are ready to open but other business owners have expressed concerns about the risks for their staff and the economic viability of operating at reduced capacity. Some Madison Restaurant Owners Wary about Reopening Dining Rooms. I remain concerned about the health risks for workers, especially frontline and "essential" workers who must choose between a job and their health. Reopening risks a resurgence of the virus, which is disproportionately affecting poor, uninsured, low-wage and mostly nonwhite workers who have no alternative but to go to risky jobs that make them vulnerable. Multiple studies have shown that the pandemic has been devastating economically, especially in black and brown communities where people may live with extended families and are more likely to be employed in public-facing occupations such as food service, transportation and home health care where they are more susceptible to become infected. The latest available COVID-19 mortality rate for African Americans is 2.6 times higher than the rate for whites, according to the Color of CORONA Virus, which tracks coronavirus deaths by race and ethnicity.


I know many businesses that plan to reopen have put thought into best practices and followed advice from Public Health Madison Dane County. But please take care. If you choose to spend time inside a commercial establishment or around large gatherings of people, you may want to limit your exposure time in addition to wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene and physical distancing.  


As phase 1 of the Forward Dane County plan begins, the City of Madison Parking Division will reinstate enforcement of on-street meters and Street Sweeping restrictions beginning June 1, 2020. Resident Permit-Only and 1-hour and 2-hour posted restrictions in non-metered areas will remain suspended through at least June 8, 2020.

The following on-street parking restrictions will remain temporarily suspended city-wide through May 31, and will not be enforced:

  • On-street meters (time limits and fees are suspended)
  • Residential Permit Only
  • 1-hour and 2-hour time-limits in non-metered areas
  • Street sweeping and Clean Streets-Clean Lakes program restrictions
  • A reminder that all other parking restrictions must still be followed.


What to expect on June 1, 2020: All parking meter fees and restrictions & street sweeping and Clean Streets-Clean Lakes restrictions will be enforced.

Temporary restaurant pick-up loading zones will remain in effect, and the Parking Division will continue to consider requests from businesses for new temporary loading zones.

On-street meter fees will be required during the hours of 8am-6pm, Monday-Saturday, with the exclusions of City holidays. The posted time limit restrictions at meters (i.e. 25 min, 1-hour, 2-hour) will also be enforced.

Posted Street Sweeping restrictions will be enforced.

Resident Permit-Only and 1-hour and 2-hour restrictions in non-metered areas will continue to be suspended through at least June 8, 2020.

City of Madison On Street Parking Changes June 1


I know many of you will enjoy this:  Madison Parks has hired about 40 adult and young adolescent goats from a local farm to help reduce invasive species at two locations this year. Greenside Park and Acewood Conservation Park were identified and intentionally selected due to their size, terrain and overwhelming need to control invasive species. "This is the first year for Parks to use this management technique and we are hopeful it will help us strengthen our IPM and operate more sustainably," said Paul Quinlan, Conservation Resource Supervisor. "The prescribed grazing is planned for this spring and fall and we hope to continue this practice over the next few years to reduce the abundance of invasives." Goats are natural grazers and enjoy snacking on invaders such as buckthorn, honeysuckle and garlic mustard, eating an average of 8 pounds of vegetation per day. This prescribed grazing is an important land management tool for natural areas and an important component of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan PDF. As part of this project, staff have developed a fact sheet with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Visit FAQ PDF  to learn more.



Wednesday May 27, 2020

Urban Design Commission

4:30p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


1.59850 825 E. Washington Avenue - New 8-Story, 81,232 Square Foot Hotel with 151 Guest Rooms in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: 825 E. Washington, LLC Applicant: Josh Wilcox, GBA architecture design Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Staff memo: The proposed new eight-story hotel building will be approximately 81,232 sf total with 151 guest rooms, an eighth floor restaurant, and other amenities. The ground level drop off area and four (4) loading/parking stalls are accessed off of Main Street. Guest parking will be located off site. The site extends the full width of the block from East Washington through to East Main and has two key frontages. The new eight story building is set back from East Washington the required 15 feet. The building will be five (5) stories at the East Washington Avenue street level with three (3) stories above. There is a required 15 feet stepback above the fifth floor and an additional stepback above the seventh floor. The East Main frontage is setback 75 feet from the street and designed with a focus on vehicle access for the drop off and other site maintenance items, including refuse storage. Staff recommends that the UDC provide comment on the UDD 8 District requirements and guidelines, the East Washington Avenue Capitol Gateway Corridor Plan, and the pedestrian experience for BOTH East Washington and East Main frontages.


2. 58116 902-908 E. Main Street - New 5-Story, 92,000 Square Foot Office Building with 5-Story Above Grade Parking Structure for The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) in UDD No. 8. 6th Ald. Dist. Owner: Archipelago Village, LLC Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc. Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Staff memo: The applicant is seeking initial/final approval on a new five story 92,000 s.f. office building with a five story above grade parking structure for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). The stand along parking structure will eventually be incorporated into the 929 E Washington project and a future mixed-use apartment building on East Main Street. Project History/Schedule: · The UDC received an Informational Presentation on November 20, 2019 · The Plan Commission is scheduled to review this item at their June 8, 2020 meeting


3. 58980 414 E. Washington Avenue - New 8-10-Story Mixed-Use Building Containing 4,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space, 152 Dwelling Units and Underground Parking in UDD No. 4. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: John Leja, LZ Ventures Applicant: Duane Johnson, Knothe & Bruce Architects Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Staff memo: The applicant proposes to construct a 10 story mixed use building over lower level parking on a site in Urban Design District No. 4. The development team is requesting (2) bonus stories. The new development will include 152 apartments and 3,300 s.f. of commercial space with two levels of underground parking stalls. Project Schedule: · The UDC received informational presentations on January 29, 2020 and March 11, 2020 · The Plan Commission is scheduled to review this proposal on June 8, 2020.


Staff recommends that the UDC review and comment based on the specific Guidelines and Standards of UDD 4, UMX Zoning Requirements-Sec. 28.071(3), Madison's Downtown Plan, and Downtown Urban Design Guidelines. In pre-application discussion, staff has raised questions regarding the rear yard transition, ground level activation, upper level gabled roof forms, and the overall building mass and bonus story considerations. In regards to UDD 4, the code requires that a development shall meet the requirements and conform as much as possible to the guidelines. Staff believes that the project can generally be found consistent with the broad approval standards, though notes careful consideration should be given to the guidelines for Building Design.


In regards to the requested bonus stories, staff notes that the existing zoning allows for up to eight stories, with the possibility to achieve a maximum of two bonus stories. That is consistent with the Downtown Plan. Bonus stories are approved by the Plan Commission and Staff recommends that the UDC provide clear feedback to the Plan Commission regarding Conditional Use Standard 14 a,b, and d. (Standard c does not apply to this development as there are no approved landmark buildings within or adjacent to the site.) UDC should specify the factors used in reaching that decision.


11. 60545 1 N. Pinckney Street - Redevelopment of Block 101, American Exchange Bank for Retail and Office Space with Underground Parking Located in UDD No. 4. 4th Ald. Dist.


Staff memo: The applicant is requesting an Informational Review for a new commercial development in the Downtown Core District and UDD 4. The development proposal includes a 9-story building that contains a total of a 22,000 s.f. of first level retail space and 300,000 s.f. of office space on upper levels. The proposal also includes 6 levels of underground parking. Project Schedule: • Landmarks Commission approved the Variance from the Historic Preservation Ordinance to allow the demolition of a Designated Madison Landmark on May 4, 2020 (Landmarks Report Attached) • The development team is anticipating submitting formal approval applications later this year.


12. 60546 2902 E. Washington Avenue/2812 E. Johnson Street/401 North Lawn Avenue - New Mixed-Use Building Located in UDD No. 5. 12th Ald. Dist.


Staff memo: The applicant is requesting Informational Review feedback for a new mixed-use development that includes a four to five story building that fronts both East Washington and North Lawn Street with a single story connector common area element. The building will contain a total of 135 residential units and 8,000 s.f. of retail fronting East Washington.


Staff urges the UDC to give careful consideration and provide specific comments regarding the five-story mural element, which is among the proposal's more prominent features. Staff is not aware of a similar precedent in the City in terms overall scale or use as a primary façade. In addition to the mural itself, staff requests comments are provided regarding that feature's integration with the overall architectural composition. Further comments may be forthcoming from the Zoning Administrator related to this feature's compliance with related elements of the Zoning and Sign codes. If this element is presented as part of a formal approval, staff requests that the UDC specify the elements that are expected to be provided in order for UDC to fully evaluate this component for future initial/final submittals.


Staff further requests that UDC also comment on the overall architectural composition, materials, and open space design. Finally, staff advises the UDC to provide comment regarding the relationship of the proposed building to the commercial East Washington corridor as well as the more residential character of North Lawn Avenue.



Wednesday May 27

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


3. 60626 Separated Liquor License Renewal CJAWT LLC • dba Ha Long Bay • Capacity: 65 1353 Williamson St • Agent: Jean Tran Class B Beer, Class C Wine • 20% alcohol, 80% food Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Separation requested by City Clerk's Office


The license renewal application was not complete.


9. 60633 Separated Liquor License Renewal Two Dudes & A Chick LLC • dba Tipsy Cow • Capacity (in/out): 300/76 102 King St • Agent: Sue Kirton Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 40% alcohol, 60% food Aldermanic District 4 (Alder Verveer) • Police Sector 406 Separation requested by City Clerk's Office


The license renewal application was not complete.



Thursday May 28

Alcohol License Review Committee

5:30p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


1a. 60630 Separated Liquor License Renewal Frameshift Arts Cafe LLC • dba Frameshift Arts Cafe Capacity (in/out): 130/30 2262 Winnebago St • Agent: John DeHaven Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 49% alcohol, 49% food, 2% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Separation requested by City Clerk's Office


1b. 60649 Separated 21+ Entertainment License Renewal Frameshift Arts Cafe LLC • dba Frameshift Arts Cafe Capacity (in/out): 130/30 2262 Winnebago St • Agent: John DeHaven Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 49% alcohol, 49% food, 2% other Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Separation requested by City Clerk's Office


The license renewal applications have been separated by the City Clerk's Office. The ratio of alcohol to food has changed and the establishment no longer meets the definition of a restaurant.


Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


You can fill out the census from home. Everyone living in your household should be counted. Census data determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed to communities across the country for affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.  That's over $2,000 per person for Madison and Dane County every year.  Please remind friends and family to be counted. By law your answers are confidential. Respond online at, by phone, or by mail--without having to meet a census taker.


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