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D6 Items of Interest Week of June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020 1:00 AM

The Madison Board of Education will be voting on ending the contract with the Madison Police Dept. to provide School Resource Officers at their meeting on Monday. On June 24, I joined with the Mayor and ten of my Council colleagues to co-sponsor a city resolution that will be introduced at the July 14 City Council meeting to terminate the contract before the beginning of the next school year.  The decision to remove the SRO officers from four high schools is a long time coming. It was spurred by the historic moment we are in and the election of new members to the Board in April but was preceded by the multi-year organizing effort by Freedom Inc and other student and community activists. Also on the BOE agenda Monday is an item to change the Employee Handbook. The rights of most public sector workers were slashed by Act 10.  Local governments, like the city and school district, adopted a meet and confer process to work collaboratively with public sector workers and their designated representatives. Employee handbooks have taken the place of contracts. Here is MTI's statement critical of the administration's handling of proposed changes to the handbook. The meet and confer process isn't perfect, compared with having collective bargaining rights, but it's a democratic tool based on mutual communication and negotiation, not unilateral rule changes. We need to value Black youth and teachers unions.  Madison School Board to Vote on SROs, Layoffs, and Budget You can send comments to the


At Wednesday's Urban Design Commission, Dane County Public Works is presenting the revised plan for the new County Jail. Since the jail is a public building, UDC review is required by city ordinance. It will also go to the Plan Commission. I've heard that there is momentum on the County Board to delay the jail, stay tuned.


We are in really difficult times. There were several incidents last week that were deeply disturbing. On Sunday a white man used his vehicle to assault Alize Carter, a Black woman . The man, identified as Brendan O'Neill was eventually apprehended Thursday and released on $350 bail. On Tuesday afternoon, a black man, Yeshua Musa/Devonere Johnson, entered a restaurant speaking loudly through a bullhorn and carrying a bat was arrested by police outside the restaurant. In response to his arrest, later that night, a group of people gathered and marched and an individual threw an incendiary device at the city county building and others assaulted Sen Tim Carpenter.  Early Wednesday morning, four white man at a downtown intersection stopped Althea Bernstein, a black woman, in her car. One of the men yelled a racial epithet at her and they doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire. This is shocking. The pain of centuries has exploded and we must seize the moment to act. Statues and property can be fixed. Our democracy depends on it defending black lives and repairing the harm 400 years of white supremacy and racialized economic inequality has created.


Common Council President Sheri Carter announced last week she is creating a new task force that will address critical issues facing the Black community. The mission of the task force is to bring members of the Black community "front and center" in discussing issues disproportionately facing them, such as police practices and other inequities. The Council is working to implement the independent monitor position and the civilian oversight board, the top recommendations of the MPD Ad Hoc Committee. Please stay engaged as we dive into budget discussions that will prioritize our values during a very difficult budget situation due to COVID-19 turning our world upside down.


Monday June 29, 2020


5p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting.

Send comments on agenda items to:


5. 61155 IT and Meeting Logistics

6. 61080 Developing a Work Plan/Timeline

7. 61085 Determining who to intentionally reach out to in the community during discussions by the Workgroup

8. 61153 Review other cities' Independent Police Auditor ordinance language


Monday June 29

Plan Commission

5:30p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting

Send comments on agenda items to


2. 60375 Accepting the report titled "Comprehensive Plan - 2020 Progress Update". Comp Plan 2020 Progress Update


3. 59745 Adopting the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan as a Supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan.


The Plan Commission and the Council have received a lot of emails from residents about the OMSAP. The vast majority of residents are in favor of preserving the 31 acres of wetland in the Hartmeyer Natural Area (versus 14 acres); carefully planning street connectivity across Packers - in particular limiting access to Eken Park via Coolidge to pedestrian and nonmotorized connections- and improving bike and ped safety along Commercial and Packers; and cleanup of toxic contaminants in groundwater and stormwater runoff that affect Starkweather Creek, the Yahara River and Lake Monona. There was general community support for preserving the north side as an affordable and diverse place to live and work.


I hope everyone interested in this plan will read the staff summary and report OMSAP Committee Referrals and Recommendations 6/26/20


8. 60476 817 Williamson Street; Third Lake Ridge Historic Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a commercial building; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District to construct a mixed-use building with over 24 dwelling units; consideration of a conditional use for a building exceeding 25,000 square feet of floor area for a mixed-use or multi-tenant building in the TSS District; consideration of a conditional use for a building in the TSS District with non-residential uses occupying less than 75-percent of the ground-floor frontage facing the primary street; and consideration of a conditional use for a building in the TSS District with non-residential uses constituting less than 75-percent of the building's ground-floor area, all to allow construction of a three-story mixed-use building with approximately 800 square feet of commercial space and 24 apartments.


Note: Item 8 should be referred to July 27, 2020 pending approval by the Landmarks Commission


9. 60477 1937-1949 Winnebago Street and 316 Russell Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish four commercial buildings and a single-family residence; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District for a building exceeding 25,000 square feet of floor area for a mixed-use or multi-tenant building; and consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District to allow construction of a building taller than three stories and 40 feet, all to allow construction of a four-story mixed-use building with approximately 12,000 square feet of commercial space and 13 apartments.


Note: Item 9 should be referred to July 13, 2020 to allow corrected public hearing notices to be sent


11. 60479 224 Ohio Avenue; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District for an outdoor eating area for an existing restaurant-tavern.


Staff report: The applicant is seeking approval of a conditional use for an outdoor eating area to serve the restaurant-tavern located at the rear of the first floor of a two-story mixed-use building at the northwestern corner of Ohio Avenue and Atwood Avenue. The main entrance to the restaurant-tavern faces Ohio Avenue. The proposed outdoor eating area will be constructed on a portion of the parking lot adjacent to the northern wall of the building, with access to the outdoor area from a secondary entrance to the restaurant-tavern located along the northern wall. The outdoor eating area will contain five tables and 20 seats and be enclosed by a three-foot tall horizontal panel wall accented by post top lights. The letter of intent proposes for the outdoor service to operate until 10:00 PM, seven days a week. The letter indicates that the patio will be available from opening, which is not specified in letter of intent, but is 11:30 AM or 3:00 PM depending on the day of the week according to the tavern's website, The Planning Division believes that the conditional use standards and supplemental regulations for the proposed outdoor eating area can be met subject to the hours of operation contained in the letter of intent and the customary prohibition on outdoor amplified sound. Staff does not believe that the proposed outdoor area will have an adverse impact on the uses, values and enjoyment or normal and orderly development of surrounding properties, which includes a mix of commercial, residential, and institutional uses nearby.


Alder: I support the application.


Upcoming Matters - July 13, 2020

- 402-414 E Washington Avenue, 8-12 N Franklin Street, and 9 N Hancock Street - Demolition Permit and Conditional Use - Demolish seven residential buildings and a commercial building to construct a ten-story mixed-use building with 3,300 square feet of commercial space and 156 apartments in Urban Design Dist. 4

- Zoning Text Amendment - Create Section 28.129 to require bird-safe vision glass treatment on specified buildings and structures


Upcoming Matters - July 27, 2020

- 502-516 W Washington Avenue and 8-14 N Bassett Street - DR-2 to PD(GDP-SIP) and Demolition Permit - Demolish nine residential buildings to construct six-story mixed-use building with approximately 1,500 sq. ft. of commercial space and 103 apartments

- 909-915 Jenifer Street - TR-V1 to TR-V2 and Conditional Use - Rezone 909 Jenifer Street to TR-V2 and convert two apartment buildings into a 25-bed housing cooperative


Monday June 29


6p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting

Send comments on agenda items to


5 61139 Partnership Presentation --- First Tee of South Central Wisconsin

6 58296 Community Engagement and Input

7 59227 Task Force Deliberation, Discussion, and Possible Recommendations

Draft Golf Task Force Report and Future of Municipal Golf Possible Scenarios


Tuesday June 30


4p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting

Send comments on agenda items to


1. 61021 Downtown Recovery Discussion

a) City Efforts Underway

b) Economy and Culture Recovery Team

c) Open Discussion: The City is seeking Downtown Coordinating Committee input on ideas, policies, programs and other initiatives to aid in three general areas of recovery: - Physical Recovery - COVID-19 Recovery - Equitable Recovery


Wednesday July 1


4:30p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting

Send comments on agenda items to


10. 57757 126 Langdon Street - New Development of The Hub II. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: Core Spaces Applicant: Brian Munson, Vandewalle & Associates Referral from the Plan Commission


11. 58980 414 E. Washington Avenue - New 8-10-Story Mixed-Use Building Containing 4,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space, 152 Dwelling Units and Underground Parking in UDD No. 4. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: LZ Ventures Applicant: Duane Johnson, Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC Initial/Final Approval is Requested


12. 57747 115 W. Doty Street - Public Building, Amended PD, New Addition and Renovation of the Existing Public Safety Building. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: Greg Brockmeyer Applicant: Todd Draper, Dane County Public Works Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Letter of Intent: The current Jail System is located within the City-County Building, the Public Safety Building, and the Ferris Center. The Dane County Jail Consolidation plans provide a facility that will combine all inmates into one building to reduce the total number of beds, improve inmate and staff security, provide appropriate medical and mental health housing and services, provide additional program, educational and recreation spaces, greatly reduce solitary confinement, provide visitation, provide multi-purpose space to meet the spiritual needs of the inmates, and provide a downtown location next to the Courthouse and close to public transportation. The Sheriff's Office is continuing to develop effective jail diversion programs that offset jail population growth.


13. 60100 502-518 W. Washington Avenue - PD in the Mifflin Planning Area. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: David Keller, Keller Real Estate Group Applicant: Doug Hursh, Potter Lawson, Inc. Initial/Final Approval is Requested


Wednesday July 1


5p virtual meeting - click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting

Send comments on agenda items to


5.a. 61125 COVID-19 Response Update for July 1, 2020




Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


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