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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of September 21, 2020

September 20, 2020 6:34 PM

The Finance Committee discusses amendments to the 2021 Executive Capital Budget on Monday. One amendment moves the Reindahl Imagine Center/Library to 2021 and 2022 from 2023 and 2024. The Fire Department gets some attention. An amendment advances funding for Fire Station #6 remodel to 2021 and 2022, another adds the Environmental Burn Tower at Station 14 back into the budget for 2024. Several amendments don't add funds but add clarifying language to existing projects or advance their timing in the CIP. These include: add language back about hiring a consultant to engage stakeholders and prioritize projects for TID 36 that was approved in 2020, establish a policy for landbanking that will create guidelines and identify target acquisitions to be approved by the Council, clarify that  planning for Law Park improvements will continue in 2021 with reauthorized funds, add language to study the creation of a new Tax Incremental District for the greater State St area to help pay for the $22M cost to replace the Lake St garage currently in the Horizon List, add a new project to construct an Elver Park Community Center to the Horizon List. The Horizon List was a concept introduced by to Mayor Satya last year, it creates a prep phase for staff to get projects ready to be added to the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan/CIP. For the third year in a row, there is a proposal to add funds for a body camera pilot for the North District, meanwhile the newly reconstituted all resident BODY-WORN CAMERA FEASIBILITY REVIEW COMMITTEE meets Thursday to continue to work on recommendations. The Community Services Committee will be discussing current city funding of gun violence programs on Wednesday. On Thursday, west side Alders Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Donna Moreland, Paul Skidmore, Zachary Henak, and Christian Albouras will be holding a Westside Community meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 5:30p on our responses to gun violence. Register at  *REGISTRATION LIMITED TO 500 PARTICIPANTS. THE MEETING WILL BE RECORDED.*


Census. The city's Complete Count Committee holds its last meeting on Tuesday. I need your help. If you look at this map 2020 Census Non-Response Rate through 7/31/20 it shows the low level of completion of the census for Madison. Hey people, I know it is easy to distrust the federal government but filling out the census is the way you help assure that Madison and Dane County gets its fair share of federal funds, determines how many representatives we get in Congress, and ensures we get fair maps for redistricting based on population.  Federal money helps pay for stuff to make our local world more equitable. Let's add this to our mantra: Fill out the d*** census. Wear a d*** mask. And Vote.

Please check with friends and family and encourage them to be counted. Local municipalities and interested elected officials like me filed amicus briefs to make sure we could count all people including undocumented immigrants. Census data determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed to communities across the country for affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.  That's over $2,000 per person for Madison and Dane County every year.  Your response is confidential – personal information cannot be shared with anyone outside the Census  Bureau. If your household has not yet completed the 2020 Census you can still respond by visiting or by calling 844-3030-2020 before the end of October.  


Upcoming Neighborhood Meetings

Save the date for a neighborhood zoom meeting  Wednesday September 23 at 5:30p. I am not sending out a postcard but will send out a reminder with details about the zoom. Curt Brink is proposing to construct a multi-family residential building at 920 E Main St on the Mautz block. The development team met with the MNA Preservation and Development Committee on September 8. Their plans will be reviewed by the MNA Board on September 21, and have been submitted for formal review by the Urban Design Commission on October 7, and Plan Commission on October 19.  Concurrent with this proposal, Planning Division staff and I are working to introduce a focused amendment to the Capitol Gateway Corridor BUILD Plan (2008). In order for this proposal to move forward, a plan amendment is needed to provide rationale for supporting residential uses on this particular block, while still holding true to the strong focus on employment uses on the south side of East Washington Avenue. When considering the high proportion of employment uses already approved for this block, and the characteristics of the immediate environment surrounding the proposed residential building, I can support such an amendment. Planning Division staff will also attend the virtual meeting to provide an overview of the amendment. We want to get your feedback.

Save the date for a neighborhood zoom meeting Thursday October 1 to learn more about the new proposal LZ Ventures has submitted for the redevelopment of the 400 block of E Washington Ave in D2, more details at the end of the blog.

Hudson Park Lizard Effigy Mound Protection Update

Visitors to Hudson Park, over the years have worn a foot path, generally parallel to Lakeland Avenue. The foot path cuts across the north end of the Lizard Effigy Mound.  Due to city and state policies requiring protection of these historic sites (Wisc. Stat.157.70), the City of Madison Parks Division is asking all of us to become better stewards of the Hudson Park effigy mounds. This fall, Parks is making changes to create a 20-foot buffer around the mound in order to protect the site and discourage use of the foot path. At the west sidewalk's end, a wooden fence will be added to signal a change in the path. The boulder with the historic plaque that is currently abutting the mound will be moved to the sidewalk end and a new information sign will be added. Parks is proposing a new lakeside trail to begin here that will bring visitors down to the edge of the water and back to the beach and the sidewalk. Another effigy information sign will be added to the east of the mound.

Wisconsin has the highest concentration of burial mounds in the United States, and the Madison area has one of the highest concentrations of burial mounds remaining. In 1990, Hudson Park became a City of Madison Landmark because it contains three well preserved Native American animal effigy mounds, two at Elmside Mounds Landmark Nomination near the Harry Whitehorse sculpture and the lizard mound near Schiller Hudson Park Mound Landmark nomination. Hudson Park orginally contained approximately 30 mounds that dated back as far as 500 A.D., and included bird, turtle, lizard, linear, round, bear, and lynx mounds. Unfortunately most of the effigy mounds were destroyed from the 19th century onward by white settler's agricultural practices, city development, and disregard for the cultural and spiritual significance of the mounds and the mound-builders history. The three mounds remaining are bear, lynx, and lizard effigies. For more information on Madison Parks' Mound Maintenance Policy: City of Madison Parks Burial Mounds Regulations adopted October 2019. I also plan to work with Traffic Engineering to review whether we can add a dedicated pedestrian lane on Lakeland by making the street one-way.

Let's honor this remarkable earthwork by changing how we use the footpath.


Voting Update.

As of September 17, the City of Madison Clerk's Office has sent absentee ballots to 81,861 voters for the Nov. 3 Presidential Election.  This Tuesday the City of Madison will join hundreds of communities nationwide in celebrating National Voter Registration Day. Although the City of Madison Clerk's Office has set up 231 voter registration drives for next week, many voters can still register to vote from home.  Voters who have a Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin ID can completely register online at  as long as they have updated their address with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Saturday, September 26, will be the first of two consecutive Democracy in the Park Saturdays.  Poll workers will be in every City of Madison community park, neighborhood park, and mini park to register voters, answer questions about voting, and accept the delivery of absentee ballots.  This is the biggest event the City Clerk's Office has ever planned outside of an Election Day. Voters are invited to hand-deliver their absentee ballots to poll workers between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on September 26 or October 3.  Poll workers at the Democracy in the Park event will be wearing bright yellow vests and will be stationed near a Vote yard sign.  If we have inclement weather, the event will be held on Sunday instead. National Voter Registration Day 9/22/20 and Democracy in the Park Saturday 9/26/20 and 10/3/20 and Voter Registration FAQ and Common Elections Misconceptions. Learn about the MMSD 2020 School Referenda, on the ballot on Nov. 3


Traffic Enforcement

Strategies to Disrupt Speeding and Drag Racers Continues this weekend on E Washington. The Vision Zero pilot continued this weekend. Enhanced enforcement was scheduled from 6pm to 10pm for Friday night and from 8pm to 12am for Saturday night and includes all engineering and education measures including lane closures, message boards, speed boards, and signal timing changes. Enhanced enforcement is scheduled till end of September and may continue through October, barring any significant developments that may come up such as protests and other events. Staff plans continuing the lane closures for as long as possible before it snows.

Improvements at Riverside/Williamson/Winnebago Update from Traffic Engineering. The intersection of Riverside – Williamson – Winnebago has had several signal modifications this summer. Based on several complaints of eastbound drivers running the red light, the all red interval was increased to allow any drivers who may have entered the intersection at the end of the yellow to clear the intersection before the WALK signal turns on. Also, prior to the recent signal head change, the timing at this intersection was changed to provide a longer WALK interval for the busy path crossing and include a longer leading pedestrian interval. Most recently, all 8" traffic signal heads have been replaced with 12" signal heads to improve visibility, and pedestrian signal heads with countdown timers have been installed on the south leg crossing Riverside. These changes should help reduce the amount of red light running at this intersection; provides additional clearance time for any drivers entering the intersection late in the yellow interval; and provide more time for the path users to enter the crosswalk.


Streets Division Updates.

Enforcement of all posted Clean Streets/Clean Lakes (CSCL) parking restrictions will resume on October 5, 2020. Clean Streets/Clean Lakes prohibits parking for one side of a street for a four hour window of time. The parking restriction allows for street sweeping, snow plowing, and other maintenance work. This is a year-round restriction in most areas of Madison. Visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parking Service Updates to stay up-to-date on all parking and service changes.

The Streets Division will begin the final guaranteed round of brush collection of the year on Monday, September 21, 2020. All residents who need curbside brush collection service this year should have their brush to the curb prior to September 21. If you place brush out for collection after September 21, it may not be picked up until regular brush collection operations begin again in the spring of next year. Keep your brush piles separate from yard waste piles. Brush collection and yard waste collection are different operations. Piles of brush and yard waste mixed together will not be picked up. Final round of brush collection underway.

The Streets Division will be using a brand new leaf collection schedule for the fall of 2020. Madison residents will have assigned days when you should set leaves to the curb for collection. The new system will begin the week of October 11, 2020. The yard waste collection schedule will be available by October 1 on the Streets Division's website. Due to the budget hole caused by the pandemic, the Streets Division was unable to hire the usual number of seasonal employees. This is also why the drop-off site hours have been reduced this year. Fewer employees will mean crews collecting leaves will be smaller. Smaller crews means collection speed will be slower. And slower collection means fewer opportunities to have leaves picked up at the curb. Crews will also need to be sure to practice social distancing while pulling leaves from the terraces, which is also likely to slow crews down. The new schedule is an effort to deploy personnel strategically and provide residents with the exact date when to set their leaves out for pickup so no one misses their curbside collection opportunities. New leaf collection schedule available October 1


Metro Public Hearing.  Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transportation Commission will hold a virtual public hearing at 6 p.m. on October 14 to review and discuss service updates put into place on August 23.


COVID-19. Public Health steps up enforcement of COVID Emergency Orders and recommends that residents do not gather with others to watch Badger football games

Public Health Madison & Dane County sent a letter on September 14 to licensed establishments in Madison to inform them of the possibility of increased fines if they do not comply with public health orders . As a result of this increase in complaints related to restaurants and taverns exceeding capacity limits, not following face covering requirements, and other violations, PHMDC and the City of Madison Police Department will be shifting their collective focus to enforcement to address violations of the current Emergency Order. Under Madison General Ordinance Sec. 7.05(6) violations of a Public Health Order carry a penalty of up to $1,000 per violation. An establishment with an occupancy capacity of 100 is required under the Order to limit indoor capacity to 25%, which is 25 people. Thus, if this establishment is found to have 100 people inside, they face a potential forfeiture of $75,000 plus court costs and fees. In addition, any establishment holding an alcohol beverage license may also be subject to an enforcement action against their alcohol beverage license up to and including suspension or revocation. Public Health and MPD partner to increase compliance with Public Health Orders

COVID-19 Testing. Options for COVID-19 Testing If you have health insurance, Public Health recommends contacting your healthcare provider to see if they are able to test you. Alliant Energy Center is open Monday through Saturday for people ages 5 and older. The test site will be open until at least December 30. See below for more information.  UW-Madison has testing available  on campus for students and staff members. South Madison Community Test site is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for people ages 5 and older. See below for more information


In light of the record number of new cases, Public Health reminds all residents to:

  • Stay home if you don't need to go out. Working from home, virtual gatherings, and using curbside or delivery ordering are still the safest and best options to protect yourself and others.
  • Stay home if you're sick or feel off. A number of new cases reported going out while symptomatic.
  • Avoid gatherings. Skipping gatherings limits the chance for virus to spread. Nearly 4 in 10 people who test positive say they gathered with people they don't live with.
  • Wear masks. Masks are required indoors, and we strongly recommend them outdoors anytime you are near others.
  • Assume you could have come in contact with COVID-19 anytime you go out. Currently, 40% of cases do not know where they could've gotten COVID-19. Watch for symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. 

Public Health Madison & Dane County recommends that UW students and people in Dane County do not gather with others to watch Badger football games. The decision to hold the football season right now has wide-reaching impacts beyond athlete and student safety and will impact the health and safety of many people in Dane County. We strongly urge everyone to prioritize the health and wellbeing of all people in their decision-making. PHMDC Statement on Decision to Hold Badger Football Games


City meetings:

Monday September 21, 2020

Finance Committee

4:30p click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting, send comments on agenda items to


8. 62274 Discussion: City Financial Support for 4% Tax Credit and Other WHEDA Funded Housing

9. 61827 2021 Executive Capital Budget 2021 Executive Capital budget with errata, reauthorization carryforwards, and proposed amendments


Tuesday September 22


4:30p click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting, send comments on agenda items to


5. 59226 Sustainability Monitoring Report  July 28,2020


Madison Kipp Corporation/UW #8 Sentinel Well The Madison Kipp Corporation (MKC) continues to run its groundwater extraction and treatment system at its Waubesa Street site. The remedial system is being utilized to remove volatile organic compound (VOC) mass and hydraulically contain VOC contaminated groundwater present in the upper bedrock aquifer beneath the site. The Utility continues to work with MKC, their consultant - TRC, the WDNR, and the WGNHS on the area's groundwater contamination issues. Groundwater at and adjacent to the facility continues to be monitored routinely for VOCs. The most recent groundwater results from the April and October 2019 samplings indicate that PCE levels in the groundwater between the site source and UW 8 remain relatively constant. The southeastern extent of the plume appears stable with the edge approximately 600 horizontal feet from UW 8. Contaminant concentrations within the extraction well's zone of contribution continue to decrease (improve). The sentinel well planned for the UW 8 area has been postponed because of budgetary constraints. This deep monitoring well was to be installed at a location between the Madison Kipp Corporation groundwater contaminant plume and UW 8. Initial sampling would have provided MWU with deep groundwater quality information immediately north of the unit well. Subsequent routine sampling would have provided an early warning for any migrating contaminants. It is hopeful that this well can be installed in the near future.


The Mayor's Executive budget, released after the report was drafted, includes constructing the sentinel well in 2021, public engagement and acquiring property in 2025 and installing filtration improvements in 2026.


UW 15 – PFAS Removal UW 15 has been out of service since March of 2019 because of PFAS concerns. This well is a very important component in our system as it once supplied approximately 1 million gallons per day to Zone 6E. To determine if this site can be brought back into the system, MWU recently asked for proposals to complete a MWU-led feasibility study to evaluate various treatment technologies for PFAS removal. TRC Environmental Corporation with Evoqua Water Technologies was selected to conduct the study. This study will include bench-scale testing, analytical modeling, preliminary design specifications, and cost estimating for a full-scale treatment system. It is hoped that the results will provide MWU with the most cost-effective treatment method to remove both PFAS and Volatile Organic Compounds from the water at UW 15. The study will take approximately 6 months to complete with the final report due to MWU no later than March 1, 2021.


The Mayor's Executive budget includes funds in 2021 for public engagement, engineering work to evaluate treatment alternatives, and potential mitigation.


On September 14, Water Utility General Manager Tom Heikkinen informed the Mayor he was unilaterally terminating his employment agreement effective January 9, 2021 after more than 12 years of service.


Tuesday September 22


5:30p Attendees who wish to offer comment during the public comment period should register with the Board's legal counsel prior to the commencement of the meeting by contacting Attorney Jenna Rousseau at 844.833.0828 or


2. 62277 Report of Commissioners and Staff on community input


3. 62278 Contemplated closed session pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 19.85(1)(c) to discuss and take action, if appropriate, regarding employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility; specifically: Review and discussion of applicants for the position of Police Chief.


4. 62279 Reconvene into open session to consider any remaining agenda items and to take action, if appropriate, regarding the items discussed in closed session.



Wednesday September 23


4:30p click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting, send comments on agenda items to


3. 62300 Gun Violence Prevention Update - Public Health Madison and Dane County

CDD Funding for Violence Prevention, Intervention, and Interruption A list of service providers and the programs we fund.


Thursday September 24


4:30p click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting, send comments on agenda items to


2. 61587 Requesting the Wisconsin State Legislature pass a bill to create a refundable tax credit for home improvements to residents near Truax Field necessitated by the placement of F-35 fighter wing aircrafts.


3. 62285 Update on Affordable Housing Fund Seeking WHEDA Low Income Housing Tax Credits RFP


4. 62286 Update on Housing Forward RFP



Thursday September 24


6p click on the agenda for info on how to access the Zoom meeting, send comments on agenda items to


2. 62304 Discussion: Milwaukee Police Department Body-Worn Camera Program and Relevant State Statutes


3. 61547 Updates from Captain Brian Austin


4. 61549 Discussion of social science and legal scholarship on body-worn cameras



Thursday October 1

Neighborhood Committee Meeting For Proposed Redevelopment on 400 Block E. Washington (D2)

6p to register for the neighborhood meeting, visit this website. Once registered, you will receive the Zoom link and call-in information.


Neighbors in First Settlement will have received a postcard invitation to join me and District 2 Alder Patrick Heck at a virtual neighborhood meeting to discuss the new proposal LZ Ventures has submitted for the redevelopment of the 400 block of E. Washington Avenue. After the Oct. 1 meeting the James Madison Park District, part of Capitol Neighborhoods, Inc., will again be forming a steering committee to review the new proposal. Alder Heck will publish future meeting dates and other information in his regular updates.


By a one-vote margin at Plan Commission's July 13 meeting, LZ Ventures' initial proposal was not approved. Because commissioners placed the proposal on file "without prejudice", the developers are able to submit this new application. As before, this proposal includes demolition of the Klinke Cleaners building, two houses, an apartment building, and a single-story commercial building at 402-414 E Washington Ave, as well as three multi-flat houses at 9 N Hancock 8 N Hancock, 8 N Franklin and 12 Franklin. The developer now proposes a 9-story (rather than 10-story) market rate 146-unit apartment building on E. Wash dropping to 6 stories in the rear along Hancock with 5 stories along Franklin. Several levels of parking would be underneath. One commercial space is planned at the corner of E. Washington and N. Franklin. Project plans and other materials can be found here.


It is likely that the proposal will be before the Urban Design Commission on Nov. 4 and Plan Commission on Nov. 9. They will be seeking one bonus floor along E. Washington (down from two) and, as before, various conditional use permits. Compliance with Urban Design District 4 guidelines will also be considered.



Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison



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