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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of June 22, 2020

June 21, 2020 11:08 PM

Highlights: Several city committees take up police accountability topics this week. A subcommittee of the Public Safety Review Committee takes up the standard operating procedures related to police response to the protest on Tuesday. Also Tuesday the Oscar Mayer Plan is at the Sustainable Madison Committee. On Wednesday, the Transportation Committee looks at use of Metro buses to transport police. The TC has a full agenda, it also includes adoption on Vision Zero as city program and 2020 project plan, restoration of Metro fares and the proposed Blair St geometics. 

Happy belated Juneteenth Day. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration honoring the end of slavery in the United States.  General Orders No. 3  arrived in Texas on June 19, 1865. The day is formally recognized and celebrated in 47 states and the District of Columbia. Wisconsin in 2009 became the 32nd state to recognize Juneteenth.  On June 19, the Common Council President and Vice President and the Mayor Rhodes-Conway  issued a joint proclamation in commemoration of this historic day: "Today, Juneteenth is a day we should all reflect on its a day that is relevant in history, but it is especially relevant this moment in time. On, June 17, 2020 The City of Madison and Dane County raised the Juneteenth flag joining many other cities recognizing the importance of Juneteenth. In addition, On June 19, 2020 Governor Evers and legislators raised Juneteenth flag today for the first time at the capital. Council President Carter stated, "As the Madison Common Council and Mayor begin to work on creating the 2021 Budget that is both a moral document and a symbol of our commitment to addressing the disparities in our community, we ask all Madisonians to reflect on what Juneteenth represents - the idea that we cannot and should not give up on righting the wrongs of the past."

In just under two weeks, State Street became the home of temporary anti-racist public art after storefront windows were broken during protests in response to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Artists, primarily black and brown artists, created 70 commissioned murals. The city arts administrator using COVID-19 funds authorized by the Council to help artists upended by the pandemic, coordinated with business and property owners, to create the opportunity to pay artists of color to paint the plywood window coverings. The community response to their powerful messages demanding change was emotional.  Many people have asked me if the businesses or the city will be able to preserve these images.  The Business Improvement District is coordinating the  removal of the boards for their preservation and future display and public reflection. The next phase of this project involves collecting community input about the future of these murals. GIVE US YOUR INPUT HERE: 

Public Health Madison & Dane County Laboratory staff have begun to monitor conditions and test water at twenty local beaches for bacteria and blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) to determine if they are safe for recreation and swimming, and to reduce the risk of illness. This weekend BB Clarke beach was closed due to blue-gree algae. Find out about beach closings at the beach website. Water quality is then checked each weekday until levels of bacteria and blue-green algae return to acceptable levels. Once levels are acceptable, signs at the beach are removed and the beach website is updated.

Monday June 22, 2020

Public Safety Review Committee Budget Workgroup

2p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


1. Finance Department Presentation on Police Operating and Capital Budgets including equipment and assets

2. Questions and additional information requests

3. Next steps for the subcommittee


Monday June 22

Finance Committee

4:30p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


3. 60895 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute Addendum No. 1 for additional consulting services to the Contract for Professional Services with SmithGroup, Inc. for the Law Park - Preliminary Report project.


4. 60920 Authorizing the City to retain special outside counsel on a non-competitive basis to assist the Office of the City Attorney in representing the City's interests related to environmental risks at the Oscar Mayer site.


5. 60918 Amending the 2020 Adopted Capital Budget to appropriate $3.0 million in GO Borrowing for the East-West Bus Rapid Transit project in the Transportation project in order to comply with FTA funding requirements necessary to enter project development. Being accepted by FTA into Project Development is a prerequisite for FTA's Small Starts project evaluation.


6. 60499 Amending the 2020 Adopted Operating Budget to transfer $89,032 in salaries and benefits from the Information Technology Department to the Mayor's Office, creating a new classification of Communications Coordinator in CG18, R12, and recreating vacant position #4449 of IT Specialist 3 as a Communications Coordinator within the Mayor's Office Operating Budget.


7. 60944 Creating Section 4.32 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a Commercial Ownership Assistance Program.


FISCAL NOTE: The 2020 Adopted Capital Budget included $500,000 in the Economic Development Division for the Commercial Ownership Assistance Program. This program is intended to replace the Capital Revolving Loan Fund. The 2020 appropriation is funded by existing cash reserves from the Capital Revolving Loan Fund. No additional City appropriation is required for the approval of this ordinance.


DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: Madison seeks to make progress in equalizing economic quality of life indicators between white residents and residents of color. In particular, Madison needs to do more to support diverse business and property ownership. Data shows that while Communities of Color represent approximately 27% of the City of Madison's population, business ownership rates for People of Color are much lower (between 3-9% using varying metrics) within the City (Source: Reference USA Business Database). Business and property ownership is a vital pathway to economic empowerment. For Madison to make meaningful progress in addressing racial disparities the City must go beyond programs focused on addressing basic needs, and direct more resources and strategies toward building wealth and economic empowerment among communities that are not sharing in the City's prosperity. The City designed this ordinance to address these inter-related issues by identifying, supporting, and capitalizing business owners seeking to purchase or develop commercial space.


8. 60995 Creating Section 4.33 of the Madison General Ordinances to establish a Downtown Recovery Program Ordinance.

Fiscal Note: The proposed ordinance establishes the Downtown Recovery Program. As structured here, the program will make $500,000 available for eligible businesses in 2020. The ordinance change includes a corresponding resolution (Leg File 61060) that will appropriate funds for the new program. The proposed resolution will be introduced at the July 14, 2020 Common Council meeting for adoption under suspension of the rules.

DRAFTER'S ANALYSIS: The purpose of the 2020 Downtown Recovery Program Ordinance is to assist downtown business and building owners with repairing damaged property resulting from rioting starting on May 30, 2020.


9. 61050 Economic Update


10. 61051 2021 Capital Budget: Agency Requests Published & Overview Presentation


Tuesday June 23

Public Safety Review Subcommittee

2p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


1.Review of Madison Police Department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) related to police response to protests

Tuesday June 23


4:30p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


3.60998 Working Group Updates - RESJI & Resilience SMC statement on Black Lives Matter


4. 59745 Adopting the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan as a Supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan.

Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan legistar file


Tuesday June 23

Water Utility Board

4:30p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


*3. 59192 Creating Sec. 8.24(1)(ff) of the Madison General Ordinances to ban alcohol from Reynolds Park and the Well 24 Property. Attachments: Reynolds Park - TLNA Support Letter Recommend returning to the Board of Park Commissioners with the recommendation to adopt.


Wednesday June 24


5p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


4. 60924 Approving the Proposed Vision Zero 2020 Project List

Vision Zero 2020 Proposed Project List


5. 60922 Adopting and endorsing a Vision Zero policy to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries that are a result of crashes on streets and paths within the City of Madison by 2030.

Fiscal Note: The proposed resolution authorizes the City of Madison to become a Vision Zero Community. This resolution commits the City to setting a goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries, developing a Vision Zero strategy or plan and committing departments to carry out the strategies. The 2020 Adopted Capital Budget includes $350,000 for a Vision Zero project in Traffic Engineering's budget. Additional funding will be requested to implement the Vision Zero Plan recommendations. Annual capital budget requests likely would range from $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year for at least 10 years.


6. 61006 Ratify any actions taken by the Parking Division during the COVID-19 emergency since the last TC Meeting

..[T]he Transportation Commission ratifies the following actions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic between May 13, 2020 and June 24, 2020 (1) Reinstatement of on-street meter fees and restrictions, (2) Implementation of a $5 daily maximum rate at parking garages and the Brayton Lot, and (3) Implementation of a visitor parking incentive rate with the first hour of parking free on Saturdays at parking garages and the Brayton Lot.


7. 61005 Approval of the Parking Division Recovery Plan

Parking Division COVID Recovery Plan


8. 61007 Approval of Metro Transit's Summer Youth Passes and Resumption of Fare Collection

Metro is seeking authority to resume front door boarding and fare collection to pre-COVID levels once protective measures requested by the Teamsters are in place. This is inclusive of both fixed route and paratransit. Metro is also seeking to pro-rate the cost of the Summer Youth Pass to the proportion of the summer in which fares are being collected, or eliminate them altogether.


14. 61011 Blair Street Geometrics Presentation

Preliminary Blair St geometry April 2020


18. 61014 Update on the use of Metro Transit buses to transport City of Madison Police during a declared emergency


After the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, mostly peaceful protests have occurred in Madison. In some instances, portions of people claiming to protest began to engage in property damage around the City, primarily in the vicinity of State Street. This resulted in an emergency declaration, an increased presence of City of Madison police, and a call to the Wisconsin National Guard to provide additional assistance. In some cases, the tactics used by the Police has been criticized by protestors . ....


In this most recent case, as has been the case in previous emergency declarations, Metro was called upon to provide transportation assistance to the City of Madison Police and the Wisconsin National Guard. It provided resources as required by the ordinances and policies cited above. In doing so, Metro ran shuttles on eight nights that transported Police and National Guard members between various command points throughout the City. On the first night, windshields of two buses were broken. The criticism of Police tactics and Metro's role in transporting officers has resulted in some community members calling for Metro to discontinue the practice of providing this assistance. .....


Several other transit agencies around the country have announced that they would no longer be providing assistance to the Police at this time. However, most transit agencies are separate entities from their cities and are under no legal obligation to assist the city police departments. Madison Metro is different in that, as a City department, its buses are property of the City and, therefore, available for City use unless otherwise prohibited by city policy or law.


Therefore, from Metro's perspective, it would take a policy and/or ordinance change to ensure either that 1) the City does not request the assistance of Metro busses in the first place or 2) that Metro leadership could refuse to provide such assistance if so requested. Metro Transit and the Transportation Policy and Planning Board have asked the City Attorney's Office to review M.G.O. § 3.20, the City's Emergency Management Plan, and other relevant City ordinances to identify options for addressing the concerns raised by this particular issue while ensuring that Metro resources will still be available in other instances, like those described above, to take care of people and the community.

Update on the Use of Metro to Transport MPD during the Protests


Thursday June 25


4:30p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


PRESENTATION(S) Olivia Williams- Affordable Housing Action Alliance Housing Priorities

Thursday June 25

Common Council Executive Committee

6:30p virtual - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting


No agenda was available when I posted the update.


Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


You can fill out the census from home. Everyone living in your household should be counted. Census data determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed to communities across the country for affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.  That's over $2,000 per person for Madison and Dane County every year.  Please remind friends and family to be counted. By law your answers are confidential. Respond online at, by phone, or by mail--without having to meet a census taker.


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