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Alder Rummel’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of November 2, 2020

November 1, 2020 1:00 AM

Highlights: We are finally closing in on Election Day. I know you have made a plan to vote! More details for the final push... Voter registration is not available the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before an election. Voters are able to register at the polls on Election Day. Voters may verify their registration at . Anyone who moved after Oct. 6 – even to a new apartment in the same building – will need to update their voter registration. Voters who moved within 28 days of the election will not have been at their new address long enough to establish residency for voting purposes. Voters in this situation are eligible to vote at the polling location for their previous address. Register at the polls on Election Day with Proof of Address 10.6% of Absentees Yet to be Returned (as of 10/29). Election officials are only able to count absentee ballots that are received by Election Day, per state law. Drop off the absentee ballot at the City Clerk's Office on Sunday, November 1, 1– 5p. You can also drop it at the Clerk's Office on Monday, November 2, 8a – 4:30p. Or you may return your ballot via drop box until 5 p.m. Monday, November 2. If returning your absentee ballot on Election Day, please take it directly to your polling location. Absentee ballot drop off sites and how to find your polling location

What happens when the polls close? Once poll workers are certain that all ballots have been counted, and that the number of voters equals the number of ballots cast, poll workers print a paper results tape and announce the results for that polling location.  Poll workers sign a results tape for the County Clerk, and another results tape for the City Clerk. After the results tapes have finished printing, the unofficial results are transmitted to the County Clerk via modem.  The results are encrypted, using a private key and digital signature.  After the County Clerk's Office posts the unofficial results online, the City Clerk's Office checks those results against the paper results tapes returned from the polls. What happens when the polls close

Beginning Friday, October 30th, the free drive through flu clinic at the Alliant Energy Center is open to all Dane County adults and children who do not have health insurance, or who have BadgerCare, Medicaid, or Medicare. Previously, only adults and children who do not have insurance or children with Badgercare could utilize the clinic. The clinic is open until November 21, 2020. Flu shots are available through clinics and pharmacies for people who have private health insurance coverage. Public Health expands eligibility for drive thru flu clinic at Alliant Energy Center

The Beacon Day Resource Center, located at 615 E. Washington Avenue in Madison, is currently seeking volunteers to help people experiencing homelessness in Dane County. Beacon volunteers are friendly, patient, flexible, and empathetic team players. You will work independently or with a small group of volunteers, with staff support, to provide a warm welcome and access to basic services. Attend a virtual orientation to see whether The Beacon is the right place for you to invest your volunteer time. The Center holds one orientation each week on a rotating schedule, followed by an immersive on-site orientation. Once trained, you can set up recurring shifts or sign up for open shifts as your schedule allows. Anyone who is interested in attending an orientation should complete the application at this link:, email or call Lynn at 826-8022.  We will follow up with a list of upcoming orientation session dates and times.

Beacon volunteer needs. There are currently openings most days, but especially afternoons and weekends in the following areas:

Laundry Services (8:15-noon or noon-3:30) – Work individually or with a partner to wash, dry, and lightly fold guest laundry. In one 3.5 hour shift, expect to complete laundry for about 25 guests.

Shower Services (8:15-11 or 1-3:30, one hour later on Fridays) – Give out toiletries and manage the waiting list for the private shower rooms. In one 2.5 hour shift, you make it possible for about 18 people to take a shower.

Kitchen (8-10 or 11:45-2, one hour later on Fridays) – Make coffee & Help serve cold breakfast in the morning or hot lunch at noon. Involves clean-up and occasionally some light food prep. 

Computer Lab Assistant/Zoom Host (9-noon or 1-4) – Basic computer skills and excellent customer service skills are needed. You keep the lab running smoothly and help guests with basic online searches, online forms, Google docs, etc.  On weekdays, you may help guests connect via Zoom to interviews, partner agency appointments, and other virtual appointments.

Save the Date: November 18 for the next quarterly Beacon Community Meeting  from 6p – 8p via Zoom. Beacon staff will be providing a COVID-19 update, discussing community engagement, and address any concerns that are presented. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 848 4469 7521 Passcode: 596072

Monday November 2, 2020


10:30a You can send comments on agenda items to


4. 62629 Discussion of Draft Resolution on Referendum Items

Resolution authorizing the placement of a binding referendum on the Spring 2021 general election ballot to reduce the size of the Common Council and increase the length of aldermanic terms


Monday November 2


5p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 62646 1221 Williamson St - Exterior Alteration in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist. - Replacement of rear stoop; 6th Ald. Dist.


Monday November 2


5p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 61929 Amending Sections 28.211, 28.061, 28.072, 28.082 and 28.091 and Creating Section 28.141(8)(e) of the Madison General Ordinances to create a new use, Electric Vehicle Charging Facility, and to require that certain future parking facilities are constructed to include a specified amount of Electric Vehicle Capable and Electric Vehicle Ready spaces.


Tuesday November 3

No city meetings on election day.

Residents of all District 6 wards know the pressure is on to turn out the vote in record numbers!


Wednesday November 4


4:30p You can send comments on agenda items to mailto:


4. 62137 SUBSTITUTE. Creating Sections 28.022 - 00468 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties located at 1-19 North Pinckney Street, 22 North Weber Street and 120 East Washington Avenue, 4th Aldermanic District, from DC (Downtown Core) District to PD(GDP) Planned Development (General Development Plan), and creating and 28.022 - 00469 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of same from PD(GDP) Planned Development (General Development Plan) District and PD(SIP) Planned Development (Specific Implementation Plan) District. The proposed rezoning would allow for the construction of a nine-story commercial/office building with six floors of underground parking


5. 60545 1-19 N. Pinckney Street/120 E. Washington Avenue/22 N. Webster Street - PD, Proposed Redevelopment of Portions of Block 101 for a Nine-Story Commercial/Office Building with Six Floors of Underground Parking Located in UDD No. 4. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: ULI Properties, LLC Applicant: Mark Binkowski, Urban Land Interests Initial/Final Approval is Requested


6. 62096 402-414 E Washington Avenue, 8-12 N Franklin Street, and 9 N Hancock Street; Urban Design Dist. 4; 2nd Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to allow seven buildings to be demolished; consideration of a conditional use in the Urban Mixed-Use (UMX) District for a multi-family dwelling with more than eight (8) dwelling units; consideration of a conditional use in the UMX District for outdoor recreation; consideration of a conditional use in the UMX District for a new building greater than 20,000 square feet and more than four stories; and consideration of a conditional use to construct two additional stories in Area H of the "Additional Heights Area Map" in MGO Section 28.071(2)(b), all to allow construction of a nine-story, mixed-use building containing 1,200 square feet of commercial space and 148 apartments.


7. 62383 402-414 E. Washington Avenue, 8-12 N. Franklin Street and 9 N. Hancock Street - Ten-Story Mixed-Use Building with 1,200 Square Feet of Commercial Space and 148 Apartments in UDD No. 4. 2nd Ald. Dist. Owner: John Leja, Wash House Development, LLC Applicant: Duane Johnson, Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC Final Approval is Requested


13. 62784 223 S. Pinckney Street - Block 105 Judge Doyle Square Hotel in the Downtown Core. 4th Ald. Dist. Owner: City of Madison Applicant: Aaron Ebent, Kahler Slater, Inc. Informational Presentation


Wednesday November 4


5p You can send comments on agenda items to


3 62768 COVID-19 Response Update for November 4, 2020


Wednesday November 4


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


5. 55290 Thurber Park Artist-in-Residence Next Year's Residency


6. 62652 Authorizing the process to select a Public Art feature for Metro Phase II and Phase IIIA


Wednesday November 4


6:30p Send comments on agenda items to:


7 62866 November 2020 Superintendent's Report

Future Commission Items

• Parks Event Ordinance – Parks staff have been working with other city agencies, primarily the City Attorney's, to develop a draft Park Events Ordinance that would provide a substantially more clear process and requirements for the existing park events process. The existing process has organically grown into a complex web of regulations and permits, which can create a lack of clarity regarding conditions and approval processes. It is staff's opinion that questions and concerns related to City agency events (e.g. Democracy in Parks) and priority access for returning events (Goodman Pool Dog Paddle) should be addressed as a part of this comprehensive effort. Staff will include information from the City Attorney's Office related to legal considerations as this Ordinance is prepared and presented.

• Staff are working with Big Top regarding the Breese contract and the current lack of ability for Forward Madison to play or train at the Facility. This issue has caused significant concerns for Big Top as it relates to the future of the relationship between the City and Big Top. The primary focus from a staff perspective at Breese is to maintain stability at Breese through this pandemic to allow for future success.


9 62393 Rescinding Emergency Order #2 and Directing City Staff to Enforce Ordinances Against Encampments in the City Parks and to Investigate Other Temporary Housing Options for the Unsheltered Homeless Population RETURN TO LEAD WITH RECOMMENDATION TO APPROVE TO THE COMMON COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


This item was unanimously opposed at the Public Safety Committee and the Equal Opportunities Commission. It will also be considered by the Community Development Block Grant Committee on Thursday.


13 60200 Proposed Dog Free Locations in the Madison Park System and Dogs in Parks Update DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION


Thursday November 5


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


LORC hasn't met since March due to COVID-19


1. 59517 Public Comment - Ad Hoc Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee

2. 62844 Current Status of Ordinance Revision

3. 56918 Draft Historic Preservation Ordinance "Parking Lot" Issues (as time allows) -Spectrum of Standards for Review -Expedited Tax Credit Review Process

4. 54448 Discussion of Next Steps and Schedule


Thursday November 5


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 62393 Rescinding Emergency Order #2 and Directing City Staff to Enforce Ordinances Against Encampments in the City Parks and to Investigate Other Temporary Housing Options for the Unsheltered Homeless Population


Lot of comments attached to the legistar item. All the ones I read were opposed to rescinding the Emergency Order. I don't support rescinding Emergency Order #2.  I have heard from neighbors in support of the encampment in McPike Park and from neighbors observing drug dealing and other negative behaviors who are concerned. We all know people's lives have been upended by the pandemic exacerbating all the contradictions and insecurities of our economic system.  I have been in regular contact with city staff for several weeks to make sure campers are being offered assistance. Community Development staff have identified a temporary location to house individuals currently camping in parks and other city greenways (or their vehicles) for the winter, I expect an announcement will be made soon.


Thursday November 5


6p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 61549 Discussion of Social Science and Legal Scholarship on Body-Worn Cameras


4. 62870 Discussion of Draft Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

Draft Body-Worn Cameras Policy Recommendations



Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison

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